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Ragusa / Cagliari 6/7/15 - 20/7/15 Lultima a Ragusa, il trekking a Cagliari, antizanzare morsi, perdersi e Capi Conferenza

Cagliari‏ Week 1:

Where can I start? ALLORA! I'm typing this up as I wait with my new greenie..... DRUMROLL........ SORELLA ROBERTS!!!!!! 
My "Golden" Sorella Roberts and Myself 
What are the odds?! I think it is so crazy how mom guessed my companion correctly!!! Haha  We're at the post office to sort out her permesso; her documents to legally stay here, which I have never done before, so it's an adventure hahah.

So, last Monday for P'Day (last one in Ragusa waaaa) we went to H&M and did a girly shop for the last time <\3 then we emailed some more. Then we had an appointment, but I don't remember who with 'cus I don't have my old planner with me, as now we are in a new transfer, so for that I'm sorry. I really don't remember anything that happened from Monday up until Wednesday/Thursday.. oH, but Vescovo and his family had us go over for a dinner - A sad .. cute goodbye dinner. I LOVE THE MANZINI FAM. Sorella Manzini reminds me a lot of my mom. They are such a lush family, with 2 very young children <3 <3 We had a TON of sea food. I ate mussels. Yeah. I did, but I put lemon juice on them and they were actually buoni! I'll attach a pic with that lush lil FAM. I packed as much as poss, but at this point I didn't know the limits on luggage, so I couldn't prepare much.
Saying my goodbyes in Ragusa 
Tuesday was the last DDM. All I remember is that I was sad to say goodbye to the district and that we had pranzo (a bittersweet goodbye pranzo) with one of the SWEETEST family. The Puglisi's. <3<3<3<3 Then we headed over to Salvo's shop to say goodbye. He has a new phone shop. I WILL MISS THAT MAN SO MUCH. He is awesome. ANYWAY. So yeah, we actually also shared with him a Mormon message (one of my faves) and bore our testimonies to him. It was sad to say goodbye, but it's part of the miss. I'll send a pic.
Saying my goodbyes in Ragusa 
Then we headed over to Rita, to do a lesson and to say goodbye. That too was so so so sad!!!! Again, I'll send picssss!
Saying my goodbyes in Ragusa 
Wednesday was crazyyyyyy. In the morning I finally found out the allowances. I could take both suitcases, but there was a limit. Not everything would have fit, so I decided to take one within the limit and stuff the other one with everything else. Then next zone conference in Catania, the AP's will take it. So it's all good! We headed to the chapel to say goodbye to Iolanda and Gabe. I printed off my boarding passes, then we headed off to Catania. 

Thursday I headed to the airport with Reber, de franchi, campos, and the ZL's. Well, before we went to the train station, we went and got smoothies .. then to the airport. I flew from Catania to Rome, then Rome to Cagliari. I met some really awesome people on the way; a boy from Milan called D. He helped me out in Rome, then I got to speak to him about why I am here, so that was cool; then a part American family. When I arrived in Cagliari, my suitcase didn't arrive with me hahaha. Luckily there was the other Anziano there with me (he also flew from Rome to serve in Cagliari), so he helped me sort it out, then we headed over to meet my GREENIE AND part of the districts. ANZ MCCOLLOUM IS MY DL. I am so happy. He is the one Ammon knows and we served in Pescara district insieme. He's awesomeeeeee, so I'm happy about that. He's also training. Anyway, then we went to the chapel for English course. Then the ANZ got a call from the airport informing us that my suitcase had finally arrived. THANK GOODNESS! So we went to pick it up (our ANZ have a car), then we went home, planned, slept.

Friday we did our weekly plan. I discovered how truly awesome my greenie is! She is so prepared. Much more prepared than I ever was! She's awesome! Her Italian is actually outstanding for a greenie! I'm very impressed. Her parents would be incredibly proud of her! We have taught a few lessons together and she has given outstanding input. I love teaching with her. Awww, she's the best!

Well, the work here is incredible. There are 14 investigators that the Sorelle were working with. 14!!!! Honestly, the most work I've seen in the mission, it's incredible! This must be Cagliari's time! We have got lost a few times, but we'll get there. Sorella Brunson left very neat notes about everything, so that was a great help! She's the best!

Well, Saturday we saw some more people. We saw B. She is incredible!!! She came to church yesterday too. Like 5 investigators came to church yesterday.

Yesterday church was awesome. They got me to play the piano, so that was nice. I love playing the piano here, cus then they love me haha. All 3 of us new missionaries in Cagliari bore our testimonies and Roberts did so well!!! Then we had correlation, then we did less active finding and got incredibly lost. So that was.. Interesting. This morning as I said, we sorted the 1st step of the permesso for her. It went very well.

Well, it's been crazy, overwhelming, but a huge adventure. I love it here. The work, as I said is incredible. The weather burns me hahahahah and the city is beautiful!!

I love you all. I love this work. I know that the only way that all of this stuff is possible and that it even works out is because the Lord's hand is 100% in his work. I love the mission. I love you.

I hope you have an amazing week!
You're the best of the best!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Week 2 Cagliari‏
Che vi posso dire? Allora iniziaró con lunedì 

Lunedì ... Well as I said, we started the day at the post office to sort out the 1st step of my verdinas permesso. It went well and there were no confusions haha. Then we went straight to do emailllll, which is my fave thing to do! It is literally the only thing I really care about on p-day. Hehe. Then we did spesa and the supermercato that we went to cost a bomba, so we will not be going there again!!! (If you ever find yourself in 'Spinga' re-evaluate your life) hahahahahahha ANYWAYsssss. After that, we did nothingggggggggg! Cus there was no more time and Sorella Roberts had a swollen foot, cus she got attacked by mozzies. Haha, but she is okay now. It passed by and she has a ton of health oils and vitamins and stuff, so I guess that helped. Also, I gave her some of the Benadryl gel that Perkins gave me in Rome. :))) After, we met Benedetta in the park for a lesson, then there was a FHE with the Anziani (Teichert & Cab... I still forget how to pronounce his name .. Next week I'll have it) for all the investigators (in the same park), which was awesomeeeeeee. All the investigators are just so young and they're all friends and it's just so fun; so we played a few games, shared a spiritual thought and then ate some refreshments! 

Martedì ... We began with CAPI conference. In the Skype pic I am... The middle top... Where it says 'Bronson Teichert'. 
Capi Conference Skype
It was awesome. I learnt many new things. They focused on obedience and planning, gossip and iPad rules. Really, they spoke about a ton of stuff. After the awesome Skype meeting... Fratello C made our district pranzooooo, which we all ate insieme at the chapel with the Oristano Anziani. He is awesome. I think he does that every week for us :) Then we had DDM. Anziano McColloum did an awesome addrestramento. All about 'Being the perfect missionary' or at least striving to be as perfect as possible.  Then we went to see Rina, our TROPPO cute old lady simp. I love that woman!!! Originally we had planned to speak with her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but she has a ton of questions about the Bible and Book of Mormon and then she pulled out the gospel principles book that we use in Sunday School and basically told us she wanted to study that, so we ended up studying chapter 1 .. Our Father in Heaven, so we spoke all about Heavenly Father. After that, we tried AGAIN to find An... A less active, who isn't actually less active anymore... I don't think. I really don't even know. I've seen her at church both times I've been here soooooo, boh, but we failed and couldn't find her house for BEANS!!! Man, this whole getting lost thing is getting so old now hahahahah. After that passeggiato (lol) we had to go to church for English course. Originally we had planned to do it separately (me doing intermediate and Roberts doing basic), but there weren't many people and they wanted to just do it together anyway, so that was cool. It went really well and then for the spiritual thought we showed them 'Grazie a Lui' (Because of Him). I really think that some of the students felt the spirit. Oh and a funny quote from Sorella Hanson.. Describing what she had for Christmas dinner in the mission “It was like an empty octopus head, stuffed with lasagna. It was so strange” hahhahahahahahahahaha I died. 

Mercoledì ... We left eeeeaaarly in the morning (the Anziani picked us up, cus they had to go to Sassari too to hold a baptismal interview), so we just went together. The scambio with the Sorelle was awesome! Sorella Hanson and McKenzie are so cute! I did the 1st half of the day with Hanson! I loved being with her. We were in the MTC together, but we never really spoke to one another, cus, well, I don't really know why, but the time I got to spend with her on Wednesday was awesome. We taught a lesson to a new convert, all about baptism and confirmation and she gave us a TON of referrals. Mainly her family and ex-boyfriend haha. She was the best!!! After that it was lunch .. and then lingua study, then I spent the other half of the day with Sorella McKenzie. She is another greenie. She came in with Roberts. We taught a lesson to two African men. It was so intense and interesting. They were both very very very well versed on the Bible and one of then, as we were talking about The Restoration and introducing The Book of Mormon, was trying to find biblical verses to contradict us and then asked awkward questions. We did our best to answer them and they seemed satisfied. The spirit was really there helping us out, that's for sure! Then after, we went to do finding!!! I was really impressed with how willing she was to try it out! She did so well!! Honestly, I feel like the missionaries come more and more prepared each time! After we went back to the chapel to get our suitcase! Then we ate pizza together, then slept.

Giovedì mattina we set off with the Anziani to go back to Cagliariiiiiii! It is just about a 2 hour drive, so we got to know each other a bit better. We are really lucky in this area, cus we really do have awesome Anziani! Anyways, we get home to see we received bioneeees, so we went to find this less active’s house.... Again. NO SUCCESS. We seriously could NOT FIND THIS FLIPPING HOUSE FOR BEANS OR EGGS OR ANYTHING. IMPOSSIBLE! anywaysssss haha.. Then we had English course :))))

Venerdì ... We began the day with an appointment with one of our simps, M. She is awesomeeeeeee. We planned on teaching her about prayer, the scriptures, obedience and baptism, but we ended up just doing prayer and obedience. It went really well. She came to church yesterday and then on the evening I called her to set up another appointment and to see if she enjoyed church and she was so excited and happy. She told me she loves the unity at church .. that she doesn't see anywhere else and that it is literally a heaven on earth. Those were her actual words .. but in Italian. So, that was soooooo amazinnng. Anyway, after the appointment with her, we returned home to do the weekly plannnn. My comp is awesome and gives so much input. You honestly wouldn't even believe she is a greenie. Ahhhhhhh! :):) Then after, we had an appointment with a part member family. We did a FHE with them all to get to know them better, then they made us dinner :) They are so lovely. I love them so much already :) Then for this next week we have set up separate appointments with each of them. We are so excited :)) After, we came home to do 12 weeks. 

Sabato ... That day was spent doing meno attivi finding. Searching for the houses of the less actives, who didn't answer our calls or texts. Nobody was in, but we got to know the area a bit better. OH, ALSO, WE FOUND THE IMPOSSIBLE HOUSE FINALLY TOO!! Wooooh!! Then we had an appointment with Benedetta, then one with Rina. We invited Rina to be baptised and she is adorableeeeee. She comes to church every Sunday and reads The Book of Mormon and asked for Doctrine and Covenants. She is just the cutestttttt!

Then we planned for gospel principles!

Sunday ... We went to Rina’s house to meet her, then got a lift with Fratello A (ward mission leader) to church. We got to church and the Relief Society lesson was all about marriage and the family. We shared our miracle moment. It is really cool cus they give us 2/5 mins at the beginning to share either a miracle moment or spiritual thought, so that's awesomeeeeee! Then we taught gospel principles allll about the Priesthood. Haha .. in Italian. My comp bossed it, obviously! Then I got to choose and play the hymns for sacrament meeting wooooo haha :))
Then we had to do 12 weeks, cus we were wayyyy behind, and Pres told me to keep up with it. Then we had correlation and made our calls. That was basically our day!

Today we are just planning on going to this gelato place called Peter Pan. We have heard that it's the best one here, so we'll try it out! :)) Then we'll write letters :) Then there will be a lesson with Benedetta, then FHE with the simps! :)

During personal studies this week I have been thinking about what I will do for my addrestramento that I will do for Zone Conference. I think I'm gonna focus on why we have goals; why President has raised the standards of excellence; how we can reach them; wants and desires (righteous and unrighteous ones) and link it all together somehow. I mean, I have time, but if anyone has suggestions on more practical activities I'm open! I just don't wanna 'talk at them' and I certainly don't want it to be boring, soooo suggestions would be awesome! This is for the whole Zone :Sss

Anyways! I'm in a park and it's super hot and clammy and there are nasty little pigeons everywhere and I'm freaking out a little bit, so I'm gonna leave it here!

I know that this gospel is true. That Christ is our Saviour and Redeemer. That God is our LOVING Heavenly Father. That the Book of Mormon is the worrrrrd of God. That this is the work of the Lord and I'm extremely blessed to be a part of sharing it.

You are all amazing. I love you so so so much.

Keep being amazing. 
Sorella Robertson xxxxxxxxxxx

Some pics. We were locked outside our apartment lolssss

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Dielsdorf 29/6/15 - 12/7/15 Week 27 of 2015- Or just Week 2 of being a Papa! & Week 28 of 2015- Austausch und Zweigtempeltag!!

Week 27 of 2015- Or just Week 2 of being a Papa!

As per, P-day Monday! Emails, love 'em! Then we just spent the day chilling around Zürich, checked out a few shops on Bahnhofstr. (Talk about Pricey) then went up to the Zürisee. Then we went to a book shop and I bought a Schweizerdeutsch book, as one of us has to know what people are saying to us when they refuse to speak Hochdeutsch!- and that seems to happen a lot lately! As well as Italian speaking people on the street. They just say like 'No I don't speak German, Italian'? So, I try out my Italian- "We're missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ" and they just shake their heads and walk off!!! I don't know what I'm doing wrong!! I'll have to send Ash a video of me saying it and she can tell me how bad my pronunciation is... or Ash will just have to send me a video of her saying it, so I can learn from that!! Like I wouldn't mind, but I have it down beautifully in German, French, Danish and Slovak!! It's just that Italian people are too picky with me!! Then for the evening we went to Familie Ryser for dinner and FHE!! It was the coolest thing ever! I love having FHE at a members'! It is the coolest, most sweetest thing ever and we did a spiritual thought, which includes playing Jenga! It is so cool! It links with the scripture in Helaman 5:12 and the idea is that you start with playing the Jenga, but as you go round, before you take a piece you have to say something that can weaken our foundation- e.g. alcohol, money, peer pressure, not sustaining church leaders, etc, etc. Then Helaman 5:12 and how we can  
strengthen our foundations, then Luke 22:32 about how we can help others strengthen their foundations!! It's a pretty cool interactive spiritual thought, but I did have to buy Jenga, as not many people in Switzerland have Jenga, but it was a super awesome evening!!

Dann haben wir Dienstag! Genau! So, on Tuesday we had district meeting! It was soooo good and as per it was another pretty spiritual district meeting! Then I had my second to last physio appointment!! Wahey! Ohhh, and the District Leader bought me some Biscoff for my birthday!! I love Biscoff, although I had it for dinner Tuesday evening and I think it was like the most unhealthy dinner EVER!!! Legit, I had like 4 pieces of toast with biscoff and like a whole pack of bacon and maple syrup!!! Sooooo bad, but it tasted sooooooooo Good and before you ask... Yes, I can cook and I normally eat pretty healthy, but Tuesday evening I was dead, so couldn't be bothered to do much for dinner! Oh also, Tuesday we went to the Bürgerbüro, so that we could get Elder Palmer Anmelded, but I completely forgot to remind him that he needs to bring his passport... Oops! #badtrainer! Oh and we did the Technology Training thing on the missionary portal that Pres. has been
telling us we need to do ASAP, so I figured we should probably get that done!

Mittwoch! These weeks fly by so quickly and legit, this time next year it will be over! The thought scares me a little and we finished the Book of Mormon read!! Thank you for joining me with it! There is so, sooo much that one can learn from that book!! I have to say that every time I read it, every time I turn those pages my testimony of it's truth
is strengthened beyond comprehension!! Of the fact that The Book of Mormon is true, I have no doubt! It is pure truth! It is Another Testament of Jesus Christ! This last time reading we were looking for the Doctrine of Christ and it really is on every page, in every verse! Each time I read the Book of Mormon I follow Moroni's promise at the end and each time I receive that confirmation, to renew and strengthen my testimony of it's truthfulness! The Book of Mormon really brings power into life and for that reason I started reading it again, but this time auf Deutsch! I have to say, I'm understanding
everything and learning so much more by reading it in another language! It's so cool! I love that Dad is starting on the Doctrine and Covenants! Again it's such a great book! We had a lesson with an investigator about prophets on Wednesday evening and just preparing
and giving that lesson really helped me to remember how much we need prophets in our day and how grateful I am to have a living day prophet in President Thomas S Monson, in this day!  Oh and we also went to Anmeld, this time I remembered to remind him to bring everything he needed! (I'm still getting used to being a Papa- it may still take a while)!

Donnerstag! So, we started the day by meeting with F! We helped him move a few things into the attic! Weird much! Everywhere in Switzerland your like storage area is in the cellar, but in his apartment block they have it in the attic! So strange! Then we read a
talk with him and he said it was exactly what he needed! It was amazing how the Lord inspires His servants, in what to do to help another one of His Children! Then we went to G for Lunch. He is the Assistant GML and he speaks like 7 languages! Craziness!! It was
cool! He's from Sri Lanka, so he cooked us a Sri Lankan meal! It was sooo good! Then I had my final physio appointment! Wahey! I'm so glad to have finished it! Like it has really helped, but it just takes so much time out of the day!

Dann Freitag!! What a crazy day! Plus, it's been major hot all week! I think Friday was like 33*C and the worst thing, like I can stand the heat perfectly fine, but in Switzerland it is soooo humid it's unbelievable! So, it just makes life even harder! So, Elder Hiemer (the
other Golden who came to Switzerland) his GA arrived in the post and Elder Palmer's arrived at their apartment, so first off we had to work out how to get them to each other cause their temporary GA expires this week! Then we headed off to the Walders' for lunch! BBQ and watermelon! Oh man, in this heat watermelon is soooooo good!!! Then we
had a couple of lessons, which were cool and was definitely awesome to get out of the heat and humidity!! Oh, and my hump day card arrived from Papi!!

... and it still goes on, like the 4th of July! We began by walking to die post to send off Elder Hiemer's GA and that was like 9am and it was 34*C, like what the fetch!! Then we did weekly planning with as many fans as we  
could find going! Then out in like 35*C heat to find for a few hours! T'was fun! Then we ended by going by a less active! It was a cool visit! Even if it did make us get home a little later, but other than that, Pres. messaged us this morning informing us of President Packer and that today we are dedicatong the work to President Packer! So finding was a super power finding time! #BK4B (the hashtag has a story behind it! Comes down to our ZL's. They sent out a Zone text like inspiring us all, then they ended it #ButtKickingForBoyd #BK4B), so that was our motivation for the day!! 😕

Sonntag!!! Oh my goodness! It was 36*C like all day and fasting really wasn't good, I was dying for a drink!!! Plus, the chapel was boiling hot!! Not good! .. but we had a really nice Testimony meeting! Sunday School and Priesthood were based on the Spirit and the
role of the Spirit in teaching, etc. It was a really good Sunday! Then we went over to Schw. Marty again for lunch!! It was sooo good, but there was so much food and we all know how your stomach shrinks when you fast! Not good, but it was a good day! Then home to do studies and that was basically the week!

Today we plan on going shopping in Deutschland and then on Saturday we'll be going to the temple with the Branch!! Thursday is Elder Palmer's birthday, so I best get thinking of what to do for that!!

Also... Training is a blast! I love it! It is sooo much fun and the 12 week program isn't
actually too bad this time round! I actually see how it's helped me to become the missionary I am today! Plus, I really see how much German I can actually speak, especially seeing as I'm doing most of the talking now!

Ash is gonna be the BEST trainer ever! White washing is so much fun and I'm certain she will be a fantastic STL! She is the BEST example ever!

All my love,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Week 28 of 2015- Austausch und Zweigtempeltag!!

I was totally about to start writing this auf Deutsch.... Then I realised that none of you speak Deutsch... Awks much!! So your gonna have to forgive me, as this last week I wrote my journal for a few days auf Deutsch... So I'm trying to translate for some of this!!

So Montag! Emails- need I say more! You know how much I love email time!!! Then we had to go to Deutschland for shopping and we bumped into the Luzern Elders, so hung out with them for a bit! Then home and we made some chocolate m&m marshmallow cupcakes! I used Mom's recipe for the choc cupcakes and they turned out great! I have a pic, so I'll get that sent. We didn't make cupcakes for ourselves, we did them to Personal Touch the R Family, but they caught us leaving! They had a water fight for FHE outside, round the back of their apartment building, so as we were leaving they were coming back in! Awks!
Personal Touch Cupcakes!
Dienstag!!! District Meeting- 'twas cool! I had to teach Deutschtipp! It went well! Then we had our Austausch! I stayed in Dielsdorf! Natürlich!    I worked with Elder Murray! It was a pretty cool day! We found 2 people and taught a less active lady, then we had a pretty
cool evening!

Mittwoch! I just realised how awesome Wednesday is auf Deutsch! Mittwoch! So our lesson with F moved, so we went by a few people before going to the park to do our Auswertungsgespräch! Then we went to a lunch appointment- soooo good! They called it Enchiladas, but it was more like an Enchilada style Lasagne- it was sooooooooo goood!!!
Then we tausched back, so as we were tausching back, I called the Hatch's (medical senior couple), as they were already coming to see us about done thing else. Our fan broke on Monday, so I called 'cause everywhere in Zürich was sold out of fans! I called to ask if they were still in Deutschland and could pick us up a fan! They were in Zürich already! Sucked, but when we got home to meet them, they had looked in a load of shops and eventually found us a fan! Like it was one of the last ones in this shop! They are the best!!! Then we headed to the Schnyders! Then I called up Jeffrey (from Bonstetten) and I invited him to come with us on Thursday!

Donnerstag! So we finally had our lesson with F! We shared my all time favorite General Conference talk with him. The Music of the Gospel with the Dance! I love that talk! Then to a member's for lunch! Soo much food! It was soooo good! Swiss people cook sooooo well!! It's craziness!! Then in the evening, as it was Palmer's birthday and I never went out for dinner for my birthday, I decided I'd take him to this Chinese Restaurant we went to for District P-Day last transfer! ... and that's what we invited Jeffrey to! It was a really nice evening! Then we ended the day with Zweigrat and for the majority of it we were speaking about Missionary Work and the Ward Mission Plan. For part of it they turned to Family Mission Plans and how we can encourage families to have them and actually work on them... So a bright idea came to my mind! I do get them every now and again! So my idea was that once or twice a month, a family is assigned as the first (5min) speaker to talk about their FMP, how they are trying to work on it and any experiences they've had with it. That way it is making sure the families actually create a family mission plan, are actually using their FMP and encourages other members to do the same as they hear the
success that is coming from it .. reminding the ward/branch about their role in missionary work!
Celebrating Elder Palmer's Birthday
Freitag- Weekly Planning and the Ryser Family for dinner! I legit love their family! You have to meet them and we have another appointment with them this coming Friday!! :D

Samstag- So today was Zweigtempeltag! It was really nice! We also went with the Richterswil, Chur and Wettingen Elders, which was cool and again, I bought a few cool things from the Book Store! A new journal 'cause mine's gonna be full this week and I also bought another puzzle thing (like the plan of salvation one) - it is so cool! It's 'Die Kirche,
wie sie von Jesus Christus errichtet wurde' (so like, the church as Christ organised it). I'll send a pic of that as well and then I bought some root beer! I have been craving it for quite a while, so Saturday was a really nice day!!
I bought some teaching aids at the Temple
Well, Sonntag was pretty good!! Church was cool! Then we did studies and headed to the Beever's for dinner! Awesome food, again! Then we did the Jenga/foundations spiritual thought, then had GMK! 'Twas a pretty good day, but I am soo dead it's untrue! This heat and humidity is horrid. The amount of times I've woken up recently with a nosebleed is
crazy!! :( .. but other than feeling dead, it's been a great week!

Also, the humpday keyring arrived!! :-) 
Hump Day Keyring

I believe that is everything from this week! I hope you all have the BEST week EVER! 

All my Love,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 10 July 2015

Ragusa 22/6/15 - 5/7/15 Voglie di chip, cantando le Sorelle, fichi freschi e trasferimento delle chiamate

Week 1
Okay sooooo I just want to start off by telling you all how much I miss the chippy, but obv I miss you all way more. No doubt .. but I do miss my chippy chips too. I suddenly got cravings for them the other day, hahahahaha well now that's over lemme tell you all about my week...

Well Monday.... We just chilled out, emailed, spesa'd, then alla fine we did a serata famigliare con la famiglia Maggrograssi! It went really well. We used the idea from Sister Cherly A Esplin with the 2 cans... One full and one empty and crushed the 1st one then the 2nd one, which wouldn't crush (obv) then spoke about how the home and the family and our lives should be full of the light of the gospel, so that we can withstand the pressures of the world .. it went so well. They were going to invite a non member friend, but she couldn't come but anyway, the lesson went really really well. Then they fed us :))))) then Iolanda gave us a ride home, shout out to Iole :)))

Tuesday..... We began with DDM, which was aweeeesomeeee. Anziano Bellows did the  addrestramento about how we need faith and a vision, then we must pray with faith and set goals and make plans then we must be diligent and work. It was very simple but he has an awesome way of teaching. I really need to be better at taking notes in DDM's because I don't remember very much. :/ next transfer I will be better at this, so my emails can be better. Then after DDM FINALLY we all went to get horse sandwiches. It has been a district tradition for a long time, from when Sorella Nagliati was here, but me and Reber have been busy with appointments these last few weeks, so we haven't been able to go. BUT WE WENT THIS TIME and it was lush. After that, we had a few cancellations, then we had a lesson with Gabe all about the plan of Salvation. Gabe loves the plan of salvation and he has a ton of questions and he is awesome, so the lesson went really really well :) Then we had English course.

Wednesday..... Again, we had planned an awesome week then got bidones all morning, but in the afternoon we got to see V (the man at the pharmacy) and we shared a Mormon message with him. It is kinda hard to see him for full lessons as he is at work when we see him, but we are hoping that we will be able to see him with his family at their home soon!! :) After that, we saw L and S. Taught them some English and finished the Restoration lesson with them. They accepted to read the Book of Mormon. :))))) They are so awesome. We love them soooooo muchhhhhhh!!! Then ward council was cancelled because there was a power cut.

Thursday .... We went to the old folk's home to do the service. The old people there are so adorable!!!! Then after, we headed straight to Comiso... Another city in our area, that takes about 30 mins on the bus. We went to see Sorella Turtula. We showed her a video about Esther, all to do with courage :) She loved it! Then we sung 'oh mio Signore' with the ukulele. Then we saw Gabe again and spoke more about the plan of salvation :)

In honour of Elder Robertson's Birthday

Friday.... We planned for the week.... Then saw L and S again. We spoke with them more about the Restoration and more about the Book of Mormon. After, we went to see Sebastiano and we just spoke to him all about the things that are important to him and what he believes and how he feels about everything we have spoken about. He told is that he really is interested and that he wants to learn more, so that was awesome :)

Saturday... We did a mostra in centro all about the Book of Mormon. It was a really hard mostra to do, because a lot of people are content with the bible alone, but it was awesome anyway! Then we saw Rita and spoke about the plan of salvation with her and she had a lot of questions and we were able to really speak with her. Then we had a ward activity. Me and Reber sung a song with the ukulele. The members here are very talented and it was just so awesome and some members brought friends and then some English course students came too :)))

40 Second Video Clip of Sorelle Reber and Robertson

Sunday... We went to church and taught gospel principles about the Holy Ghost, which went really well. Then Fratello Lo Monaco did such an awesome talk about why every commandment is so important. Then we had prank with the Puglisi's. After that, we went to try and find the memo attivi that we had tried to call but their numbers were inactive. We found some success and had an appointment with one of the ladies for this week, so we are excited about that :)

This week has been another hard week and I'm sorry that there isn't much to this email, but know that I love each one of you with all my heart. I miss you all so much, but I know that this is where I need to be right now. I am very excited for transfer calls.
Have the best week ever!
Sorella Robertson

Week 2:'One day more, another day another destiny. This long unending road to Cagliari...' (Sorella Reber was actually singing this the day before we received our transfer calls. She CALLED IT.Monday : We literally chilled out all day (after our lesson with Vincenzo of course #reversepdayswaggerrrrrr

Tuesday : We began with DDM and we started with transfer predictions. Most people said Bari, I think, with someone like a lil bit younger than me. Then I don't really remember anything else. After that we had pranzo and lingua then we went to see Sorella A. We shared the Mormon message titled 'coraggio'. It speaks about the courage of Esther and 3 other women in the church, who through different situations and trials have had to be courageous. We spoke about how we must rely on our Saviour Jesus Christ in order to put our faith into action and be courageous. I really like in the video where one of the women explain what courage is by saying 'to be courageous doesn't mean to be without fear, it means to act with faith'. We bore our testimonies to her that when we are given trials, it is to strengthen us. Whether it is to strengthen our faith, our character, strength, understanding and so on. We told her how through Christ we are able to overcome doubts, weaknesses, sin and trials and can face them with courage through our faith in him. :) It went really well. After that, we got 2 cancellations unfortunately, so we did finding, then went to teach Gabe with Sorella Campo (I love that lady!!) We discussed the talk 'Per sempre liberi, per agire sé' by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. (free forever to act for themselves), because last time we spoke about life on earth and judgement in the Plan of Salvation lesson. He had a lot of questions about moral agency. It's a really awesome talk. It speaks all about our moral agency and responsibility to act righteously, but it also emphasises the importance of not blaming others for bad things that happen in your life. It speaks of Christ and his Atonement and God and His mercy and also explains how mercy however, cannot rob justice. You should all read it, I like it! So did Gabe :) After that, we had English course and the Anziani did the spiritual thought :) 

Wednesday... was an early one. We left the house at 6:45am to get the train to Siracusa for the scambio. Once we got there, we had to walk to the Sorelle house. I have only done this walk once, so I had no idea and we were without a map, so it took 3 times longer than it should have. Lolllll awks. Oh, also it was SO HOT. So once we FINALLY got to their house, they made us lunch. Then we studied the lingua, then I went to be with Sorella Na Bita and Reber went to be with Sorella Furia. Me and Na Bita went to do a member lesson. Then did less active finding where we walked for literally 6 hours solid!! Haha. Then we had a less active lesson at church with a lady called Sorella Miano. She was so so so so so so so so cute!! :) Then me and Na Bita got cake and ate it all. :) 

Thursday.... We left with a good amount of time - just in case we got lost on the way to the station again...... but it took us only 30 mins hahahahahah. We bought breakfast from a fruit stand. I ate my 1st fresh fig ever. It was kinda weird, but the taste was super good. I'll attach a pic. Isn't that so sick? I ate figs for breakfast in Siracusa?!! 
Fresh Fig for Breakfast
Then when we got home, we saw the Angelini family, then Gabe. With Gabe we spoke about the tools that Heavenly Father has given us for our learning and for us to find answers. We based the lesson heavily on the Book of Mormon, shared some of our fave scriptures and told him how we apply them into our lives. Then asked him to try. It went really well and he seemed excited to try it out :) Then we had English course :)

Friday... We did weekly planninggggg .. Then had a day full of bidone, so that was great.

Saturday : As always, the day of transfer calls brings so many emotions! Sorella Reber and I knew that there was to be a change. We weren't sure however, how big it was going to be, although we all made our predictions. I was convinced that she was staying in Ragusa and training. Then I thought I would go to Palermo to replace Sorella Winegar and be with Sorella McFarland (Sorella Arnold trained her). We didn't have to wait too long (like we usually do). We set the phone ringtones for President, Sorella Waddoups and the AP's all differently, so we knew who it was when we heard it. (Cus normally if it's just the AP's, nothing much happens; if it's Sorella Waddoups, someone moves, but not much happens; and if it's President, someone's training, getting a leadership position or being blow in / blown out... That's my theory anyways.) So for President  Waddoups' ringtone we had the song 'Everything is Awesome'; for Sorella Waddoups 'Under the Sea' and the AP's .. just some funky jazzy song that comes with the phone. Hahah! Anyways, the phone rings at about 8:30ish and it is President, which really didn't surprise me, cus I was convinced Reber was going to train. Then I answer and he sings the American pride song... With it being July 4th and all. Then he was like 'Sorella Robertson, you don't even care do you?' .. and I awkwardly laughed and said 'not really' hahahahah awkssss. Then he was like 'fine, well for that.... You're out of Ragusa' hahahah, then he told me he was blowing me into Cagliari, Sardegna. Then I asked him who I was going to be with and he was like 'I don't know, because the Lord wants you to train'... and I was like 'whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!' and then he was like 'Yeah, can you do that for me?' I was like 'I'll try, okay, sure, shall I pass you onto Sorella Reber and he was like 'No, I'm not done with you yet.' Then he told me 'The Lord also wants you to be STL'. (Sister Training Leader). That's when all of my emotions just went numb and I felt like none of this was even happening. I sound so dramatic, but I literally just didn't know what to think or say. I am soooooo nervous, but so excited too! I don't know anything about my area, my district, my zone or my new companion, but I know that the only Sorelle in the Sardegna zone are me, my freebie, Sorella Hansen (she came in with me and she's awesome) and her greenie. :) So I'm excited! Me and my greenie will replace Sorella Brunson and Sorella Vasilachi, but in all honesty, that is all I can tell you. Oh and that maybe I can only take 1 suitcase hahahahah awks!!! When I know more I will let you know. :) So it looks like I've served/will serve in the best parts of the mission. :) 

Sundayyyyy... I bore my last testimony in Ragusa and said my last goodbyes. So sad :( but I have some pics to send this week. Then I started packing. I can only take 1 suitcase, so I need to choose well haha. Also, Thursday I fly to Rome to meet my new comp, then from Rome to Cagliari. I don't know anything else other than that. 
Goodbyes are going to be hard, I love Ragusa and the people so much.

Goodbyes are going to be hard, I love Ragusa and the people so much

I love you all and I love being a missionary :) 

I need to go though :( because Reber wants to shop today and we need to get the 11:20 bus..

You're all the best.Hugs and kisses. Sorella Robertson Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Dieldsorf 16/6/15 - 28/6/15 Week 25 of 2015 IT'S A BOY!!!!! and Week 26 of 2015- Ich bin der Papi!!!

Week 25 of 2015- IT'S A BOY!!!!! and Week 26- Ich bin der Papi!!!

Week 25

So in normal email style, we'll begin with Monday! Monday was one of those days. Emails, love it! Then we went round Zürich trying to sort out our phone, as it doesn't always work and the spare one at home doesn't accept our SIM card, so we got that sorted and we also bought our Comp Ties! Then we ended the day with weekly planning again. We couldn't find any time to do it the week before. Oops!

And after Monday, we get Tuesday! We started the day with Physio, where she taught me a couple of exercises to do at home, which is useful for Frühsport! Then we met with our investigator who came to church last Sunday who's French speaking - and I don't speak French, but it is amazing how you can still pick things up and understand a basis of what is going on! The Spirit does amazing things!!! Then we finished the day by going to Familie Ryser!! I love their family! They are legit the BEST!! We did the thankful pen spiritual thought. It was hilarious how frustrated some of them got, but it was fun - and they loved it in the end!!

Mittwoch! It was full of a lot of finding and we also did a Personal Touch for the family who took us to the chinese restaurant a few weeks back! Then we taught another French-speaking investigator!! I really don't know how it's going to work in a few days time with these investigators... then in the evening we taught the Schnyders with Nancy! Again, Nancy was amazing, she is still in missionary mode whenever she teaches with us! It doesn't surprise me that she had like 30 lessons a week in one of her areas!! Craziness!!

Thursday was Thursday! We started with a lesson with a former investigator! Then home for our apartment inspection and we passed as always!! Then the day ended with Zweigrat! It was pretty good!! We discussed everything that needed to be discussed and then had a presentation, which was sent out from the First Presidency (I think) about the Sabbath Day! It was actually really good!!

Friday! This week flew by .. it was crazy!! We taught Z! She is so cool! She's been to church twice and has already given up everything in the word of wisdom apart from smoking, but we're gonna help her with that one. Then Physio and we just did some exercises in the gym. My back was so sore afterwards though, but hey! I believe it's working! Then in the evening we had another lesson with S! We brought someone new as a joint teach .. And, my Bible Prophecy was Joshua 10:24-26. It's pretty interesting!

Saturday and transfer calls!!! Aaaaahhhhhh!! The ZL's took forever this time! I was so anxious! I think it's even worse when you know theres a change, 'cause you just want to know what the change is. When you don't have a clue, it's still bad, but not as bad! So, they finally call at like 19:25 and begin with Elder Huby- going home! Zone Leaders suck! :P Then they come to me! And... you may have worked it out by now... I have dropped a few hints! I'm becoming a Papa!! I get my first Son!! I'm freakin' training a brand new missionary, fresh from the MTC!! I am so excited, but I am also scared to death!!! Like, I legit feel so inadequate to train! I have no idea what I'm meant to do! Like how is a new missionary meant to learn anything from me! I'm so scared, but so excited! Then we had a lesson with the same guy from Wednesday, which was cool. Then we had Zone Conference! I'd imagine in the next week or so Sister Kohler will update the mission blog!!! We got our iPads!!! Some of the stuff on there is so cool!! Although I don't like it as things have changed in the last year and I can't find stuff that I used to know how to!!!

Sunday was a pretty cool day!! We began with GMK and Elder Huby made me lead it seen as I'll be doing it with a Golden next week!! Scared much! It went well! Then church was awesome! Elder Huby did a musical item with Schw. Ryser and George. It was beautiful and really invited the spirit!!! It was a really nice Sunday and we got a bag of cookies from the YW for Father's Day!!! Nice! Then Schw. Marty invited us over for dinner as we had no appointment, so that was super nice and the food was awesome as always. Then we ended the day with Weekly Planning/Area Handover and I made another Choc Fudge Cake for our appointment this evening, as they asked for one!!! 

I believe I have a few pictures to send this week, so I'll get them sorted!! I got my package on Saturday!!! Yay!!! The cards from the ward arrived on Thursday I think, although it seems that my birthday will be an interesting day!! Early start to take Elder Huby to Bahnhof to get the train to München, then I'll probably be with the ZL's all day until my Golden gets into Zürich at around 17.00, then we will be going straight to a dinner appointment, then home!! It's gonna be crazy!!!! 

Week 26

Säli zäme!

I know there's probably a million things you want to know first, but I'm gonna be mean and stick to traditional journal format. That is the way I record my own week after all. So Monday! P-day! It was a pretty chilled p-day! After emailing we headed to Oerlikon to meet the district to go out for lunch. Somehow Elder Huby had loads of MSF still and seen as it was his last Monday, he said he'd pay for all of our lunch, so we went to a Chinese  restaurant and it was soooo good!!!

District Picture

We got a district picture!  Then we came back to shop and print photos for Tschüss books. If you don't know what a Tschüss book is, just ask and I'll explain it! Then we came home, dropped off stuff, picked up the Choc Fudge Cake I made for our appointment and then headed there! This family is the one where the husband has a baptismal date, his wife is a member and they are the coolest family ever! I love them and they have a little girl called M and she is the funniest kid ever! We got a few photos with them!
Another Chocolate Fudge Cake...I'm so domesticated!

(So noch mal- see attachments). Although the camera was being stupid, so we took like a million and M got fed up, so towards the end when it was finally working she was bored and didn't want anymore, but it was an awesome day!

Tuesday began with my trainer's conference call! Basically, President Kohler just went through a load of things with us and how it's the most important responsibility in the mission, etc. So there were about 8 of us in the conference call. And only 3 goldens are coming in. 3 of us were training pure goldens straight from the MTC and the other like 5 were just doing the last 6 weeks of training. All 3 of the brand new Goldens are coming into Switzerland!! Then we had an awesome district meeting before heading to Walder Snrs for lunch! The food was
awesome, as always and they got me a little something for my birthday on Thursday! Sweet! Then with a nice full stomach we headed to Physio! The physio is going really good and my back is back to normal - I think! Only 2 more appointments to go and after this week I'm done with Physio! Wahey!

Then Wednesday rolls around! Crazy day! So we began the day by trying to personal touch a member who's not been to church for like the last 2 months or so, but it didn't work cause he doesn't have a post box! Stupid much! Then we headed to the Walders for lunch (this is the son and his family of the Walders from Tuesday) and we had a BBQ .. so much food! It was amazing and Schw. Walder makes one of the BEST cheesecakes ever! It is so  good! Then we went by M. He's from Ghana and he is sooo cool! Then after that we went to the Maurer's for dinner!
We were both so full still from lunch, but we trooped through and ate it all! My stomach was like the fullest it's ever been! I swear my stomach has shrunk a whole load since being out on a mission and my "hobo" package from Ash arrived - so tempted to open it!! Then we got home, did Tschüss books and then Elder Huby was packing until like 2am! Craziness!! I was dead!

Thursday!! Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! So the alarm went off at like 5.45 cause Elder Huby still needed to pack a few things before heading off to Zürich Hauptbahnhof! I was so dead, so with an extra half hour or so, I decided to open my presents and cards! I loved everything and the trousers are perfect! After Bahnhof
and sending Elder Huby off to München, I got to work with Elder Fischer for the day! I love that kid! He was a Golden in my last district when I was in Bonstetten! He was waiting for Elder Mateer to get in from Germany, as he has been working on the other side since he started like 7 transfers back! We came back, studied and went to the chapel, as Elder Fischer needed stuff for Deutsch Course in the evening and I got to watch my birthday videos, I loved them all! Thank you so much!

One last photo with Elder Huby

Working with Elder Fischer

Then we headed into Zürich to do some finding and then to Bahnhof to pick up my little boy!!! His name is Elder Palmer! His Mom is from Hungary and his Dad from the USA, so he's moved between the 2 countries a lot in his life! Currently they are living in Hungary though! He speaks some German, as he lived in Switzerland for a year
because of his dads work! So yeah! Then after picking him up, we headed straight to Familie Prohaska for Dinner! It was sweeet! Schw. Prohaska made me a birthday cake, with candles and everything .. it was so cool! So it was a pretty awesome birthday!!
With my Golden: Elder Palmer
Friday was a long as day! I kind of hate Fridays! Plus I was dead from the late night and early get up the day before, but friday was weekly planning day and we had to go through everything! It was fun, but kind of sucked seen as I'm taking over the area after only 5 weeks, but hey! Life is an adventure! Plus I had another Physio session on Friday! Then we went out finding and we found our first potential of the transfer!! She was sooooo cool! I was questioning whether to stop her or not, 'cause it seemed like she was on the phone, but I went for
it anyway and it ended up being the best conversation I've ever had in German on the street! She accepted the BOM and wanted one for her Mom in Portuguese! She is half Morrocan, half Brazilian and speaks perfect Deutsch! She has so much potential! She's going on holiday this week, which sucks, but we will see where that goes when she gets back!!

Then Saturday we taught F, which was actually a really good lesson! Then we came home and started the 12 week programme! Oh, how I've missed it  :P Then we went out dooring and had no luck! I have no idea where everyone was! We went to try a few potentials and they weren't home, so we doored the area and normally the area we were dooring is really good on Saturday afternoons, but nothing! Sucked! But hey! It was a fun day!

Then Sunday! I finally finished preparing the Priesthood lesson and went off to church! I think my talk went okay! I wrote everything down and then when I was up there, I rarely looked down at what I prepared and then when I got stuck at what to say, I looked down and didn't have a clue where to go from, so it was a little iffy, but people thanked me for it and said it was good! So I'll just believe them! Then Sunday school was a real good lesson and then my Priesthood lesson! I think it went well! I got everyone involved, so that must be a good sign.... right? Then we had lunch with Schw. Marty again! I love Sundays when we have appointments with her! Then home to finish
week one of the 12 week programme, which is a little different from when I did it as a golden! Now they have parts of it that link with learning the language, so that's interesting!

It sounds as though you had a pretty brilliant conference! I remember that Elder Charles and his wife came and did a devotional when I was in the MTC and it was brilliant!! It was such an amazing devotional!!

Anyway, I best get attaching those photos and sending this! I am so grateful that we are an eternal family! And am incredibly grateful for all you did to make my birthday special! This time next year this email will be my last email to you all as a missionary! It's gonna be difficult 'cause I love Switzerland so much! A piece of my heart will forever be in this wonderful land with these beautiful people! 

Just before I close though I have a commitment for you all! It's the same commitment I gave to the members yesterday in my talk- and that was to find that extra minute and a half each day to do something extra for someone else, to show one of God's children that they are loved! I promise you that as you do so, as promised in D&C 108- "The Lord will be with you to bless you and deliver you forever."

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

All my love,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx