Monday, 4 May 2015

Bonstetten 20/4/15 - 3/5/15 - Alle Missionskonferenz, ersten DM der Übertragung und es ist fast über & JAE Singles Ward

Week 1:
Legit I don't actually know where to start with this week! It has been such a week it's unbelievable!!! Last Monday we legit just chilled at the chapel again with Richterswil! It was a fun day and my FHE lesson went pretty well, I think! Nice and sweet and one of the members brought with them some Italian thing.  It's like a cake that’s got fruits and nuts in it, but it is like really light.  Apparently his Mother bought it and got it imported from Italy for him and it cost her a bomb!!!! It did taste absolutely amazing!!!!! 

Tuesday was an awesome missionary day!!!! We started the day by meeting the Dielsdorf Elders in Zürich Hauptbahnhof to give them a couple of copies of the French Book of Mormon. Then we did a few vorbeis, which weren't actually where these people lived, but it happens! Then we went to Family Brown’s for Lunch! It was awesome and we played 'Who Said... Book of Mormon', which I bought last week at the temple to play with families with young kids! It was pretty cool and then we chilled and got to know the family a little better!!! Then from theirs, we went to Altstetten to meet with Jeffrey and we had a super awesomely spiritual lesson with him! It was beautiful how strong the spirit was!!! Then we had splits and both of us had an appointment with investigators, so two member present lessons and one was a new investigator! Awesome!!! It was such a brilliant day!!!

Wednesday, not too much happened! Crazy how the days change, but we did a language assessment as our mission is being used by the missionary department to test the learning and growth of missionaries in their mission languages to see how they can improve training before the MTC, during the MTC and within the mission field, so we do that individually just on the computer answering questions and responding to typical missionary situations in German!!! It's fun!! Then we had a lesson and that was that, really!

Thursday was a full on morning! I hate these types of mornings, but we did 3 hours studies, then lunch, then 3 hours weekly planning! Then we had a lesson with a French lady, who the Dielsdorf Elders found, but lives in our area; so we had them as our joint teach.  Elder Huby can translate to French for us!!! It was a pretty cool lesson and she was such a gold mine!!! Legit, she was like... next time I'll bring my cousin to our lesson and is your church over in Africa, cause I'd like missionaries like you to go and teach my son!!!!! It was awesome!!!! Then we had another lesson in the evening with Familie Baumann!   I'm sure I've spoken about them before! They are the friends of a family in the Ward, who we are just practicing teaching with.

Friday was one crazy day, so we did studies, lunch and then headed to Zürich HB to take train connections to München Hbf!!!! We did a train to Lindau Hbf, then a RegioBahn to Buchloe (which went all the way through the Kaufbeuren area, like so many little dorfs that we worked in when I was there it was awesome).  Then another RegioBahn from Buchloe to München Hbf! It took forever, but it was a super fun train ride, although it was packed with missionaries, as all of the Swiss missionaries were on the same trains!!!!! Then we all met in München Hbf, as everyone was coming in! The whole mission was meeting on Friday night, except for the München Zone! It would really suck to be in the München zone, knowing the whole mission were together but you!!! But it was awesome and we caught up with loads of people and had pictures! Hence one of them that sent with the last email was just a small portion of our MTC group, who we haven't seen in ages!!! So cool!! Then we went to grab dinner - so many unorganised tausches happen when you're in big groups of missionaries! So Elder Paulsen was with some of the other Elders, as I was talking to Elder Dewey and everyone was heading out to get dinner, so I just went in a dritt with the AP’s for the evening!! Not too bad, especially since I got to ride in the car to the chapel instead of walking it!!!! Mwahaha!! So we all met at the chapel, not too far from Bahnhof and met with President and Sister Kohler! I love the Kohlers, they are legit the Best!!! So we had a pretty cool evening, just organising everything for the next day! Then to the hostel and we barely got any sleep, but it was an awesome evening!!!

Saturday!!! Oh man!!! So, we left the hostel at like 7.50 to get to the München Stake Centre! With just a bit of crazy travel and absolutely packing out buses, we made it! It was so cool seeing everyone!!! Soooo many Missionaries!! We have like about 280 missionaries I think!!!!! It's crazy!!! Then the Conference!!!! It was, oh man! It's indescribable how amazing it was! The spirit was the most intense spirit I have ever felt!!! It was so, just, indescribably, brilliantly, beautifully, amazing!!!!! The words just aren't even available to describe the atmosphere of that Conference! It was such a confirming witness to me that this work is true, it is the Lord’s work!!

This church is true! I don't just believe it, I know it! It is true and I know that with every fibre of my being! There is no doubt within me that this church is led by a living Prophet, Seer and Revelator and that the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are also men called and chosen to be Special Witnesses of Christ, as Prophets, Seers and Revelators! It is so true! Just hearing Elder Bednar speak - you just know! There was no doubt about it! It was an amazing Conference! It was really a discussion atmosphere! He asked questions that prompted spiritual revelation for us to share with him. The room was just full of the spirit! Then before lunch we had a ‘Question and Answer’ session and it was amazing!  He answered every question so perfectly; there was just no doubt about it! It was weird cause the whole Conference was, but wasn't about iPads; it was a focus of how we can better ourselves as missionaries, how we can use all of the tools that we have to further the work of salvation! It was amazing! One thing he said that really helped me see choices in a different light was something along the lines of "There is no such thing as agency anymore. We used our agency when we entered the waters of baptism; when we passed through the veil of the holy temple; as we made those sacred covenants - from that time forth it became just 'covenant breaking'!" How true is that!!!!! It made me realise how true it really is! I've reflected on that statement again and again! We really did use up our agency at that time, when we made those sacred covenants; when we promised to keep the commandments and take upon us the name of Christ! Now it really is just doing what we chose we should do, or breaking our covenants! I think that statement is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life! It is truth! 

Then we ended the day with a crazy trip back to München Hbf to get the bus back to Zürich HB! We got back pretty late! Then Sunday was church! We did a beautiful musical item as the Ward Choir for Sacrament meeting! It was 'Be still my Soul', which actually isn't in the German hymn book, but we got a translation of it and it was so cool - and we had an investigator at church! Wahey!!! Then a dinner appointment, which was amazing food!!! Then we called up a former investigator to see if we could meet with him and he was like ‘Yeah, sure! Meet me at this place!’ So we went and met with him and he had a friend with him, who was awesome and so prepared to hear the gospel, so we had an awesome lesson and our numbers were like the best they have ever been and we were only in our area working for like 3 and a half days in total!!! It's amazing!!! Miracles really happen!!!! 
MTC Group Reunion

At the All Mission Conference

Making our way to the Munich Chapel for Conference

Missionaries from Zurich Zones

I got my package from home at the Conference, which was a devil to get back to Zürich, but hey, now I get to enjoy its contents! I'm actually wearing my Griffindor tie right now! haha!!! The plan was that we would get iPads at the Conference, but there seems to have been a bit of a delay, so they should be here within the next 2 weeks or so! The cases have arrived at the office already, so we are definitely getting them!!!

Well, that is about it for this week!!! Have a brilliant week! I love you all a tonne!!!!

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxx

Week 2:
So Montag, P-day! Not too much actually happened. It was pretty chilled, which was nice!!! So we did emails and then went to take a boat trip on the Zürisee! We did it with the Richterswil, Wetzikon and Ebnat Elders and the Winterthur Sisters! We just chilled on the boat for a few hours, playing games, chilling, chatting! It was perfect really, cause we aren't allowed to go to other zones to hang out on P-day, but the Zürisee is shared between our zone and the St Gallen zone, so we just did that!!! It was a fun day! Then back to the chapel for FHE!!! 

Dienstag- Oh Mensch!!!! So District Meeting was in Chur- and it was our first actual district meeting this transfer, crazy much! We've just been crazy busy with Zone Training, Interviews and the Mission Conference with Elder Bednar!! So we finally had our first DM of this transfer!! So it was in Chur and as I've said, Chur takes FOREVER to get to! So our root is the S9 to Zug, then the InterCity to Thalwil and then the RegioExpress to Chur! It's the quickest way we have from where we live to get there at the time we need! So we get to Zug fine, then our InterCity has like a 15 minute delay, which means we'd miss the RE, so clever me decides we'll take the S24 to Thalwil, which would get us there in time for the RE, but NO! The S24 driver then decided to do a Network WM (West Midlands) bus driver speciality and takes his KitKat break!!!! So that was 5 minutes late; meaning, just as we pulled into Thalwil, the RE was just pulling off, which really sucked!!! That is like the first time that Swiss Trains have let me down! I legit felt like I was back in Germany, but cause I'm such an awesome, clever guy, I worked out that it may be quicker to take an S-bahn to Ziegelbrücke then from Ziegelbrücke, another to Sargans, then we can catch an InterCity from Sargans to Chur .. and my master plan worked out perfectly!!! And we got to Chur only an hour late, but hey .. it's better than the hour and a half it would have been if we'd have waited for the next Regio. Stupid trains, but District Meeting was so much fun!!! We just have like the best district!!! So I did German Tip and I did it on Nouns and Gender and a few rules that help you predict the definite articles for nouns. It legit is what missionaries need; the amount of times we speak about something to a member and it's like is it "die something oder der something" and they just reply "das"- it's so bad! So my tip was definitely needed and I did a game with it to put the rules into practise!!! Then Elder Byrom’s assignment was on ‘Following the Spirit’ and he did a pretty awesome activity to go with it! So, over in Switzerland near enough every chapel has translation sets, so we used that and a couple of us were blindfolded with translation headset on and the rest were around the translation microphone - and one person was guiding us to a prize and the others were tricking us; so the aim was to work out which voice was the spirit according to the attributes that are listed in PMG; of which the spirit will communicate with you!!!! It was pretty awesome!!! Then we met Jeffrey after work at the airport and we brought him a birthday gift!! We had such an awesome, spiritual lesson!! I just love Jeffrey!!! 

Mittwoch, not much happened, but my back is bad again, so I called Sis Kohler; to call the nurse! The nurse legit just gave me more "natural remedies" to do and told me to take extra Ibuprofen, but it’s good to know that she isn't trying to kill me, by going against the instructions in the packet and getting me to take a really high dose! But yeah, that was the news of Wednesday!!

Donnerstag, we had a couple of super awesome appointments, so that was cool and we finally got paid for this month – so, cause we had no money on Monday, we didn't shop; so we had to do a quick shop on Thursday just to survive the week, as we had literally nothing!!! 

Freitag- not too much again! Although we went to a member’s for dinner and they also invited a friend from Uni! It was so cool and their friend was super open and it was awesome!!

Samstag was another - not too much happened day! We went to the Apotheke, cause I needed more Ibuprofen.  Ibuprofen is ridiculously expensive over here! I paid like 9.70 and that was the cheapest!!! Talk about a scam!!! Then, I hate not doing anything, so I made us go out and do some vorbeis on some less actives, which was okay! Then I called up the nurse again, as the Pharmacist recommended I see a doctor with it being so long since the initial injury! So I told her and she was like, give me a few minutes! About 40 mins later she calls back and says her husband who’s a doctor spoke to a colleague from back home, who is a specialist in back and spinal injuries, so I've been booked in to get a few X-rays, so they can see if anything is broken. The Mission Doctor says it may just be a torn ligament or muscle, but since it's been so long and is causing me so much pain, there is a slight chance there is a broken or chipped bone! He says even a chip as fine as a hair could cause pain with the spine, so I just need to wait for my X-ray appointment and we shall see! Who knows what happens then!!! 

Und Sonntag!!! What an awesome day! Church was amazing! Testimony meeting was beautiful! Then home to eat and then back to church, as there’s a JAE Singles Ward in Bonstetten, so we went along as Jeffrey was bringing a Less Active, who he is friends with!!! So that was awesome! It was a really spiritual meeting and then the Bishop and his wife from Richterswil Ward taught the joint RS/Priesthood lesson and it was soooo good! Plus Singles Wards are tri-stake things, so I saw a whole load of YSA from when I was an Insti Elder in Bern, it was so cool!!!! 

Well, that was my week!!! I am so excited for next Sunday! Skyping homel!!!! Ahhhhhh!!! So excited!!!! Have a brilliant week!!!

All my Love,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxx