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Wetzikon 8/2/16 - 22/2/16 Missionary Broadcast, Zürich and Insti

Woche 81 von 102- Missionary Broadcast, Zürich and Insti!!!
Wie guäts? 
I guess I'll begin with my notes from Mondays "Specialised Training" session where we watched the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast, seen as I added Monday’s info into last week’s email. I have handwritten notes, so I'll just add the major bits that stood out to me! It began with Elder Neil L Anderson- and there were a few things I got from his part; the first being that whenever you don't know what to speak about, speak of the Saviour, cause it is His gospel that is our purpose. Always keep His name on your lips. He also said in there to "ask yourself regularly- Am I personally using the Atonement in my life, every day?" Pretty good question to be fair, cause when we do we can really testify of it from an honest and personal experience. Then it went to the previously filmed segment from Elder David A Bednar with a group of missionaries- His focus was more on using and following the Spirit. He focussed on how, when our companion is teaching we should be having an intense spiritual focus on what is going on in the investigator’s mind and heart and what they need. He also spoke about revelation and how we do not need to know that it is revelation, we just need to have the faith to press forward and go- thoughts are revelation! Bishop W Christopher Waddell spoke about how boldness shows our faith and love for the Lord and His gospel. Then Sister Bonnie L Oscarson discussed in another previously filmed segment with missionaries about teaching people, not lessons and how we need to prepare to be able to do that, we need to have the knowledge, to be able to change our plans as directed by the Spirit to teach the person- not just check a box off on a teaching record. "Fill that treasure chest (with those little gems of knowledge)". Then there was another video part, but I didn't really take any notes on that part, as a less active called up, so I needed to take that call and by the time I got back in- that part was almost over. Then Elder Dallin H Oaks spoke about retaining and activating. I took quite a few notes on this one, so he mentioned how we need to have the gospel rooted in the marrow of our bones and that we need to know who we are and what we do. We are Sons and Daughters of God- everything else is subordinate to that fact- we are royalty! Introduce righteousness and the laws of Heaven on the earth- it is for the interest of the world and salvation of all mankind. We are called to testify of Jesus Christ and invite all to do what He would have us do. It is all for the work of the Lord and our own eternal life. He then warned to not look back with regret. Pray to be able to look back on your service as something good, worthy, honest and true. We must be more than clean to enter into His kingdom. We need to be changed, be able to resist temptation and sin. He then exhorted us to "Preach nothing but repentance unto this generation... Your paramount responsibility is to Teach Repentance and Baptise Converts." I have a loads more notes from it, but that’s just the main points I got out of it, which I wanted to share! 
P-day, Dienstag! It felt a little strange to be fair doing p-day on a Dienstag. Anyways, so after studies we went shopping, back home, then off into Zürich, as I needed to get Dad his Birthday present and send that off! So did that and chilled in Zürich for a bit, then we went to re-anmeld my companion, as his Ausweis was coming to an end. Not supposed to be a p-day activity, but seen as we were in Zürich anyway, it made sense, so we don't have to waste time doing it another day. Then we headed back to Wetzikon to do emails! Home to eat something before picking A up to head to Insti; so this evening was basically filled with Institute! It was so good to be at Insti again! I've missed Insti! The class was talking about the different accounts of the first vision and also about seer stones. It was interesting and Bruder U explained it perfectly, like it made complete sense, even though it was a little different to normal! I would explain, but I wouldn't do it any justice to the way Bruder U taught it.
So Mittwoch, after studies we headed over to the chapel to meet with A. We went over the Plan of Salvation with him and he loved it! Lessons with A seem to always be a little longer than normal, cause we have like 17 days until his baptism and still have quite a bit to work through, plus we answer his questions, so it was another great lesson. He's still going strong! After A, time was running short and we had to head over to a less actives in Rüti who has a few problems, so we went and helped her out and had a little lesson with her. Then seen as we were in Rüti, we figured we could go by the other two less actives who lived there, but they weren't home. So we headed off to Stäfa, as we felt we needed to go by a few people there. We popped by to see Familie K. It was cool! We helped her out a bit. So yesterday evening there was a pretty strong storm and they have like one of those good sized trampolines in their garden (it's only a small garden, cause they live in an apartment block, but like the trampoline is like one of the 6ft ones); so the storm removed the trampoline 30m away from their place into the path of another building, which was over a few bushes. Legit, the storm must have been pretty darn strong, cause that thing was a decent weight! Then we helped put a door on a new cupboard, as the door was too heavy for her alone. So after that we shared a spiritual thought and headed to Sis R. By this time it was like 17uhr, so we popped by Sis R real quick to share a quick spiritual thought and to set up an appointment, as we don't have her number. She can talk forever, so we had to really keep it short as we had a train to catch to be back at the chapel for 19.00 and to drop something off for Schw. G, which she asked us for. So yeah! Then this evening we had the JM-Aktivität! So we began with a bad missionary role play and asked what we could do better. Then we spoke a little about missions, then did a random object roleplay. I did this in the MTC; so everyone has a completely random object and then each person has a principle from one of the 5 lessons in PMG. The roleplay is that you have to teach that principle using the object in some way. It is actually really fun and legitimately, every single object can link in some way to every gospel principle. Then we did that twice each time with a different object and different principle. Some of the ways those JM did it was really good! Then we spoke about how everything links to the gospel and that missions are also supposed to be fun and life changing; then bore testimony and then had a Q&A session. It was actually really good! Then we had GMK on the phone as our GML is in Military during the week and we had no time on the weekend- and that was basically our day!
Donnerstag! So after studies we headed out to Schw. G again, as she asked us yesterday night if we could help her with something, but we had to run to get to the chapel for JM. We promised to come by this morning to help her and this time she wanted some things from the attic, but she wanted to go up there as well to actually see, so we had to help her climb up to the attic. Bless her, she's a little legend! So we helped her out before coming home to have lunch. Then going off to skype R- didn't work again, so we used up the internet hour we have on a Thursday! Then out for a bit before spending the evening with S. 
After studies Freitag morgen we tried to hunt out a joint teach for an appointment this afternoon, which was only set up late last night. We finally got one and then had mittagessen. Then we decided to do weekly planning at the chapel whilst trying to skype R again. His wifi was being dodgy still, so we just did a messaging chat with him whilst weekly planning. Then we needed to head off to an appointment with H. We took J with us and it was a pretty good termin. After that, we had another termin, but our JT fell out, so we asked J if he fancied coming along, but he really didn't want to. He's just a real honest guy, so fair enough. We call like everyone possible and nobody is available, so J came with us anyway! He is such a funny guy! So we went over to Schw. M, where we had fondue for dinner and for the lesson we watched Joseph Smith- Prophet of the Restoration. Last time we were there she opened up a bit about a concern she had, so we spoke about it and she has heard it all so many times in the past, so we thought: What can we do to help her out?  The only thing that we could think of which hasn't been done or been shown before was that movie, cause it says so much and really is a strength to know how true the restoration really is. It was cool- and she definitely felt something. Then we headed home to plan and that was our day! This week has gone by soooo fast!
Samstag- after studies we had mittags and headed out to Uster to do a few vorbeis and finding. It wasn't all that great, cause nobody was home! Sucks! So that was basically our entire afternoon. Then early evening we headed to the chapel as the PV were doing a dinner for the Single Adults in the ward and we were invited along as well, so took A with us. It was pretty cool to be fair. We ate, played games and had a spiritual thought all from the Primary kids. 'Twas a fun evening. Then after that we headed back to A's place, as he lives between us and the chapel. So we had a lesson with him, where we basically talked about all sorts of stuff. We read quite a bit from the BoM as well and went through the baptism interview questions, so he knows what he needs to know and we can help him work through struggles! Legit though, pray for him! He is making great progress still and can be ready on the 27th, but there’s still a few things he needs to work through, but he is still Gold!
Happy Valentine’s Day! Sonntag began with getting ready and heading to the chapel for Chor! We only have Chor every now and then, so it's pretty cool. Although by the time we get to the next practice I normally forget, so it's not the ideal, but hey. Church today was pretty sweet! So A came and this time he bought his brother along. He basically just told him that he has to try it out, so he came. Sacrament meeting- the talks were pretty good. One was on Prophets, another on Gratitude and the last was about Teaching. Oh, also I have a talk on this coming Sunday, so we'll see how that goes. They didn't even give me a theme, so I need to work out that one first! Oh the joys! Well, after Sacrament we held an investigator class for A and his bro. It was pretty cool. We touched on a few things and he was saying how he's seen a really positive difference in A and wants the same for himself. Like honest, his brother seems so legit! We have another appointment with him on Tuesday evening, so pray it will all go well! Then Priesthood was lesson 2. It was a good lesson, but I don't even know how to explain what it was about in English, so you'll just have to read it if you want to know. It was on peace and finding peace and help and stuff through Christ. It was a really good class! After church we had Gemeinderat, which was normal Wetzikon Gemeinderat. Honestly though, Gemeinderats here in Wetzikon are probably some of the best I've been to! Then we had a Pot-luck! It's like having mittagessen together as a Gemeinde! 'Twas cool! So that was basically our afternoon and we helped clear up afterwards and got left with a load of food. Then we headed home and studied and that was basically our day! 
Well I wish you all a great week!
Alles Liebe,

Woche 82 von 102- Can you believe that..... 20 weeks!?!? Time needs to slow down!
Höi zäme! 
P-day! So after studies I spent the morning writing up my talk for Sunday before we headed out to shop! Then back to the apartment to clean and to the chapel to write some emails. Took a little break to grab a Dönner for a late mittags, then back to emailing again. Not too much actually happened today! Then this evening we were over at the Famile L for Abendessen and FHE! I love that family! They are sooo cool and just soooo fun to be around, so it was a real nice evening. Then we got back and still had a bit of time, so we went by A and did a little lesson with him, put a plan together as to how we are gonna tackle this smoking issue, so we'll see how it goes! He's great though! I am so tired, so there really isn't much else to say about today!
Dienstag! What an incredibly strange yet awesome day! So we headed out at 9.25 to get to St Gallen for zone training. Although we got there a little bit earlier as Elder Hiemer called me up yesterday to ask if I could cut his hair for him before zone training, so I did that and then we had zone training. Unfortunately we could only stay for an hour of it, as we needed to leave to get to an appointment which was set up way before anybody mentioned zone training, but for the hour we were able to attend was really quite good! The whole thing was basically based on the BoM! We headed off early to get back in time for our appointment and collected a box of English BoMs at zone training, as we were all out of English ones and one of our less actives wanted some to give out to friends, so on our way home we were taking the second of 4 trains which we need to take to get home from St Gallen (it's ridiculous) and we get off the train and head to the Gleis for our next train, then just as we get there, Elder Kilgore is like, "oh man! I forgot the Book of Mormon box!" - so we run back to get it and legit, just as we get onto the Gleis, the train pulls off! It wasn't supposed to leave for like another minute as well, so that was a little annoying. So now there’s a box of BoMs on a train which was going all the way to Lausanne! Fair enough! Maybe someone will get baptised because of it- there is a reason for everything and all, right? Well, we finally get to our appointment in perfect timing and had a pretty good discussion. We met the Familie K (neighbour of the U’s). It was a pretty cool lesson. We focussed more on helping them understand and how the gospel is there to strengthen the family. Then we met with A again. He's moving tomorrow to a new place. We spoke about tithing and he accepted it. He just loved the promise in Malachi; that the windows of heaven will be opened and there won't be room enough to receive it. He thought that was krass, so accepted it like that. We also covered the Ten Commandments, which were no problem and watched a talk from President Monson, so that he can know who he is for when he gets asked the question in his interview. Oh and we committed him to watch 'On the Lords Errand', which should help him even more to gain a testimony that President Monson is a Prophet of God! So that was sweet! Then we met with his brother- J! We did a church tour with him and then did a little goal setting discussion, in which we set another baptismal date! Like, what is going on here! So his date is the 30th April! Oh mensch! Those guys are crazy though! Like its only two weeks today since we first taught A and set a date with him!! Like, what! It is so cool though, we teach him with A and it is just so awesome to see how excited A gets as we teach his brother together. Then we did a Resto lesson, which went on past 9.00, but hey we set a date. Exciting stuff is happening here! It's craziness! The Lord is really blessing Wetzikon right now! The downer of the day was calling up the DL to tell him we were gonna be late home and give him the info to pass on that we have a new baptismal candidate. Like, he was so not excited or happy for us. He was just like "oh that’s great, I'll pass the info on" in like the most monotone, bored voice ever! We also told Pres and he was super excited to hear about it, so we ended with a good one! Haha! Well, that was Tuesday! What a day! Oh, we also had a totally schwarz "Swiss Split"- so my comp went out with Elder Justesen to get a box of BoMs from the car, so I was left with Sister Justesen as my companion- in all honesty, I never realised that until after he had left, but to be fair it was zone training, so we were with a load of other missionaries as well. so it's not too bad then!
First things first, Happy Birthday Dad! I hope today was a great day for you! After studies today we had lunch and then headed to the chapel to print a load of stuff off for Sister R, whom we then went to teach. Then we did a few vorbeis before heading over to Uster for another appointment. It was strange, but I'm way too tired to write up all the details- sorry. Then this evening we were at the Familie Z for Abendessen. 'Twas great, but I'm still dead tired, so unfortunately Mittwoch doesn't get too much of a description, tut mir leid!
Donnerstag was a day where after studies we headed to meet P in Uster, but he never turned up.... Again! So we did a load of vorbeis again and had a lesson with a potential, so that was pretty cool! Then we headed back to Wetzikon to meet with A, went through the Taufinterview again with him and this time he is completely ready apart from stopping smoking, but he's committed, so we just need to work at that and he can be ready on the 27th! Then this evening we spent the evening at Schw. M. It was interesting! We spoke about the Priesthood with her which was pretty cool, but yeah! Then we went to give someone a blessing, which is always a sacred experience- and that was our day! I am like completely burnt out. I have never been so tired in my entire life, as I have the last few weeks! We just have so much to do at the moment, its crazy! 
What a day! I was burnt out still, so this morning was a very chill study/planning morning! Then after mittagessen we headed out to Uster to meet with a less active. It was pretty cool. We read 2 Nephi 3 with him and spoke about church. He speaks Spanish and enough Deutsch, but he just told us how he really finds church difficult because of the language barrier and stuff. But yeah, he's coming on Sunday! Then we headed back to Wetzikon to meet with A again. We spoke about Priesthood and rights and responsibilities and ordinances of the Priesthood. He loved it and said that it all just makes complete sense. He is soooooo ready! Really, he just needs to stop, but he really wants to.... So we are now fasting with him! (2x in 2 days, this better work). Oh, we also taught his friend C who came over and had a little lesson with her, went over our purpose and started the first lesson. It was an interesting one! Then we spent the evening with S! We took a new tactic with him- so when we go we don't really do much talking at all, we just sit there for him to speak and then he leads it into a gospel based discussion and then we join in. In all honesty it is working beautifully- so life is great! Oh and we called up Pres to ask him a question as the ZLs had no idea and he was like- oh, I always get excited when I see that Wetzikon are calling me. You guys are really tearing it up down there. Then he asked me how I would feel if I moved this transfer after all this success? Soooo..... Who knows what’s happening with transfers! I was just like, well it will be a bit sad, but then we just build up the next area, cause each area has just as much potential as the last! Well, I might get an early one tonight as we're heading off early tomorrow
I think I might be coming down with something. I've had a nasty headache for the past 3 days or so and it's not going away. Plus I now have this cough, which is frustrating, but hey! Well, anyways, Samstag was temple day, so we had a super early get up, to head to the temple. It was a really nice session and I bumped into one of my MTC teachers in the celestial room, so I just go and sit down and feel that somebody is looking at me, so I look up and this guy is just like (auf Deutsch of course)- ‘Do I know you?’ and I'm just like- ‘Maybe’... Then he's like- ‘Are you an Elder?’ and I'm like- ‘Yeah!’ and then he says his name and asked if he taught me in the MTC; then the penny dropped and I was like- ‘Aahhh, yeah!’ So that was pretty cool! He was there cause he just got married... Pretty cool! Then after that, we headed to grab some lunch before heading back. So this evening we had a lesson with A. We spoke about Temple and Geneologie Work, which he thought was super cool! He is soo ready, but the only problem is the smoking, so unfortunately this Saturday isn't going to work, so his new date is the 26th March, that way we now have another month to work through it! - and that was basically our day.
So I woke up this morning with a stinking headache, super sore throat and my nose is blocked, like I feel dead; but we headed to church anyway, had chor and then sacrament meeting. I gave my talk and the other two talks were really good, so it was a good meeting. A, J and H came to church today!!! That was pretty awesome! Then we had a class with A and J, which was pretty good! After church we headed to the D’s where Schw. D ordered me to sleep for the rest of the day once we get home, so we headed for home after mittags and I just died, so there’s not too much to say about Sonntag! 

Well, that was basically our week! I'm still ill, which isn't helpful cause we have so much to do this week!!! Arrrggghhhh! So annoying! Well, I hope you had a great week! We have Mission Tour on the 8th March! Also, transfer calls are on Saturday so we shall see what happens! Any predictions? Well, have a great week!

Alles Liebe,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Wetzikon 25/1/16 - 8/2/16 Woche 79 & 80 - Power Week, Tauftermine, Skype und Interviews!

Woche 79 von 102- Power Week!!!

After studies Montag morgen we headed quickly to the shop to grab just 1 or 2 things, as we still have loads of food to get us through this week from Deutschland last week. Then we headed to the chapel to email before going to an appointment with one of the referrals from the Familie U. Oh mensch! That was amazing! They are so prepared! They are sooooo prepared for the gospel. The husband was a little Skeptisch (how do you say that in English? ....) about religion and stuff, but his wife is like searching for truth. He said he'd meet with us anyway once - just to find out what his neighbours actually believe, but, oh mensch! That was like the most intense, spiritual lesson! Like they felt it! It was incredible! They are so Golden it's unbelievable and they both committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and the message we shared today! We have a return appointment in 3 weeks’ time as the next few weeks they are super busy, but we'll be keeping in touch with them frequently. Keep them in prayers - the Familie K! They are so awesome! The wife told us at the end as well, that she knows it's true. What happened today and the fact that he actually listened and accepted everything the way he did was just an answer to her prayers so she knows from that, that the Restoration is true! Legit, they are so prepared! Like, probably the most prepared people I have ever met! Then we did a bit more emailing and chilling and the day was done!
Dienstag morgen was a strange one- as I'm coming down with something, so I did studies in bed, drinking lots of hot vitamin drinks and blowing my nose dry, while sneezing like goodness knows how many times. Then I managed to get the energy to get up and ready and we headed to district meeting. Each companionship in the district changed apart from ours, so it was interesting. Obviously, like I know everyone in the district anyway; seen as I'm like getting on now and have been around each Swiss Zone, so know almost every missionary in die Schwiez. Well, we spoke about teaching simply and powerfully and how we go about doing that and some of them were- studying and practicing individual principles from PMG, bearing testimony often, asking clarification questions, knowing the expectations of the investigator, using objects (one of my personal favourite things to use), and a few others. Then we also discussed the idea of having this light of the gospel in our lives, making it visible in our eyes as we speak to people and teach people. Then we had district lunch and that was nice, catching up and stuff and Sis. F made this like Ginger tea and then added like hot chocolate powder to it and oh my goodness- it was lush! Legit! Soooo good! Then after lunch we headed down to Stäfa. We spent quite a bit of time in Stäfa I just realised! Haha! Anyways, so when we finally got there, it takes forever from Winterthur to Stäfa; so we got there and had an appointment with Schw R where we spoke about doing missionary work and tried to role play with her. It was interesting and very long. Then when we finally left her, we headed to M, who is a member and we went with one of her home teachers. Legit, she is single and is like older than my parents, but looking at her you'd guess she's probably like middle 30's at the absolute latest! She is amazing though and she made us dinner, which was soooo good! We had a really nice and spiritual evening together. 'Twas a good day! 
So Mittwoch was a crazy day! Rush, rush, rush between appointments! We headed over to the U's, as we had an appointment with one of their neighbours, S and they offered their home for us to teach her. It was a first lesson, but she is Golden! Legit, the U's are amazing! The only thing that was a bit of a problem was her belief about Christ. She isn't sure if she believes that Christ is the Son of God and Saviour of the world, but the success of the lesson is that now we know what her worries are and we can work from there! After that, we stayed a little while longer to talk to Schw. U about the referrals and she gave us feedback from the lesson we just had and reported to us on the feedback she got from the lesson we had on Monday. Member work is the best! Legitimately, this is how it should be. The members prepare and find the people and we work with them to bring their friends unto Christ. It's just the most perfect teaching situation I've had so far, cause from day 1 they have that support system through the member family they know! It's just great! So after all that we headed over to H. She is an E who we went by last week in Uster and she was like over the moon to see us, as it's been forever since she last met missionaries, so now she has like a million and one questions cause the JW's got her in between. She hasn't joined them, but she does meet with them... for now! So now she believes that Jehovah is Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is the Son of Jehovah. We tried to clear that up, but then she had to pick her kid up from Kindergarten, so we'll have to work a little more on that next time, but an interesting thing she said was that she asked the JW's what the difference is between them and the Mormons and their answer was "Nothing, it's just that they speak more about Christ and we speak more about Jehovah". I just thought that was a pretty interesting answer, which I would never imagine them to say. Hey! Then we did a bit of dooring which was pretty lame. There were only like 3 people who answered out of like 15 doors and nobody wanted to hear! So then we headed out to the Familie Z. Oh mensch! Again, the food was amazing! It was like Spaghetti, but with some sort of tuna and vegetable type Bolognese instead of your normal. It was soooooo good! Legit, Bruder Z can cook! Wow! Then after that we headed back to Wetzikon. On my mission, my testimony of the power of the priesthood has just been increased beyond comprehension and I'm pretty sure it will continue to be as I live worthy of it! Then we headed home and that was basically our day. My head is killing me though and I am just dead, but no rest as tomorrow is also looking pretty packed out! So for now an early night (10mins early) will just have to do! I hate having a cold!
So Donnerstag began by heading out to Wald for the appointment which we were sure was supposed to be last week, but when we got there he said it was this week. So we went and had more of a getting to know lesson. He is such a cool guy and has loads of stories! Then we head to leave as we needed to meet P in Stadelhofen for an appointment he set up for us and from Wald there's only one train every hour, so we had to get that train. We finally got to Stadelhofen and met P, who finally has a car. Anyways, so then we go and pick up this less active from work who he made an appointment with for us and then drive to her place. We made and ate mittagessen together and shared the Elder Holland mormon message 'Always Remember Him'- it's a great video! Oh and Che. H gave us a load of fruit, like as we were leaving her place she just gives us a giant bag full of fruit! Sweet! Then we got P to take us home to drop off the fruit and then drive us to our next appointment as time was pretty knapp! So we got there with like 1 minute to spare as P got lost a few times! Haha! So we get to Stäfa, meet our new joint teach and head over to C. She is like the sweetest Peruvian lady ever. She is so cool! We spoke about church and shared the Elder Holland video again. It was a really good lesson and her daughter actually stayed for it this time and got engaged in the lesson. Then we headed back to Wetzikon for our next appointment with T. He is so cool! So we got there and he was preparing dinner and was like well you said you were coming at 19.00, so I figured I'd do dinner, you know? So that was cool! Didn't have to cook at all today! Wahey! It was a really cool evening and he's gonna come as a joint teach for us tomorrow and Saturday! So it was a pretty awesome day! Lots of WA work! 
So Freitag morgen, doctors orders told me to stay in bed and rest cause this stinkin cold was killing me, so not too much actually happened until early evening when we had an appointment, so our evening was spent in Uster. We went by a less active lady who we began to teach and then she also had some visitors and she got up and started doing other things which was kind of annoying, but one of her visitors got chatting with us and we managed to lead it in to a restoration lesson, which was pretty cool and commit him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We had like a less active lesson which turned into a lesson with a potential! Not bad! Then after that, we had another appointment with the husband of a member who we started teaching and again, it was a restoration lesson. It was pretty cool! My mind is just all over the place right now. We have so much going on, it's crazy! Like it is now Friday evening and we've had 12 lessons so far this week, with at least another 3 planned for the next two days. This week is just gonna be crazy. Like it really isn't about numbers, but the last few weeks, it has felt so good being able to report really good numbers just cause numbers are the only thing leaders see. Other than the numbers, they don't see any of the work and effort that you actually put into a week, which is really frustrating sometimes; so today has actually turned out to be another pretty good day! 
Samstag morgen after dragging myself out of bed, still feeling dead and wanting so badly to rest a little; I got up at 6.30, did a bit of mild frühsport and got ready for the day, had studies and headed out. So this morning we spent with S, talked about quite a lot of different themes and he made us lunch, so that was cool! Then we headed out to the chapel to sort a few things out. The rest of the day we did weekly planning and then our appointment this evening fell out, which sucked big time, so the evening kind of sucked! But hey, you can't have a perfect week, without something going wrong!
There isn't too much to say about Sonntag! It was just a normal one. Started with GMK, then Sacrament meeting, of which the talks were great! Then Sunday school was a little more about Nephi's interpretation and vision of Lehi's vision with the additional stuff. Then obviously today was 5th Sunday of the month, so it was a joint Priesthood/FHV Klasse, which the Bishofschaft did. They based it on the point in the area plan Geistig und Zeitlich eigenständig werden. No idea how that translates to English, something like spiritually and self-reliant or something like that. They focussed more on the being self-reliant and continuing to gain knowledge. It was actually really quite interesting. Then we chilled and chatted with a few members. Then we headed for our traditional Sonntag Mittagpause at the Familie D. 'Twas cool! Then headed off to Wald! So what did we do in Wald.... Well, we went to take someone the Sacrament, as they asked earlier in the week and Bishop said it was fine. So we went all the way to Wald for them to be too ill to let us in, so that sucked! Then we went by another WA, but she wasn't home, so we headed home to study and the after that the day was done! 
Just so you know- next Monday as in the 8th Feb, we are having Interviews and Training with President, so p-day will be on another day, I assume it will be Tuesday instead, so you can still send your emails for Monday, but I won't be sending my email until the day we have p-day. It sucks, but hey! ... Well, have a brilliant week! Love you loads and loads and loads
Alles liebe,
Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxx

Woche 80 von 102- Tauftermine, Skype und Interviews!
Grüezi wohl!
Oh, Montag! So P-day wasn't quite a proper P-day, so we did general 3 hour block of studies and then headed to the Familie U to teach S (one of the neighbours we are teaching- the one with the awesome dream). It was an interesting appointment, but basically she dropped us! That sucked, but hey ho! One day she'll get baptised! After that we headed to the chapel and sent off a couple of emails before having a skype lesson with R. He's in Thailand for 2 months, until Easter and so we have arranged to keep in touch and teach him via skype. Whilst we were at the chapel he noticed we were online and just called us for a chat, so we ended up having another lesson on P-day! Sweet! So after that we did a bit more emailing, sorted a few things and then headed out to meet P in Stadelhofen, as we were then going with him to the Familie DR! Oh mensch! What an evening! I love their family! They are just soo cool!) So dinner was incredible and the dinner time convo was just hilarious! Then we did the spiritual thought as going around and everyone naming one thing in which they have seen the hand of God in their lives today. That’s always a really cool one to do; like the spirit is just so strong as each person in the room shares just one thing and it really makes you think of how many times you've actually seen a blessing in your life that day! 'Tis awesome! Then we were super late home as P drove us and it ended up that he took us to Stadelhofen instead of Wetzikon, but hey! 
Dienstag was pretty darn sweet! The start was alright and after studies we headed off to Winterthur for District Meeting. I got the great pleasure of doing DeutschTipp- so I turned it into a game and we played Bang; but with questions instead, which they battled to give the right answer first! 'Twas alright! Then the rest of DM was alright too. I don't actually remember too much; there was a bit about effective daily planning, a part about scripture study, a little role play for the first lesson and something else, but I don't remember. Then we had mittags together, so we cheekily asked the Sisters this morning if they fancied making lunch for us, haha. We managed to con them into it, so we bought a few things with us and then they made it for us. Oh my goodness! We had Sweet and Sour Chicken and it was like the best sweet and sour I have had in my entire life and they made it from scratch! It was lush! Then we did a bit of finding as a district in Winti, so I went with Elder Redmond and we found like nobody who was interested, but we had a good chat together about life and all. 'Twas cool! Then we headed to the chapel for an appointment with A. My comp found him a few months back with his previous comp, but never taught him. They messaged a bit and invited him to church a few times but he never had time and then they lost contact. Then on Sunday he just rocks up to church, so we set up to meet with him today. We met at the chapel and gave a tour of the building, got to the baptismal font and spoke a bit about baptism and what it means for us and he's just like, oh, I think I'd like to get baptised and make this promise with God. We're like, well that is basically our job to help people prepare for that, do you want to set a date and we can help you work towards that and he's all for it and so we set a date for the 27th Feb and then go into teaching him the Restoration. We taught up to but not including the First Vision, as then we had to catch a bus to another appointment, but he just soaked it all up and it made complete sense to him and everything. We're meeting again tomorrow with him, but oh mensch! I am so excited for him. He is so cool! Then we headed out to the Familie O for Abendessen. It's a family we have never been to before, but it was a really cool appointment. We played who am I (the game with the post-it on the forehead and you ask questions to work out who you are) for the spiritual thought and then shared 1 Samuel 16:7. It was actually really good. Then we headed to the chapel to do our little surprise for Sorella Robertson. Oh mensch, I love President Kohler. Getting to skype Ash to welcome her home and chat about stuff was so good! I loved it! So todays’ highlights were A's Taufdatum and Skyping Ash!

I wore my Italian Name Badge in Ashleighs honour

I got to Skype Ashleigh

Mittwoch after studies, we did a bit of personal touch prep as we plan on dropping some round to some people tomorrow! So after that we headed to the chapel to meet with A again. Legit, he is so cool! So we finished off the Resto and he said it makes complete sense. We also watched the video with him. Oh mensch! He is so cool and so ready! We then touched a bit on the Word of Wisdom and set some goals with him. Please pray for him! He can do it with the Lord’s help, but obviously prayers are always appreciated and a great strength! Something he said which was so cool to hear, was that his spirit is more important to him than his body, so if partaking of these things are bad for his spirit then he'll stop, even if science says that some things are good for the body (a glass of wine a day is good for the heart and all that stuff). Then we had our skype appointment with R, although it didn't work out, we tried and tried and tried, but it turns out that when there is stormy weather, the internet goes kaput, so he couldn't even get any connection until the storm passed, by which time we weren't at the chapel anymore. Sucks! I guess that’s what happens when he's on a tiny Island just off the coast of Thailand... So after that, it was getting late; so we had an Abentagsessen (that’s just my made-up way of saying linner or dunch! Haha). Well, as it was getting late we then headed out for a bit, before popping by S this evening. Then home and the day was quickly over! I loved seeing the pictures of Ash arriving home though – that made my day! 
Soooo... Donnerstag after studies we headed out a bit, before going by Schw. R (an Italian Sister in the ward) for Mittags. The thing that sucked is that she couldn't find another guy to be there, so she basically just gave us what she made in a bag and sent us on our merry way! It was really sad that we couldn't eat with her, but oh mensch! She made pizza and it was lush! After finding somewhere to eat it, we popped by Schw. M to drop a few things off for her and invited her to an activity next Saturday. Then we headed over to Meilen and when we finally got there, we went by the B's and helped Schw. B with a few things, as she had an operation a few days ago. We helped with a few things.
I'll begin Freitag with something from my personal study. With the new mission BOM read again, I am finishing it from my own personal reading as well as starting the mission plan. I'm in like 2 different parts of it at the moment, so there was a verse which I found pretty interesting this morning in the mission reading part. It's 1 Nephi 6:6, so I'm studying it in German again, so I just read it in English to mention it to you, but it sounds a little better in German. Anyways, it basically just says that Nephi will command his posterity to not write anything on the plates that have no worth unto the children of men. I just thought that was really cool, cause sometimes you read the Book of Mormon and think like, what can I learn from that? Or what is with all of the war chapters? .. but that verse just shows that everything that is written has some sort of worth for us. Every verse is there for us to learn something. Often we don't recognise it, but it is there for us to learn and grow, as we study with a prayerful heart and willing mind. Well, we have 2 options for today- I can tell you how it really was, or how it was supposed to be.... Well, here’s how it was supposed to look .... So after Sprach we were going to have an early lunch before popping to the chapel to try and have a spontan skype lesson with R, as in the evenings he has wifi, which is early afternoon for us. We were gonna try that whilst doing weekly planning and when he was online we'd take a break to teach before continuing weekly planning. Then we were gonna head off to Uster early to get a lesson in with a couple of less actives and do a bit of finding before popping to our appointment this evening. Now back to how it actually was; so it gets to the time where we really need to leave to get to our appointment and finally we get to our appointment. It was actually very interesting and we got to know his concerns, so now we have a point to work from and we had dinner with them before heading home!
Samstag studies, before heading to the chapel to meet A for our third lesson this week! Oh mensch! He just wants to know everything! It is sooo cool, so we reviewed what we've covered so far, and then explained the addiction recovery program to him and did a little crash course, using the new 12 step videos. Then he had a load of questions, so we answered his questions and so, so we ended up having quite a long lesson. 'Twas good though! Then we tried to skype R, but his internet was messing up, so we messaged him a bit to see how things were and tried to set an appointment up; although it's difficult, cause his internet isn't very reliable. Then we went home to get lunch, although it was a very late lunch. Tried to find a mitbelehrung for tonight, although nobody was available as there was a wedding today, so we searched and searched and felt prompted to ask A if he happens to have time tonight to help us out. He did, so we had another appointment with him and Schw. M. She made Rösti for dinner and it was the best Rösti I have had so far! Oh mensch! Then we went through the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. A was full of questions as usual, which was brilliant because Schw M never really asks questions, so we never really know how much she really understands, but A was just the best and we worked out today what is holding her back from getting baptised. (She's been investigating for over a year and has had all of the lessons a number of times, so now we know what is really holding her back, so can work from there). A was a life saver today and he is just soo ready! We're super excited for him! 
Sonntag morgen began with heading to the chapel and greeting everyone. We arrived pretty early today as we had no GMK this morning, so we got to do the good old welcoming party! It was really nice and I loved getting the temple selfie from home. I was wondering earlier in the week what happened to the weekly Sunday Selfies and then you sent one (wasn't quite Sunday selfie, although it was a trillion times better). A came to church again, which was awesome! Testimony meeting was great. There was a huge focus about seeing the little blessings, the little acts which have the hand of the Lord in them. It was a really nice testimony meeting. Then for Sonntagschule we went to the JAE one, which was an on the spot lesson with no actual teacher, so we had it as each member of the class chooses and shares a mormon message and then explains a little about it afterwards. Kind of like a spiritual thought, but each member of the class got to do it. Obviously it wasn't the lesson that was supposed to be today, but they wanted a JAE class as there was a decent sized group of them today, so that’s what they did and it was actually a really nice experience. Then for Priesthood we had a Kollegiumsrat! The first Sunday of the month in Priesthood, the lesson is based on the home teaching message and how we can best help the families on each companionships list and we also discuss how things are going in the quorum and how we can all work together better as a quorum. It's actually really good and today’s lesson was great! Then after the meetings we gave Schw. H a blessing as she is going into Reha tomorrow! That was a really nice experience again. Priesthood blessings are just amazing things to witness and be a part of. Each one is so different, but each one is filled with such indescribably strong love from a Father in Heaven. It's incredible! Then we chatted with members and sorted a few appointments out and then waited for like 10 minutes after everyone had left for Präsident Kohler to turn up. S mentioned a few weeks back how he'd like to meet our "boss" and seen as Pres. was coming to die Schweiz this week, we thought we'd try and make it possible for him. Sunday afternoon worked out best for Pres., so we set it up and went to S with Präsident Kohler for the afternoon! Oh mensch! Pres. basically just led the whole lesson (as that was the reason we were there) and oh man, I learnt so much from that. Präsident Kohler is such a brilliant teacher. Like he is incredible; some parts of it he was very bold (as you have to be with S sometimes), but the amount of love that you could see behind that boldness was incredible! Wow! Teaching with PK is an experience not to be forgotten! Just, WOW!!! That appointment went on for a couple of hours .. just a little long. Then we walked Pres. back to the chapel as that’s where he parked. Then we came home to have studies and eat! .. and those were the wonders of our Sabbath!
I guess I can also include Montag in here this week seen as P-day is Dienstag! So after studies we headed over to St Gallen, which took like 2hrs; well just less than and we went another way, which for that time of day worked out quicker and more perfect for the time we needed to be there. It was definitely the more attractive way, as we had to take the Voralpen Express which goes like right through with beautiful mountain views. Unfortunately I took no pictures! So anyways, we finally get to the chapel and chat for a bit as President was still doing interviews for the Bonstetten district, who were in the morning. Then we finally began with the specialised training session as our district and the Bonstetten district, which was finally getting to watch the worldwide missionary broadcast from last month, which Ash has already seen. I prefer handwritten notes when watching things, so I'll type them up later at some point – but it was really good! Then we said Tschäu to the other district and had our interviews with district meeting. It's always a strange DM when we have interviews as someone is constantly out having their interview and to make it worse – it all started later than planned, so companionships had to leave because of appointments and stuff, so it was weird. We ended up going last, cause our appointment cancelled on us this evening, but interviews were really good this time. Like really, really good! I loved it! One of the best interviews. Then Pres asked us if he could drop us off somewhere as it was like gone 19uhr at this point. So he dropped us off at St Gallen Hauptbahnhof, which was the perfect time to grab something to eat before getting our train/s home. That was basically our Monday cause we didn't even get home until gone 21uhr, but it was a real good day! And P-day is tomorrow
So P-day is today and we found out yesterday, that from April, transfer days will now become Wednesdays instead of Thursdays, so basically my final transfer day will be the 6th July, therefore I will be flying home on the 7th July, NOT the 8th, which was originally planned!
Have a great week! Love you loads and loads-
Alles Liebe,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Caserta 18/1/16 - 2/2/16 - Ciao Italia, vi amo tutti

Well this week has been kinda strange and I haven't had time to write at all in my 'iPad journal' and I wanna make the most of my last pday here, so I'm just gonna share a few of my fave moments from the week. Like I'll take one thing from each day.

I'll start with pday, since it was probably the best one I've ever done. So me and Nelson planned on going to Pompeii, just the two of us and we got to the metro stop in Napoli to go there, then who comes but the Napoli Anziani (our favourites!!) so then it turned out they were heading to Pompeii too, so we ended up going together. As we were waiting we met a kid from England and one from Australia who met while traveling around Europe and just stuck together, like travel buddies, so that was cool, cus we got to explain who we were and the English lad was like 'I never thought we had Mormons in England', so I guess now he knows!

The pday itself was just so much fun. Like Pompeii is super beautiful. The history is super interesting and like yeah, we loved it, but doing it with the Nap Anz was the best part of it. They are literally so fun, so we just had a great time! Anyways, while walking around who did we bump into than the Battipaglia missionaries too! Everyone, without knowing, had chosen that day to do their out of zone p'day and had chosen Pompeii. We didn't hang out with them though, we just took a pic and carried on. Then we all headed back to Napoli, got pizza and chilled at the church kinda emailing, exchanging pics and chatting. Then headed home for some lessons! With the G, A and K.

Pompeii P-Day Photos

On Tuesday we headed over to see M. We decided that we didn't wanna see her cry, at all. So we just tried our best to distract her and make her laugh and smile etc. It went so so so well. Not a tear. We read from the Book of Mormon in Mosiah 18. Then at the end as we left, Sorella Nelson was all 'We are glad that we came and we saw you happy...." And before she could carry on M bursts into hysterical tears and is all 'I'M NOT HAPPY I'M TOO FAT. I CANT DO ANYTHING" and then that was our call to leave. 

We also saw Sorella V and S, G, O and A and A. I have it written in my diary how it went, but I just have 0 time to write it on here.

Highlight of Wednesday. Well we weren't able to get ties ourselves, so our wonderful wonderful Napoli Anziani had gone for us, so they gave them to us at DDM. Ammon's, I'll send from home, cus this place sucks for post :( still haven't received the Christmas gift from Ammon. It's probably been stolen. Anyhuuuu.. DDM was good! We had literally no lessons this day, so in a work sense it sucked. The little time to proselyting that we had, nobody could see us. In the evening, there was the worldwide mission conference. That was suuuuuuper awesome. There was an English kid there too for some of the addestramenti. Think his name is EF, so that was cool to hear a fellow Brit accent among 1M American accents hahah. Then la coppia B bought treats for us to eat after. I'll send my notes in another email. I took a lot! 
My last DDM
Highlight of Thursday.. Well there weren't really any highlight, but we saw G, S, and O with D (an awesome YSA member/recent-ish convert). The highlight was actually probably the referral we received from the Anziani in Pozzuoli. They had found this really awesome woman called T. The first time round when we went to call her. It was an African man called D. We were soooo confused hahahaha; so after a nice chat with D the investigator, we called the Anziani back all confused and then got the real number. She seemed awesomeeeeee, so we were super excited about her!

Our lesson with G about repentance was my highlight. We did weekly planning at the chapel with the lesson like, part way through we watched the talk 'Free forever to act for themselves' and discussed what it really means to repent and how we go about it. He seemed to understand better. We saw M too, (the one who lives below the Anziani) and she fed us a TON of biscuits hahah. Good job we have been exercising!

Saturday was a great day. We will begin with..

THE FUNNY STORY OF THE WEEK: (which happened in the afternoon)

So Sorella Nelson and I had been talking about how we are gonna deal with the creepy men who look at us like we are meat and shout perverted things at us (it's a regular occurrence, like it happens at LEAST once a day). Welcome to Italy! So we had a few ideas and they were all kinda jokes. I was just like, how about we just drop the bap invite, like straight up and if they say no then we're just like 'ALLORA COSA VUOI?!' Then we thought about pretending not to understand, etc. 

So with this being said, on Saturday, as we were traveling back from Capua after a lesson with V. About 7 ragazzi (teenage boys) sat a little ahead of us on the train. Then they must have seen my tag as I was kinda facing them and they started shouting "ROBERTSON" "SORELLA" "ROBERTA" "GESÙ CRISTO" "SISTER" and I'm just ignoring them. Then they all come and surround us like literally at least 7 of them, all with their lil ragazzacci nose piercings and the sort and they like ask what our names are.. They were literally like pigeons to a crumb. Then they turn to Nelson and asked her and she is just like talking absolute nonsense to them like "blub. Blubblobblub" meanwhile I was DYING! Like literally, so so close to peeing myself and these ragazzi just looked so confused, so I was just like "lei non parla" (she doesn't speak) HAHAHAHAHAHAH Then they are all like telling me I have beautiful eyes and I'm just like still dying at Sorella Nelson who is still doing that weird thing. Then this one is like "Sorella Robertson, sei carina" all smooth and quiet, like looking at me deeeep in the eye and it was literally THE funniest moment I think I've had with Nelson; like it even beats the olive tree. So funny! #blubblubbbb

ANYWAYS, we had some really awesome lessons. Saturday was actually easily my favourite day of the week. In terms of work and having fun; the balance was just perfect, because it was my fave. I'll talk about it all.

So, first thing in the morning, we went over to see A. She was in, with her 3 beautiful beautiful children. We taught them about the sabbath day and how it is the day of the Lord. In the end, we invited them to, as a family, find a way in which they can, together, observe more closely the day of the Lord. They accepted :) They are just such a wonderful family. The ward would really benefit having them! After, we did some street finding. Then headed over to G for Pranzo with A. SHE IS SO AWESOME. She told us all about how her and B met. I literally love them. Their love story is the cutest thing! Then she was talking about her mission, shared some stories and also gave me 'going home advice'. She's awesome! Then she took us to Subway (we were on the base) to get cookies haha :) After that, we saw V. We did the Plan of Salvation and got a hot choc! It went well! Then the funny story happened. Then we went straight to see G. Okay. This family. We met all her kids, I, M and C. They are ADORABLE. I literally felt so so so at home in their house with them! G is our investigator and we have just wanted to get to teach the whole family all transfer and something has always come up. We met the Dad in the hospital when we visited last wee, cus one of the kids (I) was ill. Then we met the son on Saturday, who is suuuuuper awesome! Literally, ahhhh. I love them. Me and Nelson are just so excited about them. THE CUTEST LITTLE FAMILY. Another family that this ward would really benefit from! Oh another funny story, the Napoli Anz called to tell me all about an English girl they met on the train.

Sunday.. Church. I bore my testimony in Italian in Italy FOR THE LAST TIME WAA. So sad. I said bye to all the members. O and G came! :) It was just great. We ALSO took a new investigator! We had been trying allllll transfer to see this woman and we finally got a hold of her. At the beginning, she was like 'I wanna be honest, I'm a Catholic and I just meet with you guys out of I don't wanna waste your time", but we obviously just went ahead and taught the restoration anyways and she told us how she tried reading the Book of Mormon before, but it's hard to understand, just like the Bible. Anyways, we bore our testimonies about how we can understand it and know of its truthfulness and then we gave her some references from the Book of Mormon about the after life, cus that was an interest of hers and she committed to read and pray. :) She was suuuuper awesome and she can't wait to see us again! Then we saw A and K!
My last Sunday in Caserta
This week has been a little weird. I have kinda felt at times that I'm 'dying' in a sense that, there are certainly some days where I have needed to pray for the desire to continue strong, you know. I'm getting tired, but we just go for it every day and I'm definitely seeing the pull between Satan trying to make me lazy and the Lord giving me the strength to do my best. It literally feels like a game of tug of war at times, but I am loving every minute of serving. I feel guilty that I need to pray for that, but it works and we have seen so many miracles this week. This whole transfer, I don't think I have ever seen numbers so good. Like, I know you shouldn't measure work on numbers but just, there is something about this area. This companionship too. We literally have so so so much fun, but I love teaching with Nelson. We work so so well together and we help each other! I love it!

Well, I cannot believe that I will be home next week. Oh. My. Goodness. Not really sure if I'll be emailing next week either, cus, like, I'll be in Rome and I probs won't have the iPad? I really don't know, but I'll see you on Tuesday anyways! 

Well, that's it for me. Miracles are still happening. The Lord is SO involved in his work. Me too, but only because he helps me! The mission is the best. I'm sad it's coming to an end, but I am so excited to help with the work in my own area now. 

I love you all so so much. 
Me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Guys. I don't have much time to say anything. I've had 0 time this week with packing, saying goodbye to people and being in Rome for interviews and the sort, but it's been a week full of emotions. I'm just gonna write a few notes that you probably won't understand.. but I'll explain them within the next few days. 

Anyways, notes. 

Literally said goodbye to everyone. 
Nelson got her transfer call Friday night. She's going to Bari. HAMMY IS GOING TO DIE IN CAGLIARI. WE HAVE 3 CITIES IN COMMON!!!
I packed. Late night. Left it til last last min.
Left early to Napoli. Me and the Napoli Anziani. Anz. Coe bought me strawberries for my trip, cus he remembered the strawberry story about the pandora charm hahaha 😂
Got to Rome. GOT OFF THE TRAIN AND ANZ JACOBS WAS ALL SO excited to tell me that my verdina was going to be getting her very own verdina!!! Roberts is training! SHE IS GOING TO BE INCREDIBLE. Oh my gosh. Literally, her greenie is so so so so soooo lucky! So yeah. Then I saw Roberts and just cried when I saw her. Gosh I have missed her so much. 
Then I went to the office to weigh and sort all my suitcases (I was finally reunited with the other one haha). I was 8 lbs over, so I got rid of a ton of clothes and stuff. I'm literally coming home with 2 pairs of shoes haha .. when I left with like 10. They're all so worn out. Then I had my interview with Pres. Yes, it's true.. They talk about marriage. He spoke about continuing with the new good habits I've picked up in the mission and always being worthy for a temple recommend. Standards for who I'd date. What to expect when I come home. Just like a good talk, you know. Then at the end he was like "As President of the Italy Rome Mission I have the keys to speak on behalf of Jesus Christ himself" and just expressed gratitude for the work I've done here and it was just so awesome. Like happy and sad and just strange, but I really loved it and really felt that it was Christ speaking. He just.. Yeah. Spoke about a ton of stuff and I just felt so good after! Asked about college. Told me he gave a really good reference, so he was sure that I'd get my first choice. And yeah. It was awesome! 

Anyways, I will see you tomorrow. There is just so much going through my head right now. Still got my finance interview and other stuff to do.
It's gonna be hard to leave this place. I'm totally comprehending the feeling of bitter sweet right now. So for this, this email kinda sucks, cus I really don't know what to do or say, but I know that the moment I see your faces - all the sadness of leaving will vanish for a while. I love you and can't wait to hug you all!

The church is true. This work is the work of the Lord and I'm still gonna be a part of it for the rest of my life.

This week was super awesome! I have loved spending time with the people in Caserta. I have come to love them so much in the period of time I even here, however short it may have been. It's been such a blessing to serve here. 

I'll put pics on iCloud, since my iPad is getting given in in like 30 mins I think... So please please save them! I won't have time to put them on a memory card. 
Saying goodbye to my friends in Caserta

 The Elders made me some cookies to wish me well on my travels
I spent my last weekend in Rome
Goodbyes at Napoli Train Station (leaving with Sorella Defranchi)

One last goodbye with my last companion Sorella Nelson

At the Trevi

At the Colloseum

Saying goodbyes to mission friends and companions (Sorella Reber)

Goodbye my cute lil verdina (Sorella Roberts)

Goodbye Sorella Hamilton

My departing groups with Pres & Sis Waddoups

Leaving the Mission Villa to buy Gelato

Choosing Gelato
 When I got to Birmingham Airport i was greeted by these lovely people.

And I got a great surprise.....Ammon had special permission from President Kohler to skype me.
He even wore his Italian Name badge in my honour!

When I have more time, I'll write a longer email up. Right now everything is so hectic!

I love you all,
Sorella Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxx