Thursday, 23 July 2015

Ragusa / Cagliari 6/7/15 - 20/7/15 Lultima a Ragusa, il trekking a Cagliari, antizanzare morsi, perdersi e Capi Conferenza

Cagliari‏ Week 1:

Where can I start? ALLORA! I'm typing this up as I wait with my new greenie..... DRUMROLL........ SORELLA ROBERTS!!!!!! 
My "Golden" Sorella Roberts and Myself 
What are the odds?! I think it is so crazy how mom guessed my companion correctly!!! Haha  We're at the post office to sort out her permesso; her documents to legally stay here, which I have never done before, so it's an adventure hahah.

So, last Monday for P'Day (last one in Ragusa waaaa) we went to H&M and did a girly shop for the last time <\3 then we emailed some more. Then we had an appointment, but I don't remember who with 'cus I don't have my old planner with me, as now we are in a new transfer, so for that I'm sorry. I really don't remember anything that happened from Monday up until Wednesday/Thursday.. oH, but Vescovo and his family had us go over for a dinner - A sad .. cute goodbye dinner. I LOVE THE MANZINI FAM. Sorella Manzini reminds me a lot of my mom. They are such a lush family, with 2 very young children <3 <3 We had a TON of sea food. I ate mussels. Yeah. I did, but I put lemon juice on them and they were actually buoni! I'll attach a pic with that lush lil FAM. I packed as much as poss, but at this point I didn't know the limits on luggage, so I couldn't prepare much.
Saying my goodbyes in Ragusa 
Tuesday was the last DDM. All I remember is that I was sad to say goodbye to the district and that we had pranzo (a bittersweet goodbye pranzo) with one of the SWEETEST family. The Puglisi's. <3<3<3<3 Then we headed over to Salvo's shop to say goodbye. He has a new phone shop. I WILL MISS THAT MAN SO MUCH. He is awesome. ANYWAY. So yeah, we actually also shared with him a Mormon message (one of my faves) and bore our testimonies to him. It was sad to say goodbye, but it's part of the miss. I'll send a pic.
Saying my goodbyes in Ragusa 
Then we headed over to Rita, to do a lesson and to say goodbye. That too was so so so sad!!!! Again, I'll send picssss!
Saying my goodbyes in Ragusa 
Wednesday was crazyyyyyy. In the morning I finally found out the allowances. I could take both suitcases, but there was a limit. Not everything would have fit, so I decided to take one within the limit and stuff the other one with everything else. Then next zone conference in Catania, the AP's will take it. So it's all good! We headed to the chapel to say goodbye to Iolanda and Gabe. I printed off my boarding passes, then we headed off to Catania. 

Thursday I headed to the airport with Reber, de franchi, campos, and the ZL's. Well, before we went to the train station, we went and got smoothies .. then to the airport. I flew from Catania to Rome, then Rome to Cagliari. I met some really awesome people on the way; a boy from Milan called D. He helped me out in Rome, then I got to speak to him about why I am here, so that was cool; then a part American family. When I arrived in Cagliari, my suitcase didn't arrive with me hahaha. Luckily there was the other Anziano there with me (he also flew from Rome to serve in Cagliari), so he helped me sort it out, then we headed over to meet my GREENIE AND part of the districts. ANZ MCCOLLOUM IS MY DL. I am so happy. He is the one Ammon knows and we served in Pescara district insieme. He's awesomeeeeee, so I'm happy about that. He's also training. Anyway, then we went to the chapel for English course. Then the ANZ got a call from the airport informing us that my suitcase had finally arrived. THANK GOODNESS! So we went to pick it up (our ANZ have a car), then we went home, planned, slept.

Friday we did our weekly plan. I discovered how truly awesome my greenie is! She is so prepared. Much more prepared than I ever was! She's awesome! Her Italian is actually outstanding for a greenie! I'm very impressed. Her parents would be incredibly proud of her! We have taught a few lessons together and she has given outstanding input. I love teaching with her. Awww, she's the best!

Well, the work here is incredible. There are 14 investigators that the Sorelle were working with. 14!!!! Honestly, the most work I've seen in the mission, it's incredible! This must be Cagliari's time! We have got lost a few times, but we'll get there. Sorella Brunson left very neat notes about everything, so that was a great help! She's the best!

Well, Saturday we saw some more people. We saw B. She is incredible!!! She came to church yesterday too. Like 5 investigators came to church yesterday.

Yesterday church was awesome. They got me to play the piano, so that was nice. I love playing the piano here, cus then they love me haha. All 3 of us new missionaries in Cagliari bore our testimonies and Roberts did so well!!! Then we had correlation, then we did less active finding and got incredibly lost. So that was.. Interesting. This morning as I said, we sorted the 1st step of the permesso for her. It went very well.

Well, it's been crazy, overwhelming, but a huge adventure. I love it here. The work, as I said is incredible. The weather burns me hahahahah and the city is beautiful!!

I love you all. I love this work. I know that the only way that all of this stuff is possible and that it even works out is because the Lord's hand is 100% in his work. I love the mission. I love you.

I hope you have an amazing week!
You're the best of the best!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Week 2 Cagliari‏
Che vi posso dire? Allora iniziaró con lunedì 

Lunedì ... Well as I said, we started the day at the post office to sort out the 1st step of my verdinas permesso. It went well and there were no confusions haha. Then we went straight to do emailllll, which is my fave thing to do! It is literally the only thing I really care about on p-day. Hehe. Then we did spesa and the supermercato that we went to cost a bomba, so we will not be going there again!!! (If you ever find yourself in 'Spinga' re-evaluate your life) hahahahahahha ANYWAYsssss. After that, we did nothingggggggggg! Cus there was no more time and Sorella Roberts had a swollen foot, cus she got attacked by mozzies. Haha, but she is okay now. It passed by and she has a ton of health oils and vitamins and stuff, so I guess that helped. Also, I gave her some of the Benadryl gel that Perkins gave me in Rome. :))) After, we met Benedetta in the park for a lesson, then there was a FHE with the Anziani (Teichert & Cab... I still forget how to pronounce his name .. Next week I'll have it) for all the investigators (in the same park), which was awesomeeeeeee. All the investigators are just so young and they're all friends and it's just so fun; so we played a few games, shared a spiritual thought and then ate some refreshments! 

Martedì ... We began with CAPI conference. In the Skype pic I am... The middle top... Where it says 'Bronson Teichert'. 
Capi Conference Skype
It was awesome. I learnt many new things. They focused on obedience and planning, gossip and iPad rules. Really, they spoke about a ton of stuff. After the awesome Skype meeting... Fratello C made our district pranzooooo, which we all ate insieme at the chapel with the Oristano Anziani. He is awesome. I think he does that every week for us :) Then we had DDM. Anziano McColloum did an awesome addrestramento. All about 'Being the perfect missionary' or at least striving to be as perfect as possible.  Then we went to see Rina, our TROPPO cute old lady simp. I love that woman!!! Originally we had planned to speak with her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but she has a ton of questions about the Bible and Book of Mormon and then she pulled out the gospel principles book that we use in Sunday School and basically told us she wanted to study that, so we ended up studying chapter 1 .. Our Father in Heaven, so we spoke all about Heavenly Father. After that, we tried AGAIN to find An... A less active, who isn't actually less active anymore... I don't think. I really don't even know. I've seen her at church both times I've been here soooooo, boh, but we failed and couldn't find her house for BEANS!!! Man, this whole getting lost thing is getting so old now hahahahah. After that passeggiato (lol) we had to go to church for English course. Originally we had planned to do it separately (me doing intermediate and Roberts doing basic), but there weren't many people and they wanted to just do it together anyway, so that was cool. It went really well and then for the spiritual thought we showed them 'Grazie a Lui' (Because of Him). I really think that some of the students felt the spirit. Oh and a funny quote from Sorella Hanson.. Describing what she had for Christmas dinner in the mission “It was like an empty octopus head, stuffed with lasagna. It was so strange” hahhahahahahahahahaha I died. 

Mercoledì ... We left eeeeaaarly in the morning (the Anziani picked us up, cus they had to go to Sassari too to hold a baptismal interview), so we just went together. The scambio with the Sorelle was awesome! Sorella Hanson and McKenzie are so cute! I did the 1st half of the day with Hanson! I loved being with her. We were in the MTC together, but we never really spoke to one another, cus, well, I don't really know why, but the time I got to spend with her on Wednesday was awesome. We taught a lesson to a new convert, all about baptism and confirmation and she gave us a TON of referrals. Mainly her family and ex-boyfriend haha. She was the best!!! After that it was lunch .. and then lingua study, then I spent the other half of the day with Sorella McKenzie. She is another greenie. She came in with Roberts. We taught a lesson to two African men. It was so intense and interesting. They were both very very very well versed on the Bible and one of then, as we were talking about The Restoration and introducing The Book of Mormon, was trying to find biblical verses to contradict us and then asked awkward questions. We did our best to answer them and they seemed satisfied. The spirit was really there helping us out, that's for sure! Then after, we went to do finding!!! I was really impressed with how willing she was to try it out! She did so well!! Honestly, I feel like the missionaries come more and more prepared each time! After we went back to the chapel to get our suitcase! Then we ate pizza together, then slept.

Giovedì mattina we set off with the Anziani to go back to Cagliariiiiiii! It is just about a 2 hour drive, so we got to know each other a bit better. We are really lucky in this area, cus we really do have awesome Anziani! Anyways, we get home to see we received bioneeees, so we went to find this less active’s house.... Again. NO SUCCESS. We seriously could NOT FIND THIS FLIPPING HOUSE FOR BEANS OR EGGS OR ANYTHING. IMPOSSIBLE! anywaysssss haha.. Then we had English course :))))

Venerdì ... We began the day with an appointment with one of our simps, M. She is awesomeeeeeee. We planned on teaching her about prayer, the scriptures, obedience and baptism, but we ended up just doing prayer and obedience. It went really well. She came to church yesterday and then on the evening I called her to set up another appointment and to see if she enjoyed church and she was so excited and happy. She told me she loves the unity at church .. that she doesn't see anywhere else and that it is literally a heaven on earth. Those were her actual words .. but in Italian. So, that was soooooo amazinnng. Anyway, after the appointment with her, we returned home to do the weekly plannnn. My comp is awesome and gives so much input. You honestly wouldn't even believe she is a greenie. Ahhhhhhh! :):) Then after, we had an appointment with a part member family. We did a FHE with them all to get to know them better, then they made us dinner :) They are so lovely. I love them so much already :) Then for this next week we have set up separate appointments with each of them. We are so excited :)) After, we came home to do 12 weeks. 

Sabato ... That day was spent doing meno attivi finding. Searching for the houses of the less actives, who didn't answer our calls or texts. Nobody was in, but we got to know the area a bit better. OH, ALSO, WE FOUND THE IMPOSSIBLE HOUSE FINALLY TOO!! Wooooh!! Then we had an appointment with Benedetta, then one with Rina. We invited Rina to be baptised and she is adorableeeeee. She comes to church every Sunday and reads The Book of Mormon and asked for Doctrine and Covenants. She is just the cutestttttt!

Then we planned for gospel principles!

Sunday ... We went to Rina’s house to meet her, then got a lift with Fratello A (ward mission leader) to church. We got to church and the Relief Society lesson was all about marriage and the family. We shared our miracle moment. It is really cool cus they give us 2/5 mins at the beginning to share either a miracle moment or spiritual thought, so that's awesomeeeeee! Then we taught gospel principles allll about the Priesthood. Haha .. in Italian. My comp bossed it, obviously! Then I got to choose and play the hymns for sacrament meeting wooooo haha :))
Then we had to do 12 weeks, cus we were wayyyy behind, and Pres told me to keep up with it. Then we had correlation and made our calls. That was basically our day!

Today we are just planning on going to this gelato place called Peter Pan. We have heard that it's the best one here, so we'll try it out! :)) Then we'll write letters :) Then there will be a lesson with Benedetta, then FHE with the simps! :)

During personal studies this week I have been thinking about what I will do for my addrestramento that I will do for Zone Conference. I think I'm gonna focus on why we have goals; why President has raised the standards of excellence; how we can reach them; wants and desires (righteous and unrighteous ones) and link it all together somehow. I mean, I have time, but if anyone has suggestions on more practical activities I'm open! I just don't wanna 'talk at them' and I certainly don't want it to be boring, soooo suggestions would be awesome! This is for the whole Zone :Sss

Anyways! I'm in a park and it's super hot and clammy and there are nasty little pigeons everywhere and I'm freaking out a little bit, so I'm gonna leave it here!

I know that this gospel is true. That Christ is our Saviour and Redeemer. That God is our LOVING Heavenly Father. That the Book of Mormon is the worrrrrd of God. That this is the work of the Lord and I'm extremely blessed to be a part of sharing it.

You are all amazing. I love you so so so much.

Keep being amazing. 
Sorella Robertson xxxxxxxxxxx

Some pics. We were locked outside our apartment lolssss