Sunday, 4 October 2015

Cagliari 14/9/15 - 28/9/15 "Cogliere le opportunità"

Cagliari: week 10 or 11 or something like that …
Sunday: So, today it was Stake Conference, which wasn't to start until 11am. We had invited a few people during the week to church and had forgotten to explain that this week would be different, so we figured we should go down to the chapel normal time anyways, to study and to be there in case someone came. Well, we got there and started studying. Then, a less active member who we have been trying to get hold of all transfer (and last transfer) walks in. So we got to do a surprise lesson with her. She wanted to share something with us, then we got to share something with her. It was super awesome. Then the conference was awesome too! AND PART WAY THROUGH V CAME!!! A less active member who we have been working with :) It's the first time I've seen her at church, so it was super exciting! She asked for a Book of Mormon too, to give her friend, M. :) After the conference, we ate, studied, then did a lesson with A. Love her. She's so funny! Then we dropped off some cookies for G, cus it was her birthday :) Then the Sassari Sorelle got here.

Monday: Roberts and McKenzie hit up Eurospin for the spesa sesh, while Sorella Hansen and I tried to get something for Caballero. We decided on getting him a Sardegna flag and then get everyone to write a message on it. After that, we both really fancied a gelato. (I rarely eat them these days and time is ticking, so I better get my fix in). Anyways, the workers at this gelateria were all from the Dominican Republic and were so so so nice! This one girl started speaking to us in English and we asked how she learnt it and she told us she was married to an American etc then we got speaking about the church. One thing led to another and she tells us that she has a brother called Nephi. WHEN DOES THIS HAPPEN THOUGH?? Apparently, her Dad used to go to our church back in the day and liked the name. Anyways, she told us that she would love to know where his name comes from and so we swapped numbers and told her we'll call her and bring her the Book of Mormon to explain some more! She seemed super excited.Gosh. Scambio miracles. They're real! 
The Sorelle of Sardegna
Anyways, after that we headed to the church to email. Then we all ate McDonalds together. Then the Anziani decided to do 'Zone P’Day' football, but the Sorelle from Sassari wanted to see some sights, so we basically went to a church.  We saw some other cool sites of the city tbf and walked down some adorable Italian streets, so that was fun. 

Then Sorella Roberts and I had to rush off for a lesson with R. On the way we stopped off at a cute lil place for a smoothie, which we really fancied it. Anyways, the lesson with R was great and she is just the sweetest thing and she just makes me so happy. Then we went straight home to grab a baptism certificate for the Anziani, then to the chapel for the interview with President. That went well :) I love President. Anyways, we went home and I finished off my addestramento. :)

Tuesday: Today was specialised training. We left kinda early to get to the chapel for 915 for the Leadership meeting. We ended up getting there early, so we got everyone to write a message on the flag we got for Caballero. :) Then in the meeting, President went round the room asking each of us (ZL’s, DL’s and io) to report on our districts etc.  Sorella Waddoups did her part, then President did his all about expecting miracles. He gave us the challenge to get 2 new investigators this week. Obviously we all accepted. Easy. Anyways, that was basically the meeting. After that we started the conference. The ZL’s began with their addestramento all about companionship unity. They started with 2 questions. 1) What are 10 things you like/appreciate about your companion and 2) Why do you think your companion went on a mission? Then got us to write out answers in a book and invited us to share them with one another at our next weekly planning session, during companionship inventory. Then they used the scripture Mosiah 18:8-9 and used Sam and Frodo as a visual of this. Haha I don't even remember watching the ‘Lord of the Rings’ like ever, so I was like 'boh, I guess these guys were buddies?' Hahah. Anywayssssss. They used the triangle of me, my companion, and God. How we all need to be connected and need to have that communication between us. Then Molnar spoke about how sometimes when we get into a new area, we just let our companion take control for a bit, as they know the people more etc, but if we create this triangle, between our companionships and God, we will each receive revelation, as to what to do etc, as we are entitled to is, as long as we live worthy of it. Then they used the cycle of teaching in unity and we role played it. My least favourite part of Zone Conferences. 

After role plays, there was a musical number. Then it was my turn hahahah.

 I always get so nervous, I don't even know why - this zone is tiny and we're all good pals so boh, I dunno I just get so nervy. Anyways, mine began all about companionship unity and used a few quotes cus quotes are my saving grace in addestramentos haha. I spoke about how we need to work in unity in order to help others reach their divine potential. Then used 5 self-evaluation questions taken from the talk given by Linda K Burton entitled 'We'll Ascend Together.' These were the questions... Tbh, I edited them cus it was originally talking about married couples hahaha, but it works for companionships in the mission too..
1. When was the last time I sincerely praised my companion, either alone or in the presence of others?
2. When was the last time I thanked, expressed love for, or earnestly pleaded in faith for him or her in prayer?
3. When was the last time I stopped myself from saying something I knew could be hurtful?
4. When was the last time I apologized and humbly asked for forgiveness--without adding the words “but if only you had” or “but if only you hadn’t”?
5. When was the last time I chose to be happy, rather than demanding to be “right”?

I then invited them to choose one to work on throughout the rest of this transfer. Then I led it onto opportunities, seizing, looking for creating etc. It transferred over to that pretty smoothly and I was impressed. Anyways, I don't wanna bore you with my addestramento notes, but I used a ton of examples of miracles I've seen in my mission and my life in general. I spoke of the missionaries who found Nanny and Grandad; and the effect that has had on many members of my family. I shared my experience of the lady called L in hospital. The girl we found on Monday and the whole zone participated super well and shared a ton of awesome opportunities that they seized and saw miracles. It was so cool! Anyways after that, we all are pizza. 
Gave Cab his gift.. 

and Sorella Roberts and I headed home and on the way... As we were waiting for the bus, Roberts tried to 'seize an opportunity' and spoke to the man staring at her name tag... Hmm. Anyways, side note she actually did really well. Then we get on the same bus as him and as we got off at our stop, he stopped her and handed over this cheeky slip of paper ;)  

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH It was hilarious. Roberts didn't know what to do. She was like "I was just trying to seize an opportunity" hahaha, so that was that. Then we got home, studied, then went to the chapel for a lesson with A. We did the Restoration and it went well. Then we had English course.  I do the intermediate class and they are all awesome :) At the end I did
the spiritual thought on ‘Faith’. Then asked if anyone wanted to say the prayer... Well, the man who asked for the picture of Jesus last week offered to do it.... and in English. It was the sweetest prayer I've probably every heard. Then I spoke to him and asked if he wanted
a Book of Mormon, cus I remember that a few lessons ago when we were making phrases he said 'I would like a Book of Mormon' whether he really wanted one or not I figured that there's no harm in asking. He accepted and we set up an appointment for Thursday :) SO EXCITED.
THEN!!! HE went onto his Facebook and showed us a quote he found the other day that he liked that one of his friends had posted... It was only a quote from the living prophet himself.. Thomas S Monson!! Like, what are the odds? Really though!!! This guy is so ready. Gosh, dang it, I'm so stoked. Anyways, after that Anziano Molnars’ Mom had sent him piñatas for their birthdays, cus it was Molnars’ last Saturday and it was Cabs’ today :) It was super fun. Then we locked the chapel up ... Turned all the lights off etc and as we were waiting outside chatting to some of our students, the light turned on again and we were all creeped out, so the Anziani went in with the sticks they were using for the game haha, so funny! Then it turned on again and it was just super creepy. Anyways, alla fine we went home. Other things I liked about today that I wrote in my planner were.... B bought cake for us all, Sorella Waddoups understood my addestramento this time :) and during the lesson, Sorella Roberts asked A if she has ever read the bible (in Italian) and she replied 'no baby'! You had to have been there to understand how hilarious it was. Oh my gosh.. Anyways…

Wednesday: We began with a lesson with M. After that it was time for pranzo. Then we went to see C :) Her granddaughter was there too and we spoke about the Plan of Salvation. I gave her the recipe for English scones hehe and she shared moreeeee cake with us. She is so sweet and her cakes are super good! Then we went to try and find some less actives in the area (we were in Quartu), so first stop was the Catholic shop that F works at. She wasn't interested for a spiritual thought, but seemed nice enough. She told us to try again and maybe the next time we can bring a thought :) Then next was a lady called T. She was in, but told us to come back another time, cus she had a headache.. This was basically our day, we got lost a lot.

Thursday: Today was so sick. I feel super fulfilled. We began heading to the park (M works at the offices at the park)... (M is V’s friend) and so we were hoping that she was there so that we could have followed up with the Book of Mormon that V gave her on Sunday and to try and explain it more. We had no idea which office she was actually in or where we were gonna find her, but it just felt right to go. Anyways, we get to the park, walk towards the main doors to the offices to find her sat right there outside on the bench on the phone. She saw us practically straight away and finished off her conversation with whoever she was talking to subito. We got to explain it a bit, but not really properly as she was needed in the office, but she told us that she wants to see us tomorrow morning. Anyways, after that, we popped over to go give the Book of Mormon to K (Dominican Republican girl at the gelateria). We got it for her in Spanish and had written our testimonies in it too. She was SO excited. She was literally so so happy. She told us she will read it as soon as she goes home tonight and she told us that she was gonna phone her Dad who is living over there still to let him know about all of this. Well, we couldn't stay long, cus she was on the job and the place was packed, but she told us she wants to see us outside work, so we're gonna call her tomorrow to organise that! Then we tried to pop in on a less active, but she wasn't in .. Then, by that time it was pranzo time... Then lingua. After that, we went straight to R. We did the Restoration as the ZL’s have challenged us to do that with members. It went really well. I love visiting her so much. I feel so happy after each visit with her, as she always bares testimony to us too. Today she bore her testimony of the Book of Mormon, so powerfully. Love her!! Then we went straight to do the lesson with B. G (her daughter) sat in too. It was the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was probably the best Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson I’ve ever been in. It was in a lot more depth and it just flowed perfectly. The spirit was super sweet and it was just down right awesome. Tender mercies! Right after that, we did a lesson with M.. The English course student who wanted a Book of Mormon. We invited G to this one and she was totally down. It went well. For the time being though, he isn't interested in 'changing'. (He's Catholic), but he is super interested in learning more. So we offered to do the 5 lessons that we do as missionaries and he kindly rejected. For the time being, but he said first he wants to read the Book of Mormon and discuss that, so we're going with it. We still feel he has a ton of potential. After that, we did English course. G was my lil assistant again. Gosh she is adorable. I love the girl!! She even did the spiritual thought at the end!!!!! It was so so so good. She shared her 2 fave scriptures and explained why she likes them.

Friday: Today was cool..... Ahhaha. We started off with the weekly planning sesh as per. Then we had pranzo and after that we studied, then received a cancellation :( boooo! So decided to go try find this lontano referral. Her name was I and she was given to us from the office. With a name, an address and no number. She lives in Capoterra, which is so tedious to get to, but is super duper beautiful. Like it’s this lush little beach town surrounded by mountains, covered in sheep, fig trees and pomegranate trees and like, the gents there must be loaded, cus they live in these proper posh villas. Anyways, after we got off the bus in the absolute middle of nowhere, walked down the highway, which was probs not the safest thing to do, but there was no other way haaha... (I felt like a proprio (real) missionary doing this though) ..we got there and her neighbour tells us that this 'I' lives next-door so we ring .. and ring again. Then someone finally answers and tells us that 'I' doesn't live there... Gutted!!! Anyways, we leave a note with our number with a Restoration pamphlet. Then head back to the bus stop, at this point it was about 5:45 and the next bus to Cagliari wasn't until 7:40. Yeah, so we decide to do casa finding in these fancy little villas. Every single house had a yapping dog, which made it hard to communicate with the people, but there was this one guy who, after doors and doors, actually seemed to be interested, but his wife wasn't home, so maybe if we can figure out the bus times better, we'll go again. If not, the Anziani have a car and they can do it. Meglio così. It was a great experience though. After that, the bus finally came. It was actually a coach. The seats were all taken, so that was weird standing on a coach. Then this little, (what I thought to be a British voice) pops out of nowhere, and it’s this bloke asking if we wanna sit down, so I asked him where he was from, but I was wrong, he was Australian .. which was even cooler hahah. I forgot how sick Australian accents are. He kept saying 'mate' and I was loving life hahahah. Not heard that word in a while. He was asking a ton about what we do here. Then the lady sat next to him was American, from New York and it turned out that one of her best friends from school was LDS, so she knows a ton about us. They were super cool and we just spoke with them the whole way back, then left them with a card. Then got home and did 12 weeks aaaaand that was our day.

Saturday: we began trying to find M at work, but the office was shut. We don't have her number and V wasn't picking up, so we decided to go for it. Stupid idea. Then we felt like we needed to go find another less active, who we knew nothing about, as we hadn't seen any information or heard anything about her. We get there and through the cito she is all 'Errrrm, we didn't set an appointment', so we pulled the whole 'Yeah, we were just in the area and we wanted to pop by to say hi', so she's all 'okay dai venite', so she lets us in and we go.  It's been over 10 years since she’s even seen missionaries or been to church. It's crazy. She was so nice to us :))) After that, we made some calls.. then popped to church, so Roberts could get a blessing (she had asked the Anziani for one, cus she's a tad poorly). It was a beautiful blessing :) After that, because J cancelled on us, we went to Quartu to do less active finding and casa. One person told us to come back another time, so that was cool. Then we headed to the chapel for the baptism of R (simpatizzato degli anziani). The baptismal service was super simple, but super super beautiful. The spirit was for sure there. I felt it very strongly. He was just glowing. It was one of the most awesome things I've seen in the mission. His wife came and supported him. She is lovely! B spoke about baptism and Anziano Molnar spoke about the Holy Ghost and they were both perfect. Then Anziano Caballero performed the baptism. Everything just ran so smoothly. At the end, there were refreshments for everyone. Everyone was happyyyyyy.

Sunday: Churchhhhh. The first week with the change in schedule. Sacrament was first and it was a really awesome meeting. I felt well and truly edified. G spoke about honesty. Then Sorella L (one of my fave members) spoke about 'How can we receive the blessings of the gospel?' .. and recognising these blessings, then Sorella D spoke about trials and how we can overcome them .. so sacrament meeting was awesome :) then Fratello A did the gospel principles lesson all about the Holy Ghost. Then the lesson in Relief Society was about being aware of pride from the Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson. It was presented really well :) A and J both came to church. This week has been tough in terms of work. None of our investigators seem to be progressing at all
L We will get our transfer calls soon. I have NO idea what will happen. I think we could probably stay together for a 3rd. There's a first! Vediamo! Anyways, after this we had pranzo, then studied the lingua, then headed to the church for correlation. Correlation was awesome.. After that, we headed home to make some calls to set up for the upcoming week, then headed out to see A. THIS WOMAN CRACKS ME UP. She is so funny, oh my word! Anyways, we read Alma 48:7-10, then got her to liken it unto us, sooooo, how we protect our families from the evils of the world, temptation etc and who we have to warn us. It was super good. She pulled all these other stories from the bible and likened them into her own life. She's pretty good at it. Then we headed homeeeee, planned, heated up the food we had for pranzo.

Here's a scripture that I found this week during one of my studies that I really liked... It was in Mosiah 23:21-24 and it really applied to us this week. It says: "21 Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith. 22 Nevertheless--whosoever putteth his trust in him the same shall be lifted up at the last day. Yea, and thus it was with this people. 23 For behold, I will show unto you that they were brought into bondage, and none could deliver them but the Lord their God, yea, even the God of Abraham and Isaac and of Jacob. 24 And it came to pass that he did deliver them, and he did show forth his mighty power unto them, and great were their rejoicings."

So, whenever any of you are facing a difficulty, remember: TRUST in the Lord YOUR God and all will be fine, so fine. I know it's true. I know that everything, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. We may not understand at the time we are going through it and will understand later after we overcome it, or maybe we may not understand until we return to live with Him again, but he knows and he is constantly sending guidance if we seek him; are prepared to receive him; and trust and follow him.

This gospel is true. The scriptures are true. During the mission I have been able to gain a better understanding and greater appreciation of the importance of the scriptures. Never forget to read them. I regret all of those years back before the mission when I 'didn't have time'. There is no such thing as not having time to read them. That was a mistake of mine, but now I know because Heavenly Father blessed me with this opportunity to serve him and to learn all of these things. He gave me another chance and I will be eternally grateful for that.

Keep being you. Keep smiling. Keep laughing and never forget how much I love you all.

Baci e abbracci,
Ashleigh xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Week 2 of the fortnight …
This week was awesome, I'm just gonna hit it from the top. Come sempre..

Monday. We emailed for a while and it was lush. After that, Sorella Roberts and I went 'shopping' to find winter clothes for me since I probably won't get my other suitcase until I transfer out of Sardegna.. Or maybe even just before I return home. Who knows? After that, we went and ate pizza. Ha. The pizza was real good, probs the best pizza I've eaten here in Sardegna.. Although I've not eaten much pizza in Italy in general, so who knows what's good. It was good for me though anyways, then we had a gelato. Obviously that was lush. Anyways, after that we got some postcards and stuff then we headed to the chapel, cus it was too hot and the chapel is the only place with a/c hahah, so we went there and I played a bit of piano. I really barely get time to play these days. It's just a P’Day thing! Anyways, after that, we headed to il parco della for a lesson with R. She gave us a bidone, then after that we did the serata famigliare (fhe) that we do every week with the Anziani and the ragazzi. The Anz prepared the games, then we did the spiritual thought. It went well. Anyways, after that we went home, planned, ate then slepttt :)

Tuesday. Started off with 12 weeks. WE HAVE ONE WEEK LEFT IN WHICH ROBERTS IS CLASSED AS A GREENIE. ONE WEEK!!! So I've well and truly prepped her to be a trainer next transfer ;) but really, if it came down to it, I reckon she could do it easily. She's awesome! So yeah, we needed to catch up on that, and we are back on track to finishing by the end of the week! Then we had DDM! I love this district. We are the only sisters, obv, then there's the 6 elders. They're all awesome. This time Anziano Caballero did the addestramento all about learning to recognise and listen to the spirit. It was interesting, as he used a talk that I actually studied last week. :) After that, me and Roberts headed to the bus stop, but missed it and the next one wasn’t for 20 mins.. and by the time we would have got home, pranzo hour would have been over. So, we decided to get pizza, eat it at the chapel and study the lingua at the chapel too. We got back to the chapel with our pizze to find the Cagliari Anziani sat here eating McDonalds hahahaha. So, we all ate together and watched 'On the Lord’s Errand' in Italian. Then we studied together with them. Cus Anziano Cab is from Bolivia, but has lived in Northern Italy for a while, so speaks perfectly. He is also learning English, so we helped him and he helped us. :) He's super cool. After that, we went to do a lesson with R. I LOVE HER. Spoke all about temples and stuff and how she can better prepare. It was super awesome. She always shares her testimony with us each time we teach her. She's awesome; and her Dad is now having the lessons with the missionaries (in Brasil) :))) so she is super happy! Then, we made some potential calls, then did English course. It takes 3 buses from R’s to the chapel and every one was perfectly on time. Literally, we arrived to the bus stop and it came straight away. Miracles!!! Anyways, I love my class.

Wednesday. We started with a lesson with M. Member present. WITH B. B picked us up and we all headed to the chapel. The lesson itself went really well. Focused it on Faith and Blessings of the Gospel. Used a really awesome talk from October 2011 called 'Faith- The Choice is Yours'. B helped out a ton, with her personal experiences and testimony. It was just so awesome. Love her SO MUCH. Then we headed to centro to do la ricerca for family history. Met some really awesome people. OH also, as we were walking down the road, there was a man on the side of the street selling grapes. As we walked past, he looks at me and says in the strongest Italian accent, (but the English language) 'Lovely princess, do you want a taste?' It cracked me up #onlyinitaly. Then we headed home for pranzo, ate rice with tuna and cream. Then had peaches and gelato. MMMM. 

WOW the second half of today was awesome. In fact, awesome doesn't even cover it. After pranzo and language study we head to the chapel to do a lesson with A (lady who rocked up to church one day). She didn't come (for an hour at least), but we had planned lessons all evening at the chapel, so we stayed there and made calls to the potentials from the area book. Then one hour later, she came. We had originally planned on doing the Plan of Salvation, but the spirit completely took over. We just felt like asking inspired questions and stuff, so by doing this we got to know her real well, her needs and her desires etc. She knew the missionaries about 10 years ago. She KNOWS that this is the 'via' that is right for her etc, so basically we told her we will start from the beginning again and go real slow, so she can understand everything. She came to the Stake Conference 2 weeks ago and the talks about the Temple really stuck out to her and now she really wants to go to the temple. It was the best lesson we've had with her. Then after, R came. R is a lady who we actually found making ex investigator calls. An ex investigator called L, gave us R as a referral. When we called R last transfer if I remember correctly, she told us that she would be out of town until the beginning of September, so obviously, we waited until the beginning of September and called her. She came with her sons’ ragazza (gf). When we began, she told us she met with the missionaries before and they did English with her. My excitement sunk when she explained that, but then after we spoke some more she asked us if we wanted to tell her anything else. So, we stated our purpose and invited her to take the 5 missionary lessons and to our surprise, she ACCEPTED!!!! She told us that she doesn't claim to be part of any particular religion and that she believes that all religions have parts of the truth. In my mind I was like 'actually.....' but I stopped myself. I think it will be better to let her figure this out with the lessons. She is super awesome, so we set up an appointment for next week on Tuesday just before English course. WE ARE SO EXCITED.. BECAUSE GUESS WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THAT....???? We met with A. A student who comes to English course. He asked us for extra English lessons, as he will be going to New York for work this next year. We agreed on the terms that we can also teach him the missionary lessons. He accepted. We began teaching him the alphabet, cus the way they pronounce letters is obviously different and we have some letters that they don't have. Then he wanted to practise reading in English. We had brought a Book of Mormon in English and one in Italian to give to him. He began reading in English.... Then alla fine decided he wanted to read it in Italian to understand better. He had a toooon of domande and was super super intrigued and curious to find out more. He told us he can't wait to go home and read it and he was literally super super interested in the Book of Mormon. We bore our testimony of it and it was just crazy cool. 2 NEW SIMPS IN 1 DAY. So sick. 

Thursday. We set off first thing to see V. This time we met at her house. We spoke all about temples, cus we read on her scheda that last year she was preparing. We tried explaining how that is why it's important to go, so that we have that desire to stay and to come back. As this is how it will be with our Father in Heaven one day. We won't wanna leave and if we do all we can in this life to live worthy of it, we won't have to leave. We explained how our homes should be like the temple and we can learn better how to apply principles of the gospel into our homes etc. We asked her if it would be alright next time, to bring a member with us and she was totally down for that, which made me real happy, cus it was something she accepted. This whole situation made me think a lot of home. How I know NONE of the less active members in our ward and how I never did anything to get to know them. When I get home this is something I wanna do so bad. There is a lot of work to do here and throughout my mission, most of it has been less active work. Of course there are our investigators who mean the world to me and are extremely important too, but with the less active members, there are TONNES and they are JUST as important. These are people who have already made covenants with God and have fallen away. Wow. I love our less active members and I just hope that I can be a help to them! Anyways, after V, we tried to pop in by M, but she wasn't at work, so we went to find some potentials from the area book. None of which were interested :( then pranzo, then lingua.. Then a lesson with R ...boy. We spoke about tithing again. We began asking her if she remembered what tithing was and she replied 'Contributing to the Kingdom of God', so we got super excited that she remembered. Next time we'll bring a member too. After R, we went to B's house to do a lesson. :) We did it on Obedience and Prayer. She shared with us something that she read about prayer in the Liahona by Henry B Eyring. All about listening for the answers and writing them down after prayer. We spoke about how, through answers to our prayers we receive personal revelation and guidance and bore our testimonies. Then we walked to the chapel with G for English course. English course went well... G was my little helper again. I love that girl. She is adorable. Then with the spiritual thought we spoke about the spirit and how we can feel it’s influence in our lives, as it comforts and guides us; then G shared her testimony too :) After that, we spoke to a few of the students. M... (The guy who we gave a Book of Mormon to last week) spoke to us and said that he read the first part and wants to meet with us to discuss it and to link it to the Bible .. so that was awesome. We tried setting an appointment with him there and then, but he was like ‘I can't say when because of my job, I'm not sure’. Then whispering he said ‘I work with the dead' hahahahah. It was super creepy, but super hilarious. So, we'll call him tomorrow to organise Saturday hahaha. Then after Fratello C gave us a lift home with G. That was the most hilarious moment of the week. He began putting classical music on and he was like 'Sorelle, Do you like the music of the angels?' Then, all of a sudden it starts rapping hahahahahahahahah, then he is all 'ahhhh where are the angels?' Then after, he puts this Californian rap song on and starts dancing and rapping to it (the rapping was in English). I nearly died. That was our day!

Friday.. We began with weeeeeekly planning (possibly the last one as a companionship... We'll see tomorrow!) It was awesome. There are so many people we are working with right now. This week definitely made up for last! As part of companionship inventory (my least favourite part of weekly planning.. but I always try to make it fun to avoid awkwardness); we got to the part where we 'resolve conflicts' but as per, we didn't have any conflicts or challenges to resolve, so we had a thumb war and an arm wrestle instead. I lost. We resolved it.. Hahahahah! After that, we had pranzo (chicken and mayo sarnie. Lush.), then studied Italianoooooo, then went and headed straight to Quartu for a lesson with C. We started seeing her this transfer, as we found her doing area book. Every time we go over, she's made some kind of cake. They're super good too! She's adorable! Literally looks after us like a mom. For the lesson, her granddaughter was there. We spoke about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well :) Then we left to meet B at the park. OKAY I LOVE THIS GIRL. Literally, every time we see her, my heart is refilled with joy. We spoke about prayer and the scriptures and it flowed so perfectly. It really was completely lead by the Spirit. She also told us that she was reading in Mosiah earlier in the week, all about baptism and she could just picture her baptism! She was super descriptive. She knows it's something she needs to do. She wants to wait until she is 18, which will be in March. I promised I'll be there. Then she was talking about her prayers and how she heard something in school, in an English class where she was translating. Talking about self-evaluations and stuff and then told us that when she prays, she kinda feels like she needs to do that with herself and Heavenly Father, so she has started doing that and she said it feels really good! She is so so so so so so cute!! Ahh, today was awesome! :)

Saturday. What a start! Just before we started companionship study, we received the call. This time round, just like the last, it was Anziano Puff. I got Sorella Roberts to answer it just in case it would have been her 1st exciting transfer call and I recorded the whole thing. Puff told her that she was staying and getting a new comp. and she was like whaaaaat. Then he asked her to pass the phone on to me (the phone was on loud speaker). He asked how I was etc, then told me to put the phone off speaker, so I did, then he was like 'Sorel, what I told her isn't true!' hahahahah, so I was like ‘Errrm, why??’ .. And he asked me what I thought would happen, so I told him that I thought we'd stay another transfer together. Then he was like ‘You're wrong, you're going to Taranto’.. And I was like 'Ma stai scherzando??????' (Are you joking???) ..And he was like ‘Yeah, hahah!’ Then he told me I was being transferred to 'Briningom..(Birmingham haha) ..’You go home' hahahahah and I was like ‘Whattttttt!!!’.. Then he finally broke it to us. We stay a 3rd together!!! :) Yey! 
We get a third Transfer as companions :-)

Anyways, after that... A member from Olbia was in town and wanted to meet with us .. She's a less active, I think, so she told us the address of where she was at. IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE. IMPOSSIBLE!!! Probably because we were assuming she lived in a house. Anyways after like 2 hours (I kid you not) we find the road and at this point I'm stressed out and a little miffed, cus I hate wasting time getting lost.. And then the buses we were supposed to be taking, diverted differently to how they normally do etc. Anyways, this road was a weird industrial road, so I called and asked them the number of their house, cus it just didn't seem like we were on the right street.. and they tell us there isn't a number.. so I'm even more confused and they just say 'further down .. right at the bottom', so we walk and walk down this road, and see nooooo houses. Then we see a young boy waving at us, so we figure that we finally made it. Anyways, I was humbled a lot and my frustration completely diminished when I saw that they lived in an abandoned building, an old factory of some sort. I haven't seen anything like this since serving in Rome 3, so it's been a while. It was all big and open with holes in the roof. A few chairs and beds. The kitchen, if you could call it a kitchen, had just one portable stove-type thing. The factory was divided into 2 with a few hung up towels and sheets (if I remember correctly), as two Romanian families live there.. So they had that for privacy. Their only source of water came through the hose outside. Anyways, we received a very warm greeting by N. She was so happy to see us and just being with her in her home definitely changed my mood. She told us her story. She is a woman of Faith, that's for sure! As you can imagine, life for her hasn't and still isn't easy, but she continues trying her best. We shared a spiritual thought based on Christ and his Atonement, spoke of how, when we rely on Christ, our burdens and sorrows are lightened. She bore her testimony too. Her cousin joined us and her cousins’ grandson. They said they will both come to church tomorrow and we explained how to get there. :) Then we came home for pranzo. After that we studied.. Then we made some brownies for la famiglia C (B's fam).. Or at least tried... After that fail, we wrote a dedica in an English Book of Mormon for G... Cus she wants to start reading it in English :) Anyways, so basically the oven wasn't working, so we ended up putting the brownie mix in a jar and just giving that to them haha. Awkward!  Then we headed over. When we got there, no-one was in, but luckily, shortly after ringing the door, G came. She was super happy to see us. It was super awesome :) 
Oh, I forgot to mention, as we were making/attempting to make the brownies we made some calls from the potential sheet in the area book. One girl who transferred to Bologna for Uni was interested, so we'll pass that referral onto the Milan mission this week and another lady agreed to meet us, so that was super awesomeee :) 

Sunday. Today was awesome. We obviously started preparing hard core for our gospel principles lesson... Jeesh! Then we headed off to church. Started with sacrament meeting and I played the piano. Y (cousin of G) who is just 16 did probably one of the best talks I've heard on the mission. You wouldn't have believed she is only 16. She shared it with so much confidence and sincerity. She was incredible! She needs to serve a mission!!! Haha. Then Anziano Cab gave his leaving testimony :((((( It was an awesome testimony too. He spoke about his testimony of the Book of Mormon. He'll be missed by everyone. He's had a great impact on this ward, everyone loves him! After that, we did our lesson on Gifts of the Spirit, which I'm pretty sure is the longest lesson in the manual or maybe any church manuals ever given to man!! Haha scherzo scherzo.. Comunque, we got through just over half of it before we had to finish it off, cus time ran short. So, we'll do part 2 in 2 weeks’ time because of General Conference being next week .. YES, IM SO EXCITED!!! Anyways, so that was that, then in Relief Society, A did the lesson from a talk given last General Conference called 'Latter-Day Saints Keep on Trying.' She did an awesome job. R and M both came to church today. The others didn't make it :(
Then we came home for pranzo... to find the gas has finished, so the oven nor stove works, which wasn't super convenient. Haha vabbè. So, we made our rice in the microwave, then heated frozen veggies in the microwave and then added cream, salt and tuna. All hail the microwave! It didn't turn out too bad! :)

Afffffter this, we studied Italiano, then headed to the chapel for correlation :) That went really welllll :) Then straight after, B invited us over to make the brownie (put the mix we made yesterday in the oven) and to do a lesson, so we didn't hesitate, cus 1) We were so down for brownie 2) ..A lesson on a Sunday .. what .. wow?! And 3) THAT FAMILY ARE JUST WOW THE BEST. LITERALLY feel at home being with them, so that was super fun! We shared the scripture in 1 Corinthians about how we are to all work together. They're actually some of my fave bible verses, so I'm gonna copy them into this email right now..
Actually, it's too long and if I do that the iPad will probs freeze so it's in chapter 12:12-27 :) enjoy! Then we spoke about talents and working together to build the Kingdom of God.
Straight after that we went to see A, which is always a joy!!! She is just hilarious. The only problem is, the quotes I write down, don't seem as funny as they are in the moment. She's one of my faves. I love her! We read 1 Nephi 1 with her and discussed it. I particularly liked the last verse where, after explaining how the Jews mocked and persecuted Lehi for his vision and prophecies, Nephi says "But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." Then spoke about the importance of Faith and Testimony. 
After that, we headed home and met 2 cute Indian ladies on the way. Then met a school teacher who used to have the Sorelle go to the school to teach English and he said he'd call us about that. Then planned, called the Sassari Sorelle, spoke to the DL for the last time for numbers, cus he's transferring, thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ate cucumber and tuna for dinner, cus we have no gas. 
Oh and a funnyyyyy quote today... We were waiting at the bus stop, and this group of ragazzacci are all trying to speak English haha, cus we are clearly not Italian. (#troppowhitegirlprobs) .. Anyways, our bus arrived and as we were getting on the bus, one shouts "Goodbye my flower!!" It was hilllllll. Man, I wish I had a constant camera with me like, attached to my forehead!

Welllll, this week certainly made up for the last. I loved it and I feel so accomplished. I'm super grateful for the opportunity Sorella Roberts and I have to be here for another transfer. We are gonna see miracles. I can feel it! I'm so excited and I love this place a ton!!!
I know the church is true. I love you all, so so much.
Sorella Ashleigh Robertson

Also, today I read a really awesome talk by James E Faust called 'The Abundant Life'. Well, actually it was about a ton of things and I never got to finish it. In fine, it spoke about how we can live the abundant life. It spoke about 'loving critics', importance of learning, overcoming doubts and unbelief.. In regards to doctrine or leaders, commitments and being faithful. It's about literally a ton of stuff. There's a tons of parts I marked up, but this was one, all about learning.

"The Savior said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10.) How is the abundant life to be obtained? The abundant life involves an endless search for knowledge, light, and truth...We gain knowledge from two sources. One is the divine and the other is secular. Rex E. Lee has referred to them as the “rational process and the extra rational process” We are all more familiar with the rational process that we learned in school and through lifelong study. The extra rational, or divine source, is less common. This source is, however, more sure. Both sources may be available to us. Fortunately, we do not have to choose one to the exclusion of the other. Brother Lee continues, “We should feel equally at home in the academy and in the temple. We should regard each as a center of learning.”