Sunday, 21 June 2015

Dielsdorf 1/6/15 - 15/6/15 So viel essen, Konstanz, Insti, musikalische Posten!!!

Week 1 ......
Höi zäme!!!!!

It's been a beautiful, bumpy, boiling week!!!!! Legit this week has been sooooo hot it should be illegal to work in such heat, but the worst is that it's quite a humid heat as well.... which I do not like, but hey ... life goes on and we work, work, work!

So we shall begin with a quick recap of Monday- I had my first Physio and it went pretty well!!!  Basically a prescription for Physio in Switzerland is no less than 9 appointments, so I need to have 9 sessions as my prescription says.

Tuesday we had district meeting and as per it was inspirational!!!! These district meetings are always real spiritual! I love 'em!!! Then we had a tausch!!! I stayed here with Elder Stomps- he was here just before I got here, so it was super cool getting a different view and low down on the area!!! Especially seen as I'll be taking over the area in just over two weeks..... ahhhhh!!! I'm killing in just over 2 weeks time!!!!! Scary!! Then we had a lesson with Vinnie! Then that was basically that!!

Wednesday!!! I had the most perfect Tausch set up ever including a lunch appointment, but last minute all of them fall out!!! Sucks, but we went to do some Vorbeis instead ... and had mini spiritual thoughts with the people we went by, which was awesome, then we tausched back!!! We taught Seminary again!!!! Wahey!!! Seminary!!!!! 

Thursday we had a cool lesson with Frank and then we met with Vinnie again!!! Then in the evening we went to Wettingen, as they had a french speaking lesson that they needed Elder Huby to help translate for, so it was a late one!!! We got home at like 11.00!!!! So dead!!!

Friday- a few vorbeis, another physio appointment and then we helped the members clean the chapel!!!! One of the things that has to be done is dust the wood parts of all chairs in the chapel, so as missionaries we did that job!!! Then one of the member families took us out for dinner!!!! We went out to a chinese restaurant (It was sooooo expensive), but it tasted soooo, soooo good!!!! I don't think I've ever had chinese food that tasted sooo good!!!! Plus the manager of the restaurant was hilarious!!!!

Saturday we had Zweig Aktivität! It was in a real nice forest area, which was beautiful!!! It was soo hot that day, but being in the forest was really nice and cool and it was super sweet being able to spend some time with the members in a more chilled and relaxed setting!!!! So that was a cool morning!!!! It looks like Ash wasn't the only one his week; our appointments fell out again!!! It's just been one of those weeks!!!! Loose an investigator and appointments falling out!!!! It happens, but each day continues to bring awesomeness and I love missionary life more than words can even imagine to explain!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, church was beautiful as per usual!!! Testimony meetings in this Branch are awesome!!! I love branches!!!! Then in the afternoon/evening we went to our GMLs again for Dinner!!!! It was awesome!!! They are such an awesome family!!!! 

Today, (P'Day) we went to Deutschland this morning to shop. In other news this last week we were finally told we will be receiving our iPads! We have our conference on the 20th June where we will receive them!!!!! Wahey! It's about time!!!! 

That is it for now though, but have an absolutely brilliantly, beautiful week!!!!

Week 2 .....
So I believe I told you all about Monday as I emailed at the end of P-day last week! So yeah! We went to Konstanz!!! Then in the evening we did Weekly Planning, as we had no time the week before to do it .. and that was basically Monday!

Tuesday!! The morning was a little stressed! Someone from each of the other companionships were ill, so we were figuring out what to do about District Meeting and ended up having it in Wettingen! It was as per usual .. really Spiritual!!! That is definitely something I love about this District- the district meetings are always really spiritual!!!! Then we headed to the Stake Centre, so that Elder Huby could practice for a Musical Item, which he was playing the Violin for; with some YSA for his last Sunday and whilst practicing somehow I got roped in to singing with them!!!! It was a song I didn't know!!!! Then we had Insti, which we went to with an Untersucher. It was really good! We went into Brüder Uchtdorf's class again! He is such a brilliant teacher and we were speaking with him before Insti started and he is so funny as well!!!! So Tuesday was an awesome day!! I also came up with the thought of possibly studying here in Switzerland after the mission, but anyway, there's still a year to go until that who knows!!!

On Wednesday, I finally got around to sorting my planner cover!!!!! Wahey!!! Just a little late seen as we only have just over a week left of the transfer!!!! This transfer has gone way too quick!!! Transfer calls are this Saturday!!!! It is a 99% chance I will stay, unless President wants to white wash or shut down Dielsdorf, but I'm more likely to just get a new companion!! I know something is gonna happen though seen as Elder Huby is dying on my Birthday, but I'll keep you all updated!!! Then we also had a load of appointments on Wednesday, which was pretty sweet after all of them cancelled on us the week before!!!! The Lord really works in mysterious ways, but as we put our trust in Him and keep moving forward, everything will fall into place! He knows His plan perfectly!!! 
The Cover of this Months Planner
Thursday we had another Music Practice, but this time it was for next Sunday and I just got to sit and listen!! They are playing a really nice version of 'How Great Thou Art' with the Piano and Violin!!! It sounded amazing!!!! Then we did a few Personal Touches for some members and then went Dooring!!!! We found a load of cool people, so this week we plan on following up with them!!! 

Friday we went to Familie Ryser to get our haircut. It was getting a little too long and with the ridiculous heat recently it was defintiely time to get it cut!! Then we did a few Vorbeis and then in the evening we had an appointment with Sara! She believe she is from Guatemala. Her German is interesting, as she throws in a lot of Spanish words, so I get really confused in those lessons!!! haha!! But hey! It all works out .. and we took two of the Ryser kids with us. They are both RM's and Nancy served in Canada- French and Spanish speaking, so it was amazing and they are like the BEST joint teaches I have ever had!!!! Plus, Sara wanted us to sing for her! So we sang 'I am a Child of God'. It was so cool! Nancy sang it in Spanish, Steven in German, Elder Huby in French and me in English. (we had no hymn books, so it was easier that way), but it sounded so good!!! It was awesome and it really invited the Spirit into that lesson!!!!

Saturday!!! Legit Saturday is not a Saturday!!! Weekends just don't exist and I love it!!!! Missionary work is defintiely the BEST work that exists!!!! Although, this Saturday was a little more chilled! We began with a few appointments before heading to the Stake Centre for Stake Priesthood Meeting, which was really good!!! The Stake President spoke and then we had 2 other people do some interactive lesson type things- it was really good!!! Then in the evening we headed to a Charity Concert that one of our investigators was taking part in and they wanted us to be there! We asked President and he said we could go, so we went and it was amazing!!! It was mainly a Japanese type classical music concert and it was amazing!!! One of the Violin and Cello pieces was crazy amazing!!! It was awesome!!!

Then Sunday!!! Church was really good. The talks were amazing! Mainly focussed on Sabbath Day observance and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy!!! It was really good and we had a Potential Investigator come to church and he loved it and said he really wanted to read the Book of Mormon and come to church every Sunday!!!! So that was sweeeett!!! Our Musical Item went really well actually!!! Then we went to Schwester Marty's for dinner! So much amazing food it's crazy!!! Plus she makes really good home made desserts!!!!! Then we had GMK in the evening and that was basically our week!!!!

Today, we don't actually have anything planned!!! Plus the weather isn't the best! Saturday is Zone Conference, so that is when we will be getting our iPads!! Oh! I spoke with the ZL's on Saturday and they said they have my birthday package and we have a Tausch this week, so I will collect it when I go there!!!! :D 

That is about it for this week, but have a brilliant week!!!

All my love,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx