Sunday, 30 November 2014

Power Hour, Erfolge, frühen Danksagung und einer Zwiebel Festival - Nur in Bern!

What a fortnight!!!! It is crazy how many ups and downs you have on a mission. This past fortnight was amazing!! 

We'll begin with week one - Monday!! So, on Monday we went to Deutschland again! It is crazy how much cheaper it is to shop over there; only 47 euros for the whole shop and we got loads. Unlike the normal 100 plus Swiss francs we spend in Aldi for the week here in Bern. RIDICULOUS!
Shopping in Germany allows me to buy some luxuries!

The evening was pretty awesome, because the previous week was pretty poor for us and we didn't really have much going on in Bern 2. Every Monday evening we have started, from this past Monday, to do a ‘power hour’ find in Bern with the Zone Leaders, in the same area of the city (where those “norses” who hang around giving out flyers work); but it’s us doing missionary work instead! The plan is that we work for half an hour with our companion and then we'll work with one of the ZLs for the other half hour. This past Monday we had a street lesson from it. We said that normally we meet for about 15-20 minutes and discuss what we believe and this guy was like: “I have 15 minutes now if you want! Let's go sit down over there!”... SO AWESOME!!! 

Moving on to Dienstag!! So this past Tuesday we had Zone Training!! Zone Training is just like District Meeting, but the whole zone and led by the ZLs and STLs, but 3 hrs long instead of 1 and a half! It was great though!! I just love being in a big group of missionaries, it brings back MTC memories!! After Zone Training we had our Tausch with the ZLs. I was in Bern 1 with Elder Simon!!! He's such a great missionary!!! We had a lesson with Dajana set up in the evening and I had to actually teach 'bis ans ende ausharren und das Abendmahl' (Endure to the End and the Sacrament, for those of you who don't speak German) ;) haha! It went pretty well, but it was well scary, as we haven't had a proper lesson with a German speaker, as the work is so slow for us in Bern 2! So that was scary, but I did it and Elder Simon and the member said my German was great, so.... 

Elder Little and I had planned that during lunch on the tausch we would begin fasting, so we could find someone solid to teach! It was a great tausch, and on Wednesday evenings planning, we had such a powerful planning session, (the tausch really motivated both of us and the fact we were fasting, clearly helped out!!) It was amazing! Thursday morning we went to the temple! It was a much needed trip, FOR SURE! And it was such a powerful experience fasting when attending the temple. It was perfect! 

Friday was great and Saturday we had another prison visit! It was strange! Saturday evening we had to sort out the sinks in our apartment, but we had no luck! The bathroom and kitchen sinks share the same pipe after the U-bend and there is some dodgy type of blockage - who knows where from! So we will have to call the Hauswart today to get a plumber out!! What a farce!! So dishes have had to
be washed in the bath the last few days, so weird!! 

Sunday was actually a good day! Although if I am still in Bern 2 after transfers, I will have to give a lesson next month in Priesthood... by myself... in German!!!! It is Chapter 24 in Joseph Fielding Smith I think, about the Role of Women... The afternoon made up for it though! There are a couple in the ward who do games evenings with the ward and we have the opportunity to take investigators to. Well, there was a games evening on Sunday after church and they fed us too, so that was pretty fun!! 

I am so excited to have heard about Hosanna’s mission call!! Big Congrats to Hosanna!  

So Week 2 of the fortnight!!!! First I have to say how much I LOVE MONDAYS!!!!!!!! And hearing from you all!!!

It's been another great and crazy week!! Last Monday we went to Zollikofen to hang out with the missionaries there!! We watched the film Ephraim’s Rescue and the Sisters cooked a snacky dinner for us!!! (Ain't they the best!!!) It was fun just chillin' and watching something!! 

Big News…..We now have 4 Potentials that we have found this week, that seem pretty incredible!!! To some that sounds like nothing, but honestly that is great for Bern!!! So we're pretty happy at the moment!!! Tuesday was pretty fun with Institute again!! I love being an Insti Elder, it's great!! Wednesday was Wednesday! We had Gemeinderat however that's spelt!! (Ward Council in other words). Bishop is the best. He keeps it nice and short!! … But this time the ZLs had a lesson at the same time, so we had to do a Tausch, so at least one of us from each companionship was at Gemeinderat. So I went on the teach and it was Das Gesetz der Keuschheit (Law of Chastity), which was my first time teaching it in Deutsch! Fun! It was a good lesson and she understood why, etc. 

Thursday we had Family Schirm again. This is the old couple who we go to every other week and have Fondue or Raclette with. They are the Best!! And the food is always great!!! Friday we had another dinner appointment and practice lesson with a member couple. We went to the Kaspars and we had Schnitzel! It was amazing! So good! Brother Kaspar served his mission in the Germany-Austria Mission, so before they merged it with the Swiss Zürich Mission … and that's where he learned to make Wiener Schnitzel. It was Turkey instead of the traditional Veal in a Wiener Schnitzel, but it was really amazing. I will have to get the recipe off him at some point.

So all in all this week was amazing.... but Saturday has to be my favourite day!!!! We went round to Bishop’s and he is from America, so we had Thanksgiving with them, even though none of us are American. It was SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!! We ate loads, and then went on a walk with them and then came back and ate some more!! They live in a tiny, beautiful village, which is about a 40 minute drive south from Bern and it was amazing!!! Definitely my favourite day this week! I think I've put on about 2kg over the last few days alone!! :/ Sunday was good! Priesthood lesson ended with some Chocolate Mousse type stuff, (but it wasn't mousse but very similar). It was great anyway! Best Priesthood lesson ever!!!! 

Today is the Highlight day!!! So this morning we had permission to get up at 4.30am! Here’s the story... Today is some sort of Festival - only in Bern!!! It happens once a year and is a huge thing apparently! I can't remember the actual German name for it, but it is an Onion Festival!!!! Yep! You read that right... A FETCHIN' ONION FESTIVAL!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL!!!! And the Party starts at like 4am! So we got up at 4.30am and got dressed, so we could get to the actual city centre for 5am. Ridiculous in itself!!! There are a massive amount of stalls selling onions, garlic, etc. in different things, like necklaces, garlands, etc. … and then other stalls, just like at the Christmas Markets in Brum! Then they also sell confetti, etc… and it's like a massive confetti fight, which everyone gets involved in!! The main party/fight thing is at ridiculous o'clock, so 5/6am and then there is another at 16.00, which we'll also go to!! … It was ridiculously crazy, but so fun as well!!
At the Onion Festival Confetti Fight

 It's just the weirdest reason ever to hold a festival... but it's tradition here apparently - goodness knows what for!!! 
The Zone at Zibelemärit”
So a little about this Onion Festival:-  It is called the Zibelemärit” and it celebrates all things onion - and garlic. So don't expect smells of roses and lavender :-) They sell Artful wreaths, woven into braids, sometimes mixed with garlic to chase away Evil spirits and all kinds of figures made of onion are there for the taking. Sugar onion wreaths are wrapped around the neck like Hawaiian Leis.
Food specialties, such as "Zibelechueche" (Onion tart) und "Käsewehe" (Cheese quiche), onion soups, onion sausages and Glühlwein (mulled hot wine) are amongst the delicacies served in all the restaurants and food stalls. Züpfe (braided milk bread), a specialty from the nearby region of Emmental is available but is also served all over Switzerland, especially for breakfast on Sunday's.
The Onion Market starts early - 5am and lasts to 4pm, but visitors show up as early as 4am and stay all night; there are several party events scheduled for night owls. But as it's held in November, it can be coolish – so it’s best to dress in layers.
Oh, and the best advice is don't open your mouth too wide, because you could end up swallowing a handful of confetti thrown at you by a mischievous child, youth or missionary!! The confetti battle goes on all day but it culminates into a wild throwing contest at the end of the market day.

So that’s my fortnight! It’s been crazy, fun and productive. I’m loving missionary life!

Hot off the Press....... So Transfers is coming up on Thursday and I'm moving from Bern 2 (Switzerland) to Kaufbeuren (Germany)! More details in my update in a fortnight :-)

Saturday, 22 November 2014

UN volto familiare, Conferenze & Piatti Incontro di Quartiere

SO MY FORTNIGHT!!!!  The weekend of the first week, we had Zone conference on Friday followed by Stake Conference on Saturday and Sunday! The Pescara Ward where I am serving is in the same stake as Rome 3 aaaaaaand a few other Rome wards.... one of which happens to be the ward of (ex) Elder Salerno! So because of the schedule for the weekend, I got to stay in Rome 3 this weekend... which was weird, but so fun!!!! So on Sunday we had Stake Conference at a really posh hotel in Rome!!! When President Waddoups spoke at Conference, the missionaries had to all stand up and go to the front. We then had to quote “Il Nostro Scopo” (Our purpose). When I got to the front with the other missionaries, I saw him sat with the guys translating and HE LITERALLY LOOKS NO DIFFERENT!!!! 10 YEARS and he looks EXACTLY the same hahahahaha! So at the end, I went to speak to him! He was a little awkward hahahaha, but I guess the last time I saw him I was only 9 sooooooooo I bet that was super weird for him hahaha (hence the awks picture hahaha), but it was so cool seeing him!!!! :)

At Roma Stake Conference with (Ex) Elder Salerno
The first week of this fortnight was full of Bidones! (cancellations) We had planned for an AWESOME week, then hour by hour people called with excuses not to see us, so that sucked a bit buuuuuuut that’s ok, because we have planned for another awesome week for this week!!!! We also have 2 Simps (investigators) right now! We have a guy called Gianluca! (his girlfriend is a member and has also served a mission).  We are working with him and hope his baptism will happen soon, (as soon as he is ready)! Our other Simp is Jenny! She is Filipino! We found her through 'area book finding'.  We met her once (I sent a photo with her and Sorella Nagliati). She wants to see us some more! So we have a lesson set for this Saturday! I am Super excited, because her lessons are in English WHEYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! :)

We have the next few p-days planned! Since we aren’t in Rome there’s not as much to do! BUT we are allowed to go to Rome once a transfer (when you’re in Pescara), so we will plan that for later… if we all have money! So, today we are going bowling with the Anziani. Next week we are doing a 'hide and go seek' in Ikea (hahaha), then eating Ikea food mmmmm.  We are super close to Ikea.  I’m looking forward to that ahahha, (missionaries are so easily pleased!) Then sometime in the future, we are going to do volleyball on the beach (we are allowed at this time of year as there are less naked bodies about) haha!

Also, this week on Tuesday Sorella Nagliati took me to DDM. When we got to the door, she turned to me and said 'hahaahahahhahah there is NO DDM today, it’s Zone Conference week.  I’M SO SORRY - AWKWARD I FORGOT!'  She was so embarrassed, but it was so hil! She is super cute!! I’m accumulating funny stories! She is the best!

We have a goal that this week we are going to find our family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have set plenty of time to do finding! All sorts of different types of finding! Jesso, bomba finding, inspirational finding, casa in casa! You name it, we got it planned!!!

Also, this week we have set a few new companionship goals. Some I am excited about and some that scare me ahha! We are going to take turns with the phone. That scares me, because I find Italians difficult to understand (especially if I can’t read their faces and expressions – like on the phone), but I told her that she just had to throw me in at the deep end (and that’s how she’s doing it!) So by the end of this week, I’ll be a pro... hahaha!!

SO, on a more spiritual note, at Zone Conference I picked up a Liahona mag! In my studies alongside reading the Book of Mormon, (2 Nephi 9 was my fave chapter this week btw) I have been reading talks in the Liahona! One that I really loved was a talk given by Elder Marlin K Jensen entitled 'Lessons from the Sacred Grove'. It is sooooooooooooooo good!!! He speaks of the sacred grove and how when he was on his mission, he would take the missionaries there at the beginning and end of the mission and they would feel the spirit so strongly! Then he says how he has often reflected the abundance of scriptural imagery involving trees, branches, seeds, fruit etc and teaches 4 lessons from these reflections! I want to quickly outline these 4 lessons and briefly explain (because I’m running out of time!) BUT the first lesson is 1) Trees always grow towards the light. Here he speaks of trees and science, then says how light is just as important a catalyst in the spiritual realm, than it is in nature. It is essential for spiritual growth and the realization of our full potential, as sons and daughters of God. 2) Trees require opposition to fulfil the measure of their creation. 3) Trees grow best in forests, not isolation and 4) Trees draw strength from the nutrients created by previous generations of trees.
Rome East Zone Conference
Rome East Zone Conference
It was an amazing talk (I encourage you all to read it)! Each lesson point, he linked to us as human beings. It was amazing! I loved it so so much. I know that as we draw strength from previous generations, (whether it be family or history of prophets and the church), we grow towards the light (in a spiritual way). Accept that opposition is for our growth and understanding and handle it in the best way possible through holding on to gospel principles, that we will accomplish ANYTHING. I know that through our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ our Saviour and Redeemer and the Holy Ghost, that we can live in a way, whereby we can accomplish difficult things! Because of Him we are able to return to live with HEAVENLY FATHER, JESUS CHRIST AND EACH OTHER!!!!! It really is such a blessing and each day being here, I have developed a deeper and greater appreciation for this! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! I LOVE YOU ALL LOADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 2 of this fortnight! We engaged in a ton of finding activities! We also taught a few lessons and I HAD MY 1ST DINNER APPOINTMENT IN PESCARA WHEYYYYYYYYYY!!!! 
Even with all that, last week I was ill!--- I have had some kinda flu or cold thing! (I’m not really sure). But Sorella Nagliati is so cute and has been looking after me and making me breakfast and fruit tea. She is so cute!

Monday: For P-day we went bowling with the Anziani - I lost! We also taught a lesson to a new convert (about the Plan of Salvation).  It went really well! She is reallyyyyyyyy cool! Her name is Diana! :)

So last week I requested a few recipes from home (Scones, Yorkshire Puddings), so why did I asked for those recipes! Wellllllllllll for DDM (District Meeting) the Anziani gave us an assignment to make something ahha). I made scones with jam and cream! Everyone loved them!! There are some ingredients that they don’t have in Italy (so I had to improvise), but they turned out really good, so much so that Sorella Nagliati wants me to make them again!! :) DDM was really cool!
So our District - if I get their names right: we have..... Anziano Mika, Anziano Duffin, Anziano Woolsey, Anziano Lurtscher (or something like that oops), Anziano Tew, Anziano Moner (I think! He is from Germany and knows Jake, from EFY!) Anziano Robi (his name is something longer than that, but he has it shortened, because some people can’t pronounce it lols) Anziano Kawaii (maybe that name has just one I). Then there is Sorella Nagliati and myself!!! It’s a really fun district! Anziano Robi is our District Leader and his addestramento was about teaching techniques.  He taught us the 3 E’s, followed by 7 steps of how to apply them. We have tried to use them in every lesson and they have really helped it to be more structured and fun! 

The 3 E’s are..... (1) EDUCATE, (2) ENTERTAIN and (3) EMPOWER.  

The 7 steps (in order) are:

1) To begin with an 'I remember'. To start with a personal story or experience. This is the 2nd E (to entertain). 
2) Summarize the 'I remember' and link it to the doctrine of the lesson (Educate).
3) Use a scripture (page 180 of Preach my Gospel) as a doctrinal source (Educate and Empower).
4) Use a visual aid (Entertain).
5) 'Will you?' (Empower).
6) 'I promise you' and scripture (Empower).
7) 'I personally know...' Testify! (Empower).

These all sound like simple, obvious steps, but we have noticed that by doing each step in every lesson and using them to fill the needs of our investigators (Gianluca and Jenny), they enjoy the lesson so much more and they are much more involved, rather than it being more of a 'preaching' approach!

 About the other recipes …. So, a lady in the ward is hosting a 'thanksgiving' thing for the missionaries! How cute.... even though Sorella Nagliati and I don’t celebrate it lols! But she wants us all to bring something soooo, “I’m bein’ propa’ bri – ish” and I’m going to make Yorkshire Puddings! ;) So Mom – thank you sooooo much for the recipes!! :)

Okay so on Wednesday: We saw a member then had a bidone! Bad times. So ended up doing more finding!

Thursday: We did a lesson with Gianluca. The Spirit was real strong!

Friday: Another bidone, but in the evening we had a member lesson with a Brazilian lady called Emmanuela! She is so cute!! Her husband isn’t a member (he’s Italian) and her little girl is suuuuuper cute! We used a visual aid for a small spiritual thought (one that Anziano Kawai used in DDM). We read Alma 48:7-10 and then linked it to how we protect our families. I’ll have to send you a pic of the visual aid, because it’s hard to describe!

Saturday we had miracles!!! Jenny had told us her address, buuuuuuuuuuuut we couldn’t find it on the map (when we 1st met her, we were at the bus station). Sooo, during the week we tried to find her address... and found it, but we didn’t know which door was hers (apartments are everywhere - I haven’t seen a house yet!) So we left to get there in good time...When we got there, we found that we had to ring up to get in the gate.. and then again later to get into her actual apartment. The problem was that WE COULDN’T FIND HER NAME and don’t know her husband’s name! So we were in a pickle! ANYWAYS! Somehow we got in the gate.... then a random lady let us into the apartment block and she told us where Jenny lived!!! We found her!! (oh, also her phone had broken during the week, so we couldn’t call her to get hold of her!) But we were blessed to find her again! We had an amazing lesson about the Plan of Salvation! We gave her a Book of Mormon in Tagalog, (her language) however we teach her in English :)  She was so so happy!!! 
A Little Treat after a Hard day of Work 
So that was it for this week!!! 

Christmas is coming ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! So for Christmas we get to watch 2 Disney films!!!! I am so legit excited for that!!!!! BUT MOST OF ALL........................................ I’m soooo looking forward to Skyping home...  ;) I AM SO SO EXCITED!!!


Saturday, 15 November 2014

Transfers, Service und Institute


What a crazy fortnight! So the first week of this fortnight:  Monday not much at all happened as I expected! Tuesday was transfer day and as we were staying in Bern we didn't have to do anything but missionary work, but being the great gentlemen that we are, we offered our help the Thun Sisters. Their area was closing down, so both Sisters were moving. So we had an early start to go down to Thun and help the Sisters get their bags onto the train to Zürich! It was ridiculous how heavy and big their bags were! Typical Sisters! haha! Tuesday afternoon we may have found our golden family/couple! We were dooring and this guy came to the door and he's never heard of the church before and was really interested in our message of the family!!! His wife was away with work until the weekend when he would speak to her and we could come by again next weekend! He was relatively young, so a family may be coming soon - fingers crossed!! How exciting! It really does prove how prayer works! We have a golden potential by the looks of things! I'll have to keep you posted on them!! 

We also passed our flat inspection this week! Apparently it was one of the cleanest apartments they inspected this transfer! haha! (Mom, you must have taught me well!) In other news, I'm guessing you got the picture I sent!?! Well we went by a member in the ward and that is the view from his front door!!! Crazy beautiful, right? Well this member - the other members talk about him like he's royalty or something, so we did a bit of research! It turns out his family are like the royal heirs of Canton Bern, which is a ridiculously huge Canton in Switzerland!! And they own castles all over the place! He lives on a massive piece of land with holiday homes and everything - with that stunning view I sent to you! Crazy right? 

The Stunning View
The Mountains are capped with Snow
We had Stake Conference this weekend and it was great! The Stake President is so dedicated to missionary work and especially member-missionary work, which is great!

Well, as you know, we are the JAE Elders... one of the JAE told me they know someone from Birmingham, who trained him on his mission... It turns out he served in Greece Athens and Joe Arnold was his trainer!!! Crazy stuff! Small world hey!  

We have already had snow! We were doing service 2 weeks back and it started snowing on us! It was so cold.

Our District

Week 2 of the fortnight, on P-Day we went up the Gurten again and it was pretty cool!! In the evening we had a DA with a former investigator! She's not interested in learning more at present, but wanted to feed us and get to know the new missionaries! She's cool!

Tuesday we did some service for another former investigator!! It wasn’t quite the type of service project we were expecting - it was more administrative! Weirdest service ever!!!!

I wanted to get a poppy for remembrance day tomorrow, but they don't commemorate it in Switzerland. There is an English church in Bern that does sell Poppies, but it is only open the same times as our church, so no luck with getting one this time round! :(

Institute was pretty cool this week! Instead of a lesson, every now and then they will do a 'Highlight Abend' and this time we have 3 JAE's leaving for their missions. We had JAE who have served speak for a little about their missions and experiences and advice; and then the leaving JAE's bore their testimonies. It was well cool!! Plus one of the JAE that Elder Little and I get along with has decided to start her papers. It's quite cool actually! She's been thinking about it for a while and spoke to us about it and stuff! And then when we were coming back from Stake Conference on the train, we were speaking and I asked her if she's prayed about it and she was like, yeah! And then I asked if she's been specific in her prayers and she was like 'What do you mean?' So I briefly told her about the need to pray specifically and she was amazed and said it made so much sense. So Monday we got a message from her thanking me for reminding her to pray specifically, as she hasn't felt so happy for a long time. And then Tuesday evening she told me she is going to speak to Bishop on Sunday and start her papers... How cool! I guess that's my little miracle story of the week!!

On Saturday we had this thing called 'Nacht der Religionen' It is an event throughout Bern where most of the churches across the city open up for the evening.  

So all about 'Nacht der Religionen' - It's a pretty big event in Bern.  They host these nights all over Switzerland, but this time it was the turn for Bern to host the night. 
So most of Saturday, we were helping the Ward Mission Leader set up for the evening. The evening is not allowed to be used as a Proselyting activity (which is a bit weird, considering that its an evening to speak about what we believe). Initially, we weren't invited to attend, but then our GML told us that he wanted us to be there. However, we were told "no name tags and to wear 'normal' clothes" and we were also to introduce ourselves by our first names. Now that was strange after getting used to introducing myself as Elder Robertson. I had to revert to being just "Ammon" (for one night!) It was a great evening and hopefully it will bring some referrals our way from some of the interested people.

Until then! Auf Wiedersehen!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Settimana scorsa a Roma 3 e la prima settimana a Pescara

My last full week in Roma 3 has been fun! At DDM (District Meeting) we did 'Kinder egg predictions' for transfers. Everyone thought Anziano Duffin would leave since he has been here for 6 months. Sorella Perkins is obviously leaving (she's completed her mission)... BUT NO-ONE thought that I would!!!! I'm actually super sad!!! I just started getting comfy in Rome 3! I feel that I have only just got to know and love the members! Now I'm being moved!!! So I was just waiting (on Saturday) for the call from Sorella Waddoups to tell me the name of my new companion (who will finish off my training)... and she started it by saying 'pack your bags, you're being transferred'. Now Sorella Waddoups is quite the joker.... so I totes thought it was some kinda joke. It wasn't. At the time of the call, I was on the bus and the bus drivers are just as crazy as the car drivers, so I could barely hear her! I ended up passing her to Sorella Perkins (since she knows the areas and the Sorelle!) Soooo I'm going to Pescara! Which - as you know is East coast! Nearly directly east from Rome.... but a bit north... if my geography is right! My new companion is called Sorella Nagliati (pronounced: Nal-ya-ti). She is from Sao Carlos, Brazil! Luckily for me not only does she speak Portuguese and Italian... but also perfect English!! Apparently she is lovely! So I'm super excited!!!! :) but at the same time sad to leave Rome 3!! Although Anziano Duffin is coming to Pescara with me, so we will still be together in the same district! (He is the really tall one). He will be in a companionship with Anziano Mika (a famous BYU basketball player apparently). They will be the tallest companionship in the mission haha!!

So this week, due to the number of dinner appointments that we have had, I have an interesting food of the week: Artichoke. ew. When cooked, it looks like a scary fish. It's weird!

On Wednesday we had a half a P-Day with Vescovo Perego (Bishop).  He showed us around some really cool places!!

I'm gonna miss this district so much!! I LOVE OUR DISTRICT!

So these last 3 days we've had a sleepover in Rome 3 because the Sorelle dying (going home) are here for convenience! So I've been the only one in our apartment who isn't leaving! But I'll get a temporary companion today until I leave to Pescara! This afternoon around 4:30pm, I drop Sorella Perkins off at the mission villa :,( sad sad sad!!!
Lots of Sorelle in Roma 3
Ok so for week two of the fortnight it has been a flipping wild week (and a half)!! where do I start!

Monday - Okay sooooo I dropped Sorella Perkins off at the mission Villa... they have a 'dying dinner' and stop for the night, then they go home in the morning. AWKWARD because me and another Sorella who was a companion with another "dying" Sorella had to be together for a few nights before transfers (Thursday) and NEITHER of us knew how to get back to Rome 3 from the Mission Villa... 
so the AP's were going to take us to the metro stop (Termini .. the main one) but were late. So Sorella
Waddoups and President let us stay for the "death meal" hahahahahahahhha! (probs the most awkward moment of my life, I tried to hide from the pics Sorella Waddoups was taking, cus I didn't want you to freak out that I was there... I'm not going home.. not just yet hahaha!)

Tuesday - Thursday We were in Rome 3! So I was kinda in charge, which was a bit scary ahhaha!

Thursday WAS MOVESSSSSSS! For transfers we got a coach from Rome to Pescara.... I'd say it took about 1 and a half hours... (ish). We then had to get a bus from the coach station to our apartment! OUR APARTMENT IS SO LUSH AND FANCY AND NEW. We even have a dishwasher hahahaha it's HEAVEN!!!! and heated towel racks hahaha like I am LITERALLY in HEAVEN!!! 
Our Apartment in Pescara
The ward is the biggest for active members... As missionaries we are planning an activity to encourage relationships between members, investigators, missionaries etc, so hopefully that will go down well! It's a bonfire.. my idea! hahaha! The ward mission leader liked it, but Bishop said it's too cold for that.... But we will try and bribe him ahaha!!

On the Way to Pescara
So a small incident happened on the way to Termini... (on Thurs morning) I had given my train pass to Sorella Jackson (new Sorella training in Rome 3) and forget that Sorella Perkins WENT HOME WITH THE PASS that she should have left to give to the arriving Sorella. We have NEVER BEEN PASS CHECKED and we were trying to handle all our suitcases also; so that wasn't the 1st thing on my mind. Of Course... I got checked and fined 50 euro. BUT he has given me 30 days to go prove I had one. SO we are trying to get a hold of Sorella Perkins to send it ASAP, otherwise I gotta pay and the longer I leave it, the higher the fine. (in 1 month it will go up to €100 and so on), so hopefully we can get that one sorted real soon....ANYWAYS! so yes; that was the drama this week!

My new companion Sorella Nagliati IS HILARIOUS! I love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGHHHHH she is just so so funny!!!

In the past, Sorella Nagliati has been companions with Sorella Arnold!!!! I'm getting closer and closer!! Maybe next time things change for me (probs like in 3 transfers), I'll get to serve with her! Maybe I will ask President ;) 

Sooooo, on Sunday our alarm didn't go off... awks! Sorella Nagliati set it for 6:30 ..... pm. Hahahahaha! But LUCKILY we naturally woke up and even got to church on time haha phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The area book is a great way to find
So in one of the photos I sent... There is Sorella Nagliati, myself and a lady we found from the area book (that some Sorelle bumped into on the bus a few months ago). We happened to teach a lesson 0, but we have set another appointment with her, so we can now class her as a simp (investigator). She is really cool!!! I'll tell you more about her next week!

BUT YEAH! the fortnight has been one of VERY mixed emotions!!! But all is well!!!! I love being a missionary!!!! I love you all! I love hearing from you all!!! you are all the best!!!!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Deutschland P-Day & Musikalischer Abend

So, I told you all about the trotti bikes last week! After that we had a great dinner appointment with our GML on Monday evening and the food was AMAZING!! And we did a practice lesson with them which went pretty well! Tuesday we had a great District Meeting and I had an assignment to explain our goals and testify about what they mean to me (with only short notice)... Sucks to be the DLs comp! So our goals are Missionary Purpose, D&C 4 and 3 Nephi 5:13 which I now know off by heart in German! Woop! And then we had the third Tausch of the transfer, so I was with Elder Dewey in Bern 1! It was such a great Tausch! We had a right laugh and some amazing lessons with people they are teaching at the moment! It was great to actually have some lessons, as we aren't doing very well at the moment with lessons! :( Then Wednesday and Thursday evenings we had Finding Evening in Bern with the Zolikoffen Missionaries and Thun Sisters. Zolikoffen seems to be more like our district than anyone else's, as we do so much with them! It was a great two evenings where we spoke with people about the temple tour that the Sisters run in Zolikoffen. It's basically a walk around the temple grounds and an explanation of why we have temples and the history behind temples and especially behind the Swiss temple. It seems pretty cool and a great tool to use in missionary work. And we were also speaking about the Music evening next Sunday in Zolikoffen based on the Plan of Salvation! So we were working alone but within sight and sound of our comps (obviously), so I had quite a lot of German conversations on my own, freaking out as my German is still not as advanced,  but the Spirit was just a Boss in those conversations. I just understood and spoke with no problem! It was great! And the Spirit really does work through you! Then we had another DA with a member on Thursday night and it was amazing food again! Friday not much happened, but it was a pretty good day. And that is where this photo comes in! 
Missionary Haircut courtesy of Elder Little
This morning I had my first haircut! Elder Little did it, as hair cuts in Switzerland are either poor quality and cheap or good yet unaffordable! So luckily Elder Little is good at cutting hair! I hope! You'll have to tell me what you think! Saturday we had the ward cleaning day, which we went to to support the ward, and did a right good clean of the chapel! Then we had another great appointment at a member's where we got fed again! It was a curry, Swiss curry tastes good, but it's not curry as we know it back home! It's not a particularly spicy curry, however they add fruit to it to make it flavourful. It's really good, but different to British Indian curry! Then Sunday we had Sacrament and watched the last session of General Conference, which was great! Such a good session and if you haven't got round to watching it, watch it, the talks are brilliant! Then we had our 4th DA of the week (I think) at Family Burri's! It was so good! They're like a 40 minute drive away from Bern, so it's one of those appointments where we are allowed to spend the whole afternoon with them! So we ate and it was amazing, then we had another practice Resto lesson with them, which was better than our practice one with the GML, as we applied what they said we could do to improve and then we played a game and just built up our member-missionary relationship! They are such a great family and spending the afternoon doing member work reminded me of home and spending time together on a Sunday afternoon! It was great! 
Today the plan is to go to Germany to go shopping as it is so much cheaper than here in Switzerland!..... So when we went to Germany we went out at an all you can eat Chinese restaurant which was amazing! Elder Little and Dewey treated us as it was there joint Birthday thing! Then shopping there was so much cheaper than in Switzerland. Tuesday I had my first proper assignment in District Meeting. It went pretty well I think! And everyone participated! :D Thursday was transfer calls, we're staying and Friday was Friday! Saturday we had a rehearsal for the Musikalischer Abend for Sunday Evening. And this week I have really seen how little time we have each day as missionaries. It's crazy! 

Yesterday was the best!!! Sunday is always so brilliant! Our Sunday School lesson went well, we had the class doing most of the work and just explained bits and testified! It was great! We had 2 lessons this week! One with T, He keeps his commitments but it's whether he understands what we teach (due to language differences), that we can't quite tell... Then the other one was with one of the Zone Leaders investigators that we get along with quite well as the ZLs couldn't make the appointment but we were in the area, so we taught them and they went pretty well. This week our goal is to have a family to teach. A golden family! So if you could keep our companionship goal in your prayers that would mean the world. We're thinking Parents, 3 children (at least one being older than 8)! We shall see! 

Anyway the Musikalischer Abend! It was amazing!! Based on the Plan of Salvation! And it had a story going along with it broke up by musical pieces. It was packed out with members, less actives and investigators/potentials. So a great missionary tool! The whole thing was filmed and I had to film some of it for the official video they will put together as my camera is so great. 
I made a Chocolate Fudge Cake for Sister Gilmours birthday yesterday as we promised something and it actually turned out pretty well! The recipes Mom sent are coming in very handy!

Finding day in Bern
That photo was our finding day in Bern! We did a joint district finding day with Zolikofen district but not all of the 2 districts are in that photo. It's literally Bern and Zolikofen missionaries. Biel and Interlaken aren't there! I had to get new shoes last week... :( My black ones, the sole started coming off... too much work!! So I bought shoe glue and fixed them and also bought some new ones to alternate between them,  (as they were only 20 francs each I thought I'd buy two to save them a little longer). 

In a few P-Days time we are planning on going to a place called Grindelwald or something like that, down Interlaken way. Members say it is the most beautiful place in Switzerland, so if you fancy checking it out and letting me know, go for it!!

Have a super amazing week and keep being the great missionaries and examples you all are.