Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ragusa 11/05/15 - 25/05/15 Festeggiare il mio compleanno, Missione Tag miracolo, trasferimento delle chiamate (soggiorno) e Conferenza a Palermo

Week one of the fortnight ...
Okay, so .. first I'll explain why this is later than usual!! Sooooo we did a ZONE PDAY FINALLY!!!! I had been hoping for one of these and FINALLY! :):) We went to a place called Taormine. GOOGLE IT .. or if you get jel easily... maybe you shouldn't!!!!! BUT REALLY IT IS SO LUSH AND PRETTY!!!!! :):) That's all! :P
But a really quick overview of my week...
Monday I don't even remember what we did in all honesty... but it was fun whatever we did! :)

Tuesday... DDM WAS AMAZING AS PER! Sorella Reber did the addresstramento and she did a FANTASTIC JOB!! She spoke about the missionaries in the Book of Mormon and what made them amazing and applied it to how we can use their attributes in our work. It was just really really good! She was so worried, but honestly, it was amazing!! :)

Wednesday :):):):):):):)<3<3<3<3<3 BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY so... I woke up to the smell of pancakes that my companion... Sorella Reber ha fatto!!!!! SO CUTE! She did some in the shape of '20' and the rest were normal and it was so so cute!!! Then I opened the gifts... WHICH I LOVED!!!!!! SHOUT OUT FOR MY SUPER AMAZING SISTER BETHANY, THANK YOU!!  I LOVE EVERYTHING; THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SOSOSOSO SO MUCH!!! :):) AMMON!!! THE RAGUSA CHOCOLATE IS ALL I'VE EATEN SO FAR AND IT WAS HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY .. I WISH WE COULD GET IT HERE!! BUT I LOVE EVERYTHING AND I REALLY FEEL SO SO LOVED AND SPOILT!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!! <3<3<3

After that...we got ready for an appointment (I made sure our day was FULL of them!!!) So we began with a less active lesson (a couple where the wife is active and her husband isn't). It went really well. They are the sweetest couple :)))) THEN...we went to see the Brazilian lady we met in her store to give her a Book of Mormon in Portugese.. and we got to explain it a bit more... then we went home for lunch and a really cute YSA girl called Iolanda came and gave me a foccacia (with a candle on). Oh, btw they are a really really good sicilian food, which I'm obsessed with.
Then we had 2 more appointments :) One was with Rita... the other was with another less active family.. We did a FHE and I ATE SO MUCH CAKE... They knew it was my birthday :):) Then THE ENGLISH COURSE STUDENTS SURPRISED ME WITH A PARTY!! hahaha MORE CAKE AND SINGING... AND SALVO SHOWED ME THE VIDEO!!! :):):):):):):) I LOVED IT SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! AND I GOT HIM TO SEND IT TO ME, SO I CAN WATCH IT WHENEVER I WANT!! Seriously, I can't even express well enough through an email the gratitude that I feel and for all that everyone did to make my birthday a special one :) Oh... then I got a text from the AP's and then Sorella Waddoups called me to wish me a happy birthday and passed me onto President, who sang to me and it was so funny and cute and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! :)
Birthday Surprise after English Class

The Birthday Cake :-)

Birthday Post from Ammon :-)

Thursday was a weird day, BUT we got a new simp!! :) .. saw a less active and did service at an old folk's home! :) All we really did was talk to them, but it was awesome!!!!!!!

Friday We went to Comiso to do weekly planning and then to have a lesson with Sorella Turtula :) 

Saturday we did finding using one of the ways Ammon gave me (the one where we cut up quotes and pics from the Ensign and get people to pick one out and see how it makes them feel...) It worked for some, but cus the only thing we had to put them in was a weird cup, I'm sure people thought we were begging for money .. awkward!  Then we had a FHE with Iolanda and Sorella Campo! :) I LOVE THEM!

Sunday we went to church... had dinner with the Magroggrassis! :) then headed to Catania!
TODAY WE DID A P'DAY IN TAORMINA, which I already explained!!! .. as a zone!!! First zone P'day I've ever done and it was awesome! BUT I'm so so tired now!! hahaha!
Well, OH, also I ate WATERMELON GELATO!!! IT IS SO SO GOOD!!!! AHHHHH! :):) <3 
Well, the rest I will explain in pictures!!
I love you all and I am so so sorry this is so disorganised and rushed! BUT I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU AND I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU ALL!!!!!

Week two of the fortnight ...
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Well, nothing very out of the ordinary happened this week, sooooo I'll just go for the diary style email again! :)
Monday.. I already explained. I don't remember sending pics, so I'll attach some on. TAORMINA IS LUSH AS HECK!

Zone P-Day at Taormina

Zone P-Day at Taormina - it's beauts

Zone P-Day at Taormina with the Sorelle

Zone P-Day at Taormina - Lush!

Zone P-Day at Taormina

Zone P-Day at Taormina

Tuesday.. OUR LAST DDM AS A DISTRICT!!! :(:( SO SAD! .. because Anziano Smith dies! His 2 years are up and he goes home tomorrow! It is really sad. We all had an amazing friendship this transfer as a district and we really couldn't have had a better district leader! He was the best (SHOUTOUT TO ANZIANO SMITH). Seriously though, he taught us a LOT and he was just such a stellar example in every way! We took our last district picture. He told us about what he loves about each of us and then bore his testimony on his love for the Saviour. It was just so awesome! Then we did transfer predictions! Then I made scones for everyone with strawberry jam and cream and they LOVED them hehe. Then Anziano Brandon made us all lunch!! :) Thennnnn we went to the hospital cus Sorella Reber thought she did something to her foot (again), but thank goodness she was okay!!! :) Then by the time we were done there (we were there for everrr), we got to the chapel just in time for English course, which was awesome... but not many people showed up.
Wednesday.. The Siracusa Sorelle came for a scambioooooo! I was with Sorella Puzey. I LOVE THAT GIRL. I really hope to serve with her one day!! We did a FHE with the Moore family! It went really well! The kids are crazy, but they're so fun!! haha. Then we went to see Mima and we did the Plan of Salvation with her. She LOVED it and told us she wants us to come next time when her son is there! So that will be AWESOMEEE! :) OH .. ALSO, TODAY I SAW A MIRACLE! So me and Sorella Puzey were running for the bus and then later during the day I realise I'm going all tagless! So I freak out. MY ORIGINAL TAG IS GONE. GONE. :( So we go on a hunt. IT IS NOWHERE. We go look at home cus the chances I forgot it were high. It wasn't there. We trace all of our tracks with no success. Then I turn around (this was a literal mormon movie scene) and it is placed perfectly up upon the metal railing that goes parallell to the road... glimmering in the sun. (oh ps I prayed various times before I found it) ?. so .. moral of the story. PRAY. I'm not kidding, I don't think there has ever been a time where I've never found something that I've lost after praying. HE PROVIDES! IT'S REAL.
oh, also on this day .. a lady let us get on the bus and she took us exactly where we needed to go (not the bus route) and she was just really nice... even though the bus was 'out of order' NEVER BELIEVE THOSE SIGNS. They're all lies!!!
Thursday .. We did service at the oldies home. It was awesome!! I spoke to 2 old ladies and they were just stunned as to why I am here and what I am doing. They were actually really really supportive and it was just awesome to have a conversation with them. I'm getting good at italian convo now hahaha. Not perfect.. but I'm getting there! :) This service really helps too :) Then we saw Rita. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I've sat in since being here. She just completely opened up to us and we were able to teach 100% by the spirit. We had planned a lesson, but nothing that we planned was even mentioned, cus that wasn't what she needed. The lesson was 100% without doubt lead by the Spirit .. and it was awesome! :)Then we met with Gabe (Salvo's bro) and read the book of Mormon with him. :) Gabe is awesome!
Friday we did weekly planning.... saw Gideon, Faith and Divine. Divine is as gorgeous as ever! And then did a FHE with Sorella Angelini, Gaudia and her brother Sebastiano.
Saturday.... TRANSFER CALLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. We remain together for 6 more weeks :) The Gela Anziani are BLOWN OUT!!! SO sad, cus they're AWESOME! .. but we are getting Anziano Bellows (he is 1 transfer older than me) and he will be the district leader and he will be training. He must be good for President to trust him with all that responsibility. We are still kinda sad, cus Anziano Smith can't be replaced hahaha .. but I'm sure Anziano Bellows will be awesome too!! Then Anziano Brandon is getting Anziano Martin... who came in with him (they are going into their 4th transfer), so it will be a really interesting transfer, but me and Sorella Reber are really happy to be staying together for one more. I reckon I'll be out after this, but really honestly, I am so glad to be FINALLY staying in a place for longer that 2 transfers!!! I will have spent 6 months (1/3 of my mission) here in Ragusa!! I'm so blessed. I love this place and these people incredibly amounts! :) Other than transfer calls.... nothing much else happened. A day full of cancellations... :( ANYWAYS!
Sunday... IT WAS AN EARLY ONE! We left the house at 5:55AM to be at the chapel for 6.00am for the 5 hour bus ride to Palermo for Stake conference! It was an awesome ride! There was a group of African members from Nigeria on the bus and they were teaching me 'pigeon English'. Not sure that's a real thing, but apparently it is.. it's kinda like a dialect I think.. so that was cool haha.
On the Bus to Palermo for Stake Conference

Sorella Reber and myself going to Stake Conference

The conference was awesome! :) Sorella Campo looked after us with the food :) .. and I saw all the Sicily missionaries :)
Wellllll .. it's time for the Anziani to email home now!
BACI E ABBRACCI!!! MWAH MWAH xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sorella Robertson

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Bonstetten 4 May 2015 - 18 May 2015 Mountains, Zone Training, Flower Gardens & Transfers News

Week one of the fortnight ...
Distrikt Versammlung, Pfahlkonferenz und Skype!!!!!!!

Montag- What a beautiful day! Emailing my amazing family and sorting out our skype session for yesterday! Then we headed to Schwamendingen for Zone P-day, which sucked!!!!! So bad! They did football and as I'm banned from playing sports wegen meine Rücke, I had to just sit and watch for like 3 hours, but that was basically Montag! Oh and it was Star Wars Day! I forgot to wish you a Happy Star Wars Day, so have a belated one!!!!
Zone P-Day Sports

Dienstag we had Distrikt Versammlung!!! I asked an RM in our ward to come and help me with my assignment and they loved the sandwich analogy my dad gave me! Then we had a tausch! I went to Richterswil with Elder Byrom! I love Byrom!!! We had a lesson with a guy. It was English, which was cool and it went really well! Then we went to do a few vorbeis and set up a few appointments for this coming week, so that was a success .. and we had a super strange storm! Richterswil is like on a giant hill and we walking home and you get this beautiful view of the Zürisee and like there was just a massive wall of rain just coming up the sea towards us... but the weird thing was that the rain wall was ridiculously bright! So strange and then back home for dinner, sprach studium and bed!!!
Mittwoch! I always love Mittwoch- cause it's the middle of the week!!!!! We worked so hard this day! It was awesome! Then we tausched back in the evening, but I loved that tausch!!! Byrom's just the best!!! Love him!!
Donnerstag was an interesting one! We went to Personal Touch 2 members in the ward, but one we couldn't do, as P-touches are a surprise and the kids saw us before we even got to the top of the drive! Sucks!! Then we had an appointment with our Mongolian friend! Using a translation app, as his kids weren't there to translate for us! (I know I'm super awesome- but I can't speak Mongolian)! Then we met Jeffrey at Bahnhof and got something to eat with him! It was a cool evening!!! I love Jeffrey!!!
Freitag, now this week not much actually happened. We had a long weekly planning session and then used our super ninja skills to personal touch the member we tried yesterday and we succeeded!!! Wahey! Oh and I finally got my X-ray appointment for this coming Tuesday!!!
Samstag! It's the Sonntag tomorrow and that means SKYPE!!!!!! I was so unbelievably excited this day, but we went to see a Less Active who lives forever away and he wasn't even home for when we set up an appointment for!!!! Then to Winterthur for Pfahlkonferenz!!! It was great! We had an area seventy there and it was so good! It was a real spiritual meeting!
Then Sonntag! This day was the day of the week! Pfahlkonferenz in Weinfelden, so a crazy early start to get there, but it was great!!! I love being with missionaries! President Kohler came with the whole Family!!! I LOVE the Kohlers!!!! They legit are a family from the family!!!! They're THE BEST and their kids are amazing!!!! Love 'em!!! Then a long treck home! Lunch and to the office to Skype my beautiful family!!!!! I loved it!!!! I am soooooo, soooo glad it worked! I missed Ash last time, so it was awesome doing it all together!!!! I love them all masses!!!!!
Skyping Home and I got to see everyone :-)

Transfer calls are on Saturday!!!! Anxious much! I'm pretty sure I'll be moving, but where .. is the big question!!!! So I'll keep you posted as and when I can!!! I'll also keep you posted on the back details! I'm hoping it's nothing, but we shall see tomorrow!

Week two of the fortnight ...
We'll start off normal style and I will explain at the end, as to why today's email is so darn late.... Sorry in advance!
Monday- So Monday we had District P-day and as I said on Skype and maybe even in my email last week, we were going to Chur to go up a mountain and have a BBQ!! It was amazing! It was sooo sunny and we had soo much food! .. and we played a few games! I learnt how to play Poker as well.... don't worry, no money! We did it with rocks! haha! 'Twas interesting, but we legit have the best district! I love it and will miss it like crazy when I move this Thursday!  

Up in the Mountains for a Barbeque

Tuesday was a nice early start again .. just as the last few days to get to the other side of Zürich for my appointment! It was a proper nice private clinic and I spoke to the Doctor auf Deutsch for most of it, apart form a few parts, which was in medical German terms, as I had no clue about that! (I just don't use medical german terms in my every day communication), but nothing is broken! Wahey! .. but he did say, that the discs in your spine have slits in them naturally and one of the slits is a little wider than normal in mine, so that is what is probably causing the pain, but he said it shouldn't be too much of a problem! I got a script for Physio to help strengthen the back .. to help it get better quicker and to prevent further injury, so I'll start that soon! Then we had Zone Training! It was sooooo good! The Spirit was amazing! You know that we have the Book of Mormon read as a mission .. as part of Zone Training we have time where we discuss what we've learnt recently from our reading and it was such a powerful time as we talked about it! The Book of Mormon is soo true! That may have been the highlight of my week! Although another highlight may come up from Saturday! Then we had Gemeinderat, so it was a pretty packed out day, but Gemeinderat was brilliant!
Wednesday- we taught the Brown family again!!! I love the Browns and I will miss them sooo much! I've probably grown the closest to their family! They are the best! Then Elder Paulsen and our joint teach played a game with the kids, while I taught Samantha (the daughter who just got back from her mission like 3 weeks back) - German! It was actually really fun! Then in the evening we met with Jeffrey! I love Jeffrey too! He is also my fave! He is legit one person that I've definitely built a great connection with! He's like a brother to me! Gonna miss him like crazy!
Thursday! We went to the ward activity! It was basically a picnic in the flower garden! The place is called Seleger Moor! I believe it is a garden on/around a swamp, therefore flowers that don't normally grow in Switzerland - can grow there! It was quite pretty and hanging out with the ward was great! I really will miss Bonstetten! Then in the evening we had an appointment with a less active! She is super cool and it was actually a really good lesson. The spirit was there and she came to church this last Sunday! 

Selegar Moor Flower Garden

Friday we had a couple of lessons which were really good again! We did a personal touch for another one of my favorite families in the ward! I just love Bonstetten! Then we had Bible Prophecies in the evening! Mine ended up being Judges 2:1-3 let me know what you make of it!!! 
Saturday was Transfer calls! I must admit, I really wasn't expecting it! Off to Dielsdorf with Elder Huby! I know Elder Huby already and he's cool and a real good missionary, so I'm also looking forward to it! Then we met up with Jeffrey again, as he left to go to Amsterdam yesterday, so we met to say goodbye! It was a sad moment! Then we went off to Gemeindesport. Of course I didn't play, so I spent the time wisely and tried calling through a load of formers and potentials on our contact list! It was sooooo cool! I managed to set up 2 appointments and then another woman was like I'm not done with the Book of Mormon yet. I don't want to meet until I'm finished, but if you call in 2 weeks time I should be done then .. I'm in Ether! So that was pretty cool! Then another guy was like call me on Wednesday in the evening. I will get my work schedule on Wednesday, so call me then and I'll let you know when we can meet! ?... and he was sooo legit! He was like 'oh man, it is so cool to hear from missionaries again, it's been too long!' So that was highlight 2 of the week! Former finding is awesome!!!!
Sunday- it was hard, so hard! I hate having to leave a ward! I love Bonstetten crazy amounts! It's been the ward I've spent the longest in so far and I just love it here! So I had to say Tschüss in Sacrament meeting and bear my testimony! It is definitely the most difficult thing to do in missionary work! Then we had a special day for the sisters in the ward to celebrate Mother's Day, so we had a Schwestern Brunch! Basically, all of the sisters had a special lesson, while all of the brethren prepared food! Then they came up and we served them and it was awesome!! Then, the rest of the ward joined in and it was so good being able to just spend time with them on my last Sunday here! Then, in the evening, I made Rocky Road- finally!
Now for today's adventures! We were invited by the Aarau district to join them for P-day, as it worked out cheaper if it's a group of 10! Their district is 6, so we went and so did Richterswil. We went up Pilatus! It's a mountain near Luzern! We basically got up super early to get to Luzern and then we hiked up the mountain up where you need to be a pro to climb it, so we took the cable car up the rest of the way, had lunch at the top and chilled together! Then got the cable car down to the same place and hiked back down. It took us about 3-4 hours to get up that thing! It was CRAZY! My feet feel so dead and I am major sun burnt, so I need to get moisturising it! It will soon be beautiful and brown!!! Again, Elder Byrom has loads of great pictures, so I will rob them at some point! I have a few on my camera, which I'll get sent! 

Going up the mountain in a Cable car
The back is still sore! Some days I don't feel it, some days it's pretty sore! Today, it just feels dead, but that's probably cause I'm in pain with sunburn right now! haha! 
I love you all soooo, sooo, sooo much!!!! Have a brilliant week!
All my love,
Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Ragusa 30/4/15 - 11/5/15 Snakes Alive & Whoa, we're half way there!!

Week 1 of the fortnight
Okay so sadly I really don't have a lot to say, since the last email I wrote was only 4 days ago, so I will try my best to think of something, but these past couple days (secondo me) have been pretty uneventful..

Well, after emailing on Thursday, Sorella Reber, the Anziani and I went to explore the Caves of Ibla! (IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL and so SO hot, but we had so much fun! Then in the evening we went to see Sorella Angelini! We are still waiting on a response regarding someone bringing the Sacrament to her! Hopefully that will work out. She is so sweet, but so so old and frail, so it’s basically impossible for her to come to church! 
P-Day ~ Cave Exploring

P-Day ~ Cave Exploring

P-Day ~ Cave Exploring

Friday... We saw Rosemary, Rita and the Puglisis (FOR PRANZO) oh yeahhhhhhh! So.. we did weekly planning! It went rather well :) Then we went over to the Puglisi’s for pranzo and to do a spiritual thought (obv) and they are just the sweetest couple ever!!! They defs have a place in my heart!!! <3333 Then after that we went straight to Rosemary’s! We did a BOMB lesson. Then we went to see Rita!!!! I LOVE THAT WOMAN! So we read chapter 7 (I think).. or maybe 6 of Moroni and then we spoke about church again and she told us she really, really, really, really, wants to come, so I promised her we would get her a ride!! Then she told us it was Destiny’s (her son) birthday tomorrow (Saturday) and I asked what they were doing for it and she said nothing, cus it’s difficult at the minute with the Dad being ill etc SO! (that info is crucial for later) THEN we did some finding! :)
Saturday... We began by MAKING CAKE!!!! .. because May is the month of the party! It was Destiny and Iolanda’s birthday (Destiny - Sat and Iolanda Sun) SO! We got baking for them! We went to Rita’s to drop the cake and some of the balloons from the package that was sent to me from home :) and he LOVED IT!! He was so excited to see the balloons and to play with them (he turned 6) and he loved the cake too :) Rita was so grateful! I LOVE THEM AHH! Then we did follow up finding, but they were both ill :( Lots of people seem ill... actually talking about that! It could be allergies! My hayfever has been playing up big time! I should probs go to the pharmacy to get something for it! Then we had Correlation and the Anziani’s simp came and gave me some MORE music!! hahaha .. he printed it off for me and wanted me to play ha! It was Nuvole Bianche (one of Ludovico’s... my fave!) 
Sunday... Churchhhhh! I spent the morning calling around to try and get a lift for Rita! Last minute I know, but I was waiting the night before to hear back from somebody and didn’t hear back til the morning! Now if the missionaries at home ever ask for something last min .. I will never complain!!! The members here are amazing! I was super stressed trying to sort it cus I really, really, wanted Rita to be at church! Then Iolanda and Sorella Campo agreed to take her! :) Then Gabe (the Anziani’s simp) took her home! RITA WAS AT CHURCH FOR ALL 3 MEETINGS!!!! The members were so, SO, happy to see her!!! and she loved it! Destiny loved primary too!!! .. And we sat with them in Sacrament meeting! IT WAS SUCH A BLESSING THAT IT ALL WORKED OUT SO WELL AND THAT THE MEMBERS WERE SO WILLING AND READY TO HELP!!! :):) THEN! We had pranzo at la famiglia Cascone! (the amazing family that introduced me to sweet ricotta ravioli!!!!!) That was a lush pranzo!!! THEN! We did Family History finding! Then had an appointment with Sorella Rollo (Sorella Cascone’s mom) and after that..  SHE FED US TOO!!!! WE WERE SO FULL, but Sorella Rollo is LITERALLY the CUTEST old lady you will EVER meet!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3 AHHH RAGUSA!!!!!!! a PIECE OF MY HEART WILL BE LEFT HERE FOR SURE AND I will have to return one day after my Mission! THE MEMBERS ARE SIMPLY amazing!
Well I guess these last 4 days weren’t uneventful after all!!!
I can’t believe that today I celebrate my half way mark! It’s difficult to imagine life without having had this opportunity!!! The mission is the best!!! 
Week 2 of the Fortnight
First…..I LOVED SKYPING YESTERDAY! ANYWAYS! I just loved it and it was amazing. I loved seeing my family and it was so cool that we could all Skype together (including Ammon). I’ve watched the video I took from the Skype call of my family singing Happy Birthday to me like 300 times already :):)
SO! My week...
Monday – So, for P-Day we had a retail therapy day! BUT also, a miracle happened..... this started today built over the course of the week… but to save confusion I'll explain it all here...
ANYWAYS! So on P’day we went to the mall to go shoppingggggggg (it was a really successful trip, because not only did I get a really, really, really, cute dress and 2 cute skirts and a watch..... BUT) ... when we finished shopping, we were waiting for the bus back... the bus was late and I was really worried that we had missed it... we were waiting for over an hour and I felt awful, cus by this time P’day was over and I just felt stranded and slightly responsible.. so, to use our time as wisely as poss, we made some calls to set up some appointments since we didn’t get to do this on Sunday.... then we did 'bus stop finding' (well!!!! there was no one there, but we tried :S ) anyways, time goes byyyyyyyyy and this lady comes and sits next to us and we just naturally start speaking to her in Italian... then she tells us she is from Romania and she prefers to speak in English (OF COURSE I DIDN’T MIND THAT! Haha!) So, we talk and then we talk on the bus and she tells us she is Orthodox, that her children are in Romania and she is here with her husband working to get money for the kids. She was just incredible and she talks about religion with such passion. Anyways, after an awesome conversation for about 40 mins, we exchange numbers and she said it was a pleasure to meet us etc and we just feel incredible about her, on cloud 9 tbh! SO! During the week we call her to set up an appointment to give her the BOM in Romanian! So she accepts and we met yesterday (after skype .. WHICH WAS INCREDIBLE!)..  so we could explain the book to her! SO! We met with her and she is just SO open it’s unreal! She tells us she will read it every night and how the words in Romanian touch her so, so, deeply and she was reading through it giving examples and she was just so excited and told us that it’s the first religious book she has ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She never even had a bible, cus she couldn’t afford it!!! Anyways she said she wants to share it with her children too and she even mentioned changing religions depending on how she feels about this book! Then she asked us to teach her how to pray and if she could come to church! CRISTINA IS INCREDIBLE and I feel so, so, good about her! I never felt this good about any potential ever!!!! So my hopes are rocket high!
So that was the best thing about Monday... and other things I wrote down that I really liked were.. Red Velvet Oreos <3 Chips Ahoy <3 and that was it hahahaha; so as you can see it was a great, great day! :)
Tuesday- DDM WAS GREAAAAAAAAAAT! This district is the bomb. They’re all incredible! Obv I still miss the Pescara district (original version ha), but this district are just as amazing!!! DDM went on for so, so, so long, but we all really did have a spiritual feast! The role play was done by Anziano Kelly and really it was like a whole new addestramento haha, but it was amazing and the spiritual thought was done by Anziano Jorgenson and that also was like another whole addrestramento! Hahaha then I did the Italian tip, but I didn’t really have a tip, so I gave them a few Italian phrases and my fave one goes as follows: “Avere un diavolo per capello” (meaning to be very angry, but translated directly, it means 'to have a devil on each strand of hair’).  I’ve been using it all week. Hahahahah! Then Anziano Smith did the addestramento, which as per usual was incredible! Then I made the district some custard and we had it with bananas and lemon slices that were sent from home and they loved it (I think) haha! Then we rushed to see Rita... who cancelled on us :( pero vabbeh! Then we went to see Sorella Ragusa! :) Then after we went to see Gabe (salvo’s brother) to help him with his English practise for a test he took on Saturday :) Then English courseeeee!!!!
Wednesday - SCAMBIOOOOO IN SIRACUSAAAAA! I got to meet the Corso family (their son is serving in the Birmingham Mission). They are incredible! They are so, so sweet and I ate really well at their house! It was way hot in Siracusa! Hotter than here in Ragusa!!! There’s like, no shade there! I love Siracusa though .. I could happily serve there! :)
Thursday - we travelled hoooooooooooooooooome :)); met a really cool girl on the bus who lives in Modica (which is part of our area! :) and exchanged numbers :) We had a really good gospel conversation with her :) then when we got home, we saw Sorella Criscione, then Gabe again .. just before English course!! Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, English course. Some quotes I wrote down from English corso are 'We Italians, we are like mute without the gesture' (Salvo) 'Men do things faster. Women do things better.... no' (Gabe) I <3 them! Then after corso, we went outside and there was a SNAKE!!!!!! haha! crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
A Snake outside the Chapel after English Class
Friday - We went to Comiso! :) To do less active finding! We had an appointment with the Minardo fam, but they cancelled us, so we did weekly planning instead.... outside a Catholic church (of course) and a bird pooped on Sorella Reber’s preach my gospel... (on a page we use at least once every week) hahahaha! Then we went and saw Sorella Guastella and left a note for Sorella Turtula! :) Then we went back to Ragusa to see the Puglisi’s and Sorella Angelini! :) OH and Gaudia was there too :) and we set an appointment for an FHE on WEDNESDAY!!! (for my b’day) hehehe woo! :) So, Friday was an awesome day! :) A quote from Sorella Puglisi, referring to her hubby 'Noi abbiamolo Spirito Santo, ma lui ha lo Spirito di patate'  SO FUNNYYY I love them, they’re hilarious!! You HAVE to meet them!
Saturday - we saw Mima (our neighbour). We wanted to show the Restoration DVD, but she doesn’t have a DVD player... so we'll figure something out for next time! So we shared the scripture in Alma about Faith :) She loved it and so did her son! Then we saw Rosemary! That went well.. Then we did findinggggggggggg!!!! As we were doing finding we went into an 'all over the world' kinda shop where they sell Asian food and African food and… custard (out of all the things in the world haha), so that was cool and as we were there we saw Mose!! He said he wanted to start seeing us again! :) Then the lady that works there is from Brasil! She told us she would love a Book of Mormon in Portuguese, so we will get that to her! She seemed genuinely interested! :)
Sunday!!!! Churchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Pranzo with the Chine’ssss!!!!!!!! :) <3 and SKYPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! <3 <3 <3 say no more (oh and the lesson with Cristina, which I already explained :) Then we saw a crazy lady and she was telling us all about how Michael Jackson “ha spagliato” because he changed colours hahah it was a really weird convo, but whatever! 
Sorella Reber and I about to Skype home to our Families
Well well well that .. was my fortnight!!!! I hope you loved reading all about it!
I know the gospel is true.
I love this gospel.
I love this opportunity that I have to meet these incredible people with incredible spirits!
I love ITALY!
Heavenly Father really loves us!
Keep being good! Keep laughing, praying and smiling! 

All my love,

Sorella Robertson

Monday, 4 May 2015

Bonstetten 20/4/15 - 3/5/15 - Alle Missionskonferenz, ersten DM der Übertragung und es ist fast über & JAE Singles Ward

Week 1:
Legit I don't actually know where to start with this week! It has been such a week it's unbelievable!!! Last Monday we legit just chilled at the chapel again with Richterswil! It was a fun day and my FHE lesson went pretty well, I think! Nice and sweet and one of the members brought with them some Italian thing.  It's like a cake that’s got fruits and nuts in it, but it is like really light.  Apparently his Mother bought it and got it imported from Italy for him and it cost her a bomb!!!! It did taste absolutely amazing!!!!! 

Tuesday was an awesome missionary day!!!! We started the day by meeting the Dielsdorf Elders in Zürich Hauptbahnhof to give them a couple of copies of the French Book of Mormon. Then we did a few vorbeis, which weren't actually where these people lived, but it happens! Then we went to Family Brown’s for Lunch! It was awesome and we played 'Who Said... Book of Mormon', which I bought last week at the temple to play with families with young kids! It was pretty cool and then we chilled and got to know the family a little better!!! Then from theirs, we went to Altstetten to meet with Jeffrey and we had a super awesomely spiritual lesson with him! It was beautiful how strong the spirit was!!! Then we had splits and both of us had an appointment with investigators, so two member present lessons and one was a new investigator! Awesome!!! It was such a brilliant day!!!

Wednesday, not too much happened! Crazy how the days change, but we did a language assessment as our mission is being used by the missionary department to test the learning and growth of missionaries in their mission languages to see how they can improve training before the MTC, during the MTC and within the mission field, so we do that individually just on the computer answering questions and responding to typical missionary situations in German!!! It's fun!! Then we had a lesson and that was that, really!

Thursday was a full on morning! I hate these types of mornings, but we did 3 hours studies, then lunch, then 3 hours weekly planning! Then we had a lesson with a French lady, who the Dielsdorf Elders found, but lives in our area; so we had them as our joint teach.  Elder Huby can translate to French for us!!! It was a pretty cool lesson and she was such a gold mine!!! Legit, she was like... next time I'll bring my cousin to our lesson and is your church over in Africa, cause I'd like missionaries like you to go and teach my son!!!!! It was awesome!!!! Then we had another lesson in the evening with Familie Baumann!   I'm sure I've spoken about them before! They are the friends of a family in the Ward, who we are just practicing teaching with.

Friday was one crazy day, so we did studies, lunch and then headed to Zürich HB to take train connections to München Hbf!!!! We did a train to Lindau Hbf, then a RegioBahn to Buchloe (which went all the way through the Kaufbeuren area, like so many little dorfs that we worked in when I was there it was awesome).  Then another RegioBahn from Buchloe to München Hbf! It took forever, but it was a super fun train ride, although it was packed with missionaries, as all of the Swiss missionaries were on the same trains!!!!! Then we all met in München Hbf, as everyone was coming in! The whole mission was meeting on Friday night, except for the München Zone! It would really suck to be in the München zone, knowing the whole mission were together but you!!! But it was awesome and we caught up with loads of people and had pictures! Hence one of them that sent with the last email was just a small portion of our MTC group, who we haven't seen in ages!!! So cool!! Then we went to grab dinner - so many unorganised tausches happen when you're in big groups of missionaries! So Elder Paulsen was with some of the other Elders, as I was talking to Elder Dewey and everyone was heading out to get dinner, so I just went in a dritt with the AP’s for the evening!! Not too bad, especially since I got to ride in the car to the chapel instead of walking it!!!! Mwahaha!! So we all met at the chapel, not too far from Bahnhof and met with President and Sister Kohler! I love the Kohlers, they are legit the Best!!! So we had a pretty cool evening, just organising everything for the next day! Then to the hostel and we barely got any sleep, but it was an awesome evening!!!

Saturday!!! Oh man!!! So, we left the hostel at like 7.50 to get to the München Stake Centre! With just a bit of crazy travel and absolutely packing out buses, we made it! It was so cool seeing everyone!!! Soooo many Missionaries!! We have like about 280 missionaries I think!!!!! It's crazy!!! Then the Conference!!!! It was, oh man! It's indescribable how amazing it was! The spirit was the most intense spirit I have ever felt!!! It was so, just, indescribably, brilliantly, beautifully, amazing!!!!! The words just aren't even available to describe the atmosphere of that Conference! It was such a confirming witness to me that this work is true, it is the Lord’s work!!

This church is true! I don't just believe it, I know it! It is true and I know that with every fibre of my being! There is no doubt within me that this church is led by a living Prophet, Seer and Revelator and that the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are also men called and chosen to be Special Witnesses of Christ, as Prophets, Seers and Revelators! It is so true! Just hearing Elder Bednar speak - you just know! There was no doubt about it! It was an amazing Conference! It was really a discussion atmosphere! He asked questions that prompted spiritual revelation for us to share with him. The room was just full of the spirit! Then before lunch we had a ‘Question and Answer’ session and it was amazing!  He answered every question so perfectly; there was just no doubt about it! It was weird cause the whole Conference was, but wasn't about iPads; it was a focus of how we can better ourselves as missionaries, how we can use all of the tools that we have to further the work of salvation! It was amazing! One thing he said that really helped me see choices in a different light was something along the lines of "There is no such thing as agency anymore. We used our agency when we entered the waters of baptism; when we passed through the veil of the holy temple; as we made those sacred covenants - from that time forth it became just 'covenant breaking'!" How true is that!!!!! It made me realise how true it really is! I've reflected on that statement again and again! We really did use up our agency at that time, when we made those sacred covenants; when we promised to keep the commandments and take upon us the name of Christ! Now it really is just doing what we chose we should do, or breaking our covenants! I think that statement is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life! It is truth! 

Then we ended the day with a crazy trip back to München Hbf to get the bus back to Zürich HB! We got back pretty late! Then Sunday was church! We did a beautiful musical item as the Ward Choir for Sacrament meeting! It was 'Be still my Soul', which actually isn't in the German hymn book, but we got a translation of it and it was so cool - and we had an investigator at church! Wahey!!! Then a dinner appointment, which was amazing food!!! Then we called up a former investigator to see if we could meet with him and he was like ‘Yeah, sure! Meet me at this place!’ So we went and met with him and he had a friend with him, who was awesome and so prepared to hear the gospel, so we had an awesome lesson and our numbers were like the best they have ever been and we were only in our area working for like 3 and a half days in total!!! It's amazing!!! Miracles really happen!!!! 
MTC Group Reunion

At the All Mission Conference

Making our way to the Munich Chapel for Conference

Missionaries from Zurich Zones

I got my package from home at the Conference, which was a devil to get back to Zürich, but hey, now I get to enjoy its contents! I'm actually wearing my Griffindor tie right now! haha!!! The plan was that we would get iPads at the Conference, but there seems to have been a bit of a delay, so they should be here within the next 2 weeks or so! The cases have arrived at the office already, so we are definitely getting them!!!

Well, that is about it for this week!!! Have a brilliant week! I love you all a tonne!!!!

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxx

Week 2:
So Montag, P-day! Not too much actually happened. It was pretty chilled, which was nice!!! So we did emails and then went to take a boat trip on the Zürisee! We did it with the Richterswil, Wetzikon and Ebnat Elders and the Winterthur Sisters! We just chilled on the boat for a few hours, playing games, chilling, chatting! It was perfect really, cause we aren't allowed to go to other zones to hang out on P-day, but the Zürisee is shared between our zone and the St Gallen zone, so we just did that!!! It was a fun day! Then back to the chapel for FHE!!! 

Dienstag- Oh Mensch!!!! So District Meeting was in Chur- and it was our first actual district meeting this transfer, crazy much! We've just been crazy busy with Zone Training, Interviews and the Mission Conference with Elder Bednar!! So we finally had our first DM of this transfer!! So it was in Chur and as I've said, Chur takes FOREVER to get to! So our root is the S9 to Zug, then the InterCity to Thalwil and then the RegioExpress to Chur! It's the quickest way we have from where we live to get there at the time we need! So we get to Zug fine, then our InterCity has like a 15 minute delay, which means we'd miss the RE, so clever me decides we'll take the S24 to Thalwil, which would get us there in time for the RE, but NO! The S24 driver then decided to do a Network WM (West Midlands) bus driver speciality and takes his KitKat break!!!! So that was 5 minutes late; meaning, just as we pulled into Thalwil, the RE was just pulling off, which really sucked!!! That is like the first time that Swiss Trains have let me down! I legit felt like I was back in Germany, but cause I'm such an awesome, clever guy, I worked out that it may be quicker to take an S-bahn to Ziegelbrücke then from Ziegelbrücke, another to Sargans, then we can catch an InterCity from Sargans to Chur .. and my master plan worked out perfectly!!! And we got to Chur only an hour late, but hey .. it's better than the hour and a half it would have been if we'd have waited for the next Regio. Stupid trains, but District Meeting was so much fun!!! We just have like the best district!!! So I did German Tip and I did it on Nouns and Gender and a few rules that help you predict the definite articles for nouns. It legit is what missionaries need; the amount of times we speak about something to a member and it's like is it "die something oder der something" and they just reply "das"- it's so bad! So my tip was definitely needed and I did a game with it to put the rules into practise!!! Then Elder Byrom’s assignment was on ‘Following the Spirit’ and he did a pretty awesome activity to go with it! So, over in Switzerland near enough every chapel has translation sets, so we used that and a couple of us were blindfolded with translation headset on and the rest were around the translation microphone - and one person was guiding us to a prize and the others were tricking us; so the aim was to work out which voice was the spirit according to the attributes that are listed in PMG; of which the spirit will communicate with you!!!! It was pretty awesome!!! Then we met Jeffrey after work at the airport and we brought him a birthday gift!! We had such an awesome, spiritual lesson!! I just love Jeffrey!!! 

Mittwoch, not much happened, but my back is bad again, so I called Sis Kohler; to call the nurse! The nurse legit just gave me more "natural remedies" to do and told me to take extra Ibuprofen, but it’s good to know that she isn't trying to kill me, by going against the instructions in the packet and getting me to take a really high dose! But yeah, that was the news of Wednesday!!

Donnerstag, we had a couple of super awesome appointments, so that was cool and we finally got paid for this month – so, cause we had no money on Monday, we didn't shop; so we had to do a quick shop on Thursday just to survive the week, as we had literally nothing!!! 

Freitag- not too much again! Although we went to a member’s for dinner and they also invited a friend from Uni! It was so cool and their friend was super open and it was awesome!!

Samstag was another - not too much happened day! We went to the Apotheke, cause I needed more Ibuprofen.  Ibuprofen is ridiculously expensive over here! I paid like 9.70 and that was the cheapest!!! Talk about a scam!!! Then, I hate not doing anything, so I made us go out and do some vorbeis on some less actives, which was okay! Then I called up the nurse again, as the Pharmacist recommended I see a doctor with it being so long since the initial injury! So I told her and she was like, give me a few minutes! About 40 mins later she calls back and says her husband who’s a doctor spoke to a colleague from back home, who is a specialist in back and spinal injuries, so I've been booked in to get a few X-rays, so they can see if anything is broken. The Mission Doctor says it may just be a torn ligament or muscle, but since it's been so long and is causing me so much pain, there is a slight chance there is a broken or chipped bone! He says even a chip as fine as a hair could cause pain with the spine, so I just need to wait for my X-ray appointment and we shall see! Who knows what happens then!!! 

Und Sonntag!!! What an awesome day! Church was amazing! Testimony meeting was beautiful! Then home to eat and then back to church, as there’s a JAE Singles Ward in Bonstetten, so we went along as Jeffrey was bringing a Less Active, who he is friends with!!! So that was awesome! It was a really spiritual meeting and then the Bishop and his wife from Richterswil Ward taught the joint RS/Priesthood lesson and it was soooo good! Plus Singles Wards are tri-stake things, so I saw a whole load of YSA from when I was an Insti Elder in Bern, it was so cool!!!! 

Well, that was my week!!! I am so excited for next Sunday! Skyping homel!!!! Ahhhhhh!!! So excited!!!! Have a brilliant week!!!

All my Love,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 2 May 2015

I trasferimenti, nuovo compagno, incontro un apostolo e un'aria di successo nel quartiere

My fortnight (Week 1)...
Monday we just did last min stuff... our last Gelato together (me and Sorella Hamilton) our last Focaccia... etc etc then we went to see Sorella Colombo.. a less active! She really opened up to us and we had a really good conversation and really got to know her better! We spoke about Easter and the Atonement of Jesus Christ! :) It was a really lovely lesson! :) Then we extended our p'day to the evening (cus this was during p'day..) to make up for it, so we went to the country with the Anziani, Gabe and Marco... We saw a castle and had a 'BBQ'. WE WERE SO EXCITED FOR THE BBQ, but let me tell you exactly what we ate- Spaghetti, tuna, tomato sauce and pepper. It was super good nonetheless and it was an excellent evening!! :)
Tuesday! Sorella Hamilton wanted to say her goodbyes to a few people, so we did a lesson with Rita, Rosemary, and Sorella Angelini!! Hammy shared her fave scripture with them! :) It was really good! The spirit was super strong and we bore our testimony of our Saviour and how we can rely on him in any moment! 
Wednesday! We did a ton of last min things... Sorella Hamilton finished packing, we did the dedicas and printed pics off. She wanted to make the most of Sicillian gelato, so we ate it twice ahhaha--- then we left for Catania!
Thursday we woke up suuuper earlyyyyyyyyyyyyy to drop Hammy at the station! :(:(:(:(:( 
A Hug Goodbye to Hammy

then I spent the day with Sorella Campos and Puzey.. We were all getting new comps!! So Yeah! We got a flower for our comps (I'll send a pic - it was so pretty) and like we went to the florist to get it and then the man just gave them to us for free!!! haha! 
Flowers for our New Companions

Beautiful flower....and it was free

SO I met my comp at the train station and she is SO SO SO SWEET AND CUTE!!!! However, I do look like a weird abnormally sized female giant next to her, but she is SO SO ADORABLE AND CUTE AND SUPER DEDICATED AND SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC AND EXCITED ABOUT THE WORK! So I’m suuuuper excited and so is she! This transfer will be awesome!!! She is from Dallas, Texas! She’s so cute! :)
Friday, we did weekly planning and it was awesome, cus we both have different ideas for finding and working with members, so we are putting plans together to really work well together! :  Then we had a dinner appt with VESCOVO and his fam!! It went so, so well. Probably one of the best member lessons I’ve ever had and it was with BISHOP!!! Then on the way home, Sorella Manzini asked us to work with her sister in law and their family who are less active, so they are trusting us!! :) We are really excited about this transfer .. I think I’ve said that a lot hahah sorry!

Saturday! We saw Rosemary and shared a scripture with her. She really appreciated it and bore her testimony to us of God! :) Then after, we saw Iolanda and had a discussion about missionary work, cus we know she really wants to serve a mission!! Then we invited her to study D&C 4 and to come finding with us one of the days this week and she was SO excited when we asked her!! :) SHE IS AWESOMEEEEEEEE! I love her!
Then Sunday, we had church, which was awesomeeeeeeeee! We taught gospel principles.. it was about the priesthood organisation. It was a bit long and kinda hard to explain, but it went well and Anziano Smith really helped us out! :  Then we had pranzo with Sorella Campo, Iolanda and Sorella Campos mom!! It was super good!! :) Then we made brownies for the neighbours, so Sorella Reber could introduce herself to them and we could tell them a bit about who we are and why we are here!!!

Ragusa Missionaries after Transfers

Week 2 of The fortnight
Okay!!! So, first I just wanna start by THANKING MY FAMILY FOR THE PACKAGE!!!! AND FOR THE BIRTHDAY PACKAGES THAT ARE ON THEIR WAY!!! YOU ARE ALL THE BEST AND I AM ONE LUCKY LIL GURLY! :):))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I can't wait to make custard with cake for DDM tomorrow! haha
SO! I'll do it in the usual diary format!! Here goes!! Prepare yourselves for a long ish one!
Monday - So, we emailed and met the Catania Sorelle (DeFranchi and Campos), then we went to Ibla to explore and then eat gelato! It was super fun to be together with the Anziani  too!! Then after p'day we went to see Sorella Angelini and as per usual that was super cute and she gave us strawberries with sugar on top. As you can imagine, I really enjoyed that!!!!!!!! <33333
ANYWAYS! So yeah, really that’s all that happened on Monday!
Tuesday - We were supposed to have a lesson with Gaudia, but we got bidoned!  SO we just went straight to DDM, which as per usssssssssssual was awesome! I AM ALREADY LOVING THIS DISTRICT! So now we have Anziano Smith (DL.. who dies at the end of this transfer) Anz Brandon, Anz Jorgenson and Anz Kelly .. Me and REBERRRR! :) It is just awesome and we are already seeing miracles in our work!!! Both as a district and as companionships! :) I’m really feeling good about this transfer!!! Anz Smith gave the addestramento aboooooooooooout something really, really cool, but I forgot to bring my note book and this week has been crazy crazy, so I can’t quite remember, but I PROMISE IT WAS AWESOME! :) Then Anziano Brandon made us all lunch! Some kinda Philipino recipe! It was so good! :) Then Sorella Reber and I went to see Rita! :) We read some more chapters in the Book of Mormon with her (Moroni). It was all about the sacrament, so then we ended up speaking about the importance of the sacrament and invited her to come, but her husband is really ill again, so she wasn’t able to! :( Maybe next week! Then after our lesson we walked outside and IT WAS TIPPING IT DOWN!!!!! LIKE OKAY SO, as I’ve told you, Ragusa is one big giant hill. ONE BIG GIANT HILL!!! .. and we live at the top, but Rita lives at the bottom, so as you can imagine, the rain was all pouring down and flooding to Rita's end! So, (oh also we were NOT dressed for this kind of weather) I was wearing my gold little strappy shoes).. ANYWAYS Rita very very kindly gives us an umbrella... but we STILL get soaked hahahahahah; our feet were in puddles up to our ankles.. no exaggeration, I promise! So then we got the bus home and at home it hadn’t even rained a bit! The ground was BONE DRY! I couldn’t believe it!!!!!!!! It was super cool though, cus we were just laughing the whole time and we had so much fun in that rain hahahahaha! It reminded me of a photo mom showed me once of her and Ellen (from her mission)! Then we went to give brownies to our neighbours, to introduce Sorella Reber and find potentials (obv the 2nd was our real goal) hahaha. It was Sorella Reber's idea! She's great!!! So this one lady lets us in and talks and talks and talks.... and talks........ and talks.......................and talks some more. Until we were basically going to be late for English course.. so we were like 'we need to go because we have a class that we teach, but could we come back?' and she’s all .. but look at this room and look and these pictures and then goes into a whole new story ahahahhahaha SO CUTE! but then we had to RUN to the chapel for English course!! It was CRAZYYYYYYYYY! THEN! at English course this lady and her 18 year old daughter came! Apparently the Mom had been before and just thought it was time she came back! (they both speak incredible English.. They like it for the conversational practise!) Anyways! At the end we did a spiritual thought and then after Sofia (the 18 year old girl) came up and thanked us for it, and said that it really touched her, so we gave her a BOM and got her number and that was that (the story will continue I promise).
Wednesday - We saw Gaudia (we got to re schedule! :) ) but she like, left part way through, va bene! Boh! So we finished the lesson with her Mum! :) Then we went to do a member lesson with Sorella Frasca! Who is an amazing member missionary! :) Then we did a spiritual thought with the Chines! :) and did finding in between! Obv! :) I didn’t write a ton in my planner about this day other than the things I liked were: We saw the funny stretching man again and it made me lol. Iolanda was as cute as ever, as per!! An old lady who we went to see, Mima, let us in (she lives beneath us) and fed us biscuits and invited us back, and Gaia (a girl who lives in one of the apartments near us) came to our house and we were scared cus it was kinda late and didn’t know who it was, but we gave her an English course card before and she just wanted to ask us if she could walk with us there on Thursday! hahahah she’s cute and she’s 14!
Thursday! Pietro cancelled on us, so we went with the Anziani to help Fratello Di Martino clean the chapel :) He’s a really awesome guy! (he's the father of Elder Di Martino WHO IS SERVING IN MANCHESTER!). Then we went to have pranzo with the Clarks (one of the couples who work on the base in Catania) I ate horse!!!! yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss that’s right. I ate it. It was weird and sad, but tasted good soooooo yeah! New experience! Then we did finding and basically had the opportunity to do a Restoration lesson sul strada! So that was an awesome experience! We were blessed with the opportunity to give out 3 Books of Mormon!!!!! :) Got an appointment with Sofia! :):) For Saturday! and then we saw a really crazy man that scared us a bit ahahahah but all was well...
Friday! We did weekly planning! Set some really awesome goals! (my comp is a spiritual giant, no kidding she is amazing!!!!) It was just a really awesome planning session! Then we went to this place local, with the Anziani to do some service there! We helped feed the homeless and helped order clothes that this company are sending to Africa! :) Then on the way back, this guy on a motor stops us and speaks to us asking who we are etc!! So the Anziani give them his number and that was that, but it was just super cool, cus that like neverrrrrr happens! Then in the afternoon Sorella Reber and I did casa casa, since I’ve not done it for a while and this time.. if someone just buzzed us in - thinking it was someone else, we just went inside, so we could actually knock on the doors! It was super nerve racking at first, but then we got used to it! One lady let us in and invited us back! Her name was Maria and she had a dog called Lily! She said she would read the 'The Family: A Proclamation to the World' pamphlet! That was super cooool!! :):)
Saturday! We saw Rosemary! Did a lesson about recognising spiritual answers! Then at the end, Sorella Reber laid down this incredible promise and honestly, the spirit was so strong as she did this. She told Rosemary that as missionaries, before we come here, we are set apart by a priesthood holder and are given the authority to be a representative of Christ and part of that gives us the right to testify and promise you things. Then she said 'and we are here to promise you, Rosemary, that if you come to church, you will find peace in your life' and Rosemary was just really taken aback. and was like 'wow. okay, I like a challange' and we just bore testimony and promised that God is a man of his word and it was just an incredible moment! :) Then we met Sofia and she wanted to go to Ibla with us! We went and then just so so naturally got to teach the restoration! She was asking a ton of questions and one that was really cool that initially led to the conversation of the restoration was 'How do you progress in this life?' SHE IS AWESOME! Then after, we went with her to get gelato! :) Then we had correlation! :)
Sunday! We went to churchyyyyyy then the Guastellas house for dinner! THEY MADE LASAGNE AND IT WAS LITERALLY SO SO SO SO SO GOOD!!!! They put egg and ham in it too. IT TASTED SO GOOD! I'll have to ask for the recipe!! Then we were supposed to do a mostra with the Anziani, but Anz Smith was super ill! 
Monday- Tuesday! This is where we get to the real deal! SO we left the house at 10 to get the bus from the station to Catania airport! Then we waited around and then got on the plane.... then we got to Rome and it was RAININGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG hahahah it always rains in Rome! So funny! By the time we got there it was late, so we met at the office and the AP'S walked us to the hotel! So we stopped at this hotel. All of the Palermo zone, Catania zone and Taranto zone! It was so weird, cus we were all so close to each other and we could hear all the voices of the other missionaries when we were trying to sleep hahaha weiiiiiiird! As you can imagine .. not a ton of people slept very well! haha. Then we met downstairs the next day at 630AM for breakfast! Then headed to the other hotel where the conference was!! :) IT WAS SO GOOD TO CATCH UP WITH PEOPLE! I spent most of my time with Sorella Arnold and Sorella Nagliati! but spoke to everyone else too of course! Sorelle  Hamilton!! Brunson!! Winegar!! Then the Anziani from the district in Pescara!! :):):)) IT WAS SO COOOOL! 
I spent most of my time with Sorella Nagliati and Sorella Arnold

At the All Mission Conference

Then the conference started! Elders Bednar, Texiera and Allen came! IT WAS AWESOME! It was similar to Ammon’s by the sound of it! It was a very open discussion! I must be careful what I say about it though, cus Elder Bednar told us that once a month he googles his own name to see what the enemy says about him and it takes him to mission blogs hahahahahaha! Seriously though, it was a really awesome conference! There is just this amazing spirit that is present when an apostle is near! He is also super funny!!! He began by saying 'Ok, I’m gonna tell you that this conference is not about Ipads... now I want you to tell me how you feel when I say that' hahah it was so cool! Then he would ask questions and people could feel free to answer... then we could ask him questions and it was just really awesome! A lot of the conference was actually based on marriage, but then they spoke about using tools that we have, to better the work and to help the work move forward!!! It was just so so awesome! Then they spoke about using media for good! Then at the end I got to shake his (Elder Bednar's) hand!!! :) so that was coooooooooooooooollllllll!!! Then we just got to spend time with everyone! :):) I sat with Sorella Nagliati and Sorella Arnold :) Then we had pics! 
Mission Conference: Reunited with Friends (Sorella Nagliati)
Mission Conference: Reunited with Friends (Sorella Arnold)
Mission Conference: Reunited with Friends (MTC Group)

We also had a MTC Rome zone pic!!  :) Then we went to termini to wait for our night train!!! hahahahah So we got on the night train at 930PM and we had weird little bed things in the cabins!! hahahaha it was just a very different experience, but it was so much fun and just a really great experience!!!! But now it just feels like a big blur!!!
Wednesday- SO WE ARRIVED IN CATANIA AT LIKE 9AM! hahahah loooooooooooong journey!! 
ANYWAY! Quote of the week... we were singing with the Anziani’s simp (the guy who was on the motor bike) and then Anziano Brandon is all 'I know, now we should sing Joseph Smith's first dance' and we were like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? and he blushes and he's all 'no prayer, I mean prayer!' hahaha
So today! Thursday is p'day (due to conference).  We are getting to explore the caves! We're going with the Anziani, so that will be fun!
WELL!!! I'm going to have to LOVE YOU AND LEAVE YOU!
Have the best week! ALL MY LOVE ! 

Sorella Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx