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Ragusa 8/6/15 - 21/6/15 - Aumentando allo stesso tempo il nostro insegnamento opportunità con Ipad per insegnare con splendidi risultati


Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Sooooooooooo as per usual, I'll email you as if I'm writing in a diary. Meglio cosi! <3


MONDAY---- We FINALLY got around to going to H&M!! I bought a skirt, makeup bag, a few tops to keep me cool in the summer... a new cute necklace (I couldn't resist!), a pair of black and brown shoes. My other ones had seen better days .. And yeah, we just went all out with the retail therapy!! <3 IT FELT SO GOOD!

Tuesday ---- We had DDM... which was awesomeeeeeeeee! :) Then we went to Comiso to see Sorella Turtula. She is the sweetest lady EVERRR. I love seeing her so much. She is one of the best examples I know of service. Everything she does is truly out of the goodness of her heart and I just love that woman! Then we had English Course :)

Wednesday ---- Such a full day!! :) We went to see Vincenzo at the pharmacy... but he wasn't there... so we went to see Rosemary.. and she wasn't there either... SO WE DID FINDING. YEY! Then we went to see Sorella Appiah. It went really well! Also, after that we saw Gabe! He was great as per usual! I don't remember what we spoke about... OH WAIT, YES I DO! We had Fratello Guastella with us (MEMBER PRESENT LESSON) and we spoke about the Book of Mormon, the importance of having a testimony of Joseph Smith and the sort. It went really well, Fllo Guast. shared a really awesome testimony. He is awesome! He is the ward mission leader! :D Then we had another BIDONEEEEEEE!!! YEY. haha jk. I hate bidones but! it is okay, cus they had reason. anyway.. after that we headed to a member lesson and we were a bit early, so EBM style we did casa casa in the area. A lady let us up and into her house, told us she wants personal English course. We told her our real purpose and set a deal that if we can teach her English, we will also teach her our 5 gospel lessons.... and SHE AGREED!! CON PIACERE!!! (with pleasure!) :) Then the member lesson. We did it about charity and shared a story from the Bible. Then said how missionary work is a way we can demonstrate charity for others and our love for Christ. :) Then we prayed together on our knees and asked her to think of someone in her life that needs the message of the gospel! :) So we will be following up on that soon :) Then we had ward council :) That was... great!!!

Thursday ---- WE SAW VINCENZO!!! THE GUY WHO OWNS THE PHARMACY AND HAS A VERY VERY YOUNG FAMILY :) OOPS sorry about the caps. I don't have time to change it... ANYWA .. He read 'The Family a Proclamation to the World' and loved it (he read it with his wife) and he picked out his fave bits. We bore our testimonies with him on the family. We invited him to do a FHE with us and his family. :) He accepted! :) .. and gave us more free pharmacy / beauty stuff :) Thennnnnnnnnn okay okay so! We picked up one new simp!! :):) So we are really really really excited!!!! We met him doing casa casa... we didn't actually ring his bell though. He was leaving the apartment as we were ringing the bells and he told us we were wasting our time with this apartment, cus it is full of old people and missionaries have come before and no-one is interested... BUT... that he would be interested in meeting with us. He gave us his number and we text him during the week. He works a lot, so initially it was hard to meet him, then during the day on Thursday we were busy doing finding and we get a text 'I'm at home. If you come over right now you will find me' .. and so we RAN! RAN TO HIS HOUSE!!!!! and did a lesson with him. He like had these cute lil blueberry juices for us and biscuits. <33 and he was literally the COOLEST italian I have ever met. His name is Alfio. He is like 26 'ish. He works with advertising and media/photography, so we are SO EXCITED!!! He respects all of our rules etc. He wanted to do the lesson at the beach and we told him we couldn't get in the car with just 1 guy and he was like 'sure, of course' and he said he will organise for a girl to come with us tooo. He is GOLDEN!!!!! :D Thennnn English course! :)

Friday ---- I'm running out of time, so I'll shorten this down, as we are doing another reverse P'day again :). But we saw Gabe and Rita!

Saturday ---- We did weekly planning.. then had a day of bidones.

Sunday ---- Was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee! Church was so so great! Me and Reber taught Gospel Principles abouuuuut Repentance and it went really really well :) We did it all in perfect timing :) Then we ate at the Cascone's house. I WAS SO FULL. WE ALWAYS EAT SO WELL WITH THEM. I love their food MMMMM! <3 Then Me Reber and the Anz did a mostra (gesso) in centro (Via Roma). We had some good gospel convos, but only managed to get one mobile number, so that's exciting :)


I am absolutely LOVING my mission. Being here in Sicily as a representative of our Lord and Saviour Gesù Cristo is one of the greatest blessings! I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity that I have been given. For reals. I have been out in the mission field 10 months, which means I am over half way. Time is going by so so quickly!!! I have enjoyed every moment here and I know that I am going to love every moment to come. The people here in Italy are so special to me, they are incredible!! They really do look out for me and they are hilarious!! Love themmmm!! 

I have been serving in Ragusa (in Sicily) for nearly 6 months. We are currently teaching some awesome people and we have seen great progress with the less actives in this ward. We really do see the Lord's hand in this work, every day through tender mercies and great miracles!!

I just want you all to know that I know that this gospel is true. That through a prophet, called of God, namely Joseph Smith, the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and it's here to stay. The same gospel that Christ himself established when he was on earth and it is here, for everyone!! I know it's true, that's why I'm here. I know that this gospel brings true happiness to all who through sincere prayer, find out for themselves of it's truthfulness and accept it. I have felt the happiness and comfort that it has brought into my life and I have seen the peace it has brought to others here in Italy. 

Thank you allllll for your support, love and kindness. You're all the best!!

BACI E ABBRACCI xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Week 2:
Another week goes by and it's email time again!!!!!!!!!! :) yeyyyyyyy.
Just a lil side ish note, I am allowed to check emails during the week, just not allowed to reply. So if you at any point want to drop me a cute lil message to put more smiles on my face during the week, be my guest
Anyways!!!  Monday was just the usual chill P'day with the lesson we did with Gabe.
Tuesday we began by seeing the Angelini's. We spoke about the Restoration and it went really well ...... Then we tried to squeeze in more lessons with less actives but they didn't work out sooooooo then we headed over to the station to go to Catania!! When we got to the Sorelle's apartment we ordered pizza (all of the Sorelle in the Catania zone were there... 8 of us ) and we ate it out on the balcony. Then slept.
At Zone Conference with Sorella Reber
Wednesday was zone conference! Wheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. So we get there and get our iPads and some stuff, then President and Sorella Waddoups do an addestramento, then the AP's, then the Zone Leaders, then the STL's, then Reber, me and the Catania Sorelle did a
musical number. They sung 'Nearer my God to Thee'. I played the piano, obv. BUT I HAD THE SECOND BIG MISTAKE OF PIANO PERFORMANCE IN MY LIFE.... so, it was a stupid electric piano and as we practised, we had the piano on the perfect volume, so it wasn't too loud, but it was turned up for the opening hymn, which I didn't think about, so when it got to us, I began playing and it was pretty loud. Part-way through when my hands had a break between verses, I tried to really quickly turn it down, then something went wrong and it sounded AWFUL, but it was still loud, so I do the same after the second verse. 
Ooops......Piano Fail!
It went wrong again and I was so confused cus my hands weren't doing anything different.
Then I go to do it again, because it was STILL so loud. THEN I realise. I was changing the transition. I FELT SO BAD CUS BY THEN I REALISED IT WAS TOO LATE. I FELT AWFUL. The Sorelle sounded beautiful and I just ruined it and I just couldn't figure out what was going on until it was too late hahahahahahahah oh well. Then we travelled home and by the time we got home, it was time for daily planning.

More Zone Conference Photos

More Zone Conference Photos

More Zone Conference Photos where we received Ipads

The Catania Zone Photo June 2015

THURSDAY. We had an awesome day!!! We saw Gabe and spoke about the gospel of Jesus Christ. THEN after that we went to see Sorella Appiah. We bore our testimonies to her on the Gift of the Holy Ghost; it's purpose and blessings we receive from the Holy Ghost. We shared personal experiences and how we have felt the influence of the Holy Ghost in our lives. Then in the evening we saw Rita. We used the LDS pamphlet tool on the iPad to do it
and it went so well. These iPads are incredible for the work. Rita and Destiny loved it! Rita even bore her beautiful testimony to her 6 year old son about baptism. It was beautiful :) then we met up with Sabrina and Luigi. They are the couple we met doing casa as we were
early for a member appointment last week.  They were so cool. We began speaking about How God is our loving Heavenly Father and how the gospel blesses families. They really felt the spirit, especially Luigi. It was awesome. They commented on the video we showed and they just loved it. Then we had English course :) Also, today my right eye started running a lot and it is really irritating me. :/
Friday we did weekly planning :)))) then we went to see Vincenzo at his pharmacy and showed him the Because of Him video. He hasn't yet got to speak with his family about the FHE, but he welcomed us back to share more messages with him. :) then we saw Luigi and Sabrina again :) then the Angelini's too. Oh also, I recorded and sent Ammon's birthday song :) The eye is still leaking.  

Saturday we did a mostra with the Anziani about the gospel of Jesus Christ again, cus last time it went so well :) I had a really good conversation with a man called Salvo about the gospel and why I am here in Italy. He even gave us him number, so we will contact him
at some point this week to see if he wants to meet us more formally. Then we met the guy that Sorella Reber found last week during the mostra. We did the Restoration lesson with him and it was awesome. We invited him to baptism and he didn't accept, but he is really serious about it. He said he wants to know for himself first because it's a really important decision. He doesn't want to get baptised then leave the church and do his own thing. He just wants to be 100% set on it. :) He's awesome! Then we saw Gabe and covered the Gospel of Jesus Christ again with the LDS pamphlets. It was a lesson where the spirit was
so strongly present. We all felt amazing and when we asked Gabe how he felt, he said 'illuminated'. HE FELT THE SPIRIT!! :) Then we had correlation. We mentioned that we would like to do a fireside for the youth about missionary work and technology. Fratello Guastell said he would speak to Vescovo, as he really liked the idea :)
Sundayyyyyyyyy we had church. Relief Society was all about the Holy Ghost, then the Anziani did gospel principles about baptism. (We warned one of our Simps about it hahaha ). It went really well, as they did a great job. Then I translated in sacrament meeting for some of the Anziani's Simps. It was so difficult, but I managed to do it :) Then we went to the Manzini's for dinner. It was soooo goooooood!! 

Well, this week has been awesome. I still have problems with my eye and I'm not sure what to do :S but other than that, we picked up 3 new investigators this week :) and one of the less active families we have been working with came to church again for the 3rd week in a row :) and even said one of the prayers in sacrament meeting.
This week has been great. The church is true.  I love being a missionary.  Ammon is gonna be a bang tidy trainer. I miss you all a ton too, but right now there is no place I would rather be. This country is amazing, the people are more than amazing and I am blessed enough to be here right now with them. They really will be my friends forever. 
Baci e abbracci

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Dielsdorf 1/6/15 - 15/6/15 So viel essen, Konstanz, Insti, musikalische Posten!!!

Week 1 ......
Höi zäme!!!!!

It's been a beautiful, bumpy, boiling week!!!!! Legit this week has been sooooo hot it should be illegal to work in such heat, but the worst is that it's quite a humid heat as well.... which I do not like, but hey ... life goes on and we work, work, work!

So we shall begin with a quick recap of Monday- I had my first Physio and it went pretty well!!!  Basically a prescription for Physio in Switzerland is no less than 9 appointments, so I need to have 9 sessions as my prescription says.

Tuesday we had district meeting and as per it was inspirational!!!! These district meetings are always real spiritual! I love 'em!!! Then we had a tausch!!! I stayed here with Elder Stomps- he was here just before I got here, so it was super cool getting a different view and low down on the area!!! Especially seen as I'll be taking over the area in just over two weeks..... ahhhhh!!! I'm killing in just over 2 weeks time!!!!! Scary!! Then we had a lesson with Vinnie! Then that was basically that!!

Wednesday!!! I had the most perfect Tausch set up ever including a lunch appointment, but last minute all of them fall out!!! Sucks, but we went to do some Vorbeis instead ... and had mini spiritual thoughts with the people we went by, which was awesome, then we tausched back!!! We taught Seminary again!!!! Wahey!!! Seminary!!!!! 

Thursday we had a cool lesson with Frank and then we met with Vinnie again!!! Then in the evening we went to Wettingen, as they had a french speaking lesson that they needed Elder Huby to help translate for, so it was a late one!!! We got home at like 11.00!!!! So dead!!!

Friday- a few vorbeis, another physio appointment and then we helped the members clean the chapel!!!! One of the things that has to be done is dust the wood parts of all chairs in the chapel, so as missionaries we did that job!!! Then one of the member families took us out for dinner!!!! We went out to a chinese restaurant (It was sooooo expensive), but it tasted soooo, soooo good!!!! I don't think I've ever had chinese food that tasted sooo good!!!! Plus the manager of the restaurant was hilarious!!!!

Saturday we had Zweig Aktivität! It was in a real nice forest area, which was beautiful!!! It was soo hot that day, but being in the forest was really nice and cool and it was super sweet being able to spend some time with the members in a more chilled and relaxed setting!!!! So that was a cool morning!!!! It looks like Ash wasn't the only one his week; our appointments fell out again!!! It's just been one of those weeks!!!! Loose an investigator and appointments falling out!!!! It happens, but each day continues to bring awesomeness and I love missionary life more than words can even imagine to explain!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, church was beautiful as per usual!!! Testimony meetings in this Branch are awesome!!! I love branches!!!! Then in the afternoon/evening we went to our GMLs again for Dinner!!!! It was awesome!!! They are such an awesome family!!!! 

Today, (P'Day) we went to Deutschland this morning to shop. In other news this last week we were finally told we will be receiving our iPads! We have our conference on the 20th June where we will receive them!!!!! Wahey! It's about time!!!! 

That is it for now though, but have an absolutely brilliantly, beautiful week!!!!

Week 2 .....
So I believe I told you all about Monday as I emailed at the end of P-day last week! So yeah! We went to Konstanz!!! Then in the evening we did Weekly Planning, as we had no time the week before to do it .. and that was basically Monday!

Tuesday!! The morning was a little stressed! Someone from each of the other companionships were ill, so we were figuring out what to do about District Meeting and ended up having it in Wettingen! It was as per usual .. really Spiritual!!! That is definitely something I love about this District- the district meetings are always really spiritual!!!! Then we headed to the Stake Centre, so that Elder Huby could practice for a Musical Item, which he was playing the Violin for; with some YSA for his last Sunday and whilst practicing somehow I got roped in to singing with them!!!! It was a song I didn't know!!!! Then we had Insti, which we went to with an Untersucher. It was really good! We went into Brüder Uchtdorf's class again! He is such a brilliant teacher and we were speaking with him before Insti started and he is so funny as well!!!! So Tuesday was an awesome day!! I also came up with the thought of possibly studying here in Switzerland after the mission, but anyway, there's still a year to go until that who knows!!!

On Wednesday, I finally got around to sorting my planner cover!!!!! Wahey!!! Just a little late seen as we only have just over a week left of the transfer!!!! This transfer has gone way too quick!!! Transfer calls are this Saturday!!!! It is a 99% chance I will stay, unless President wants to white wash or shut down Dielsdorf, but I'm more likely to just get a new companion!! I know something is gonna happen though seen as Elder Huby is dying on my Birthday, but I'll keep you all updated!!! Then we also had a load of appointments on Wednesday, which was pretty sweet after all of them cancelled on us the week before!!!! The Lord really works in mysterious ways, but as we put our trust in Him and keep moving forward, everything will fall into place! He knows His plan perfectly!!! 
The Cover of this Months Planner
Thursday we had another Music Practice, but this time it was for next Sunday and I just got to sit and listen!! They are playing a really nice version of 'How Great Thou Art' with the Piano and Violin!!! It sounded amazing!!!! Then we did a few Personal Touches for some members and then went Dooring!!!! We found a load of cool people, so this week we plan on following up with them!!! 

Friday we went to Familie Ryser to get our haircut. It was getting a little too long and with the ridiculous heat recently it was defintiely time to get it cut!! Then we did a few Vorbeis and then in the evening we had an appointment with Sara! She believe she is from Guatemala. Her German is interesting, as she throws in a lot of Spanish words, so I get really confused in those lessons!!! haha!! But hey! It all works out .. and we took two of the Ryser kids with us. They are both RM's and Nancy served in Canada- French and Spanish speaking, so it was amazing and they are like the BEST joint teaches I have ever had!!!! Plus, Sara wanted us to sing for her! So we sang 'I am a Child of God'. It was so cool! Nancy sang it in Spanish, Steven in German, Elder Huby in French and me in English. (we had no hymn books, so it was easier that way), but it sounded so good!!! It was awesome and it really invited the Spirit into that lesson!!!!

Saturday!!! Legit Saturday is not a Saturday!!! Weekends just don't exist and I love it!!!! Missionary work is defintiely the BEST work that exists!!!! Although, this Saturday was a little more chilled! We began with a few appointments before heading to the Stake Centre for Stake Priesthood Meeting, which was really good!!! The Stake President spoke and then we had 2 other people do some interactive lesson type things- it was really good!!! Then in the evening we headed to a Charity Concert that one of our investigators was taking part in and they wanted us to be there! We asked President and he said we could go, so we went and it was amazing!!! It was mainly a Japanese type classical music concert and it was amazing!!! One of the Violin and Cello pieces was crazy amazing!!! It was awesome!!!

Then Sunday!!! Church was really good. The talks were amazing! Mainly focussed on Sabbath Day observance and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy!!! It was really good and we had a Potential Investigator come to church and he loved it and said he really wanted to read the Book of Mormon and come to church every Sunday!!!! So that was sweeeett!!! Our Musical Item went really well actually!!! Then we went to Schwester Marty's for dinner! So much amazing food it's crazy!!! Plus she makes really good home made desserts!!!!! Then we had GMK in the evening and that was basically our week!!!!

Today, we don't actually have anything planned!!! Plus the weather isn't the best! Saturday is Zone Conference, so that is when we will be getting our iPads!! Oh! I spoke with the ZL's on Saturday and they said they have my birthday package and we have a Tausch this week, so I will collect it when I go there!!!! :D 

That is about it for this week, but have a brilliant week!!!

All my love,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Ragusa 25/5/15 - 7/6/15 Salvato da una Stalker, gerbilli che lotta, le cancellazioni, Slip ups e doni in Farmacia

Week one of the fortnight ...

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sooooooo....
First.. I have an update... we will be getting our I-Pads at Zone conference.. the Catania zone conf will be on the 17th :) I'M SO EXCITED CUS THERE IS SO MANY THINGS ME AND REBER NEED THEM FOR!! We met this one lady who wants to do the lessons, but she will be in Romania for a few weeks in the Summer... then there is the man Mom mentioned.. I'll ask President about that in my weekly email! I think that would be awesome! :)

Well, about my week!
Monday... we attempted to go shopping. Just ended up in Zara... not too bad but I got nothing.. just some new perfume. I still haven't got around to spending my birthday money. I might wait until I get transfered cus there isn't much here in terms of 'places to shop' sooooo I shall learn patience ha! :)
The highlight was defs the video Beth sent me of her singing. I watched it over and over again hehehehe It was so cute and lush and beauts! Then when p-day came to an end we had an appointment with our simp, Gabe, with la famiglia Cascone (a really really great family that I love so much) and we spoke about the Plan of Salvation. They gave really good comments and bore really solemn tesimonies. We shared with them the mormon message 'Earthly Father, Heavenly Father' and explained that God is literally our Father... then led onto the whole point of his plan .. the reason why he created his plan for us etc etc and it just led on smoothly to an explanation of the Plan of Salvation :) It went really really well! They gave us a ride home.. then went and took Gabe out for pizza to speak more! :) We asked Gabe the next day how he thought it went and he said that he has a lot of questions, but that he thinks the Plan of Salvation is beautiful :) HE IS AWESOME! We actually have a lesson about the Restoration planned with the Di Martino family for tonight :) Pray for us all! :)
Tuesday... We did DDM! It was awesome, but it wasn't the same. Anziano Smith had left for home... Brandon was in Catania with another missionary, as he was companion'less. So it was just the Ragusa Sorelle and The Anziani in Gela (Jorgenson and Kelly). It was super awesome! We appointed Jorgenson to be stand in DL hahaha and so he did an addrestramento, which was awesome! :) Then Jorgenson and Kelly did a musical item.. Kelly singing and playing the guitar and Jorg singing too! IT WAS SO DREAMY! (and I do not mean that in a creepy way).. they just have amazing voices! :) Then as requested.. I made scones again. THEY CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF EM! hahahaha I even made gluten and sugar free ones for Reber.... I can't imagine they were as nice as the normal ones, but she said that they were really good soooo va bene! :)
Then we received a few cancellations from various people who shall not be named..... Then we got followed by a man wearing all denim. Then some Jehovah Witnesses' saved us. (we are pals with them! :) They were really nice. This man had been following us for a while as we were walking and we didn't know what to do, so we approached them and 'asked for directions' then when the man had passed (very slowly) we told them the truth and then they walked us to our appointment. They were really sweet :) Then before English course we met up with Gabe to speak again about the Plan of Salvation... it went really well, but we ran out of time and he still has more questions :) Then English course was awesome... although this time there was only 2 people there... haha awkward! Good job the Anziani weren't there!
Wednesday... we went to see Rita! :) She is just the SWEETEST!!!! I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!!  and Destiny, her son is the sweetest little kid! :) We spoke with her about faith and the power of the Atonement :) Then we did finding and got 3 solid contacts that seemed really genuine! So speriamo bene!! :) Then we did a FHE with the Guastella family (our ward mission leader and his fam) it went really well. Sorella Guastella has broken both her wrists - poor thing - but Fratello Gand Monia (their daughter) is really good to her! :) Fills my lil heart with joy!

Funny things I wrote about that day..... We were chatted up by police men.... Got asked on 2 dates by 2 other strange old men... (one of these men this was the 3rd time he has asked hahahahaha) and that was it! Honestly I think I've been asked out on more dates being a missionary in Italy than I have ever been asked out on as a normal chick in the uk. #saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! It's cool though ahhahahaha.
Thursday... We went to the old people's home to do service! Really though, it doesn't feel like service, because all we do is talk to them! It's really good for the language practise.. really they are doing us service hahaha! :) The old people there are so cute! Some only really speak Siciliano, so that can get awkward to understand haha, but they are the sweetest souls! :) Then we watched the Restoration DVD with a lady who lives 2 floors above us. :) She is a very involved Catholic, but she wants us to meet her child and grandchildren! So that's awesome! Apparently she always talks about us to them! :) haha Then we saw Sorella Ragusa :) aaaaaand did English course :)
Friday.... We went to Comiso to see the Minardo family! We read Ether 12 with them and spoke about how faith enables miracles and the importance of charity and faith, as they are essential for salvation. :) It went really well and I think they enjoyed our company :)
Theeeen we went home and did weekly planning and set some awesomeeeeeeee goals! :) Theeeeen went to do a spiritual thought with the Puglisis! I LOVE THEM! and as usual, they entertained us with their singing <3 Then we went to clean the church with Vescovo and his family... but then they couldn't make it..
Quotes of the day (In English) 'a big beautiful tongue' -Marco 'I really like when I can see the turminator (moon)' - Gabe 'Quandiamo' -me 'Appinche' -Reber ALSO! I was meant to say that Jesus Christ suffered for us... but instead I sbagliato''''''ed and said that he deep-fried for us. AWKWARD! (in the middle of the spiritual thought we did for English course.)

Saturday... We did findingggggggggg in the morning! Me and Reber did a chalk mostra in town! :) Got 2 really good contacts :) Then went to see Gideon and Faith ... we bumped into Gideon on the bus and he told us they want to see us again.. and so we set up an appointment with them. They fed us FUFU! Reber's 1st time!! Then cow intestine ... sooooo REBER TOOK ONE FOR THE TEAM!!!! little legend!! :) The lesson went really well! Then we had corellation!
Sundaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.... RITA, DESTINY, GABE anddddd the COMISO GUASTELLA FAMILY CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! :):):) IT was SO AWESOME to see them!! :) and all the members were really good with them :):) Then we pranzo'ed with the Puglisis! <33333 And did door to door finding, where we met a guy called Alfio! He seemed super cool and we have an appointment with him this week! :)
Wellllllll that was my week! It was awesome!!
I love you all a ton!
I love this gospel
I love Sicillians! <3

Week 2 .......
Finding during Mostra in Town

Finding during Mostra in Town

Finding during Mostra in Town

Finding during Mostra in Town

Wellllll, this week had been brilliantly full of cancellations, but it's okay, cus we haven't let that stop us! Let me start with Monday...
P-day we planned to go to H&M, but the buses here are like the ...  I was trying to think of a comparison, but there is nothing as bad in existance hahahahaha. Kidding. But seriously! Soo really we ended up hanging out and not doing anything, so that sucked hahaha. BUT WE SAW GABE IN THE EVENING FOR A LESSON, WHICH WENT SO WELL!!! :)
Tuesday... The day began with a ward activity.... well, it should have began 'Mormon timing' ... We got there for 11AM. Nobody else got there until about 1.00PM hahahaha, but it's okay! The actvity itself went well. The members bought a ton of non member friends, so it was a great finding opportunity for us misisonaries! I was really impressed with the members efforts to invite their friends! The members here in Ragusa are incredible!! I literally love them so so much! They are the best! ANYWAY! We organised a game... then a spiritual thought.. but we didn't end up doing it. We went to try and see Mima... she wasn't in, so we went back to the chapel to help them clean up (the activity was still going on!!!!) haahha then we had English course!!!!!! Anziano Martin did English course. It was awesome!
Wednesday.. It began with DDM. It was way different, but it was super cool. In our district we now have Anz. Brandon, Martin, Bellows and Sapper, who is actually friends with Viktor Akebrand.. he's from Sweden! He's really awesome! So, finally someone with a connection haha)! It went well! Then we had to rush straight off cus he had lessons planned. (today was actually a really fab day) We went right to see Sorella Appiah, a less active member- we shared a mormon message about Christ :) She really seemed to appreciate our visit and she invited us back :) Then we met up with some potentials, R and D! We spoke about private English course lessons, but told them that if we were to do that, we would also teach them the 5 gospel lessons... then explained our purpose as missionaries. They were really cool with it and we shared a mormon message there and then! I know that they felt the spirit!!!! :) Then we saw Rosemary. After Rosemary, we saw the Angelini family. They are an awesome family! They have a ton of questions about the Plan of Salvation too. :)
Thursday.. We did some findinggggggggg! Then we saw the Di Martino family to do a spiritual thought with them :) They are an incredible family!! :) After, we went to see Gabe and spoke about fasting, then invited him to fast with us and he accepted!! :)
Friday.. We went to try and see a contact potential, but it was in Modica.. a different city and the trains weren't running there at the time we needed and she didn't return our calls to confirm... so we went back home to plan for the week! Then the rest of the day proceeded with cancellations. Sooooo we did finding!
Saturday, we began with a Mostra with the anziani. We did the Plan of Salvation, with chalk! We got a few really promising contacts :) Then we went to a pharmacy, because we met a man that works there who we have seen a few times and we just felt good about going to see him again... so we did just that! :) It went really well! He gave us a ton of free samples of creams and oils and makeup and stuff:) Then we gave him a family 'a proclamation to the world' pamphlet. He is awesome! His name is Vincenzo and he has a very young family! :) So we will pop by again this week to see if he had the chance to read it and to maybe get an appointment with him and his family :) Then we saw the angelini's again, and Iolanda! :)
Sunday .. We had church :) Then had pranzo with the Chinessssssssssss <3 and started our fast with Gabe! :)
Today, we did a reverse P'day as we watched a conference talk with Gabe first! :)
Anyways! I'm sorry this isn't as long as last week, but know that I know this is the Lord's work. I know that it's part of the mission to have harder weeks than others and this was one of them, but that there is so much to be done in this area. Ragusa has so much potential and it's gonna just bomb VERY soon!!! We just need to keep relying on the Lord and trying our best to be diligent! I love this work. I love you all! I love our Saviour and Redeemer and I know that this gospel is true.
Keep being amazing. I LOVE EACH ONE OF YOU WITH ALL MY HEARTS!!! Okay okay I only have one heart, but I love you with all of that!

Sorella Robertson

Friday, 5 June 2015

Bonstetten / Dielsdorf 18/5/15 - 31/5/15 Dielsdorf Zweigrat die mich zu arbeiten

Week 1 of the fortnight
Grüezi wohl!!!!

I guess we'll just cut straight in with the week!!

Montag- Oh beautiful Montag!!! Actually I told you about that last Monday!! So Pilatus, massive hike, sun burn, but my sun burn is now beautiful brown skin and my legs were killing from that hike for the next like 5 days!!! 
P-Day Fun

Dienstag!! It was a sad time!! Last District Meeting!! I loved that district soo much!!!! Then we did a finding day in Richterswil and I was with Elder Timm!!! We found a few people which was pretty awesome considering we only had like 30mins finding!!! So that was sweeeeeeettttt!!!!! Then we had a lesson with one of the formers I called when I couldn't join in at gemeindesport! It was sooo cool! Always leaving an area stronger than you found it and trust me Bostetten was left so much better than when I got there!!! Not bragging! Legit miracles happened in my 3 transfers there! 

Mittwoch, I always leave packing till the last minute!!! I only just started Wednesday afternoon/evening! I just don't like packing. It makes the move more real, but I did it and I don't know how it happens, but each time I move - my bags are so much fuller than the time before and this time I even got rid of a load of stuff I don't use!!!! Then we went to Familie Browns!!! I love that family, so it was hard saying Bye to them!!!! 

Then Donnerstag! Today was the day!!! Just a little bit earlier of a get-up to get to Bahnhof on time, catch up with people, say goodbye to people and then off to Dielsdorf!! I guess one thing I've really realised or remembered since moving here is the reason I am here and here is awesome!!! Me and Elder Huby get on really well, we work like ridiculously hard!! Elder Huby is really good at speaking the language, so right now we like switch all the time between English and German, but it's cool, my German’s improved loads in just the last 5 days alone! Thursday was an awesome day! Then we ended it with Zweigrat! (Zweigrat is Gemeinderat, but cause we're a branch, it's Zweigrat instead), but that was cool and the branch leadership are awesome!! Our GML is from England- Middlesbrough! So it's cool!!!

Freitag was another full on day!!! Like legit I love Missionary work!!!!! And I love my comp. It just sucks that he goes home at the end of this transfer. We only have 5 weeks together!!!! :( Sad times, but we also helped a member out with home teaching this day, which was great! 

Samstag! The Miracle Day! We began the day with a bit of finding and vorbeis before going shopping! We did shopping cause today is a holiday here and no shops are open on a Swiss holiday, so we had to shop on Saturday! Then we went to a little dorf, which is tricky to get to, to go by a potential! We get there and she’s having a huge party, so we couldn't see her! Then we planned to go to another place to do finding, but we had like an hour until our next bus, so decided we would do some dooring! Having no idea which street to door, as you do as missionaries, we had a prayer and almost immediately we both pointed at the same street! After a lot of rejection and only having one person say ‘Yeah sure, come back another time and we'll meet’! We headed back to the bus stop! Then Elder Huby said maybe we should work here for another hour, as we won't have much time if we go to the other place. So I thought about it and the bus was supposed to come in one minute, so I said ‘Yeah okay, if the bus is late, even by a few seconds, we'll carry on!’ The bus was late by like a minute, so we carried on!! We doored with no luck and then the last guy on the second building we did was like ‘Ahh come in!’ So we went in and had a total spontaneous lesson with him! We taught about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and it was sooooo cool and the spirit was definitely there!!!! That was for sure the biggest highlight of my week!!!! 

Then we get to Sonntag! Not too much actually happened! We had Church! It's similar to Bern! Like an office building with a suite that is just turned into a chapel, but it's cute!! So church was fun, even though I hate having to do the whole ‘Hi’ thing in a new area! But hey! Then I got a load of assignments on my first Sunday! Cause Elder Huby dies at the end of this transfer, which is my birthday! That’s right transfer day is the 25th June. Sucks!! I get assignments for the Sunday on the 28th. I have a talk to give on the most random topic and I have to give the Priesthood lesson! Although the lesson I can do as a companionship! Then we went to a member’s for dinner and the food was awesome!!! It was an awesome day! Plus this branch is amazing with feeding the missionaries! For example this week we have like a meal appointment almost every day except for one day, but we do have dinner and lunch appointments on a few, it's craziness!!! So I'm loving life!  Plus, our apartment is pretty nice! It was recently renovated I believe, apart from the bathroom! So, that is basically it for this week, but have a brilliant week!!!

Week 2 of the Fortnight
Hello, hello, hellooooo!!!!

Wie gehts???

So Monday was an awesome day!!! We went into Zürich and got lunch and chilled and looked in a few shops! Then in the evening we went to a member’s to celebrate another member’s birthday with them! It was a cool evening and we ate loads of awesome food. It was ridiculous!!!! 

Tuesday we had District Meeting!! It was actually a really amazing district meeting!!! The Spirit was crazy strong there!!! Then we did a few Vorbeis and we got an appointment with one of the formers we went by on!! So that was cool!! Then we went to another family’s for Dinner!! It was awesome!!! And their Family are soo cool!!!

Wednesday was a day full of appointments, including having to teach seminary in the evening!! We have a few interesting investigators here, which is cool!

Thursday was another day full of appointments!! We met with a less active guy who's Irish and he was really cool! He really wants to start getting back to church, so we'll get working with him and the branch to help him start coming back!! Then we went to a member’s for lunch and it was amazing!!! We had like a BBQ, which was awesome! Then headed to another appointment with an investigator who asks some of the most interesting questions!!! It was a cool appointment! Then we had another dinner appointment with our Branch President! It was awesome again! We had a typically Swiss meal! Soooo good!!!

Friday morning we went dooring in a little dorf not too far from where we live!! It was full of huge houses! So many rich people!!! Then we had weekly planning and then had a couple more appointments with some investigators - it was a cool day!!!

Saturday was an early start!!! The branch was having a Branch Temple Day and they wanted us to come with them!!! So the first session we were doing was the 9.00 one, so we got up at 5.30 to get ready to take the 6.19 train from where we live to Zürich HB. We get on the train and then it gets a 10-15min delay cause of someone falling down the stairs and cutting their head open!!! It was pretty gross, like blood was everywhere and it was a dodgy colour as well!!! Hopefully they're alright!!!! But that meant we just missed our train to Bern, so we took the next train to Bern (luckily Swiss trains are really good and you have connections at least every half hour to anywhere in the country almost!!!) We got to the temple at 9.00, so missed that session and went and did studies in the chapel for a bit until the next session the Branch were doing at 11.30. That is where I bumped into Laura (my mom’s cousin)!!! It was pretty cool!!! I knew it was bound to happen at some point!! We were just heading out to go to the bookstore opposite the chapel and I thought I saw her, so was like "Laura???" Then we had a quick chat cause she was looking after all the kids of the parents who went into the temple, but it was cool bumping into her!!! Then we went to the Bookstore!!! They have so much good stuff there!!! Hence the amount I spent!!! Ooops!!! But I got 2 amazing books! One is answers to commonly asked questions to missionaries about the church and the other is full of spiritual thought ideas including object lessons!!! It has some pretty good ones in it!! Then I bought a Plan of Salvation puzzle! It's really cool and the best bit about it, is that it's in German - you can normally only get stuff like that in English!! They also sell it in French, Italian and Spanish at the bookstore over here!!! Then the temple!!!! Beautiful as ever!!!! I love going to the temple!!!! It's such a blessing to be able to go once a transfer over in Switzerland!!!! I love it!!! 
with Elder Huby at the Bern Temple

Always good to Pick up supplies from the Book store near the Temple
Then Sunday!!!! Church was brilliant again!!! I love Branches!!! As a missionary I think Branches are so much better! I've absolutely loved the wards I've served in, but branches are special! You just get to know the members a lot quicker and they are always a lot more welcoming!!! It's great and at the end of the meetings we had lunch as a Branch!! So yesterday I made a Chocolate Fudge Cake to take to it and they all loved it!!!! Definitely a brilliant way to get in with the members in a new area! J Then home for studies and then to our GML’s for dinner and GMK!!! Dinner was awesome! They are an awesome family!!! Then GMK was also brilliant!!! It was really insightful - and that was basically the week!!!!

Well - have a beautiful week!!!

All my love,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxx