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Cagliari 9/11/15 - 19/11/16 Pavoni, fenicotteri, arrivederci!, matrimonio, battesimo e la guida di una vettura in Italia. La mia 2 settimana in breve

This week has been an interesting one. Lots of unexpected events. I'll tell you all about it.

Monday began at the Internet point doing emails, cus we needed the computer to exchange pictures... but it didn't work. After that, we went to meet B. She took us to this cutest bakery, like a little British-type bakery and it was absolutely adorable! Then she took us around town and we saw some pretty sights :) That was basically our p’day. Then we did a lesson with R and AM! 

Tuesday. Went to the chapel, cus we were supposed to have a lesson with the woman who came to church last Sunday and asked to see us. She didn't show up. Then we had DDM. Ate pizza for the last time as the original district. Well, Roberts and I went to McDonalds instead, cus I'm sick of pizza and Roberts wanted a salad. We popped into AM, cus she wanted to say goodbye, then we went to V, so she could say her goodbyes too.. Then we had a lesson with S, the lady we found a few weeks back. We had a brief introduction to the Book of Mormon. She came a little late, so there wasn't much time and we had English course straight after, but she was super happy and grateful for the Book of Mormon, which we gave her and she is actually reading it! :) That was basically Tuesday! 
A round of goodbyes for Sorella Roberts

Wednesday. We began with seeing C. She gave us all the ingredients to make the brownie she made for us the other week. She's so sweet! Sorella Roberts shared with her her fave scripture and did her goodbyes. Then we headed straight to meet R at the park for a picnic :) This park was so cool. There were PEACOCKS. SO sick .. and some weird ugly chicken things and some interesting ducks and some turtles. It was awesome.
In the Park with Chickens and Peacocks

Right after that, we headed straight over to the airport to meet Sorella McPheters, as Sorella Hansen left a day early to go to Rome, so she could travel by that delightful 15 hour train the following day; so we picked her up. We also popped to a Chinese store to get bits for the apartment, like a new clothes rack and the sort. Then walked through town with a clothes rack in my hand haha, again, another thing you don't do in real life. Then we popped over to R and E’s house, so Roberts could say her goodbyes. Sad sad. E loves Roberts so much .. it was heart-breaking to see her say goodbye!! After all of this sadness, we headed home for the last night as a COLLEGASHIP, plus Sorella McPheters. Roberts finished packing and McPheters and I reorganised the house. McPheters is super awesome, a professional interior designer. She's helped design temples as a job, isn't that the coolest thing..? Well, she helped with our house and now its super cute..! Way cuter than before. We literally reorganised and moved around everything. It's like a new house. I'll take a picture, cus it's super super cute! Then we went to sleep!

Thursday. What a day!!!!! We were awake at about 4 something, so we could get to the airport on time to drop Roberts off. Got the bus, then the train. In the mission you really do do things you wouldn't in real life.. We got there, she checked in and we said our goodbyes. It was probably one of the saddest goodbyes in the mission. Serving with her for so long has been an absolute piacere. I absolutely love the girl and she has taught me more than anyone will ever know. Anyway, less of the sloppiness hahah. Then Sorella McPheters and I went home to finish sorting out some stuff. We did that and then headed back to the airport to meet all the new missionaries that were arriving in Sardegna... Well, at least we tried to. Of all days, the buses decide to go on a strike between the most critical hours of transfer day (11:00:15:00) so, in a desperate need we think of possible ways to get to the station and then to the airport, as it’s a bus and a train and we couldn't have walked it and we didn't even know if the buses would be on strike, cus you never know in Italy..... We think, okay, the Anziani have the car at home, we could call president for permission, but it would have had to be me driving, cus I had my license and McPheters didn't. She called and he gave the okay. Remember, I haven't driven since my test, which was about 2 years ago.. Not stepped foot in the drivers’ seat since; never driven an automatic; never driven on a highway and most certainly never driven on the wrong side of the road.... Hahahahahah I was so scared, but I did it. I told McPheters I was worried and I needed her to be clear with her instructions, which she was. Well, we finally get there in safety. I'm thinking it's over and that the new ZL’s would be able to drive home, but nope. They still don't have the permission to drive, so they load the car with all the suitcases and I have to take it back home... With my new college, who is now giving me instructions in her motherlingua- Italiano, which was great, but just a lil bit more stressful haha. We get there, no damage, then drive to meet the Sorelle at the train station, which was probs the most stressful part of my driving experience here since its right in the centre of town, but alla fine. We all got home safely. I won't go into too much detail, cus I don't wanna freak you all out, but know we are all safe hahaha. Parked the car and it can stay there until the Anziani have permesso hahah. I'm done. I'll need a lot of practise when I get home. Anyways, after that, we got home and they started unpacking a bit and I thought I'd be all sweet and make dinner. That backfired; but it's my own fault. I made it all! Pasta with cream, bacon and pesto di pistachio. Smelt lush, looked lush, but the cream was bad. So embarrassing .. hahahahah awks. So then my comp cooked for us with what we had in the cupboards haha. After that, we went to see the lady that Sorella Roberts and I met a few weeks back, H from the Ukraine. Bought her a Book of Mormon in her mother language and she was super contenta!! We explained the restoration briefly, cus she couldn't stay long! Went well though :) Then we had corso. Oh my gosh. There are a pair of hilarious brothers who are in like their late 50’s I'd say. They are two of a kind .. so funny. We had a few new students and so we got them to all introduce themselves in English (obv) and one is like "I am Bond... Hehehehe .. and I like to pedal!" His Bond comment was a James Bond joke and he was real impressed with himself hahaha. Then he meant to say that he likes to bike Hahahaha. Love them all, they're hilarious. After that, we practised the musical number for the wedding. 

Friday. We began with a spesa run as none of us had done it and there was near enough no food in the house. Anyways, when we finally finished, we went home and did the weekly planning. It went well, but it was weird. Everything we do is in Italian and it honestly tires me out haha my poor little brain. Weekly planning overran because of starting later... Then we headed straight over to B's to help her with the food prep for the wedding. We made like over 200 sandwiches and then some lush weird little pastry things. Then we headed to the chapel to help decorate, practise the musical number and organise the food and stuff. Wedding preparation; service at its finest! :) That was basically our day :)

Saturday. Today was awesome. Wow. We don't have much time to write in our journals being in a 4-sister apartment. It's great and I love it. I don't see there being any problems. A ton of people, when I told them there would be 4 sisters in the apartment were like "Oh, I'm sorry .. I've heard there's a lot of drama like that!" .. but President has sent some really awesome sisters here and we seem to all get on just great! :) We began heading to the church for the wedding of C and F, practised the musical number.. I sang with the bride and Sorella Clark. HAHAHAHA YES; that's not even a joke. It went well though. The wedding was sweet. It was kind of like two weddings in one. The 'spiritual part' and the 'legal part'. It was awesome and they were both so happy aw aw awwwwww. After, we ate. Then we saw R and R, then AM. All were so awesome. We shared 3 Nephi 13 with R and likened it into our lives. There was a particular part that stood out to each of us. It was the last few verses which reads: 

30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, even so will he clothe you, if ye are not of little faith.
31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
32 For your Heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

So often we are each preoccupied with the things of the world.. and yes, some of these things are important, especially for our survival above everything, but when we have a testimony of the scriptures and read something as powerfully comforting as this, we need not worry. Yes, we can and should pray. Yes, we not only thank our Heavenly Father for that which we have, but we also ask him for things we need, of course.. but, He knows. We pray, we have faith, we act when we can and we see miracles. If we have faith that prayers are answered, stress, worry, discomfort, and confusion are unnecessary feelings. We don't need that in our life and through faith in the power of prayer and the literal and real power of God and the Atonement of his Son Jesus Christ, the only feelings that ought to be a reality in our lives are that of hope and pure joy. 

Anyways, the lesson itself wasn't super thought-provoking for me, not until I'm sat here right now typing it up and reflecting. Another lesson learnt. Reflect! Anyways.. R is great! Awkward moment though, I was playing with one of her gerbils and I thought it was gonna bite me, so I jumped back and spilt sticky apple juice everywhere!

After R, we saw R. On the way there on the bus; a daily creeper came and kept saying "dammi un bacio" (ma che schifo) and we ignored him... Then he asked if we were Italian and Rossi was like "Me? Yes, so I understand everything you say" and he was like "siete belle" and she was like "ma tu no" hahahahahah and he was like "What?" .. and she was like "niente grazie" hahahaha. She's so Italian and sassy I love it!

Anyway... SHE PRAYED AGAIN. R prayed! Lil cutie! Then we spoke about repentance. She seemed to have a real good grasp of it. She's real excited for her baptism!

Then that lead us to AM. She has so so so so so so so so many questions. I am so grateful for my companion, who is Italian and understands everything and knows exactly what to say hahaha mammamia. I'd be lost without her! AM is really great though, super ready for the gospel in her life :) 

Sunday. Awesome as per. The reverence is incredible, you'd be blown away. The talks were great. I can't tell you what they were all about though. I have been speaking Italian non-stop since Thursday and so my brains is Italian-ed out and I'm troppo stanca, but they were great! I played the piano :) then Anziano Williams did the lesson for gospel principles :) After, I was called to help out in Primary. They want me to play the piano for the Primary programme, which they will do in 2 weeks’ time :) It's awesome to know I can help in some way :) Then I practiced with the D family, because their youngest son was to be baptised in the evening. The primary kids did 'I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ' and then I did a duet for the first verse of 'Gods Plan' with one of the other kids on the flute and then some adults, including their Mom singing. I love the D family so much. They are honestly so so awesome. After that, we did a lesson with A... WHO CAME TO CHURCH FOR ALL 3 hours. We have started reading with her the ‘For the Strength of Youth’ pamphlet. It went well and she loved it. Went home, no gas. I ate hard pasta haha. (You know you’re in Italy when...) Then practically headed straight to Correlation. After that, there was the baptism. All went well. It was an awesome service. I liked it a lot. Reminded me a lot of baptismal services at home (the big family ones that people actual go to). There was a lot of family and friends and members there; it was awesome. The talks were by the sister and one of the brothers. E was super happy, bless him. This family are the best! It was super sweet... A and B came. We came home, made some calls and planned. :) 

Well, this week has been crazy. The mission puts you in situations different to the norm, that's for suresies. I'm super-duper tired, but I'm also super-duper happy. I'm missing my figlia a ton, but I know she is loving Rome! Living in an apartment with 4 Sorelle is actually quite different to just one companionship.

Keep being awesome
Vi voglio un sacco di bene. Davvero.
Sorella Robertson 

Week 2 …
Wellllllll, this week has been full and super awesome. So I'll begin with Monday, but before I begin I actually wanna tell you that I found a new gelato flavour favourite.... Walnut. Who would have thought? I have also tried a Chestnut flavour this week, which was lush too, but walnut is just next level lushness, COMUNQUE 
Gelato with my new comp Sorella Rossi (Chestnut flavour Gelato!)

Lunedì. The missionaries in our area planned a last minute district p’day (but without the Oristano Anziani), but we didn’t go, cus there wasn’t much time, so I showed my comp around town a little. We got gelato (chestnut) and just went around centro... Woo! Then we had a busy evening. First, we headed off to see R. We spoke about repentance. It went really well and she had a good grasp of what it meant and the significance of the Atonement. She's super excited to be baptised! :) She also prayed! Right after the lesson with R, we went straight to see AM. She has SO SO SO SOOO many questions!!! Wow. Anyways I don't remember much. She asked about basically everything and we didn't even get to teach the restoration... but it’s okay I guess, cus at least her questions were gospel related. She is really curious, the only problem is that before she met us, she was meeting with the TJ’s (Jehovah witnesses), so it can be a little confusing for her sometimes. Anyways, that was basically our day!

Martedì. We headed off to the chapel early.. It was capi conference. It was good! Lots of emphasis on obedience, as usual and using Preach my Gospel more. Then we had DDM and Anziano Haroldson did an awesome addestramento. Here were my notes (I'm a bad note taker, so it probs won't mean anything to you all) :
What is the purpose of companionship study?
Preparation, to receive revelation for our investigators in preparing them for baptism.
How: study with investigators in mind; study according to their needs.
Ask yourself: What does God want me to learn for our investigators. Do AM's personal study." Study what they would want to know.

PMG – how to begin teaching. Memorise bullet points 

Street contacting. 
Pray for guidance, no pride. 
Be real. 
Compliment people.

Take control of lessons.... Italians talk! ..Interrupt them with love!
Obedience leads us to the ability to teach with power and authority.
Read Patriarchal Blessing.

COMUNQUE .. that's what I learnt from that, my notes don't do it justice! Va bene. Andiamo avanti! 

After the meeting we all went to eat pizza as a district. I shared with Sorella Clark.. Half Margherita and half Nutella. MMMM... After that, we headed home for our apartment male turn by Fratello S who is also the Assistant to Presidente Waddoups. We passed with flying colours. Then we headed to C with the Sorelle to do a pass off lesson, which went really well :) Then we saw AM again... which went well. She again had all these questions about the Plan of Salvation and was confused... Again because of the TJs. Ugh. Then we read some of the Book of Mormon together and she understood it and we felt the spirit together.  After that, it was English course time. It went well. Some of my fave students came and the new Sorelle shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon for their spiritual thought. After that, we headed home, planned and that was that! Oh, also I read a talk called 'The Miracle of a Mission' by Elder Holland. It's really good! He speaks about how the mission is more important than anything we've ever done in our life. It's real good! 

Mercoledì we did a lesson with C, B, A and a friend of C... Also, had lunch with them and ate some typical sard things like Trippa and Culurgionis. Then met C, a woman who called to ask for help with translating.. Then we saw S (a member) and her non-member boyfriend and taught the restoration. This was our day in a nutshell. I really don't have time to go into detail and so I'm sorry.

Giovedì ..  Okay, actually I really really really have 0 time. We were extremely busy this week with appointments and service and so I didn't write in the journal... So I'm just gonna have to save the rest for next week, when I've found time to type it up!

I am really sorry this is such an awful email, but I have basically no p’day left and we need to catch a bus to get to a members house and they live far and so we cut p’day short to be there on time and so I'm sorryyyyy, but I'll make up for it next week I promise! 

I love you all and I know this is the only true Church of the Lord.

You're the best and I miss you lots!
Sorella Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Reinach 2/1//15 - 16/11/16 Bern/Interlaken, Mittel die Bergen, Interviews und Pfahlkonferenz!!! Greizi Mitenand!

Week 45 of 2015
Höi zäme!

Just gonna start with an Ashleigh.... You no you take the same bus too much when the driver just stops by you to ask if you want to get on, even though you’re miles from the next bus stop! It's great! Well, onto this last week....
The Zone

Montag! What a day! So we headed to Weil am Rhein to go shopping! This time we were done pretty quickly actually and it didn't cost a lot at all! Oh and we found a new way to do it- the place we shop at, also has a Maccies, so we connect to their Wifi and download our emails, then we can read them on the way home; that way, we have more time to email when we get to the chapel later, as we've already read emails. It worked out great! So we got home, unpacked the shopping stuff, cleaned the apartment and then chilled for a little while before heading to Gemeindehaus to email! My favourite part! It's already November that is craziness! Then this evening we headed to the Familie Bosco! Oh mensch! It was awesome! We had Raclette again! Awesome! Then we did a little FHE with them! We did the Jenga Spiritual Thought and honestly, this time was the most spiritual when we've shared this thought. Like legit, I felt the Spirit way strongly! Then this evening when we got home, planned, then I gave the talk a read 'Becoming a Consecrated Missionary'. I think it was just what I needed to read at the moment!

Dienstag! What another crazy day! So we headed out to do a bit of finding and nobody, like nobody was on the street! Then we headed to District Meeting in Basel! It was pretty good. The district remained the same apart from the DL getting a Golden. His name is Elder Evans and he is from Wales somewhere! He seems pretty cool! DM was interesting! The DL did like the whole thing again and it was like a mash up of the parable with the vineyard workers who all got the same pay even though some had worked even longer. I can't remember the name of it. Then also the importance of being clean and repentance and a part of the Callister talk fitted in perfectly so I shared a bit of it! It was actually pretty cool! Then we did another Masters of the Message roleplay. This time with The Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson! It was interesting! Then had Distriktessen! Twas cool! Then nach Hause, sprach studium and out again to go by a less active who wasn't home. Then we did some finding on the way to go by P. Then we had P. That always brightens up my day! She is so funny! Then after P, we went by a referral who wasn't home, so left a note and will try again on Saturday! Then it was late so came home for Abendessen and the day was over!

Mittwoch! So this morning we had a bit of comp study before heading to the chapel to meet M. We followed up on whether he watched any General Conference again and he said he tried, but it only played in English. Even though last time we showed him how to get it auf Deutsch! Anyway, so we decided to watch a talk from it with him, the one by Pres Uchtdorf from the Saturday Morning Session. Then we discussed it and committed him to come to church, so we shall see, it is like his 20th church commitment now and so far he hasn't been yet! Then we called Schw. K to ask if she wanted us to help with Seminary today, as we discussed on Sunday and she tells us she is ill today, but didn't want to call us ‘cause it’s so late notice, so we convinced her all was fine and we would take the whole class for her. So then we spent a bit of time getting the manual printed for the lesson which was Exodus 12. Then home, planned the lesson a little more, then had Mittagessen. After, we did a bit more studies, Sprach- I finished sorting my talk for Sunday, then Personal! One thing stood out for me in Personal as I was reading VME and it said "The Holy Ghost is a foretaste of eternal joy." I just found that super awesome! I don't know why, I just did! So there you go! Then we headed out and did a few more Weniger Aktiven Vorbeis. 2 had moved, 1 had no interest to meet with anyone from the church- and another 1 wasn't home. Time goes way too quickly ‘cause then it was time to go to the Gemeindehaus to teach Seminary! Oh mensch! The class is like 3 girls and 2 boys. The boys are really quiet and listen great. The girls on the other hand haha! And this is why Mom decided to change to all 5 days early morning seminary! I may suggest that to their teacher! Then we walked home, finding on the way, had Abendessen, then the day is done! What a day!!!

Donnerstag was a looooooong day! Legit it felt so long it was untrue! So this morning we had the normal study block then early mittags to give us a bit more time! Then we headed to the chapel to get connections sorted before heading out to the middle of nowhere to do some more WA Vorbeis as we are really on to the spread out ones! So we did like 5 less actives in the 4 or so hours we had, but 4 out of the 5 have moved! Oh and we had a pretty cool conversation with a Bus Driver who was on his break and got to teach him a bit and he asked for a Book of Mormon! So that was super sweet! Oh and we took a trip to France! As in legit France, not the French part of Switzerland, but real Frankreich! Mwahaha! Basically to get to a part of our area where one of these WA's live we have to take the tram, which goes out of Switzerland and cuts into France and stops at a place or two in Frankreich before popping back into Switzerland! So that was that and we climbed a few more mountains! Welcome to the Alpenländische Mission people! My comp still can't quite believe that people live up mountains! Mwahahhaa! It's fun! I'm becoming a pro Mountaineer just by Less Active Vorbeis! Then after scaling down the mountain faces we headed for Abendessen bei der Familie Schaffter! It was super good! Then home to make calls and prepare for our meeting with Bischoff tomorrow morning!

Freitag! So we started with Comp study to finish preparing for our meeting with Bishop and the other appointments we had today! Then headed to the chapel for 9.30 to meet Bishop! We talked about the less actives and other things.  The ward are also thinking of trying to put on an activity for Christmas, but nothing’s definite. Then back home, finished studies, had a mittags break then did a little bit of weekly planning (we have to split it this week, as we don't have enough time to do it all in one). Then to the Schwester M! Then we headed to Frau S, had a lesson about Temple Work and Family History which she seemed to enjoy, Oh and we had dinner with Frau S again! 'Twas lovely!
Samstag! So we began with comp study again to prepare a spiritual thought for our service activity! Then we headed up to Hochwald for 19am to the Familie H. We were helping them chop wood! That's the awesome thing about the Alpine region! People have firewood fireplaces! So awesome! So we were preparing for the Winter! So we carried these massive trunks from the forest to the garden, chopped them into smaller chunks, then chopped them again into pieces and stacked them up by the house! I got to play with a Chain-saw (a-rigadigdigdigdigdigdigdig) And an axe! It was super fun! Plus, today we had like 20*C, which is crazy for November time here, but it was sweet! Oh mensch- I am so tired after today’s antics! We were chopping wood for like 6hours (with a lunch break of course) we had raclette! I love raclette! Anyways! Then by the time we got home we had to schower and get changed then we quickly went by a referral we tried by earlier in the week, but she wasn't home, so we left a note saying we would try by again today in the evening, but she wasn't home again! Then we headed back home and did the rest of our studies! I am so dead and my arms have cuts all up them from the wood! Ahhh well! Life is grand!

Sonntag, Sonntag, Sonntag! Oh what can I say about this day! Church was interesting! Sacrament meeting; I spoke, one of the youth spoke and the High Councillor spoke! I hate having to give talks in German cause I can't look out at the congregation otherwise I lose my place and get all confused and make terrible mistakes. English is so much easier (or was). I barely even needed notes in English! Meh! So I basically read what I prepared for the 10 minutes I was given. Apparently it was good and I was also told by a few people that my German is amazing and I should speak more! Although there’s a difference between preparing it and just simply speaking. Like with a talk I can look over it a few times and make corrections when I see something wrong, simply speaking is full of errors! Although I did ask my companion to look over it and tell me what was wrong- and surprisingly he only corrected like 5 things maximum and they were stupid little things with getting the right der, die, das, dem, den, blah, blah, blah! So it wasn't too bad, even if I do say so myself, but I just wish I didn't have to read it and could focus more on the congregation than what and how I am saying things! Hey, ho! Then during Sunday School we had a meeting with the High Councillor, as it was the one who is over Missionary Work, so we met and talked about how the Stake can help us and how we can help in the Stake and stuff! It was actually really quite effective and he's from Burnley! Someone in the family may know him, he's probably like Uncle Pete's or Nick's age! His name is DF! I don't know, but it was pretty good! I must admit both St. Gallen and Bern Stake High Councillors for Missionary Work are really quite brilliant with getting to know the missionaries and the work in each area and seeing how they can help! It's brilliant! Then Priesthood was Priesthood! Today was lesson 21 all about Wohlfahrtsprogramm- no idea what it’s called in English! Like Welfare or something? I don't know- I can barely remember much English these days! Just enough to write emails each week! Then home, essen, studied and headed to the Familie B for Abendessen! It was really nice! They are a cool family!

Alles Liebe,
Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxx

Week 46 of 2015- Bern/Interlaken, Mittel die Bergen, Interviews und Pfahlkonferenz!!!
Greizi Mitenand!

 Montag! It was a pretty crazy messed up day! So today we headed down to the South part of the Zone. This evening our plan was to finish weekly planning and do area book work, as we really need stuff to work with, so to save time and make things easier we decided we'd do weekly planning on the train, as we had a pretty quiet train ride. Hence, why we were on emails a little later this time. So we planned on going trotti-biking with the Basel and Bern Elders as none of them have done it before and I was up for doing it again in weather that was nicer than the fog and thunderstorm we got when I did it last year! So we met them in Bern and I think they really just wussed out on it. Excuse was, that we wouldn't have enough time in the end, but we totally would have! Anyways, so then they were just like let’s get the bikes and just ride round Bern, going to Brocki's. As they do the free bike hire thing in Bern! Elder Dooreman (Bern) really didn't fancy it and I wasn't too fussy, so we had a little tausch and me and Elder Dooreman just had a chilled P-day, headed down to Interlaken, looked around, enjoyed the Mountain views and just chatted about everything! Elder Dooreman was in my second golden district and he is one of our ZL's. So it was cool! He's a cool guy and he dies (goes home) at the end of this transfer! Sad times! At the end of this transfer, I'm the only one still here from my Golden Districts! Craziness! Then we headed back to Bern, chilled there a bit before we tausched back and we came to do emails! Then we headed home, looked through the area book, did some calls and boom! The day was over! Oh, I also bought myself a new iPad case cause the ones we get given are super bulky and break all the time, so now I have a nice case! Wahey!

 Dienstag was another day filled with vorbeis and uneventful finding! So we did like 6 less active vorbeis today, 5 have moved the other one wasn't home, but her son answered the door and was really friendly, told us to try by another time or to just call before-hand! So maybe we finally have another less active to work with! Wahey! But honestly! That’s 5 more less actives which have moved.... It's crazily ridiculous! Oh then this evening, we headed by P again! We're going through the Christ-like attributes with her, which is going really well! Oh and part way through our visit, she cracks out this empty box of Scottish Shortbread, and asks us if we know where she can buy more from, cause she saw it once in Denner and bought it for like CHF10, but it was the last one and they haven't sold it since and she loves the stuff cause apparently it's really big where she's from. So I may need to get my hands on a recipe to make her some! Oh, and E was being so funny today! She's like only 1 year old and she is like walking- she can do a pretty good little walk before falling and she can stand up without holding anything for ages! Craziness! Oh, today she was laughing like the whole time! It was so cute and so funny! I've never heard her laugh before, she just normally has a real cute smile, but today she was laughing- it was so funny! Then we did like another vorbei before coming home, abendessen and plan - and the day is done!

 Mittwoch! After 20mins of Comp Study we headed off to Gemeindehaus to teach M! It went pretty well actually. Then we had internet hour to sort out some directions! Then home, ate, and finished studies! Then we finally went out to the middle of nowhere, oh my goodness- legit this was like the end of the earth! Not quite, but it seemed like it, so we had to take a train and bus to the middle of nowhere! Then walk miles through this strange dorf in the middle- legit, I mean it, in the middle of the mountains! This one actually still lived there as well and was home! Amazing! So we had a little chat and she was totally cool and super friendly. She works on Sundays, so that is why she doesn't come to church. So we'll have to see what we can do there! Then we headed to Insti, as we were meeting a less active there, so that was cool! There were a few more this time, so it wasn't such a small class, still smaller than Bern and Zürich Insti, but bigger than last time! It was cool! I love going to Insti when we can! It's just different and being with kids that you would hang out with back home! Love it!

 Donnerstag! So we finally had a normal study morning. Then we headed down to the deep south of our area for a Mittags appointment. She is a member, her husband isn't I think. So we got to know them! It was pretty cool! They've been on holiday a lot recently, so it was the first time we went there, for both of us. 'Twas fun! Then we headed again to the middle of the mountains to go by a less active, and legit, these middle of the mountain dorfs are crazy. The streets are random and they have no numerical order whatsoever. Like you go down the street and you have like 47, 372,
 194, 468, 213- It is mental, so it was like good luck trying to find the one you’re after! So it turns out we never found it and we were kind of in a rush to find, go by, have a chat and get back as the bus was like not so frequent, so after all of the time being used to search, we had to head back, or we'd have been stranded there for like goodness knows how long! So after that adventure, we headed up to Gempen, where there’s also like one bus every hour or something like that, so we went by another one and he was home- wahey, another one who still lives at the address we have, but he's now Atheist! Soooo.... That was fun! Then finding in the middle of nowhere whilst waiting for the next bus! Oh mensch! Then home, grabbed a jacket as it was getting a little chilly by this time, before heading down to the Familie S. Had Abendessen! Saurkraut and some other stuff! I love Saurkraut! Then we did the M&M Story Feast Spiritual Thought! They loved it! Then home, made a few calls, planned and bed as we had a beautifully early start tomorrow! Oh the joys!

 Freitag! So we had to get up at like 5:55, so we could get ready before having to leave to get to Zollikofen for Interviews with Präsident! So we get there for 9:00, well just before 9:00, and get a call from the DL saying that they missed their train and were gonna be half an hour late (trains between Basel and Bern are every half hour) and the Pratteln Elders were also gonna be late, so we just chilled at the chapel for a while. Then Präsident turned up (a little late- but he did come from Zürich, I think, sooo.... So we'll let him off). Oh and AR was at the chapel in Zollikofen, as C was working today. The R’s were like my all-time favourite couple in Bern- they are the Best, I love them and oh my goodness, their kid is the cutest little guy ever! Then the others turned up, and we started DM.
 It was interesting! We went over Joseph Smith History and discussed it and then did Finding Role Plays (my favourite thing to do) and we did that whilst Pres was doing interviews. Then after DM, interviews were still going, so we just did our own thing, so we helped Elder Evans (DL's Golden) with some Language Study! 'Twas fun! Then nach Hause! Took the train with the Basel Elders, so it was a fun ride home! Then had a super late Mittags, before heading to Schw. M. It was a good appointment- we decided we will go from the beginning with her again, take it as an investigator, cause first things first she needs a testimony of the Gospel, Restoration and Book of Mormon. So von anfang an! Es war schön! Then nach Aesch to meet Bru C to head down to Frau S! It was a nice evening! We spoke about Repentance and clarified how repentance is the godly sorrow and desire to make the change. The forgiveness only comes as we are baptised and receive the Holy Ghost- that is what cleanses us and gives us the forgiveness. It is called Baptism for the REMISSION of Sins - and remission is forgiveness. Then after Baptism, it is when we renew our covenants (sacrament) that the forgiveness comes. Trying to help her understand that she can be repentant without feeling forgiveness, cause she won't feel that forgiveness entirely until after baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost! I think it helped a little! Then we had Abendessen with her and home! I am super tired from the early start though, so that was Friday!

 Samstag! So this morning was another out the house early, so we headed out at 8:00 this morning to get to a place that was like an hour away to help a member clear out his Dad’s Business office/art studio thing! So we headed there and did that this morning! So much rubbish, it was crazy, but there were some pretty cool pieces of art! Anyways! Then it was getting to midday and we needed to get home, get changed and grab something super quick to eat before leaving at 13:00 to get to
 Zollikofen for the Priesthood Leadership Meeting part of Pfahlkonferenz! As missionaries we are like expected to go in Pfahl Bern, but it’s fun! So we headed down to Zollikofen! Oh and I had a train convo! I am really bad at Train Contacting, but I just went for it this time. I just spoke to the guy opposite me and it went really well! The main thing that gets me about train contacting is you can't just do a straight up gospel approach, you have to start normal chit-chat stuff and then hope they ask something about what you are doing! I was super lucky, cause he was pretty quickly moving onto what I was doing as a missionary! It was cool though! Then our stop came and we had to leave, which sucked, cause I just got chance to give him a pass along card, but no number from him. Meh! But anyways! So we had the Priesthood Leadership Meeting and a part of it, all of the Bishops had to give a report on their ward mission plan and the successes the ward have seen! It was a pretty good meeting! They spoke about next years’ Stake Vision, which is based on D&C 11 with a focus on putting our trust in God. It was pretty good! Then a half hour break, which went by way too quickly before the other session of Stake Conf began! It was actually really good! Pres and Sister Kohler spoke as well as a few others! I love Sister Kohler so much! She does such an amazing job- like she spoke no German whatsoever before coming here- and she never had 6 weeks in the MTC to learn it, like us, plus she isn't around German speakers constantly like we are, but she gives her talk/testimony auf Deutsch none the less- with like no notes from what you could see! She is such an example of the Stake vision for 2016 of trusting in the Lord! I love the Kohlers!!! Then afterwards it was the general chit chat stuff! Oh man! It was so cool! Being back in my Golden Stake! Love it! Then a lovely journey back home! A little late back, but hey! 'Twas a cool day!

 Sonntag, Pfahlkonferenz day! It started at 10, but we needed to be in seats for 9.50, so headed there for about 9.20 to meet and greet. It was in Basel Kongress Zentrum this time, not Biel like normal (I think Biel was already booked up- but Basel was so much nicer and the acoustics were way better). So we got there in good time to say hi to people, greet some familiar faces from the Gemeinde Bern. That was really cool, then we took our seats. It was actually a pretty nice conference. Oh, then just after the opening hymn and prayer they reopened the doors for late comers and I just turned around, being nosey and all as to who was late, haha … and I see none other than Jakob(Elder) Schenk! Craziness! The Pfahlkonferenz was kind of moving all over the place theme-wise; from Temple and Missionary Work to Patriarchal Blessings and then to the Stake Vision for next year to ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart’!  It was good! Then at the end, the normal chit chat stuff, catching up with Bern members and then chatting with Schenk! Oh man! It was so cool! He has a picture! So, that was super cool! Then chatting and catching up with Bakewell! I love that kid! Then home; oh, our train fell out (can you say that in English- Deutsch is Ausgefallen, just doing a direct translation), so it took us even longer to get home, which sucked. Then we had a late mittagessen, went out to find for an hour or so and then came home to study and the day was basically over! I am so tired, but it's been a good few days!
Catching up with old Companions

and old friends at Conference

Well anyways, I believe that is all from me for this week. Well, have an awesome week! You are all the BEST and keep me going every day! This church is true and this work is the BEST work in the entire world! It's hard as fetch sometimes, but it is so worth it!

 Alles Liebe,

 Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxx

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Cagliari 26/10/15 - 9/11/15 Scarpe da trekking Dolly, Pizza sovraccarico, la vita consacrata e missionaria trasferimento news

Week 1 of the fortnight …

Monday. Today was pretty awesome; we actually did something for p’day! We went near where the 'la sella del diavolo' (the saddle of the devil). It was a long, long hike (for me). Americans are used to this stuff but me, nope! Anyways, let me start from the beginning. We went to do spesa, picked Roberts' package up, then did email. While we were doing email, the Anziani called us to let us know where and when we were meeting. (At this point we are in missionary attire (con la gonna..) and they wanted to meet 15 mins from then. We were about a 15 min bus ride away haha, so it could have been perfect.. but they told us that we might want to be in 'non missionary' clothes. Well, we didn't have time for that, besides, I don't have any jeans or anything with me; anyways (well, now I do, but I didn't); so we risked it and ran into a Chinese shop. I don't think any of us have ever bought jeans so fast in our lives. We tried them on, bought them, then went back to the changing rooms to get changed into them... Hahahah imagine! Then we set off to meet the Anziani. We were about 15 mins late, but it was okay! So, all of us missionaries and R (otherwise it's like a double date apparently hahahahahah gross) - got the bus to the mountains and started our hike. You need to remember, the only things that changed were our skirts ..into jeans. I was definitely not wearing hike appropriate footwear hahaha, but I'm a woman, so I bossed it just fine! It was long and tiring hahaha but the view was one of the most beautiful things. I cannot wait for you to see this city. Mammaaaaa mia. I have literally been sent to the most beautiful parts of the world and I mean that! It's just so lush. 
P-Day Hike to the Saddle of the Devil

Then we rushed back to R’s house for a lesson (got back, changed in her bathroom and she didn't even realise) Hahahah. Well, President told us to just go over and over the Restoration with her, so we did. This time we used the video. She loved it. Then she asked us if we wanted pizza. We told her that we were okay and that we had to go, then she called her friend. Meanwhile, we are trying to get her attention to tell her we need to go and we can't stay for pizza and that Roberts can't eat it anyways, cus she can't have gluten.. but she ignores us purposely hahahahaha. So then, her friend M came, with another friend who we have never met, called P and we start eating our pizza. Well, I finished mine and I signalled to Roberts to tell her that I can help her with hers (I wasn't being greedy, she can't eat gluten, so I was trying to help her out) and then she rips some off and puts it on my plate as discreetly as possible. Then P catches it and gives me half of her pizza too thinking I'm hungry and so I'm telling her that I am not hungry, but she's confused, cus I just took some of Roberts pizza and it was just awkward and I was so full I could have cried hahahahaah; but basically I ended up eating 2 fishy pizze and I was so so so full hahaha. (Like, two whole pizze - plural).

Tuesday.. Well, today we were determined to find the time to do something before DDM, which is placed at a pretty inconvenient time. We headed to centro to find K (the girl from the gelateria that we found a month back on the scambio.. with a brother called N).  She was there and was super happy to see us! The reason she didn't call us back was because she was just so busy. So I'm super sad, cus she really literally works all the time.. :( but hopefully some weekend or something, we can catch her when she is free! :) then we headed back to the chapel for DDM... but got on the wrong bus. Anyway, to cut it short, eventually we got there, just like 20 mins late. DDM was awesome. Anziano Molnar did the spiritual thought. He is so creative! He did it basically like a story that we had to act out and it was awesome. Then Haroldson did the addestramento.. which was awesome too. He based it on the talk:  ‘Becoming the consecrated missionary’ -Tad R. Callister 2008. MTC Utah. It was super duper awesome. Made me wanna be way better. Sometimes I think that maybe it will take until I get home to be the missionary I want to be. I'm beginning to understand why people say it's the best, but hardest 18 months/2 years of your life, because you're just serving people all day and that is the best. You're constantly surrounded by the love and support of your companion and other missionaries and leaders and most importantly you really feel closer than ever to both our Heavenly Father, our Saviour and the divine, sacred influence of the Holy Ghost, but at the same time, there is that constant desire to improve; and although it's a good desire at times, it is so so hard, because sometimes you just never feel good enough. It really humbles you, I'll tell you that, but it's just the best. A working progress, a magnificent journey! The whole addestramento was all very thought provoking. He spoke about the equal importance of changing both behaviour and nature. He said "If we only change our behaviour, we'll return home he same person we left." .. and that the way we change also our nature is my submitting ours to the will of God. He spoke about sacrificing fears, 'preaching by the way' (D&C 52:10-27), increasing faith, getting home out of our head, giving up pride and devoting ourselves fully to the Lord. He covered a ton of points. It was really well delivered! Definitely made me want to be better :) After that, Fratello C made lunch :)))) then we went home to study Italian, then went to see V :) We did a lesson with her about the power of prayer! It went really well. Then we helped her sort out the room of her Uncle. Then we just accompanied her for a little, cus she is alone and just could really do with some company. I love her! After that, we went to do finding. We literally spoke to everyone!! We met an awesome woman called G. Anyways, she had her baby son with her and he was absolutely gorgeous! She seemed really interested in our message and agreed to swap numbers :) After that we headed to English course, got there un po' late, but vabbè! That went well and for the spiritual thought I used a quote from the 'Come and See' discorso and gave them each a slip of paper and invited them to write down a question that they have about our religion, so that our spiritual thoughts can help them to better understand what we believe .. and so it can be of interest to them :) After that, we called S, the lady we met last week and got an appointment :) for next Tuesday

Wednesday... We started off with a trip to Quartu to see C and P. When we first got there, a different lady answered the door all happy and welcoming and we had never met this lady before, so we were all like 'errrrm ciaooooo😁' haha; but it turned out it was C's sister and she was super duper nice. Well, initially, we planned on finally finishing off the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end), but while Roberts was doing her part, they got distracted and we began talking about the Priesthood. The start talking about how the Pope and the priests all have the Priesthood and so out of 'curiosity' I asked the, where the Priesthood came from... Like who gave it to the Priests... Then the ministers, then we traced all the way back to the Pope where I asked them how the Pope got it and they were like 'boh, maybe the other ministers'; so ideally that would have led on perfectly to the Restoration of the Priesthood, no!?! .. but they then start talking about unforgivable sins. Anyways, after that we headed home for pranzo and lingua, cus that's honestly all we had time for. Our city is so huge. We've actually decided doing Quartu days, cus going there for just one lesson is a waste, so we need to find more less actives and simps from there! After pranzo and lingua we went to see R :) We spoke about how through the Atonement of Christ we can change the little things that stop us progressing, based on the talk 'What Lack I Yet?'. It went really well. We always have a great time visiting her. After that, it was finding finding finding. Not much really came of it and then we headed to the chapel for a lesson on the Plan of Salvation with A, B and a member present R!! :) Okay, so this lesson, it went so so so so well. We couldn't have used a more capable member. R was baptised just over a month ago, the Anziani taught him. He was originally an English course student. He is GOLDEN. He just helped us out so much. His testimony wasn't overbearing, but was bold and definitely invited the spirit, probably more so than we could have. If there was something that A or B didn't understand, he helped explain it and his explanations were just so so solemn. In the end, we invited them to pray, and R suggested we all knelt down. (He likes kneeling down :) ) and the spirit was most definitely there. It just felt great and I know that we were able to help A and that he understood it, because at the start; we asked him what he thinks his purpose is in life and he took a while to answer saying how there are many answers, but to start with, he told us that he didn't know, but then at the end you could tell that his mind was enlightened and he even sent us a text saying how he gained a lot. At the end while we were waiting for the bus with R, he asked us how he delivered it, so we told him how well he had done!! I think this was the first lesson he had helped out with (other than the ones with his wife, E.) He was super grateful for the experience and he is just the sweetest man I've met!!

Quote from R (in English) "I think pizza in a box is very sad" hahaha ..made me laugh. He would much rather eat in a restaurant.

Thursday, well first thing in the morning, we got a bidone. We began making love hearts with scriptures on for ‘heart attack’ her. First, we went to do park finding. We met an African guy who was begging outside a shop. His name was J. He seemed really interested, so he gave us his number and asked him to call us! :) After that, we headed to B's, to ‘heart attack’ her door. Luckily the main door of the apartment that B lives in is always open. We got there and just went for it! No-one was in, so that was also a relief! haha It was a little awkward when people walked past and we pretended we weren't doing anything haha. Well we continued finding, oh, side note. I BEG YOU IF ANYONE HAS FINDING IDEAS I AM ALL EARS. I am about to go crazy with the amount of finding we do, due to cancellations and I just need something to put into the mix. Not much seems to be working, so I 100% understand and can sympathise with Ammon! Got home, received another bidone. Woooo! So LUCKILY (or maybe because we are blessed haha), we were able to fix up a last minute lesson with B... who absolutely loved the ‘heart attacked’ door hahahah. We got an idea from an Anziano who is serving in the Napoli zone right now. The office missionaries do this weekly 'funny story competition' and the weekly funny story from last week was from Anziano Tanner (super funny guy who was in the Catania zone when I was). Basically, we set it up how (this is only for new converts haha important side note right there!!) One of us teach with the new convert (so in this case, B) and the other missionary acts as a simp. It's basically a role play, so in the lesson we have time to study the topic all together, then we split up. It went well though and G would have loved it; too bad we are done with the new convert lessons with her. We might just do it with her anyways though, as we still plan on doing spiritual thoughts with her. After that, we had to rush off to set up for the Halloween party that all us missionaries were organising. B told us she'd give us a lift. We were really grateful, but by the time we got there the Anziani had decorated everything... Oh well ha! We bought a brownie and I made a spider out of black tape and paper to stick on top with cherry sauce as 'blood' Hahahah It was supposed to be scary! The party was awesome. A played some songs that I used to listen to at home and it was a trial for me not to dance to them! Hahaha We played a few games and everyone seemed to love it! A came too and one English course lady bought a cake, which was super sick Hahahah It was supposed to be scary and she had like a fake lung on it or something! A’s dad, Fratello DP make a lush cake. He reminds me a lot of Dad! He's super creative. He's super funny and he bakes too! You'd love him! Thennnnn we came home! 

Fun at the Cagliari Ward Haloween Party

Friday.. Weekly planning in the morning, made chilli for dinner MMMM, then after pranzo and studies, we went to our neighbour who lives under us, to do some service (English), because she will be going to study abroad in a few months and her dad asked us if we could help. They are a family of 4 (mom, dad and 2 figlie), so we are gonna try and teach them all... In Italian... About Christ’s church. :) After that, we headed to go find some ex investigators whose numbers we don't have, but addresses we do. At the bus stop this man started speaking to us. He was a funny little old man who thought he knew us (must have met the sisters before and thought we were the same). He was disappointed that we didn't 'remember' him haha. He then gets cards out of his bumbag and shows off all of his tricks. He was awesome and asked us if we could tell him when the ward does a talent show. He then went on to telling us how his wife died a few years back and that it’s been hard, but this passion for magic is what keeps him going. We ended up getting on the same bus (not our plan) and got to introduce him to the Book of Mormon. As we stated our purpose, as I listed 'faith, repentance baptism etc' he told me he is really struggling with his faith, and has done since God took his wife from him. We told him we could help him with that and he was surprised. He accepted the Book of Mormon, gave us his number and then asked more general questions about the mission. He thought that the church hires young boys and girls and pays us to do this hahah He was absolutely baffled when he realised that we actually choose to do this haha! We continued in doing finding, none of them were in, or it wasn't a good time etc. Roberts fell in the middle of the road, so we took an unexpected trip to church, so she could clean her bloody hand up, then we carried on. On our travels, we met some more Africans, a lady called S and her baby boy called 'God’s time' (that was his name.. Maybe it was all one word like Godstime. I don't know, but he was beautiful! That was basically our day.

Saturday... We began at the church doing a lesson with M. We had role played and planned super well. We spoke about the Atonement, how through Christ our weaknesses can become strengths as last time when we invited her to baptism, she told us that she doesn't think she can keep all the commandments, especially the one where we are to 'turn the other cheek'. We invited her to baptism again and we finally figured why she won't. She doesn't think she can, because she doesn't think it's possible to follow Jesus. What she really means is that she doesn't think she can follow Jesus perfectly, which we told her is fine. I asked her 'I was baptised when I was 8 years old. Do you think that I, as an 8 year old followed Jesus PERFECTLY or do you think I tried? (Rhetorical question haha..) I tried, it most certainly wasn't perfectly.. and what about now? I’m now 20 years old. Do you think I follow Jesus Christ PERFECTLY? No, but I try! I make mistakes, but it's okay, because I try and I know that I can be forgiven.' She seems to think that when we get baptised we sign some kind of contract promising to be perfect. I really love M! After that, we headed to X. She was really pleased to see us. We introduced the Book of Mormon to her and she was super grateful and excited and told us she is always there and to come back soon! So this next week we will try and set up a proper appointment with her! Can't tell you her name though, cus it's kinda weird and I don't remember anymore haha. Then we went to try and find somewhere that makes stamps for our stamper that we use for the pass along cards, cus we broke it, oops! Pranzo, lingua, then an evening full of finding..... We began trying to find ex investigators.. One woman was about to go to her TJ church, but told us to pass by one evening next week! The others weren't in, so on the bright side, nobody told us that they aren't interested! Trick or Treaters were everywhere! It's super cute though, cus the parents dress up with them and so there's all these cute kinda scary families. They also don't really ring doors, cus everyone here lives in apartments, but the shops remain open til later and they just go into shops really and the shops are all loaded with sweets for them; at least from what I saw, so it was sweet. I was wondering how they'd do it! Nobody was interested though in our message, as they were all preoccupied with Halloween, so we were like errrrrm okay... We'll go to the park ... Nobody. Okay, the big Main Street in centro, full of trick or treaters; none of which had the time to stop... So we were like well, we have about 3 more area books at home which we haven't yet looked through, so we'll make calls. A few people said we could see them, so we are super excited about that! :) Also, on the bus home from this we spoke to 3 African men, D, B and K. That was basically our day!

Sunday... Well, we began with church. It was an interesting one for me too! Sacrament meeting was awesome. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but this is probably the most reverent ward I've ever been to during the sacrament meeting.. Even though there are also a ton on younger children! The testimonies were awesome. I felt like a lot of them testified of our Saviour and how he is helping them through trials and hardships. It was just awesome. I don't wanna leave this ward. They’re very strong. They have some incredible leaders here! Relief Society was taught by Sorella S. It was a really really good lesson, all about the Sabbath and the sacrament. I enjoyed it a lot. This is what made me realise and reflect on the reverence that this ward demonstrates, especially during the sacrament. It was awesome! I told A how awesome I thought this ward was in terms of reverence (as well as other things obviously). Church was great! After that, we had pranzo, then studied Italian. I really struggle studying the language; I get so distracted. I don't speak as well as I probably should because of this and I want to change it, but I find it so hard! After that, we went to church for correlation. Then headed to A. Love her! We spoke about what it means to take upon us the name of Christ... and led it onto following his example. We spoke about how every lesson he ever taught, he taught by example. He didn't leave us confused, he showed the way then commanded us. Then it led to the extra guidelines and standards that have been revealed to prophets and this time we emphasised language. It went well! She told a ton of stories and before we knew it we needed to go home to make calls for the following week! Two ‘A’ quotes that made me laugh were:
She stood up to kill a mosquito and she was like: "I don't want this here now. It will eat me out in the night!" Then she is talking about something that happened at college and she said "This girl was so mad, she was vibrating!" and I was like 'Hahahah what? Vibrating??' And she was like "YES”. She was so mad she was VIBRATING!' hahaha. She's hilarious. It doesn't even sound funny typed up like this, but she cracks me up!

Well, all in all, this week was tough, I'm gonna be honest, but little things have reminded me of God’s love and have made me smile during the hard times. I echo what I said last week... Or the week before. The mission is a roller coaster. It's a classic line I know, but there's no other way I could put it. I love every minute and little things help me to love even the frustrating moments, so for that I am grateful!

I know this gospel is true. I know that if we listen close enough, the Spirit will guide us throughout our lives. Sometimes it feels like the adversary is louder and that is why it's so important to always be listening out for the promptings of the spirit and to always be willing to act. It's hard sometimes, but it's the only way we will truly be happy. The Spirit is a sacred, divine companion that can be with us all of our lives; a friend, a councillor, a comforter and we have this sacred gift, because we have a loving Heavenly Father and Saviour, Jesus Christ who love us so much, that although physically they can't be here with us in these very moments, standing with us, holding our hands, spiritually, they are .. and we can feel that reassurance through the Holy Ghost.

I love this gospel. It's simple. It brings blessings and it's true. Share it whenever and wherever you can! It will help others and fill you with joy.

Baci e abbracci,
Sorella Robertson

Week 2 of the fortnight …
Well well well. Unfortunately for you, and for me, I didn’t write up anything all week. It’s been pretty crazy. I’m just gonna share with you guys some highlights! :)

So, after p-day we went to do a FHE with la famiglia DP. I just love this family so so so much! We spoke about how the scriptures bless our lives and then each shared our fave scripture (or at least one of them) and spoke about what it means to us and how it helped us! After that, we just spoke about life. This family reminds me a lot of home. Fratello DP and his two kids, A who is like 22 and R, who is like 12 or 13 are awesome. Fratella DP made dessert. LUSH .. and we just spoke, then left to go home to do some area book!

The Caglairi District Oct-Nov 2015

Another highlight: Anziano Molnar did the addestramento since it would have been his last! It was super awesome. It was very personal and everybody gave input; like it was more of a really spiritual discussion. He is super creative. He'll make a great leader back in Germany. We were able to share with one another why we came on a mission, why we are still here and what has worked for us in strengthening our testimonies. He shared a poem and asked each of us how it relates to our lives and it was awesome, cus we each had different answers .. and so since this email is so short, I’m gonna share with you guys what my answer was to the question 'Why are you still here in the mission?'

-Because I love it
-Because there is a reason God told me to come here
-Because I know my Father in Heaven wanted me to come here (answers to prayers, Patriarchal Blessing)
-Because there is still so much more for me to learn, that I know I need to learn here and now
-Because the work for me to do is not finished and won’t be until the end
-Because I love the people
-Because I know that families can be eternal and I want to help others to achieve it
-Because I have a testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a message of happiness and I want to share it!
-It’s the least I can do. I owe a lot to my Father in Heaven and Saviour, Jesus Christ and this is a small fraction of that which I owe them.
-Because very special people have been placed in my path here, both members, investigators and especially, my companions. 

Well guys, the list could go on and on, but I just wanted to share with you why I am still here. 

Another highlight: We saw C and her friend... They fed us SO much cake. It was like Brownie Italianized. 

R set a baptismal date. She will enter into the waters of baptism 5th December- SHE WAS CONTENTISSIMA! Miracles are happening!

All in one day, A, R and a less active .. ALL PRAYED AND SAID BEAUTIFUL prayers!! :)

The Sorelle cancelled a scambio... again, so we had to do an emergency one and had to go there... since the transfer ends soon and I wouldn’t be fulfilling my responsibility not going; so we made that sacrifice, as it was their turn to come here and we honestly saw so so many blessings from doing so!!! I also learnt a LOT from that scambio!! 

We had an awesome lesson with M. She even mentioned baptism this time!! :)

TRANSFER CALLSSSSSSSSSSSSSS … Roberts leaves me to go to Rome with the other Sorella
Roberts. (Not even kidding) hahah.  I'm so sad. I love love love Sorella Roberts and she has helped me more than she will ever know, on many aspects.  I stay; get my wish of an Italian companion, Sorella Rossi and we also get 2 new sisters to live with us. (Sorella Chandler, who came into the mission with me and Sorella Clark who came into the mission with Roberts).  I'm excited, because finally my Italian can improve, as I did tell President that I feel I would benefit having an Italian comp. She actually killed Nagliati (last Sorella to serve with Nagliati, before leaving for home). My main aim is to be her friend, improve my Italian and to work well with her :) In other news, Molnar goes home tomorrow, cus he's done, so he will be replaced and we will also have 2 new Anziani, so in this city, we will have 8 missionaries altogether!!! Exciting!

Sunday was awesome, cus we did a family home evening a casa di Sorella S, con alcuni meno attivi. It went really well and turned into an awesome discussion about their conversion stories, testimonies of prayer and of our Saviour!

I apologise again at how bitty and weird this email is. I will make it a priority this week to write something down each day, so you never have to read an email like this again haha

I love you all so very much and miss you!
I love my Saviour and Father in Heaven and for all that they have done for me, so that I can progress and change. 
I know that this is the restored church of Christ!

Keep being amazing.

You are each great examples for me.


Sorella Robertson