Friday, 5 June 2015

Bonstetten / Dielsdorf 18/5/15 - 31/5/15 Dielsdorf Zweigrat die mich zu arbeiten

Week 1 of the fortnight
Grüezi wohl!!!!

I guess we'll just cut straight in with the week!!

Montag- Oh beautiful Montag!!! Actually I told you about that last Monday!! So Pilatus, massive hike, sun burn, but my sun burn is now beautiful brown skin and my legs were killing from that hike for the next like 5 days!!! 
P-Day Fun

Dienstag!! It was a sad time!! Last District Meeting!! I loved that district soo much!!!! Then we did a finding day in Richterswil and I was with Elder Timm!!! We found a few people which was pretty awesome considering we only had like 30mins finding!!! So that was sweeeeeeettttt!!!!! Then we had a lesson with one of the formers I called when I couldn't join in at gemeindesport! It was sooo cool! Always leaving an area stronger than you found it and trust me Bostetten was left so much better than when I got there!!! Not bragging! Legit miracles happened in my 3 transfers there! 

Mittwoch, I always leave packing till the last minute!!! I only just started Wednesday afternoon/evening! I just don't like packing. It makes the move more real, but I did it and I don't know how it happens, but each time I move - my bags are so much fuller than the time before and this time I even got rid of a load of stuff I don't use!!!! Then we went to Familie Browns!!! I love that family, so it was hard saying Bye to them!!!! 

Then Donnerstag! Today was the day!!! Just a little bit earlier of a get-up to get to Bahnhof on time, catch up with people, say goodbye to people and then off to Dielsdorf!! I guess one thing I've really realised or remembered since moving here is the reason I am here and here is awesome!!! Me and Elder Huby get on really well, we work like ridiculously hard!! Elder Huby is really good at speaking the language, so right now we like switch all the time between English and German, but it's cool, my German’s improved loads in just the last 5 days alone! Thursday was an awesome day! Then we ended it with Zweigrat! (Zweigrat is Gemeinderat, but cause we're a branch, it's Zweigrat instead), but that was cool and the branch leadership are awesome!! Our GML is from England- Middlesbrough! So it's cool!!!

Freitag was another full on day!!! Like legit I love Missionary work!!!!! And I love my comp. It just sucks that he goes home at the end of this transfer. We only have 5 weeks together!!!! :( Sad times, but we also helped a member out with home teaching this day, which was great! 

Samstag! The Miracle Day! We began the day with a bit of finding and vorbeis before going shopping! We did shopping cause today is a holiday here and no shops are open on a Swiss holiday, so we had to shop on Saturday! Then we went to a little dorf, which is tricky to get to, to go by a potential! We get there and she’s having a huge party, so we couldn't see her! Then we planned to go to another place to do finding, but we had like an hour until our next bus, so decided we would do some dooring! Having no idea which street to door, as you do as missionaries, we had a prayer and almost immediately we both pointed at the same street! After a lot of rejection and only having one person say ‘Yeah sure, come back another time and we'll meet’! We headed back to the bus stop! Then Elder Huby said maybe we should work here for another hour, as we won't have much time if we go to the other place. So I thought about it and the bus was supposed to come in one minute, so I said ‘Yeah okay, if the bus is late, even by a few seconds, we'll carry on!’ The bus was late by like a minute, so we carried on!! We doored with no luck and then the last guy on the second building we did was like ‘Ahh come in!’ So we went in and had a total spontaneous lesson with him! We taught about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and it was sooooo cool and the spirit was definitely there!!!! That was for sure the biggest highlight of my week!!!! 

Then we get to Sonntag! Not too much actually happened! We had Church! It's similar to Bern! Like an office building with a suite that is just turned into a chapel, but it's cute!! So church was fun, even though I hate having to do the whole ‘Hi’ thing in a new area! But hey! Then I got a load of assignments on my first Sunday! Cause Elder Huby dies at the end of this transfer, which is my birthday! That’s right transfer day is the 25th June. Sucks!! I get assignments for the Sunday on the 28th. I have a talk to give on the most random topic and I have to give the Priesthood lesson! Although the lesson I can do as a companionship! Then we went to a member’s for dinner and the food was awesome!!! It was an awesome day! Plus this branch is amazing with feeding the missionaries! For example this week we have like a meal appointment almost every day except for one day, but we do have dinner and lunch appointments on a few, it's craziness!!! So I'm loving life!  Plus, our apartment is pretty nice! It was recently renovated I believe, apart from the bathroom! So, that is basically it for this week, but have a brilliant week!!!

Week 2 of the Fortnight
Hello, hello, hellooooo!!!!

Wie gehts???

So Monday was an awesome day!!! We went into Zürich and got lunch and chilled and looked in a few shops! Then in the evening we went to a member’s to celebrate another member’s birthday with them! It was a cool evening and we ate loads of awesome food. It was ridiculous!!!! 

Tuesday we had District Meeting!! It was actually a really amazing district meeting!!! The Spirit was crazy strong there!!! Then we did a few Vorbeis and we got an appointment with one of the formers we went by on!! So that was cool!! Then we went to another family’s for Dinner!! It was awesome!!! And their Family are soo cool!!!

Wednesday was a day full of appointments, including having to teach seminary in the evening!! We have a few interesting investigators here, which is cool!

Thursday was another day full of appointments!! We met with a less active guy who's Irish and he was really cool! He really wants to start getting back to church, so we'll get working with him and the branch to help him start coming back!! Then we went to a member’s for lunch and it was amazing!!! We had like a BBQ, which was awesome! Then headed to another appointment with an investigator who asks some of the most interesting questions!!! It was a cool appointment! Then we had another dinner appointment with our Branch President! It was awesome again! We had a typically Swiss meal! Soooo good!!!

Friday morning we went dooring in a little dorf not too far from where we live!! It was full of huge houses! So many rich people!!! Then we had weekly planning and then had a couple more appointments with some investigators - it was a cool day!!!

Saturday was an early start!!! The branch was having a Branch Temple Day and they wanted us to come with them!!! So the first session we were doing was the 9.00 one, so we got up at 5.30 to get ready to take the 6.19 train from where we live to Zürich HB. We get on the train and then it gets a 10-15min delay cause of someone falling down the stairs and cutting their head open!!! It was pretty gross, like blood was everywhere and it was a dodgy colour as well!!! Hopefully they're alright!!!! But that meant we just missed our train to Bern, so we took the next train to Bern (luckily Swiss trains are really good and you have connections at least every half hour to anywhere in the country almost!!!) We got to the temple at 9.00, so missed that session and went and did studies in the chapel for a bit until the next session the Branch were doing at 11.30. That is where I bumped into Laura (my mom’s cousin)!!! It was pretty cool!!! I knew it was bound to happen at some point!! We were just heading out to go to the bookstore opposite the chapel and I thought I saw her, so was like "Laura???" Then we had a quick chat cause she was looking after all the kids of the parents who went into the temple, but it was cool bumping into her!!! Then we went to the Bookstore!!! They have so much good stuff there!!! Hence the amount I spent!!! Ooops!!! But I got 2 amazing books! One is answers to commonly asked questions to missionaries about the church and the other is full of spiritual thought ideas including object lessons!!! It has some pretty good ones in it!! Then I bought a Plan of Salvation puzzle! It's really cool and the best bit about it, is that it's in German - you can normally only get stuff like that in English!! They also sell it in French, Italian and Spanish at the bookstore over here!!! Then the temple!!!! Beautiful as ever!!!! I love going to the temple!!!! It's such a blessing to be able to go once a transfer over in Switzerland!!!! I love it!!! 
with Elder Huby at the Bern Temple

Always good to Pick up supplies from the Book store near the Temple
Then Sunday!!!! Church was brilliant again!!! I love Branches!!! As a missionary I think Branches are so much better! I've absolutely loved the wards I've served in, but branches are special! You just get to know the members a lot quicker and they are always a lot more welcoming!!! It's great and at the end of the meetings we had lunch as a Branch!! So yesterday I made a Chocolate Fudge Cake to take to it and they all loved it!!!! Definitely a brilliant way to get in with the members in a new area! J Then home for studies and then to our GML’s for dinner and GMK!!! Dinner was awesome! They are an awesome family!!! Then GMK was also brilliant!!! It was really insightful - and that was basically the week!!!!

Well - have a beautiful week!!!

All my love,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxx