Monday, 21 December 2015

Reinach / Wetzikon 30/11/15 - 14/12/15 Weihnachtskonferenz, Tausch, Advents-Abend und Versetzungsanruf, Basler Weihnachtsmarkt, Adieu Reinach- Hallo Wetzikon und ein Bessere Gemeinde Weihnachtsfeier!!

Week 49 of 2015- Weihnachtskonferenz, Tausch, Advents-Abend und Versetzungsanruf!
Greizi, Grüezi!

We'll just go straight into the week!- Ich gehe nach Wetzikon!!!
So Montag mogen after studies, we headed out to Lörrach to do some winter shopping! My companion needed to buy a winter coat and stuff and I wanted a more professional looking winter jacket! So we headed to Lörrach, as they have a better variety of shops and stuff! Then we popped into Maccies to pick up emails, before food shopping and heading home! Then headed out to do proper emailing time and the day was basically over, legit, P-days fly way too quickly! Then this evening we were invited over to the H's (family Ash met), for dinner and FHE! We made Christmas Cookies with them! It was cool! We had a really nice evening!

Dienstag began with an early out the apartment, as we needed to catch the train from Basel at ca.8.00 to get to Zürich for Weihnachtskonferenz! With it being Weihnachtskonferenz we had it all together- Bern Zone, St. Gallen Zone and the Swiss Part of the Zürich Zone (The German part of Zürich Zone get theirs another day with the Stuttgart Zone). It was awesome! Richterswil members sorted lunch for us and it was really good! Oh and we did the gift exchange thing again, where we all buy a gift and wrap it for like CHF5; then have a pass a round type thing where all the gifts get mixed up and we all end up with another one! I ended up with a plate for an Italian Restaurant, with a pasta recipe on it, a chocolate bar and some cinnamon flavour Fisherman’s Friends! Conference was awesome! I feel old! Looking around today, Switzerland has changed so much in the last few transfers! Sooo many missionaries are younger than me. There are legit only 6 Elders older than my group after this transfer day, in Switzerland and only 2 go home this coming transfer from Switzerland! Time goes way too quickly! Then at the end, we got our Christmas Initiative pass along cards, a Christmas Card signed by the First Presidency (which only missionaries get, apparently), then we got our gift from the Kohler’s this year; a mission-design temple recommend holder .. and finally our packages! That was fun getting home from Zürich, at rush hour time! Wahey! Then by the time we got home it was like 20.00, so we came home, had a small abendessen and that was basically our day! So packed out!  I can’t wait to open my Christmas packages!

At Weihnachtskonferenz

Christmas Parcels

Mittwoch! So, after a bit of studying we headed to the chapel to meet with our GML to have our first GMK, which was pretty interesting! Then we headed up to Basel to Tausch! I'm in Basel with Elder Cottam (DL). This afternoon we went by a Sister to help her with a few things which took a good hour or so, then headed home to change, before going by a potential/new investigator who lives in Deutschland, where bus connections are terrible! So we got there; she wasn't home; so we walked all the way back to the nearest Swiss town through some proper dark and creepy forest! Legit; it was so fetchin creepy and Cottam was worse than a little girl! Haha! It was so funny! Then we finally got back to safety and bumped into a little girl who was crying, alone on the street, so we asked if she was okay. She told us her mom forgot to pick her up from school, so she was crying her eyes out! So we walked her home! Mensch! It was quite a walk and then we found her parents and they were super grateful, so that was our extra kind deed for the day! Then we headed to Insti, which was super fun! Plus one of the JAE from Reinach brought a friend with her, which was super cool! We'll have to follow up on M next time we see her! That was pretty sweet! So all in all it's been a pretty cool day!
We had to make a bib for Elder Cottam

Donnerstag Morgen, we had some pretty good studies. I always love studies on tausch. They just seem to be more effective, especially comp study and I set some goals for the last 7 months! 7 fetchin' months - that is craziness! Then we headed to Basel SBB to tausch back! Then we headed home I unpacked. We had lunch, did Sprach, then headed out! Oh and we did internet hour- and I felt like I should use the time to look through UCAS (we're allowed to use those websites if we're looking into Uni stuff), so I was just looking to see if I could find something that stood out to me at all! There were some interesting courses and options and stuff. We had to type up our testimony/conversion story as we have a weekly zone email where each week a companionship is asked to send their testimonies/conversion story to the ZLs to send out with the email. So this week was our turn! Then we headed home, had dinner and that was Donnerstag! Oh! I also found a new tea which I really like! Well 2 actually! One is Strawberry and Rhubarb and it is sooooo fetchin good! The other is a Winter Edition; it's Orange, Apple, Cinnamon and Speculatus Biscuit flavor! It is sooooooo good!

Freitag! After studies we headed to the chapel quickly to get the broken bike, as we needed to get rid of it! So we grabbed the bike then headed to the place where we can get rid of it! Oh and we got the zone email with our part to it! Then home, mittags, and weekly planning! Oh the joys! Then basically straight after that we headed down to gemeindehaus again; to be there for the Ward Christmas Party. Basically they had musical items with piano, organ and saxophone and some singing parts. Then adults all mingled, while the kids had a puppet show. Then we had a Wünschkonzert (no idea what to call it in English- when people just put their hand up and say a song, then we all get to sing it), then Samiclaus came to give the kids like a handful of sweets when they did something for him, like sing, or play an instrument, or something else showing a talent. Then we finally got the Imbiss that was promised! It was a tiny little sweet bread man thing that is like a Christmas Time thing here! We had a cool experience this morning though- we were walking down the street and this guy was walking in the other direction; he sees us, smiles and begins to take out his earphones and then he just starts talking to us in like the quickest Swiss German I've ever heard. My comp didn't catch any of it, so I'm like trying to communicate with this quick Swiss German-speaking guy! He's basically just saying how he met us a long time ago, but had no time to meet up, but he now has time and wants to meet with us, so we set up an appointment for Saturday! So that was super awesome!
Samstag morgen began with transfer calls! So the ZL's call and do their little thanks for all you’re doing there stuff, then they're just like, so Elder Robertson you’re going to the St. Gallen Zone to work in Wetzikon with Elder Kilgore; Elder Hiemer you’re also going! You’re off to Richterswil with Elder Stomps! So we ask them who’s coming into Reinach to replace us and they had no idea. It wasn't even written on their list, but then we got a call a little later from the Aarau Sisters and it was Sister Van der Put just asking a little about the area cause she's pink-washing in with a Golden, which is pretty awesome! Legit! I spoke to President about the ward a few weeks ago in my weekly email and basically just said to him that I think Sisters are what the ward needs, but all he responded was that it may be a good idea and he'll consider it! So that is super awesome! I'm excited to see the results of having Sisters in the ward instead of Elders! So, transfer calls were pretty awesome! Then we had a lesson with the guy we met yesterday. It was interesting; good, but interesting! He is pretty golden and we got a return appt for Mittwoch! Sweet! We'll get these Sisters stuff to work on! I'll do my best to make it a nice transition for them! Then we had Mittags, headed to the M’s and basically just taught them the Restoration lesson. It was really nice! Then headed to Basel to meet Frau S to go to the baptism of R (8 year old member). It was really nice! It was held in Pratteln, as obvs our building doesn't have a font! Then after the baptism we were invited to the Familie B. It was again a really nice evening! They are such a funny family! I love them! Honestly, I am gonna miss some of these members!

Letzten Sonntag in der Gemeinde Reinach!!! So as per we got to church at 9.00 for meet and greet. Nobody asked us about transfer calls, so we didn't say anything! Oh, apart from to the H's! This is the family Ash met, so we are invited to theirs for the 24th, which is basically when they do Christmas and the Presents and everything here in the Alpine area .. and he's the only man in their family with 5 daughters(1 auf mission), so he was super excited for us to be there at Christmas, cause then he has a bit of manly company! So when we broke the news to him, he looked a little disappointed … no man-time this Christmas! Then Sacrament Meeting- Fast and testimony. The best was when my companion got up there and said "We had transfer calls yesterday and it's really interesting when they tell your companion he is leaving to go to Wetzikon and then they carry on with .. and you are also leaving to go to Richterswil; oh and you aren't being replaced with any new Elders." You should have seen the wards faces! It was a picture! Then he proceeded to tell them that later we found out that Sisters would be replacing us and they were so confused! Hahahhaha! Then the rest of the day was normal, pretty good! Said goodbyes! Mittagessen! Studium and then headed to the S’s for dinner and a spiritual thought! Then home, chatted with Byrom for a bit, as he served in Wetzikon a while back, so I got the low down on the ward and area! So that was sweet! Then we also spoke with Sister Van der Put to give her a bit of info and ask her for some plans for Thursday, as we thought it would be nice if one of the JAE girls could pick her and her golden up from Bahnhof and bring them home, as they'd have like 4 suitcases. We found a JAE who would love to help them out, so we just wanted to see when they'd get here! So that was also cool! Answered some of her questions about the ward and area and stuff! And yeah! Then the day was basically over! I don't think too much will happen the next few days, just cause we have so much to sort out to make it a smooth and easy transition for the Sisters! Mensch! So much to think about, my head might explode! Handing an area over when it's to your companion or golden is stressful, but when neither of you are gonna be there and you’re handing it over to two completely new missionaries it's way more stressful! But hey! Everything is in order, so it shouldn't be too bad! It's just making sure that it actually is ready to hand over!
Oh and my new Comps name (for the blog) is Christopher Kilgore he's from Duisburg, Deutschland!
Well, I believe that is all for this week! I think! So, have an absolutely brilliant week! I love you all loads and loads!
Alles Liebe,
Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxx

Week 50 of 2015- Basler Weihnachtsmarkt, Adieu Reinach- Hallo Wetzikon und ein Bessere Gemeinde Weihnachtsfeier!!!

Grüezi wohl! (Back to some beautiful Züri-dütsch)!

I'm so excited to serve here! The area is great, the apartment is tiny (but with views like the picture I sent, who cares about the size of the apartment) .. and the Ward is just amazing! I love it here already, but lets go into what’s been going on this past week....
Last P-day in Reinach! So, after studies we headed off to the chapel to do emails! I love emails! Well, after emailing we headed into Basel to check out the Weihnachtsmarkt! Apparently, Basel have the best in der Schweiz, so we had to check it out! We met the Basel Elders there and went around! It was a pretty fun afternoon! Then this evening we were invited to a members’ for Raclette and FHE! It was a really nice evening, but today is wash day and we need to get the washing out and hang it, so I better go and sort that!
Dienstag morgen- M cancelled on us, so we did a proper study morning before heading off to Basel for District Meeting! It was a really good meeting! We talked about goals and set goals for the coming transfer! Then we did some roleplays with the Christmas Video Pass Along Cards! 'Twas fun! I have actually started to enjoy roleplays recently! I used to hate them, but now a days I actually enjoy them! Then we had mittags as a district. Elder Evans made us all eggnog and it was actually pretty good! Then we headed home to sort the apartment out, basically we took down a bed in one room and put it back up in the other as for some reason we slept and studied in the same room, so we asked Sister Van der Put if she'd prefer to sleep in the same or different room to where she studies. Her reply was that she isn't a morning person, so will just want to sleep in studies if the bed was in the same room as her desk! So we thought we'd be kind and move it to the other room for them! Mensch! That was a little more complicated and longer than anticipated! Then we headed to P to say goodbye! She was pretty gutted and she said she hasn't felt so sad about a transfer since Elder Little (Papa) was moved out of Reinach, but the Sisters will be great for her. She'll love them! Then we headed to the C's for Abendessen! It was a Mexican style dish! I don't know how to describe it or what it's called, but it was soooooooo good! Then we chatted for like ever, shared a spiritual thought and they gave us a little leaving gift! I'm gonna miss some people from this ward!
The day before transfers! I hate these days! The mess just stresses me out so much and it’s way worse when both of us are leaving! Arrggghhh! So, after studies we tidied up a little bit, then headed to Gemeindehaus to teach our New Investigator from last week. It was interesting! He has loads of questions and doesn't like answers from the BoM, so that was the interesting part! Then we popped quickly to the shop on our way home to get the Sisters some milk, bread and bin bags. Bin bags here are ridiculous, because council tax in Switzerland is different. It doesn't cover rubbish collection, so you buy the special bags for your gemeinde, which are ridiculously expensive, cause then the cost of them is also the collection price. It's stupid, but hey! Then we headed home, cleaned the apartment, (as in a real good clean) got rid of all the rubbish that missionaries leave over the years, then packed up! Then one of the JAE helped us out by picking all our stuff up in her car and driving it to Basel for us. Then we met at Insti. It was a really good Insti class; all in Swiss German, but I actually understood way more than normal. Then she drove our stuff to the Basel Elders’ apartment and we met her there and took our stuff to theirs. We stayed there overnight, which was fun. Had next to no sleep, but hey! Then we have a nice early start tomorrow to get to Zürich! The Basel Elders are gonna help us get it all on the train, then we'll get someone else to help us out on the other side. Should
be fun!
Transfer Day! Adieu Reinach! So a nice early start, left to get to Basel SBB to catch our train. We missed it by like 5 seconds! So annoying, but the next one was in 20 mins, so we just waited for that one to arrive. Plus it was a quicker train, so we only got to Zürich 10 mins later then we would have with the other train. So the Basel Elders helped us get everything on the train and then we got it all off and Bakewell and his Kid and my Kid came down the Gleis to help us take it all up to the top where we all congregate. Catch-ups, handed everything over to Sister Van der Put and goodbyes for the next hour or so before heading off to new areas! So we got here, I unpacked a little bit, before we headed to the chapel as my new comp needed to write something to President, so I took the time to do some UCAS searching again. I've suddenly had a weird feeling about it all recently, so I'm just doing some research! I'm considering studying Medical Science and then going from that into Dentistry. We shall see though. I have until January 15th to decide and apply if it feels right! It does at the moment, but I haven't fasted or prayed about it yet, so I'm not making any solid decisions until I get an answer! Then we came home, I unpacked, Mittags, and then this evening we headed to an investigator(R), who lives in Uster. We talked about the Book of Mormon and it was a really good lesson! I'm excited for this area!
The View from our Apartment in Wetzikon

Freitag was kind of a boring day! Studies, Weekly Planning and cause it's the first one, it took a little longer than normal, but that's all good - it might be needed! We have like just 3 investigators, but that's cool! More than what we had in Reinach! Then this evening we had a lesson with Herr S and that was basically our Friday!
So Samstag morgen/mittags presented itself as rather disappointing! As Ash would say "That was a big fat bidone if ever I saw one!" .. but the worst thing about this one was, that it wasn't even an investigator or less active – it was member! So we headed home and had another fix up mittagessen. We have like no food in this apartment! It's a good job P-day is soon! It was alright! Then we did some area book work and member mapping, then headed to the chapel as we needed to print a load of invitations off to hand out and get the members to hand out for the Special Weihnachts Sonntag we have on the 20th. It seems like it's going to be really nice! Langweilig! Oh and President finally sent us the Alphorn (Mission Newsletter- it has a message from Pres, personal touches, mission miracles, who went home, who came in, Birthdays, etc.) from last transfer and this transfer- so that was a wait that went on way longer than expected! The Alphorn is what everyone gets excited for every transfer and we just never got it last transfer, so it was a sad transfer, but it finally came, so we're all happy! Wahey! Then yeah! Not much else happened! Some good convos, but nichts! Then home! Abendessen and sorted a Progress Record for tomorrow .. and that was basically Samstag! Oh I also just loved the fact that todays’ Advent Chocolate was a Swiss Cow! hahaha!
Sonntag morgen began with a bit of studying and then we headed to church! Got there early, joined in for choir practice! That was fun! We have like 2 musical items that we're doing next Sunday for the special Weihnachtsversammlung! So I best get learning the Bass part pretty quick! Then church! Oh my goodness! I love this ward! I felt so welcomed to the ward- by like everyone! I did my little introduction testimony thing, no mistakes this time! Haha. Then two of the JD's spoke and they were awesome talks, then Präsident Jäger (Pfahlpräsidentschaft) spoke and again it was a really good talk. There was a scripture that stood out for me, but I can't remember the reference and there's no point in writing it out, cause I only know it in German! Sorry! Then we had Sunday School, which was brilliant again! We spoke about Symbols with Christmas and what they mean- it wasn't the original lesson, but it was so good and super spiritual! Loved it! Then Priesthood was also ganz toll! It was lesson 24 and there’s one principle that stood out to me again. It went with the scripture in D&C about "look to me in every thought, doubt not, fear not" and how looking to the Lord in every thought is the only possible way that we can become the Men and Women that we should be. I found that pretty cool! Then we mingled for a little, got to know some more members, then we had Gemeinderat and Bishop brought some biscuits to keep everyone awake and stomachs from rumbling! Hahaha! It was a good Gemeinderat to be fair. Probably one of the best I've been to! Then we went to a families for Lunch, apparently they invite us every Sunday for Lunch if we have no other appointments or anything in the afternoon, which is super awesome and they are really cool! We also have Heiligabend with this family! So I'm super excited! Oh and we have like an appointment near enough every day between Christmas and New Year! I'm so excited! Then after our lunch appointment we came home for Comp. Study before heading to meet a member who was going to drive us to the ward Christmas activity. A little strange to be on a Sunday, so it was in a little cute Log Cabin in a forest, so cool! We had dinner, sang hymns, mingled and had a Christmas Story auf Schwiezer Dütsch! It was a really nice evening! I loved it and I already love this ward. I'm so excited to serve here and get to know these members even more!

I'm excited to Skype home next week!!!! Well, have a brilliant week!
Alles Liebe,
Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx