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Wetzikon 8/2/16 - 22/2/16 Missionary Broadcast, Zürich and Insti

Woche 81 von 102- Missionary Broadcast, Zürich and Insti!!!
Wie guäts? 
I guess I'll begin with my notes from Mondays "Specialised Training" session where we watched the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast, seen as I added Monday’s info into last week’s email. I have handwritten notes, so I'll just add the major bits that stood out to me! It began with Elder Neil L Anderson- and there were a few things I got from his part; the first being that whenever you don't know what to speak about, speak of the Saviour, cause it is His gospel that is our purpose. Always keep His name on your lips. He also said in there to "ask yourself regularly- Am I personally using the Atonement in my life, every day?" Pretty good question to be fair, cause when we do we can really testify of it from an honest and personal experience. Then it went to the previously filmed segment from Elder David A Bednar with a group of missionaries- His focus was more on using and following the Spirit. He focussed on how, when our companion is teaching we should be having an intense spiritual focus on what is going on in the investigator’s mind and heart and what they need. He also spoke about revelation and how we do not need to know that it is revelation, we just need to have the faith to press forward and go- thoughts are revelation! Bishop W Christopher Waddell spoke about how boldness shows our faith and love for the Lord and His gospel. Then Sister Bonnie L Oscarson discussed in another previously filmed segment with missionaries about teaching people, not lessons and how we need to prepare to be able to do that, we need to have the knowledge, to be able to change our plans as directed by the Spirit to teach the person- not just check a box off on a teaching record. "Fill that treasure chest (with those little gems of knowledge)". Then there was another video part, but I didn't really take any notes on that part, as a less active called up, so I needed to take that call and by the time I got back in- that part was almost over. Then Elder Dallin H Oaks spoke about retaining and activating. I took quite a few notes on this one, so he mentioned how we need to have the gospel rooted in the marrow of our bones and that we need to know who we are and what we do. We are Sons and Daughters of God- everything else is subordinate to that fact- we are royalty! Introduce righteousness and the laws of Heaven on the earth- it is for the interest of the world and salvation of all mankind. We are called to testify of Jesus Christ and invite all to do what He would have us do. It is all for the work of the Lord and our own eternal life. He then warned to not look back with regret. Pray to be able to look back on your service as something good, worthy, honest and true. We must be more than clean to enter into His kingdom. We need to be changed, be able to resist temptation and sin. He then exhorted us to "Preach nothing but repentance unto this generation... Your paramount responsibility is to Teach Repentance and Baptise Converts." I have a loads more notes from it, but that’s just the main points I got out of it, which I wanted to share! 
P-day, Dienstag! It felt a little strange to be fair doing p-day on a Dienstag. Anyways, so after studies we went shopping, back home, then off into Zürich, as I needed to get Dad his Birthday present and send that off! So did that and chilled in Zürich for a bit, then we went to re-anmeld my companion, as his Ausweis was coming to an end. Not supposed to be a p-day activity, but seen as we were in Zürich anyway, it made sense, so we don't have to waste time doing it another day. Then we headed back to Wetzikon to do emails! Home to eat something before picking A up to head to Insti; so this evening was basically filled with Institute! It was so good to be at Insti again! I've missed Insti! The class was talking about the different accounts of the first vision and also about seer stones. It was interesting and Bruder U explained it perfectly, like it made complete sense, even though it was a little different to normal! I would explain, but I wouldn't do it any justice to the way Bruder U taught it.
So Mittwoch, after studies we headed over to the chapel to meet with A. We went over the Plan of Salvation with him and he loved it! Lessons with A seem to always be a little longer than normal, cause we have like 17 days until his baptism and still have quite a bit to work through, plus we answer his questions, so it was another great lesson. He's still going strong! After A, time was running short and we had to head over to a less actives in Rüti who has a few problems, so we went and helped her out and had a little lesson with her. Then seen as we were in Rüti, we figured we could go by the other two less actives who lived there, but they weren't home. So we headed off to Stäfa, as we felt we needed to go by a few people there. We popped by to see Familie K. It was cool! We helped her out a bit. So yesterday evening there was a pretty strong storm and they have like one of those good sized trampolines in their garden (it's only a small garden, cause they live in an apartment block, but like the trampoline is like one of the 6ft ones); so the storm removed the trampoline 30m away from their place into the path of another building, which was over a few bushes. Legit, the storm must have been pretty darn strong, cause that thing was a decent weight! Then we helped put a door on a new cupboard, as the door was too heavy for her alone. So after that we shared a spiritual thought and headed to Sis R. By this time it was like 17uhr, so we popped by Sis R real quick to share a quick spiritual thought and to set up an appointment, as we don't have her number. She can talk forever, so we had to really keep it short as we had a train to catch to be back at the chapel for 19.00 and to drop something off for Schw. G, which she asked us for. So yeah! Then this evening we had the JM-Aktivität! So we began with a bad missionary role play and asked what we could do better. Then we spoke a little about missions, then did a random object roleplay. I did this in the MTC; so everyone has a completely random object and then each person has a principle from one of the 5 lessons in PMG. The roleplay is that you have to teach that principle using the object in some way. It is actually really fun and legitimately, every single object can link in some way to every gospel principle. Then we did that twice each time with a different object and different principle. Some of the ways those JM did it was really good! Then we spoke about how everything links to the gospel and that missions are also supposed to be fun and life changing; then bore testimony and then had a Q&A session. It was actually really good! Then we had GMK on the phone as our GML is in Military during the week and we had no time on the weekend- and that was basically our day!
Donnerstag! So after studies we headed out to Schw. G again, as she asked us yesterday night if we could help her with something, but we had to run to get to the chapel for JM. We promised to come by this morning to help her and this time she wanted some things from the attic, but she wanted to go up there as well to actually see, so we had to help her climb up to the attic. Bless her, she's a little legend! So we helped her out before coming home to have lunch. Then going off to skype R- didn't work again, so we used up the internet hour we have on a Thursday! Then out for a bit before spending the evening with S. 
After studies Freitag morgen we tried to hunt out a joint teach for an appointment this afternoon, which was only set up late last night. We finally got one and then had mittagessen. Then we decided to do weekly planning at the chapel whilst trying to skype R again. His wifi was being dodgy still, so we just did a messaging chat with him whilst weekly planning. Then we needed to head off to an appointment with H. We took J with us and it was a pretty good termin. After that, we had another termin, but our JT fell out, so we asked J if he fancied coming along, but he really didn't want to. He's just a real honest guy, so fair enough. We call like everyone possible and nobody is available, so J came with us anyway! He is such a funny guy! So we went over to Schw. M, where we had fondue for dinner and for the lesson we watched Joseph Smith- Prophet of the Restoration. Last time we were there she opened up a bit about a concern she had, so we spoke about it and she has heard it all so many times in the past, so we thought: What can we do to help her out?  The only thing that we could think of which hasn't been done or been shown before was that movie, cause it says so much and really is a strength to know how true the restoration really is. It was cool- and she definitely felt something. Then we headed home to plan and that was our day! This week has gone by soooo fast!
Samstag- after studies we had mittags and headed out to Uster to do a few vorbeis and finding. It wasn't all that great, cause nobody was home! Sucks! So that was basically our entire afternoon. Then early evening we headed to the chapel as the PV were doing a dinner for the Single Adults in the ward and we were invited along as well, so took A with us. It was pretty cool to be fair. We ate, played games and had a spiritual thought all from the Primary kids. 'Twas a fun evening. Then after that we headed back to A's place, as he lives between us and the chapel. So we had a lesson with him, where we basically talked about all sorts of stuff. We read quite a bit from the BoM as well and went through the baptism interview questions, so he knows what he needs to know and we can help him work through struggles! Legit though, pray for him! He is making great progress still and can be ready on the 27th, but there’s still a few things he needs to work through, but he is still Gold!
Happy Valentine’s Day! Sonntag began with getting ready and heading to the chapel for Chor! We only have Chor every now and then, so it's pretty cool. Although by the time we get to the next practice I normally forget, so it's not the ideal, but hey. Church today was pretty sweet! So A came and this time he bought his brother along. He basically just told him that he has to try it out, so he came. Sacrament meeting- the talks were pretty good. One was on Prophets, another on Gratitude and the last was about Teaching. Oh, also I have a talk on this coming Sunday, so we'll see how that goes. They didn't even give me a theme, so I need to work out that one first! Oh the joys! Well, after Sacrament we held an investigator class for A and his bro. It was pretty cool. We touched on a few things and he was saying how he's seen a really positive difference in A and wants the same for himself. Like honest, his brother seems so legit! We have another appointment with him on Tuesday evening, so pray it will all go well! Then Priesthood was lesson 2. It was a good lesson, but I don't even know how to explain what it was about in English, so you'll just have to read it if you want to know. It was on peace and finding peace and help and stuff through Christ. It was a really good class! After church we had Gemeinderat, which was normal Wetzikon Gemeinderat. Honestly though, Gemeinderats here in Wetzikon are probably some of the best I've been to! Then we had a Pot-luck! It's like having mittagessen together as a Gemeinde! 'Twas cool! So that was basically our afternoon and we helped clear up afterwards and got left with a load of food. Then we headed home and studied and that was basically our day! 
Well I wish you all a great week!
Alles Liebe,

Woche 82 von 102- Can you believe that..... 20 weeks!?!? Time needs to slow down!
Höi zäme! 
P-day! So after studies I spent the morning writing up my talk for Sunday before we headed out to shop! Then back to the apartment to clean and to the chapel to write some emails. Took a little break to grab a Dönner for a late mittags, then back to emailing again. Not too much actually happened today! Then this evening we were over at the Famile L for Abendessen and FHE! I love that family! They are sooo cool and just soooo fun to be around, so it was a real nice evening. Then we got back and still had a bit of time, so we went by A and did a little lesson with him, put a plan together as to how we are gonna tackle this smoking issue, so we'll see how it goes! He's great though! I am so tired, so there really isn't much else to say about today!
Dienstag! What an incredibly strange yet awesome day! So we headed out at 9.25 to get to St Gallen for zone training. Although we got there a little bit earlier as Elder Hiemer called me up yesterday to ask if I could cut his hair for him before zone training, so I did that and then we had zone training. Unfortunately we could only stay for an hour of it, as we needed to leave to get to an appointment which was set up way before anybody mentioned zone training, but for the hour we were able to attend was really quite good! The whole thing was basically based on the BoM! We headed off early to get back in time for our appointment and collected a box of English BoMs at zone training, as we were all out of English ones and one of our less actives wanted some to give out to friends, so on our way home we were taking the second of 4 trains which we need to take to get home from St Gallen (it's ridiculous) and we get off the train and head to the Gleis for our next train, then just as we get there, Elder Kilgore is like, "oh man! I forgot the Book of Mormon box!" - so we run back to get it and legit, just as we get onto the Gleis, the train pulls off! It wasn't supposed to leave for like another minute as well, so that was a little annoying. So now there’s a box of BoMs on a train which was going all the way to Lausanne! Fair enough! Maybe someone will get baptised because of it- there is a reason for everything and all, right? Well, we finally get to our appointment in perfect timing and had a pretty good discussion. We met the Familie K (neighbour of the U’s). It was a pretty cool lesson. We focussed more on helping them understand and how the gospel is there to strengthen the family. Then we met with A again. He's moving tomorrow to a new place. We spoke about tithing and he accepted it. He just loved the promise in Malachi; that the windows of heaven will be opened and there won't be room enough to receive it. He thought that was krass, so accepted it like that. We also covered the Ten Commandments, which were no problem and watched a talk from President Monson, so that he can know who he is for when he gets asked the question in his interview. Oh and we committed him to watch 'On the Lords Errand', which should help him even more to gain a testimony that President Monson is a Prophet of God! So that was sweet! Then we met with his brother- J! We did a church tour with him and then did a little goal setting discussion, in which we set another baptismal date! Like, what is going on here! So his date is the 30th April! Oh mensch! Those guys are crazy though! Like its only two weeks today since we first taught A and set a date with him!! Like, what! It is so cool though, we teach him with A and it is just so awesome to see how excited A gets as we teach his brother together. Then we did a Resto lesson, which went on past 9.00, but hey we set a date. Exciting stuff is happening here! It's craziness! The Lord is really blessing Wetzikon right now! The downer of the day was calling up the DL to tell him we were gonna be late home and give him the info to pass on that we have a new baptismal candidate. Like, he was so not excited or happy for us. He was just like "oh that’s great, I'll pass the info on" in like the most monotone, bored voice ever! We also told Pres and he was super excited to hear about it, so we ended with a good one! Haha! Well, that was Tuesday! What a day! Oh, we also had a totally schwarz "Swiss Split"- so my comp went out with Elder Justesen to get a box of BoMs from the car, so I was left with Sister Justesen as my companion- in all honesty, I never realised that until after he had left, but to be fair it was zone training, so we were with a load of other missionaries as well. so it's not too bad then!
First things first, Happy Birthday Dad! I hope today was a great day for you! After studies today we had lunch and then headed to the chapel to print a load of stuff off for Sister R, whom we then went to teach. Then we did a few vorbeis before heading over to Uster for another appointment. It was strange, but I'm way too tired to write up all the details- sorry. Then this evening we were at the Familie Z for Abendessen. 'Twas great, but I'm still dead tired, so unfortunately Mittwoch doesn't get too much of a description, tut mir leid!
Donnerstag was a day where after studies we headed to meet P in Uster, but he never turned up.... Again! So we did a load of vorbeis again and had a lesson with a potential, so that was pretty cool! Then we headed back to Wetzikon to meet with A, went through the Taufinterview again with him and this time he is completely ready apart from stopping smoking, but he's committed, so we just need to work at that and he can be ready on the 27th! Then this evening we spent the evening at Schw. M. It was interesting! We spoke about the Priesthood with her which was pretty cool, but yeah! Then we went to give someone a blessing, which is always a sacred experience- and that was our day! I am like completely burnt out. I have never been so tired in my entire life, as I have the last few weeks! We just have so much to do at the moment, its crazy! 
What a day! I was burnt out still, so this morning was a very chill study/planning morning! Then after mittagessen we headed out to Uster to meet with a less active. It was pretty cool. We read 2 Nephi 3 with him and spoke about church. He speaks Spanish and enough Deutsch, but he just told us how he really finds church difficult because of the language barrier and stuff. But yeah, he's coming on Sunday! Then we headed back to Wetzikon to meet with A again. We spoke about Priesthood and rights and responsibilities and ordinances of the Priesthood. He loved it and said that it all just makes complete sense. He is soooooo ready! Really, he just needs to stop, but he really wants to.... So we are now fasting with him! (2x in 2 days, this better work). Oh, we also taught his friend C who came over and had a little lesson with her, went over our purpose and started the first lesson. It was an interesting one! Then we spent the evening with S! We took a new tactic with him- so when we go we don't really do much talking at all, we just sit there for him to speak and then he leads it into a gospel based discussion and then we join in. In all honesty it is working beautifully- so life is great! Oh and we called up Pres to ask him a question as the ZLs had no idea and he was like- oh, I always get excited when I see that Wetzikon are calling me. You guys are really tearing it up down there. Then he asked me how I would feel if I moved this transfer after all this success? Soooo..... Who knows what’s happening with transfers! I was just like, well it will be a bit sad, but then we just build up the next area, cause each area has just as much potential as the last! Well, I might get an early one tonight as we're heading off early tomorrow
I think I might be coming down with something. I've had a nasty headache for the past 3 days or so and it's not going away. Plus I now have this cough, which is frustrating, but hey! Well, anyways, Samstag was temple day, so we had a super early get up, to head to the temple. It was a really nice session and I bumped into one of my MTC teachers in the celestial room, so I just go and sit down and feel that somebody is looking at me, so I look up and this guy is just like (auf Deutsch of course)- ‘Do I know you?’ and I'm just like- ‘Maybe’... Then he's like- ‘Are you an Elder?’ and I'm like- ‘Yeah!’ and then he says his name and asked if he taught me in the MTC; then the penny dropped and I was like- ‘Aahhh, yeah!’ So that was pretty cool! He was there cause he just got married... Pretty cool! Then after that, we headed to grab some lunch before heading back. So this evening we had a lesson with A. We spoke about Temple and Geneologie Work, which he thought was super cool! He is soo ready, but the only problem is the smoking, so unfortunately this Saturday isn't going to work, so his new date is the 26th March, that way we now have another month to work through it! - and that was basically our day.
So I woke up this morning with a stinking headache, super sore throat and my nose is blocked, like I feel dead; but we headed to church anyway, had chor and then sacrament meeting. I gave my talk and the other two talks were really good, so it was a good meeting. A, J and H came to church today!!! That was pretty awesome! Then we had a class with A and J, which was pretty good! After church we headed to the D’s where Schw. D ordered me to sleep for the rest of the day once we get home, so we headed for home after mittags and I just died, so there’s not too much to say about Sonntag! 

Well, that was basically our week! I'm still ill, which isn't helpful cause we have so much to do this week!!! Arrrggghhhh! So annoying! Well, I hope you had a great week! We have Mission Tour on the 8th March! Also, transfer calls are on Saturday so we shall see what happens! Any predictions? Well, have a great week!

Alles Liebe,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxx