Sunday, 8 November 2015

Reinach 19/10/15 - 2/11/15 Week 43 of 2015- Fufu, Tausch, Versetzungsanruf und Dienstprojekt!!! & Week 44 of 2015- Lörrach, Haarschnitt und Tempelfahrt!

Week 43 of 2015- Fufu, Tausch, Versetzungsanruf und Dienstprojekt!!!

Höi zäme,

So, on Montag we were supposed to be going on a tour of Basel from our Bishop, as he is a real Basler, born and raised, but something came up, so he had to postpone! So, after studies we headed to Weil am Rhein
to grab food. We shopped and ‘cause Winter is on it's way, we did a bit of Winter shopping- I got some Winter boots- I never got any last year, cause I was in a car area and never needed any in the Winter, but
I don't think I'll be so lucky this time round! Plus, they are really nice looking winter boots with the most perfect sole .. and they are real leather! They're beautiful! Then we headed home, cleaned and headed to the chapel to do emails! My favourite time of the week! After emails, we headed over to P, as she invited us over for Fufu today!

So, we go over and she has it all ready! Fufu with like Fish and Meat soup (she called it Melon Soup- I don't think that’s spelt right, but that’s how it sounded). It was really good, but so different! And I am full as fetch! Oh man! Ash is so right, new missionaries cannot handle foods! Like new cultures, spicy food, eating lots of food, they just can't do it! Hiemer was dying from it, it was hilarious, but we had a really fun evening! We had a little FHE with her and her little girl. She is adorable. We made cookies and took them for the treat and we were eating them and E (I don't know how to spell her name- I think that’s right), who’s like not even 1 yet; just crawls down from the bed and crawls over to the table, pulls herself up and just grabs a cookie. It was so funny! Instead of just like begging for one, as a little kid normally would, she just does it herself! She’s the best, so we had a really fun filled evening!

Dienstag, so after studies we headed over to Basel for District Meeting! No lesson with M today. He's been doing gardening for his Mama the last week or so! So DM was again pretty interesting! Normal start- Hymn, Prayer, Aussagen, then we had like a confession session! It was interesting. Basically we just went around the District and each had to share what we are struggling with at the moment and then the rest of the District just gave encouragement and some tips to help with it. It was actually really helpful, but pretty weird at the same
time! I've been struggling like crazy with finding, cause we are always finding and nobody is ever interested or are just so darn rude to us. And one of the Elders shared a little story that goes a little something like this: "A man was commanded to push against a rock, he obeyed and pushed with all his strength for a long time, seeing nothing come of it, so he keeps doing it, but not with all he has. The Lord comes to him and asks: "Why did you stop giving your all?" The man answers why he stopped giving his all, because: "It wasn't moving
anywhere". The Lord responds "I gave you the commandment to push against the rock, not to move the rock." The Lord can move the rock himself, but He wants you to play a part and grow stronger from doing so." It's pretty true actually - our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ, not everyone has the desire to come unto Christ, and we can't force them, they have their agency just as we have ours, and at the end of it all when we give our best in anything the Lord has commanded us we will be made stronger through it. He will make up the rest. Then we did a few role plays- again, getting us to become 'Masters of the Message'! Then we had lunch! And Tausch! I'm with Elder Mielacher. He's waiting for his Visa to go to Angola and he's from Linz, Austria! So, as with any Visa waiter, he hasn't been to the MTC yet and today is only his like 5th day in the mission, so it's fun! We had Language Study and then went out finding! Oh mensch! It was his first time finding as well, so I was like, okay we have to speak to everyone and hopefully we'll get at least 1 potential from it, so it's a good first finding experience for him! It was terrible, people were so rude! I felt terrible! Then this evening, we headed back to Basel, as they were having an information evening for some religious group organisation thing and the Bishop wanted missionaries there, as there were like 30 odd non-members coming, so the whole district were there to help out and stuff. It was actually a pretty cool, interesting evening and as per it's normally only Religiously interested people who go to these things, so there were a fair few obscure, yet pretty interesting questions! It was really cool! Then we were home pretty late! So yeah that was Dienstag!

Mittwoch, so this morning we had our studies, which were pretty good, then we headed out to do some finding, which was terrible again! Like nobody, legit, nobody was out on the street! We saw like one person in
that whole 1 and 1/2 hours and she wasn't interested, because she's found her way back to God and she's happy with it. I feel terrible; he got 2 finding opportunities with me and they were his first 2 finding opportunities and both were terrible. Awks much - but it was a fun Tausch! We headed to Basel SBB to tausch back and then we came home, did Essen, Sprach and washing (as today was our wash day) and then headed out to go by a few Less Actives. We've done all the ones that are near us, so now we're going to the tiny dorfs! So the 2 in the one dorf had both moved (or passed to the other side), who knows - and for the one of them we had to hike up a Mountain to find out they no longer lived there- Welcome to the Alpenländische Mission!!! Then, we finally got a WA that still lived there and answered her door- but she didn't want to meet with us, cause she feels super sad about the fact nobody has visited her from the church for a very looooooooong time (like years and years and years), so she doesn't want anything to do with members or missionaries anymore! Sad times! So the answer there is... visit the less actives on your Home/Visiting Teaching lists People! Then, we came back home to sort the last load of washing, and grab Jenga before heading to the Familie S for Abendessen! It was super good! And we did the Jenga Foundations Spiritual Thought! I think they loved it and it gave us an opportunity to try a bit of Goldmining/follow-up! It was really cool! I love how most Swiss Members are super excited about missionary work and sharing the gospel with their friends. It's the Best! I just love the Swiss!

Donnerstag, so this morning we headed out to meet M at the chapel for a little lesson! We followed up on whether he watched any of the General Conference online as he said he would! Apparently, he tried to, but
it sent him to YouTube, which then just proceeded to play some MoTab stuff and then stop and get him to subscribe before it would keep playing! I have no idea what he was doing, so we showed him exactly
what to do when he gets to the church website, cause it does not send you to YouTube for Gen Conf, but hey! Then we went over the 10 Commandments and taught the WoW! It went pretty well! Then we came back did more studies and headed out. Then this evening we went by P again, had a good chat with her, see how she was doing and help her out a bit and she gave us some Plantain (it looks like a giant banana and you fry it and it's actually super good and tastes nothing like banana). Then we did the Thankful Pen Game spiritual thought- oh man!  She loved it! I love going by P. She is such a good laugh! Transfer calls in 2 days! Ahhhhh!  I'm a little anxious!

Freitag morgen, after studies we did a bit of cleaning as the Hatch's (Senior Couple) were coming over for an inspection. Not too much cleaning as we always keep this place clean, but just a quick vac and put stuff away! Then they came, did the inspection, we passed, as per with 100%! Haha! Then we had Mittagessen and a bit of Sprach! Then the afternoon got filled with Weekly Planning! Oh how I love weekly planning! It just goes on for way too long! Although actually, today it seemed to go pretty quick! Then after, we went by some more less actives. Still working through the list - and we actually got to have a doorstep conversation with one of them. She's from England, which was cool and said we can come by another time, best is weekday evenings, so we'll give it a try next week! It was soo awesome! Then we headed quick to the chapel to download something as we are helping a member teach Sunday School to the youth on Sunday! That should be fun! Home for dinner and Bible Prophecies! This time I had Deuteronomy 31:30-32:2, pretty interesting! I guess all will be revealed tomorrow morning!

Samstag! Okay! We are staying together. So, we started the day after calls, by heading to Basel SBB to meet the Bishop of Gemeinde Basel, as the Basel Elders were supposed to be helping him; help a less active move house, but they then had to go to München, as Elder Mielacher's Visa came through and his plane to the Brazil MTC was this weekend, so they couldn't do it; so asked us to help them out. So we did - met the Bishop of Basel, went to this guys’ place, filled the van and that was the first service of the day. Then we headed back to Bahnhof to go to the Familie H, as we also had our own service project planned for this morning. We went there and helped them out, moved a load of giant old roof board/planks - things! They were pretty darn heavy actually! Then cleared the other roof of nuts that fell from some nut tree they have in the garden! Then we had lunch, which was amazing! Then finished it off and headed home! Then we got changed and headed out to Schw. M (WA),  but she wasn't home; so home to do a bit of studying for the day, before meeting Bruder C in Aesch to go to Frau S. Then the rest of the evening was spent there! We taught about Tithing and she agreed to pay it when she gets baptised. We still haven't set a new date with her yet, but she’s making great progress. Then we had dinner with her and home! I am super tired, so I am super glad we get an extra hour sleep tonight!!!

Sonntag! So today began with a lil bit (like 20mins of studies) before heading to church! Oh, but before all of this happened we got disturbed! So, the phone was set on the setting to automatically update (as these things normally do), so it was meant to set back an hour automatically.... but I think this may be the worst mission phone I have had, didn't; so it goes off at what should be 5:30, but we realised pretty quick as we turned all the other clocks back last night, o we still got an extra hour in bed! Ahhh! It was more than needed as well! What a blessing! So we headed to church and people turned up a little earlier. Church was really nice and we helped out with the Sunday School lesson for the youth. The majority of the class is girls, so it kind of went off on all tangents, but it was fun! Oh and the Familie H (the family Ash met), were in the ward again for the first time since their holiday, so they were pretty excited to tell me all about how "We saw your Sister... and took a load of selfies with her". Haha! It was cool! Then after church we sorted a few things before heading home for Mittags and studies! Then the day was drawing to a close, but we headed out to contact and nobody was out, but man - it is way dark really early and that was basically our Sunday!

Today has been a normal P-day so far, but I'll fill you in on that next week! I bought some hair clippers today, as we were in Germany and I really need a haircut, but to go to a Barbers is ridiculous, even in Germany; seen as it's only just over the border, so they charge ridiculous amounts and we have no members here who are
professionals and I don't trust any missionaries, so I think I'll give it a try myself, wish me luck! Nah, it will be fine! I'll keep you updated on that though! Other than that, I believe that was my week! Time is a crazy thing! Legit, the days drag by, the weeks fly by, but then again looking back at what happened this week, it feels like it all happened so long ago!

Week 44 of 2015- Lörrach, Haarschnitt und Tempelfahrt!

Grüezi Mitenand,

Montag, after studies, we decided we'd head to Lörrach and do some shopping there this time, as there’s a bigger range of other stuff shopping. So we headed to Lörrach- the only problem with going there is that it costs to get the train there, but hey, when food is so much cheaper, why not! So we went and looked around a bit! I wanted to get a new iPad case, but there is nowhere that sells a decent one that fits the standard. Then I also bought some hair clippers, ‘cause I really need a cut and nobody in the ward is a hairdresser, and Switzerland and just over the border in Germany is more expensive than buying my own buzzers. So, I bought some and plan on cutting it myself later in the week on the evening! It can't be too hard! Then we did food shopping and home; packed stuff away and headed to the chapel for emails! My favourite part of Mondays! Then, after emails we headed out to the Familie F for Abendessen and Familien H Abend. It was awesome! We had Raclette- mensch it feels like ages since I last had Raclette! It was super good - and FHE was awesome! So all in all, Monday was a really good day! Being invited for FHE always makes a Monday brilliant!

Dienstag- studies, studies, studies! Then ‘cause our DL isn't around due to his visa waiter going out, we didn't have a District Meeting, which kind of sucked, but the ZL’s told us to just take an extra hour and a half study, to focus on what we would have done for DM according to Presidents training plan! Then we headed out after Mittags and did a load of less active vorbeis and like over half had moved, again! HT/VT people! My feet were killing cause we did so much walking around the mountains! Craziness! I appreciate our "mountain" walks to Cardinal so much better now! But hey! Then this evening we headed to the C’s for dinner! It was awesome! A little shorter than last time as Bruder C had to go and do something at 21:00, so we were home on time to plan, so we planned and then I decided I would give it a go cutting my hair.... It looks alright actually! I wouldn't say it's too bad for a first time cutting your own hair! It's really difficult though! The back is well tricky to get right -and the top is just a nightmare, especially when you want the top trimmed and not buzzed! So faffy! But hey, it looks alright and it's now a little shorter, so I'm happy!

A Self Haircut!

Onto Mittwoch- So, at the start of Sprach we get a call from a member asking if we can go to the chapel as they have a piano tuner guy coming, but they can't make it anymore to let them in and wait, so they asked us to do it. So Sprach and our finding time this morning got cut by having to go to the chapel to let the piano guy in and stuff! Then we managed to get a bit of finding in, not much happened again! Then we had Mittagessen and then headed straight back to the Gemindehaus as we were asked to help out at the Primi-Aktivität/Halloween Party! It was great -and it was service, so it was a fun afternoon! Then we helped clear away a bit before heading to Schw. M for a little lesson. It went pretty well! She seemed as though she had a real desire to stop smoking! We did a stop right now type of thing and give us your cigarettes, so you have nothing to tempt you - and she just gives us all of the cigarettes that she could find in the apartment! Not bad! Then we headed to Insti in Basel after that! We went ‘cause we met a guy on the train yesterday who lives in Basel now, but is less active; but was super cool and still does everything like reads daily, prays daily, just doesn't come to church, so we invited him to Insti, as he was mid-20's. He didn't turn up, but it was good anyway! Mensch! Basel Insti is tiny. There are like only 7 students! Craziness - but it was cool and they do it Swiss German, I think anyway! Sometimes I can't quite tell the difference, ‘cause some Swiss German dialects just sound like normal German spoken a little weirdly! No, it was defs Swiss German and I actually understood almost all of it! It's weird how it happens, ‘cause sometimes I don't get it at all when people speak Swiss German and then other times I understand it almost perfectly! Weirdness - but Insti was great! So today was actually another pretty good day!

Donnerstag morning after a bit of studies, we headed to the Gemeindehaus to meet with M. So we waited for 20 mins (when the next bus would arrive) and he still wasn't there! So we sent him a text and it turned out he completely forgot! So we then headed over to a less actives and then just as we were getting off the tram, they call us to say they aren't home at the moment, so it won't work! So we did a few calls, including Schw. M to see how it's all going and it's going good. Her husband is also quitting smoking from yesterday and he got rid of his cigarettes! So that is awesome! It's gonna be difficult, but they are doing it and I am super proud of them! (A righteous pride). Then we headed home to grab essen and finish studies, before heading back out to find and pop by the chapel to print a few things off we needed. Then out and nobody was on the streets! The thing is with this area is that we don't even have a little part of the city, so it's just dead! But hey! The fact that the M’s are stopping smoking made the day a load better! Then this evening, once we got home we had abendessen and made a few more calls to sort out our JT for Frau S tomorrow.

Freitag morning we did washing in between studies (today was wash day again), which caused study time to be a little longer, not too much, but we had quite a bit to sort through in studies today! Then we headed
over to Frau S. We could not get a joint teach to save our butts! Nobody was willing, so we changed it to the afternoon, so we could still meet her. We just taught her in an open space, worked our way round the rule, cause what can you do when you need to teach someone of the opposite gender, but no man is available/willing to come, so we took it outside instead! That way, we're still being obedient! She lives in the middle of nowhere, so it took forever to get to and then we started lesson 5, as we've taught all the commandments. We went over Priesthood and Organisations and then Missionsarbeit! It went pretty well and she committed to take part in it all and accept a calling when she's baptised! We just need to get a date from her! Arrrrgggghhhh! Then we had like a plum tart thing! It was pretty good! Then headed home! Another looooong as journey and we had to be super careful not to miss the bus, ‘cause the bus times where she lives are terribly dodgy! Like once every hour and a half and even then it varies all over the place! Craziness! So we finally get back to civility, do a bit of streeting and then home to do Weekly Planning! It was a pretty crazy planning session! We have next to nobody to work with, so it was a planning on how to get people to work with, really focussing on how to get those we are working with, progressing! It's a tough one! Then we had a really deep Auswertungsgespräch! I believe it opened eyes!

I found a quote today from Elder Scott which I loved. It's about prayer and recognising answers, he said: “He is our perfect Father. He loves us beyond our capacity to understand. He knows what is best for us. He sees the end from the beginning. He wants us to act to gain needed experience: “When He answers yes, it is to give us confidence. When He answers no, it is to prevent error. When He withholds an answer, it is to have us grow through faith in Him, obedience to His commandments, and a willingness to act on truth.” We don't always understand the answers we get, or even recognise we got an answer, but through it all He knows what is best for us at that time. We don't need to understand the what, why and how, we just need to understand that He knows and accept His will, and when we do so He will guide us on the path to eternal life!

On Samstag we began with Comp Study, as we weren't sure how long we'd actually have to study before our appointment tonight, so we used the time we had this morning to prepare/plan for that. Then Bruder
F picked us up to take us down to the temple! So, we had a nice little drive down to Bern and the first person I see when we step out the car is Jonjo Southall! That was pretty sweet .. but it gets better... After we chat for a bit, he tells me that Matty is also there, (I think they did a youth trip as the Frankfurt and Fribourg
Temples are currently closed- so everyone comes to Bern) .. so we go on a Matty hunt. He was waiting by the coach with his hommies, as they were heading home in the next hour or so, but we found him, said hi,
had a photo and had a real quick chat and then we had to head into the temple, as we were due in at 11:00. Then as we were getting changed, it turned out President Kearon (Area President) was in the changing room opposite us, so we had a nice chat about life and stuff. He is soo cool! He was there with the Youth from Frankfurt. I guess the Swiss temple is just the place to be- you meet everyone! So we were at the temple today as the ward had a Youth Baptism day, and well, they didn't have enough Priesthood going, so asked us to help out. It was my first time in the Baptistry in the Swiss Temple and it is beautiful! So we did Confirmations and Witnessing. It was a really awesome experience! Then we needed to do a few things and took the train home! We got home and did personal study, before our GML picked us up, so we could go to an appointment we set up with a member family who are just females! So we needed another man- hence our GML! He's awesome! So we went round and got to know the family more, and then did the Thankful Pen Game spiritual thought! It was awesome! They are such a cool family! I am really grateful to be in another ward with such awesome members!
Meeting my Cousin 'Matty' at the Bern Temple

Sonntag! What a crazy filled out day! So we did 20mins of Comp study before leaving to get to church! Then we had the meetings, zeugnisversammlung was really nice. Then Sunday school, we joined the JAE class- oh man it was so much fun. There’s a little story to go with that one later! Then we had Priesthood. We did a split class today and the only Elders that were there, were us two and a counsellor on the Quorum Presidency. So we had a nice little class! He shared a story about a girl in her seminary class - and the teacher placed a target on the wall. The students were asked to draw a picture of people they cannot stand to be with/people they dislike; so they each drew their pictures and stuck them up on the target. Then the teacher gave them some darts that they can then go and throw at their pictures. So they do it! The teacher then stops them and takes down the pictures and target and behind is a picture of Christ- now destroyed because of the darts. The teacher then proceeds with the class. "What ye have done unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Backbiting, evil speaking, judging, rumours, hurting those around us, whether we like them or not- we need to remember they are all Children of God. They are our Brothers and Sisters whether we like it or not and Christ suffered for every pain and sorrow that they go through- including the ones we cause them to go through. None of us are perfect and we all do it- but next time a thought of judgment or evil speaking or anything not of building up another person, just think who is this hurting in the end. Then, after church we went to the K’s for Mittags. Then we headed home for like 30 mins Personal Study, before heading to the K’s for Abendessen and another spiritual thought! Mensch! I am sooooo stuffed! Then, after that, we headed to E's 1st Birthday Party, as P would have killed us if we didn't go! They had it at the S’s (they are like her Swiss Family)! And like the most of the ward were there! Everyone loves P! Oh mensch! It was so much fun! I am super full with food, but we had an awesome day! It really is the weirdest thing ever- I love the members here! Oh, I also got given a talk to give for Sunday coming (8th) on 'My Eternal Covenants in the Temple'! So that
will be fun!

Have a brilliant week!

Alles Liebe,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxx