Saturday, 8 November 2014

Settimana scorsa a Roma 3 e la prima settimana a Pescara

My last full week in Roma 3 has been fun! At DDM (District Meeting) we did 'Kinder egg predictions' for transfers. Everyone thought Anziano Duffin would leave since he has been here for 6 months. Sorella Perkins is obviously leaving (she's completed her mission)... BUT NO-ONE thought that I would!!!! I'm actually super sad!!! I just started getting comfy in Rome 3! I feel that I have only just got to know and love the members! Now I'm being moved!!! So I was just waiting (on Saturday) for the call from Sorella Waddoups to tell me the name of my new companion (who will finish off my training)... and she started it by saying 'pack your bags, you're being transferred'. Now Sorella Waddoups is quite the joker.... so I totes thought it was some kinda joke. It wasn't. At the time of the call, I was on the bus and the bus drivers are just as crazy as the car drivers, so I could barely hear her! I ended up passing her to Sorella Perkins (since she knows the areas and the Sorelle!) Soooo I'm going to Pescara! Which - as you know is East coast! Nearly directly east from Rome.... but a bit north... if my geography is right! My new companion is called Sorella Nagliati (pronounced: Nal-ya-ti). She is from Sao Carlos, Brazil! Luckily for me not only does she speak Portuguese and Italian... but also perfect English!! Apparently she is lovely! So I'm super excited!!!! :) but at the same time sad to leave Rome 3!! Although Anziano Duffin is coming to Pescara with me, so we will still be together in the same district! (He is the really tall one). He will be in a companionship with Anziano Mika (a famous BYU basketball player apparently). They will be the tallest companionship in the mission haha!!

So this week, due to the number of dinner appointments that we have had, I have an interesting food of the week: Artichoke. ew. When cooked, it looks like a scary fish. It's weird!

On Wednesday we had a half a P-Day with Vescovo Perego (Bishop).  He showed us around some really cool places!!

I'm gonna miss this district so much!! I LOVE OUR DISTRICT!

So these last 3 days we've had a sleepover in Rome 3 because the Sorelle dying (going home) are here for convenience! So I've been the only one in our apartment who isn't leaving! But I'll get a temporary companion today until I leave to Pescara! This afternoon around 4:30pm, I drop Sorella Perkins off at the mission villa :,( sad sad sad!!!
Lots of Sorelle in Roma 3
Ok so for week two of the fortnight it has been a flipping wild week (and a half)!! where do I start!

Monday - Okay sooooo I dropped Sorella Perkins off at the mission Villa... they have a 'dying dinner' and stop for the night, then they go home in the morning. AWKWARD because me and another Sorella who was a companion with another "dying" Sorella had to be together for a few nights before transfers (Thursday) and NEITHER of us knew how to get back to Rome 3 from the Mission Villa... 
so the AP's were going to take us to the metro stop (Termini .. the main one) but were late. So Sorella
Waddoups and President let us stay for the "death meal" hahahahahahahhha! (probs the most awkward moment of my life, I tried to hide from the pics Sorella Waddoups was taking, cus I didn't want you to freak out that I was there... I'm not going home.. not just yet hahaha!)

Tuesday - Thursday We were in Rome 3! So I was kinda in charge, which was a bit scary ahhaha!

Thursday WAS MOVESSSSSSS! For transfers we got a coach from Rome to Pescara.... I'd say it took about 1 and a half hours... (ish). We then had to get a bus from the coach station to our apartment! OUR APARTMENT IS SO LUSH AND FANCY AND NEW. We even have a dishwasher hahahaha it's HEAVEN!!!! and heated towel racks hahaha like I am LITERALLY in HEAVEN!!! 
Our Apartment in Pescara
The ward is the biggest for active members... As missionaries we are planning an activity to encourage relationships between members, investigators, missionaries etc, so hopefully that will go down well! It's a bonfire.. my idea! hahaha! The ward mission leader liked it, but Bishop said it's too cold for that.... But we will try and bribe him ahaha!!

On the Way to Pescara
So a small incident happened on the way to Termini... (on Thurs morning) I had given my train pass to Sorella Jackson (new Sorella training in Rome 3) and forget that Sorella Perkins WENT HOME WITH THE PASS that she should have left to give to the arriving Sorella. We have NEVER BEEN PASS CHECKED and we were trying to handle all our suitcases also; so that wasn't the 1st thing on my mind. Of Course... I got checked and fined 50 euro. BUT he has given me 30 days to go prove I had one. SO we are trying to get a hold of Sorella Perkins to send it ASAP, otherwise I gotta pay and the longer I leave it, the higher the fine. (in 1 month it will go up to €100 and so on), so hopefully we can get that one sorted real soon....ANYWAYS! so yes; that was the drama this week!

My new companion Sorella Nagliati IS HILARIOUS! I love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGHHHHH she is just so so funny!!!

In the past, Sorella Nagliati has been companions with Sorella Arnold!!!! I'm getting closer and closer!! Maybe next time things change for me (probs like in 3 transfers), I'll get to serve with her! Maybe I will ask President ;) 

Sooooo, on Sunday our alarm didn't go off... awks! Sorella Nagliati set it for 6:30 ..... pm. Hahahahaha! But LUCKILY we naturally woke up and even got to church on time haha phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The area book is a great way to find
So in one of the photos I sent... There is Sorella Nagliati, myself and a lady we found from the area book (that some Sorelle bumped into on the bus a few months ago). We happened to teach a lesson 0, but we have set another appointment with her, so we can now class her as a simp (investigator). She is really cool!!! I'll tell you more about her next week!

BUT YEAH! the fortnight has been one of VERY mixed emotions!!! But all is well!!!! I love being a missionary!!!! I love you all! I love hearing from you all!!! you are all the best!!!!