Sunday, 29 November 2015

Cagliari 9/11/15 - 19/11/16 Pavoni, fenicotteri, arrivederci!, matrimonio, battesimo e la guida di una vettura in Italia. La mia 2 settimana in breve

This week has been an interesting one. Lots of unexpected events. I'll tell you all about it.

Monday began at the Internet point doing emails, cus we needed the computer to exchange pictures... but it didn't work. After that, we went to meet B. She took us to this cutest bakery, like a little British-type bakery and it was absolutely adorable! Then she took us around town and we saw some pretty sights :) That was basically our p’day. Then we did a lesson with R and AM! 

Tuesday. Went to the chapel, cus we were supposed to have a lesson with the woman who came to church last Sunday and asked to see us. She didn't show up. Then we had DDM. Ate pizza for the last time as the original district. Well, Roberts and I went to McDonalds instead, cus I'm sick of pizza and Roberts wanted a salad. We popped into AM, cus she wanted to say goodbye, then we went to V, so she could say her goodbyes too.. Then we had a lesson with S, the lady we found a few weeks back. We had a brief introduction to the Book of Mormon. She came a little late, so there wasn't much time and we had English course straight after, but she was super happy and grateful for the Book of Mormon, which we gave her and she is actually reading it! :) That was basically Tuesday! 
A round of goodbyes for Sorella Roberts

Wednesday. We began with seeing C. She gave us all the ingredients to make the brownie she made for us the other week. She's so sweet! Sorella Roberts shared with her her fave scripture and did her goodbyes. Then we headed straight to meet R at the park for a picnic :) This park was so cool. There were PEACOCKS. SO sick .. and some weird ugly chicken things and some interesting ducks and some turtles. It was awesome.
In the Park with Chickens and Peacocks

Right after that, we headed straight over to the airport to meet Sorella McPheters, as Sorella Hansen left a day early to go to Rome, so she could travel by that delightful 15 hour train the following day; so we picked her up. We also popped to a Chinese store to get bits for the apartment, like a new clothes rack and the sort. Then walked through town with a clothes rack in my hand haha, again, another thing you don't do in real life. Then we popped over to R and E’s house, so Roberts could say her goodbyes. Sad sad. E loves Roberts so much .. it was heart-breaking to see her say goodbye!! After all of this sadness, we headed home for the last night as a COLLEGASHIP, plus Sorella McPheters. Roberts finished packing and McPheters and I reorganised the house. McPheters is super awesome, a professional interior designer. She's helped design temples as a job, isn't that the coolest thing..? Well, she helped with our house and now its super cute..! Way cuter than before. We literally reorganised and moved around everything. It's like a new house. I'll take a picture, cus it's super super cute! Then we went to sleep!

Thursday. What a day!!!!! We were awake at about 4 something, so we could get to the airport on time to drop Roberts off. Got the bus, then the train. In the mission you really do do things you wouldn't in real life.. We got there, she checked in and we said our goodbyes. It was probably one of the saddest goodbyes in the mission. Serving with her for so long has been an absolute piacere. I absolutely love the girl and she has taught me more than anyone will ever know. Anyway, less of the sloppiness hahah. Then Sorella McPheters and I went home to finish sorting out some stuff. We did that and then headed back to the airport to meet all the new missionaries that were arriving in Sardegna... Well, at least we tried to. Of all days, the buses decide to go on a strike between the most critical hours of transfer day (11:00:15:00) so, in a desperate need we think of possible ways to get to the station and then to the airport, as it’s a bus and a train and we couldn't have walked it and we didn't even know if the buses would be on strike, cus you never know in Italy..... We think, okay, the Anziani have the car at home, we could call president for permission, but it would have had to be me driving, cus I had my license and McPheters didn't. She called and he gave the okay. Remember, I haven't driven since my test, which was about 2 years ago.. Not stepped foot in the drivers’ seat since; never driven an automatic; never driven on a highway and most certainly never driven on the wrong side of the road.... Hahahahahah I was so scared, but I did it. I told McPheters I was worried and I needed her to be clear with her instructions, which she was. Well, we finally get there in safety. I'm thinking it's over and that the new ZL’s would be able to drive home, but nope. They still don't have the permission to drive, so they load the car with all the suitcases and I have to take it back home... With my new college, who is now giving me instructions in her motherlingua- Italiano, which was great, but just a lil bit more stressful haha. We get there, no damage, then drive to meet the Sorelle at the train station, which was probs the most stressful part of my driving experience here since its right in the centre of town, but alla fine. We all got home safely. I won't go into too much detail, cus I don't wanna freak you all out, but know we are all safe hahaha. Parked the car and it can stay there until the Anziani have permesso hahah. I'm done. I'll need a lot of practise when I get home. Anyways, after that, we got home and they started unpacking a bit and I thought I'd be all sweet and make dinner. That backfired; but it's my own fault. I made it all! Pasta with cream, bacon and pesto di pistachio. Smelt lush, looked lush, but the cream was bad. So embarrassing .. hahahahah awks. So then my comp cooked for us with what we had in the cupboards haha. After that, we went to see the lady that Sorella Roberts and I met a few weeks back, H from the Ukraine. Bought her a Book of Mormon in her mother language and she was super contenta!! We explained the restoration briefly, cus she couldn't stay long! Went well though :) Then we had corso. Oh my gosh. There are a pair of hilarious brothers who are in like their late 50’s I'd say. They are two of a kind .. so funny. We had a few new students and so we got them to all introduce themselves in English (obv) and one is like "I am Bond... Hehehehe .. and I like to pedal!" His Bond comment was a James Bond joke and he was real impressed with himself hahaha. Then he meant to say that he likes to bike Hahahaha. Love them all, they're hilarious. After that, we practised the musical number for the wedding. 

Friday. We began with a spesa run as none of us had done it and there was near enough no food in the house. Anyways, when we finally finished, we went home and did the weekly planning. It went well, but it was weird. Everything we do is in Italian and it honestly tires me out haha my poor little brain. Weekly planning overran because of starting later... Then we headed straight over to B's to help her with the food prep for the wedding. We made like over 200 sandwiches and then some lush weird little pastry things. Then we headed to the chapel to help decorate, practise the musical number and organise the food and stuff. Wedding preparation; service at its finest! :) That was basically our day :)

Saturday. Today was awesome. Wow. We don't have much time to write in our journals being in a 4-sister apartment. It's great and I love it. I don't see there being any problems. A ton of people, when I told them there would be 4 sisters in the apartment were like "Oh, I'm sorry .. I've heard there's a lot of drama like that!" .. but President has sent some really awesome sisters here and we seem to all get on just great! :) We began heading to the church for the wedding of C and F, practised the musical number.. I sang with the bride and Sorella Clark. HAHAHAHA YES; that's not even a joke. It went well though. The wedding was sweet. It was kind of like two weddings in one. The 'spiritual part' and the 'legal part'. It was awesome and they were both so happy aw aw awwwwww. After, we ate. Then we saw R and R, then AM. All were so awesome. We shared 3 Nephi 13 with R and likened it into our lives. There was a particular part that stood out to each of us. It was the last few verses which reads: 

30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, even so will he clothe you, if ye are not of little faith.
31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
32 For your Heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

So often we are each preoccupied with the things of the world.. and yes, some of these things are important, especially for our survival above everything, but when we have a testimony of the scriptures and read something as powerfully comforting as this, we need not worry. Yes, we can and should pray. Yes, we not only thank our Heavenly Father for that which we have, but we also ask him for things we need, of course.. but, He knows. We pray, we have faith, we act when we can and we see miracles. If we have faith that prayers are answered, stress, worry, discomfort, and confusion are unnecessary feelings. We don't need that in our life and through faith in the power of prayer and the literal and real power of God and the Atonement of his Son Jesus Christ, the only feelings that ought to be a reality in our lives are that of hope and pure joy. 

Anyways, the lesson itself wasn't super thought-provoking for me, not until I'm sat here right now typing it up and reflecting. Another lesson learnt. Reflect! Anyways.. R is great! Awkward moment though, I was playing with one of her gerbils and I thought it was gonna bite me, so I jumped back and spilt sticky apple juice everywhere!

After R, we saw R. On the way there on the bus; a daily creeper came and kept saying "dammi un bacio" (ma che schifo) and we ignored him... Then he asked if we were Italian and Rossi was like "Me? Yes, so I understand everything you say" and he was like "siete belle" and she was like "ma tu no" hahahahahah and he was like "What?" .. and she was like "niente grazie" hahahaha. She's so Italian and sassy I love it!

Anyway... SHE PRAYED AGAIN. R prayed! Lil cutie! Then we spoke about repentance. She seemed to have a real good grasp of it. She's real excited for her baptism!

Then that lead us to AM. She has so so so so so so so so many questions. I am so grateful for my companion, who is Italian and understands everything and knows exactly what to say hahaha mammamia. I'd be lost without her! AM is really great though, super ready for the gospel in her life :) 

Sunday. Awesome as per. The reverence is incredible, you'd be blown away. The talks were great. I can't tell you what they were all about though. I have been speaking Italian non-stop since Thursday and so my brains is Italian-ed out and I'm troppo stanca, but they were great! I played the piano :) then Anziano Williams did the lesson for gospel principles :) After, I was called to help out in Primary. They want me to play the piano for the Primary programme, which they will do in 2 weeks’ time :) It's awesome to know I can help in some way :) Then I practiced with the D family, because their youngest son was to be baptised in the evening. The primary kids did 'I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ' and then I did a duet for the first verse of 'Gods Plan' with one of the other kids on the flute and then some adults, including their Mom singing. I love the D family so much. They are honestly so so awesome. After that, we did a lesson with A... WHO CAME TO CHURCH FOR ALL 3 hours. We have started reading with her the ‘For the Strength of Youth’ pamphlet. It went well and she loved it. Went home, no gas. I ate hard pasta haha. (You know you’re in Italy when...) Then practically headed straight to Correlation. After that, there was the baptism. All went well. It was an awesome service. I liked it a lot. Reminded me a lot of baptismal services at home (the big family ones that people actual go to). There was a lot of family and friends and members there; it was awesome. The talks were by the sister and one of the brothers. E was super happy, bless him. This family are the best! It was super sweet... A and B came. We came home, made some calls and planned. :) 

Well, this week has been crazy. The mission puts you in situations different to the norm, that's for suresies. I'm super-duper tired, but I'm also super-duper happy. I'm missing my figlia a ton, but I know she is loving Rome! Living in an apartment with 4 Sorelle is actually quite different to just one companionship.

Keep being awesome
Vi voglio un sacco di bene. Davvero.
Sorella Robertson 

Week 2 …
Wellllllll, this week has been full and super awesome. So I'll begin with Monday, but before I begin I actually wanna tell you that I found a new gelato flavour favourite.... Walnut. Who would have thought? I have also tried a Chestnut flavour this week, which was lush too, but walnut is just next level lushness, COMUNQUE 
Gelato with my new comp Sorella Rossi (Chestnut flavour Gelato!)

Lunedì. The missionaries in our area planned a last minute district p’day (but without the Oristano Anziani), but we didn’t go, cus there wasn’t much time, so I showed my comp around town a little. We got gelato (chestnut) and just went around centro... Woo! Then we had a busy evening. First, we headed off to see R. We spoke about repentance. It went really well and she had a good grasp of what it meant and the significance of the Atonement. She's super excited to be baptised! :) She also prayed! Right after the lesson with R, we went straight to see AM. She has SO SO SO SOOO many questions!!! Wow. Anyways I don't remember much. She asked about basically everything and we didn't even get to teach the restoration... but it’s okay I guess, cus at least her questions were gospel related. She is really curious, the only problem is that before she met us, she was meeting with the TJ’s (Jehovah witnesses), so it can be a little confusing for her sometimes. Anyways, that was basically our day!

Martedì. We headed off to the chapel early.. It was capi conference. It was good! Lots of emphasis on obedience, as usual and using Preach my Gospel more. Then we had DDM and Anziano Haroldson did an awesome addestramento. Here were my notes (I'm a bad note taker, so it probs won't mean anything to you all) :
What is the purpose of companionship study?
Preparation, to receive revelation for our investigators in preparing them for baptism.
How: study with investigators in mind; study according to their needs.
Ask yourself: What does God want me to learn for our investigators. Do AM's personal study." Study what they would want to know.

PMG – how to begin teaching. Memorise bullet points 

Street contacting. 
Pray for guidance, no pride. 
Be real. 
Compliment people.

Take control of lessons.... Italians talk! ..Interrupt them with love!
Obedience leads us to the ability to teach with power and authority.
Read Patriarchal Blessing.

COMUNQUE .. that's what I learnt from that, my notes don't do it justice! Va bene. Andiamo avanti! 

After the meeting we all went to eat pizza as a district. I shared with Sorella Clark.. Half Margherita and half Nutella. MMMM... After that, we headed home for our apartment male turn by Fratello S who is also the Assistant to Presidente Waddoups. We passed with flying colours. Then we headed to C with the Sorelle to do a pass off lesson, which went really well :) Then we saw AM again... which went well. She again had all these questions about the Plan of Salvation and was confused... Again because of the TJs. Ugh. Then we read some of the Book of Mormon together and she understood it and we felt the spirit together.  After that, it was English course time. It went well. Some of my fave students came and the new Sorelle shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon for their spiritual thought. After that, we headed home, planned and that was that! Oh, also I read a talk called 'The Miracle of a Mission' by Elder Holland. It's really good! He speaks about how the mission is more important than anything we've ever done in our life. It's real good! 

Mercoledì we did a lesson with C, B, A and a friend of C... Also, had lunch with them and ate some typical sard things like Trippa and Culurgionis. Then met C, a woman who called to ask for help with translating.. Then we saw S (a member) and her non-member boyfriend and taught the restoration. This was our day in a nutshell. I really don't have time to go into detail and so I'm sorry.

Giovedì ..  Okay, actually I really really really have 0 time. We were extremely busy this week with appointments and service and so I didn't write in the journal... So I'm just gonna have to save the rest for next week, when I've found time to type it up!

I am really sorry this is such an awful email, but I have basically no p’day left and we need to catch a bus to get to a members house and they live far and so we cut p’day short to be there on time and so I'm sorryyyyy, but I'll make up for it next week I promise! 

I love you all and I know this is the only true Church of the Lord.

You're the best and I miss you lots!
Sorella Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx