Saturday, 5 December 2015

Reinach 16/11/15 - 30/11/15 Zone Training, Krankheit und Missions Fireside! Zibelemärit, Thanksgiving und Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte!!!

Week 47 of 2015- Zone Training, Krankheit und Missions Fireside!

Montag! So we had a sort of power P-day! So we decided we would do it this week, no wussing out allowed! So we headed down to Beatenberg to do trotti-biking, take two! This time it was awesome weather, not the
best, but a million times better than the fog where we could only see a few metres in front which we had last year when I did it! So we went- it was just us, Basel and the Bern ZL’s, but it was so much fun! Pictures will go on the iCloud as and when I can. I have pictures I took and a few others, which will be on there, but other pics will go on as and when I get a hold of them. So we did that for P-day. It was super fun, but took up a huge chunk of the day! So in terms of emails, I could send and receive them as and when we went past a Salt store, as we get free wifi there! Then by the time we got back up to Basel, we headed to Weil am Rhein to go shopping, as we have next to nothing and we need to shop for next week as well, as we are back in Bern for Ziebelemärit, take two! I'm so excited for it! We headed to Weil am Rhein with the Basel Elders, got Abendessen with them and shopped, before heading home and doing weekly planning! Oh mensch! It has been a really packed out day, but so much fun, it's untrue!

Going Trotti Biking

Dienstag! We began with like 40 mins of a bit of study before heading down to Bahnhof, to get the train to Basel to go down to Bern, to go to Zollikofen for Zone Training! We got down there for 11.00 and had Mittagessen, before Zone Training started! The Spirit was there and there was great unity in the zone! The ZL's and STL's spoke about the Zone Vision- based on Moroni 10:32 and to 'Lebe die Einladung'- so it's a focus on the Spirit and developing Christlike Attributes! It was super good! I have like loads of notes, but if I typed them all up, I'd be here forever! Then the Burgdorf Sisters spoke about Planning and how it is the Lord’s time we are on, we should use it in His way! Again, it was super good and loads of notes again! Then Elder Cottam spoke about being a Successful Missionary and how it's the Spirit that makes us successful and we should only compare our success to our real potential and the example of Christ, not anybody else. Again, loads of notes! Then the Solothurn Sister (STL's) spoke about a few Christlike Attributes and how they help us in Finding. Including- Integrity, Faith, Diligence, Gratitude and Charity. Again, it was super good! 2 things that stood out for me were "Faith with Diligence is Spiritual Maturity" and “How the foundations of our faith should not be built upon our experiences from when we have acted on faith”. It was super good, again loads of notes, not enough time! Then Bern A (ZL's) who spoke about finding and how the zone are doing at the moment (which is pretty appalling by the numbers) and how we are all still learning and will be until we die (mission wise and life wise). Then Elder Evans spoke about Finding and the importance of opening your mouth, shared D&C 60:2 (it's pretty harsh, but really true) and about relying on the gift of discernment and keeping it simple. Brilliant again! Then Elder Bakewell spoke about True and Fervent Testimony and how we cannot teach principles that we don't know the truth of ourselves! Again, it was super awesome, but too much to write and too little time! I loved Zone Training! It's good to be back in the Bern Zone! Then we had a Zone Pic as seen on the iCloud, headed home, then had to head out to our Abendessen Termin. It was awesome as per! I love the C's! Then home and the day was over! Speaking about finding so much in Zone Training, we were asked to think about our favourite finding experiences, and mine are honestly those times where I've had no desire to find, where I just haven't wanted to speak German, let alone speak with people on the street or train. The times where I'm sitting by someone or see someone on the street and fight against the prompting to speak to them, because I don't want to, but then all of a sudden my mouth is opened and I speak (or more so, the Lord speaks through me), of course that doesn't happen all that often, but when it does it just reaffirms my testimony of this call to serve! Whether I want to or not, the Lord has a purpose in having me here and He will use me for that work!

There isn't actually too much to say about Mittwoch! It was a sick day! I was sooooo ill it was untrue! I couldn't do anything! It was horrible! Like I was constantly going way too hot, then feeling freezing cold! I couldn't eat anything, or drink anything. I was in bed for like the whole day, which sucked! I hate being stuck inside the whole day! Oh and today was wash day and cause I was out of it the whole day, my Comp sorted all my washing for me! What a Legend!

Donnerstag! Sooo, today wasn't as bad as the day before, but still not great! I have lost my appetite completely! Like I'm super hungry seen as I only ate a bit of salad yesterday, but whenever I even look at
food I feel ill! Anyways! I wasn't willing to stay in the apartment again today, so we had to go out. We headed down to the Temple this morning/afternoon with Frau S! We taught her about the Temple and Family History Work a few weeks back and suggested we go down with her at some point to see it and so she can feel the Spirit there, so we did it today! In the Swiss Temple you can go up to the desk and the youth baptistry waiting room at the side, without a recommend, so we went in and sat there for a few minutes, which was really nice! The Spirit was just so amazing! Then when we got home, we rested a little, cause I was feeling rough again and we had a few appointments this evening to go still. In the evening we helped Bruder B with his HT, so we went by the H's, P and Bru R and shared the message from the Oktober Liahona from Pres Uchtdorf - How we can rely on the light that our Saviour provides, even when our personal light is dimming, if we turn to Him, He will relight our flame! It was a really nice day, even though I'm still feeling a little rough!

So Freitag! Still not 100% and my appetite is like non-existent still, like I can eat probably a quarter of my normal amount, if that .. and I am dying! Plus, I've lost like 4kg in the last 3 days! I don't think that’s a good thing.... and I'm super tired all the time- I know that’s normal as a missionary, but like I am even more tired! But hey! That’s how I'm doing! So what did we actually do today! We began with M. We spoke about Tithing and Fasting. It seemed to go well. Then we did internet hour, before heading back for Mittags. I could eat next to nothing! Then finished studies and did weekly planning. Then we headed on the street to go to Aesch to meet Bruder C. It was tipping it down and super windy, so we got saturated! Then we headed to Frau S this evening! This time we spoke about the BofM and importance of daily reading. She still reads but she's been slowing down recently! Although, she said that she's read quite a bit since we went to the temple with her the day before, so that's sweet! We read a little with her, then had Abendessen! Oh mensch! Legit, I am so glad it's this week that I'm ill, cause we have next to no meal appointments. Plus, Frau S knew I was ill on Wednesday, so she let me off for not eating much! Mensch!

Samstag! So finally a proper study morning, before heading to the S’s for lunch. Still can't eat much, which makes me feel terrible when we are invited over, cause people always cook loads for us..... Meh! When we went to the Youth, Nerf Activity again. Building Relationships and all, plus there were a load of non-member friends there... We'll see how we can go with that! It was a fun day again! Then home, planned for the JAE Fireside tomorrow that we're doing, finished weekly planning and that was basically my Saturday!

Sonntag, we began the day with a tiny bit of preparation, such as Progress Record and stuff to give to our GML. Then headed to the Gemeindehaus! Church was really good! The talks were great and we set up a GMK with our GML. Then Sunday School was great! I love the JAE class! Then Elder Hiemer taught Priesthood! The lesson was really good again. Then after, we got home, ate (still not got my appetite 100%, but hey) and studied. Finished preparing the fireside, before heading to the Familie H, as we were having the Fireside at their place .. and they had snow up there! Oh my goodness! Fetchin' snow! I hate the stuff! Anyway! The Fireside was actually really good! We did the JAE and Youth together and we did a part each, then we also got A and N to help us out, as they both got back from their missions within the last year! It was super good and super spiritual! Whilst we were doing it, Sister H was fixing up a little supper up for us all. It was so sweet! Like we weren't even expecting that when we asked if we could do it at their place, but it was super awesome! I love them! Then home, planned, and off to bed! In other news, we missed the Ballard Training Broadcast, cause of
sickness! Sad times! We were expected to be there as well, as we are part of the Gemeinderat as Missionaries, so thanks for sending your notes Mom! I was reading in Jacob 5:70-75 yesterday and a part of verse 72 stuck out to me, which was super cool! I know this chapter is all about missionary work and these last few verses aren’t talking about it in the Latter-days and I just love how it says "and the Lord of the Vineyard labored also with them." How awesome is that! I just love it, cause it is so true. It is His work and He is labouring with us to bring those souls unto Him! Other than that, in my studies yesterday I read something about prayer and family prayer and I just realised how much I actually miss family prayer back home. I really did take it for granted, but when you don't have it anymore, you realise how much of a strength it is!

Alles Liebe,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxx

Week 48 of 2015- Zibelemärit, Thanksgiving und Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte!!!

Höi zäme!

Zibelemärit Tag!!!(Montag) So we began the day with a bit of study before heading to the chapel to download and send a couple of emails! Then we headed down to Bern for Take #2 of Zibelemärit- although this time, I'm not one of the younglings of the pack, but one of the oldies! Sad times! Although, I am so glad I get to be back in the Bern zone for the 4th Monday in November (that is when Zibelemärit takes place every year- so next November I may be coming back. It's become a little tradition-haha). It was such a fun day again and this time being able to speak German I asked somebody the reason for an onion festival, so the reason which I understood is that the 4th Monday of  November is or was the only day the French Swiss could come into Bern to sell their produce- mainly Onions! Yep! That’s about right! Then they just add the confetti part to make it fun! Gotta love the Bern culture! Well, I do anyway! You know people have cities that they say they've fallen in love with- well, Bern is that city for me- I just love it and I can't even say why, cause it's not like Bern was where I had the most success on my mission, or that it has loads of things to go and see- I'm just in love with the pure beauty and feeling of the city! Anyway, enough of my sloppy city romance! Today was awesome! Covered in Confetti, most of the zone were there as well (minus- Pratteln and Biel) and just having little confetti fights with randoms on the streets of Bern and it just being totally acceptable!  Then we headed home, trailing confetti through the trains, all the way back up to Basel and back down to Reinach! Then did a little more emailing before heading home and clearing up the confetti, which gets EVERYWHERE! Then did the last bit of weekly planning and some area book work! 

Zibelmarit with the Zone - fun at Bern's Onion Festival

Happy Birthday Grandad!!! So Dienstag began with studies! Wahey! A normal study morning! Then we headed to District Meeting in Basel! It was pretty good and we spoke about the question "Why did you come on a mission?" .. but changed up to "Why are you still here on a mission?" Then we just went round answering this question! It was really interesting! Honestly, my reason is similar to why I came out- I know this is the truth, I know it is the Lords work, I know how much joy the gospel has given me and want to share that joy with others. I'm still here because no matter how much or how little success I've seen out here, every time I even try to give someone the opportunity to receive the gospel I am just filled with an almost overwhelming feeling of the pure joy the gospel could bring to that person! Even the bad days teach me something! I'm still here because even though I have learnt more than I could have imagined, I still have so much more learn! I'm still here because I covenanted to stand as a witness of Christ, to give these two years to Him to bring God’s children back to Him and I cannot and will not return until I have fulfilled my promise! That’s just a few reasons, but it was really awesome to hear the reasons that other missionaries gave! Then we had Mittags, headed out to do some finding, made some sprach studium and then headed to P! We taught her about the importance and blessings of the Christ-like Attribute of Hope! It was a really spiritual lesson! Then we did a few less active vorbeis- we went by W again and she said that her family is coming over for a few days at the end of this week, start of next and that we may be able to come round then for dinner and meet her family, so that will be cool!

There actually isn't too much that can be said about Mittwoch! The only real highlight from today was getting to go to the Familie B to share a Spiritual Thought with them! We just felt prompted to go round, so sent a text this morning asking if it was cool with them to for us to pop round in the evening and just share a spiritual thought! We chose what spiritual thought we would share, so that’s what we shared! It didn't seem like an all too inspired plan as we were choosing what to share, but as we were sharing it Schw. B mentioned how it was exactly something that they were struggling with just earlier that very day! How cool is that! The Lord really guides, even when you don't notice that He is!

Happy Birthday Mom!!! Happy Thanksgiving America! So Donnerstag! What happened?!? We began the day with M! We read in the Book of Mormon with him this time. Then we headed up to Hochwald for lunch by the K's. There's snow in Hochwald! Meh! Well, we had Spag. Bol. for Mittagessen! Then some chocolate cake (it had a different flavour to it- kind of like Lebkuchen, but it was not Lebkuchen), but it tasted awesome! Then the rest of the day, not too much presented itself! Oh and I finally got hold of the talk Ash was on about last week "The Miracle of a Mission" by Elder Holland! It is a really good talk! Kind of like all of Elder Holland’s talk and MTC devotional talks! The MTC talks are always amazing! Well, that was basically our day! It was sort of good! I hope Mom had a much better day though!

Getting to the basics with Freitag as not too much happened again! We began the day with studies followed by popping out quickly to grab a few things we needed. Then we made some cookies for this evening, just cause we kind of felt we had to bring something to Thanksgiving dinner! Then we had weekly planning, all whilst stopping every now and then to do our washing, as today was wash day again! 'Twas fun! Then we headed to the chapel for Thanksgiving! Basically the American families from Reinach, Basel and Pratteln wards all get together for Thanksgiving dinner on the Friday evening each year, at the chapel and just eat and chill and do Thanksgiving stuff and as missionaries we were invited! So that was sweet! Now I've had two Thanksgiving
celebrations on my mission and both were held in Switzerland! Wahey! It was a really nice evening and that was basically my Friday!

Samstag! This week feels like it's dragged a little bit to be fair! I guess it's cause transfer calls are coming up next Saturday and I'm a little anxious to know what’s going to happen! So today was a normal day in Reinach! This evening we met with Schw. M. It was good! Didn't really speak about too much in particular, as the conversation kind of went all over topics. Then this evening we headed to Basel to show some support to a few ward members and the Basel Elders! They did the Charles Dickens- Christmas story with Scrooge- I don't remember what it's actually called in English, in German- Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte! Yeah - and basically a few members of our ward and the Basel Elders were playing parts in it, so we went to support and try and get some people there, unfortunately no non-members came which sucked, but it was a really nice evening! Getting into the Christmas Spirit and all!

Sonntag morgen we did a little bit of planning as we wanted to present an idea to the FHV-Präsidentin, which PK gave to me in reply to my weekly letter last week. He basically said to get the Single and Stay at Home Mom's together once a week or every other week and teach them a PMG lesson and get them teaching and doing role plays and stuff, just to help get them more excited in the 'doing' part of missionary work! Cause we have a lot of them in our ward, so working with members normally has to wait till the evening cause of needing another man with us, but apparently if we have more than 3 ladies then we can meet! That’s good to know! So we headed to church! It was the Primary presentation this week, so it was a really sweet Sacrament Meeting! I love those Sacrament Meetings! Then Sunday School and Priesthood were just normal! Pretty average Sunday! Then home, studies, prepared what we need to for Zone Conference. This time President gave like everyone the same speaking assignment then it's like we get picked on. So he split it into Birthday Months, and May to August need to prepare a 7 minute talk on "What has Christmas come to mean to you as a Missionary in terms of Pondering the Saviour's influence in our lives today?" So I put some notes together just in case I get picked on! Then we headed out to go to the C’s to share a spiritual thought! I hate buses on a Sunday! They are so bad sometimes, but we had a really nice evening! So that’s all that matters and other than that, that was my week!

Hopefully you've received sufficient photos recently and I haven't been depriving you of them! It all just comes down to whether or not we do anything on P-day or during the week that brings any opportunity for pictures! Well, Christmas is coming and we have our Christmas Conference tomorrow and I'll be getting my Christmas Package! Wahey!

Anyways, I hope you all have a brilliant week! I love you loads!!!

Alles Liebe,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx