Saturday, 1 August 2015

Dielsdorf 13/7/15 - 27/7/15 Week 29 & 30 of 2015- Zone Training und einbisschen Service

Week 29 of 2015- Zone Training and quite a bit of Service
Höi zäme!!

So P-Day, Monday! Emails, then we headed into Zürich to do a boat trip with the Wettingen Elders on the Zürisee. It was a pretty nice and chilled day! Then we came back and did a bit more emailing before heading off to the Branch President's for dinner! Oh man! This week has
been a looong week! It feels like ages ago since we were there!

Tuesday we had Zone Training! Mensch! It was like the most Spiritual Zone Meeting EVER! We also had the AP's come to our Zone Training and Pres. Gappmaier (he's Pres Kohler's counsellor for Switzerland). It was such a good Zone Training and our assignment went great! As our topic
was 'The Doctrine of Being One', we made it more of an assignment of one, where it wasn't just me and Elder Palmer speaking, but the whole Zone were doing it together! It went great! Tuesday was definitely the highlight of my week and it was cool seeing Elder Dewey again before he goes home! Legit! When I came into the mission he just hit his year mark and now I'm at my year mark and he's going home- time flies way too fast!

Mittwoch! So we headed off to F in the morning to help him out moving a load of boxes! Then we shared a message with him before coming home to finish studies and get lunch! Then back out, tried by M again- no luck, then some finding- nichts! This week has been a really difficult week, so I'm sorry that this email isn't too great!

Donnerstag- We had our apartment inspection, so we did a little cleaning just before the senior couple arrived and they were super impressed with how clean it was! I must admit that this isn't the first time senior couples have told me that! Then we did a few hours finding! We did some brainstorming in comp study of how we can find differently and decided we would take out our whiteboard to give them something to see before we even stop them. Pretty effective! We had
some fantastic conversations, although nobody gave us their details- sucks!
Whiteboard Finding 
Fridays kill me!! Studies! Then we went finding again- nichts! Then went to try by M again! He was home and we had the whiteboard with us from finding (with my beautiful artwork) and he asked what the board was for, so we told him. Then he asked about the plan and he loved it! He really opened up to us and he definitely felt the spirit when we spoke about the role of the Geisterwelt! Mensch! It was so cool! Then we found a shop, which sells Slush Puppies so I totes bought one, ‘cause like this week has been in the 30’s again with like ridonkulous humidity levels!!! So a slushie was definitely needed! Then Weekly Planning before heading to the Ryser family for dinner! I really love their fam! 'Oh man! I never want to leave Switzerland!!!
A well deserved Slush Puppie - Missionary work in the heat and humidity is exhausting
So Saturday! We were out at 9 to get to the Walder’s to help them with their house renovations/building!! We were there for like 8 hours helping! This time we were attaching the plastic type sheets to the plywood! I don't know what you call it technically- I'm not a builder, but it was soo good doing service! I love the different types of service opportunities you get as a missionary! The general type you expect, then farm work (including shovelling horse  manure) and even building houses! It’s crazy but I really do love service!!! Then we came back to sort stuff we needed to for Sunday!

Mensch, hardly anyone was at church today! Holidays and stuff, but the talks in sacrament were brilliant!! They were soo good! Then I had to give the Youth Sunday School class! I think it went okay! It was on ‘How can I keep my covenant to always remember Him’? Legit- teaching youth is great, but usually youth only answer questions that you ask auf Schweizerdeutsch! It is a good job that I'm slowly beginning to understand Schweizerdeutsch! Then we had to do the spiritual thought for FHV und JD! Today, we had like no dinner appointments either- sad times! So home to eat, study, then we sorted the area book, as it was a complete mess! So we also went through it and have put a list together of formers! We now have a lot of formers that we'll get calling/going by on in the next week or so and a lot of ‘power finding’, as we legit have nothing setup for this week!
Have a brilliant week!
Love you loads!

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxx

Week 30 of 2015- Week 30!?! Whaaattt!!! Time goes way too fast!

So I started a new journal this week, and my goal with this new journal was to write nur auf Deutsch!! So far so good! There’s probably like millions of mistakes- I speak German, not write German, so when I do write, it is normally atrocious!! So, Monday after emails- emails I love emails! We headed to Schwamendingen and met up with the Wettingen, Richterswil, Bonstetten and Chur Elders and played some füssball and a bit of touch rugby! It was a pretty cool day! Although it was fetchin' hot, so my neck got major sunburnt! Although now it’s just a nice tanned neck! Legit, missionary tans are the worst! Whenever I look in the mirror after having a shower, my tan lines are terrible! Haha! .. but it was a good day nonetheless!!

Dienstag- Distriktversammlung .. and I had another assignment to do! Legit, I've had an assignment in every district meeting we've had this transfer, it’s ridiculous and I have another one to do for tomorrow’s DM!  After DM we had a finding day! I went with Elder Stomps and there was legit nobody on the street where we were, so we went by a less active and they let us in, so we shared a nice little spiritual thought. Then we went and did a Personal Touch for Frank! Then home to finish studies!

Mittwoch- so after studies we headed off to the Walder family for lunch and as per usual .. it was amazing food!! Then we went by a few formers and that was basically the day!

Donnerstag- so Wednesday evening I went through the Gebietsordner, so we headed to Glattbrugg to go by some more formers on Thursday! Nichts! Aber, a woman did say we could come back next week, so that was cool! Then we went by M.  Last week we went by with our finding whiteboard (after doing some finding) and he asked what it was, so we briefly explained the Plan of Salvation, as he didn't have too much time.  He is hooked on the idea of the spirit world and the concept of the gospel being preached to those who didn't have the chance to hear it. So, Thursday we went by again and he was just leaving, so we set up an appointment for today- so we are going over today at 14:00, so keep it in your prayers! We're gonna go through the plan a little more and speak about temples and hopefully we'll be able to commit him to baptism!

Freitag- we have so many former investigators it is untrue! So Friday morning we planned to go to Niederhasli and try by like 4 formers there! The first one we called on was like so excited to see us and let us in and we got to know them and shared a spiritual thought and then they invited us over on Tuesday night for a BBQ and lesson! Soo cool! I'm super excited for it! Then we came back for weekly planning!! Then off to Seebach for more finding and vorbeis!

Samstag- so our appointment in the morning fell out, so we did a few more vorbeis near where we live in Steinmaur! Then headed off to the Walder family again to help them with the house. We just finished off the walls upstairs, but service is just the best .. and they fed us again!

Sonntag! So Sunday, we had an investigator just show up at church who we haven't met in like over a month cause she’s been ridiculously busy! So that was super cool! So we had an on the spot gospel principles lesson, which we had to give, but were so not prepared for it! Although, somehow it turned into a Q&A session, as she had loads of questions! Luckily, the RS Pres was in there with us, so it turned out pretty well (as she was able to give a sister’s view on certain aspects of the gospel). The meetings today were actually really nice! Brilliant talks and we had a joint RS/Priesthood class, as there was almost nobody there cause of holidays and stuff!

The RS Pres gave the class and it was amazing!! Probably one of the best classes I've been in auf mission! Then we ended the day with dinner at our GML’s and finished that with GMK! The week wasn't too bad! A little slow at some points, but the work picked up a little bit, so we're happy!

In other news, can you believe transfer one of training is almost over! This coming Saturday is transfer calls! It’s gone way too quick!!! We will stay together unless something drastic  happens!

All my love,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS- Another exciting thing that happened this week was when we were walking out of Oerlikon Bahnhof. A woman was walking in and she was wearing a t-shirt which said Wagamamas Switzerland, so; full of excitement I did a bit of asking around and there’s legit a Wagamamas in Zürich!!!! Think we may go there for dinner today!! We shall see!!! Sooo excited!!!


The Call of Wagamamas was too strong an urge to resist!