Saturday, 24 October 2015

Reinach 5/10/15 - 19/10/15 Schließlich, Missionar auf einem Fahrrad und Fisch und Chips.

Week 41 of 2015

Höi zäme!

Monday! It was an interesting day! So first things, we headed to Weil-am-Rhein to do our shopping! 'Twas good- although somehow we got less stuff, but payed more money for it! Weird! Don't know how that happened! Then it was past lunch time, so we grabbed something before getting the tram! There's this place I've seen a few times in Switzerland called Nordsee (translation North Sea), but I've never been there before cause it's pretty expensive here, but they have one in the Shopping centre where we go and of course it's Deutschland, so Deutsch prices, so I figured why not! They do fish and chips and I miss fish and chips! It was okay! The fish wasn't great, but then it was like little strips of battered fish instead of a humongous one you'd get at Atlantis, but the chips were really good! Even though they don't do Salt and Vinegar over here! Sucks! .. but it was pretty darn sweet! Then we got home and cleaned this place up. We're really good at the moment, as our apartment is constantly clean! Then we headed to the chapel to do emails! As per, my favorite time on P-day! Then basically after that we headed out to find, popped back home to get the bike keys and found again back to the chapel to get the bike, (which isn't broken) to lock up at Bahnhof, cause we need to collect our new bike tomorrow .. then we can ride bikes! Wahey! Nah! We don't actually ride them too often I'm told! Normally just to get to Bahnhof instead of taking the bus there and to the chapel on P-days or if we're meeting someone there and are running late, so miss the bus! So it's not too bad! Then we did some more finding and a little bit of area book work! 'Twas a pretty good day!

Dienstag! What a day! So we began with super intense frühsport and mensch was I dead! Then comp study before heading to the chapel to meet M!

We did a 0-lesson with him (our purpose, how to begin teaching points, etc), to help him to come nearer to Christ, so he can experience the joys of the gospel. Then finished comp study before
heading to Basel for DM. It was interesting! No assignments, the DL just did his own thing! 'Twas good, just very different to how DM has been in other areas! This time we spent the whole time doing roleplays! We basically did a 0-lesson/How to Begin Teaching lesson 1 to 1, both did it, then fedback to each other, then we swapped and worked with another Elder and did it again trying to improve each time! It was actually pretty fun and we have 3 Germans in the District, so it was actually pretty good language practice as well, cause they help you when you get stuck with how to say something! Although at the moment I'm at a stage where that isn't needed too much! So in the end, we'd all worked with each other! It was pretty fun to be fair and that was basically all we did for an hour and a half! Then he finished last weeks' thing on the Atonement! Then we had Essen! Then headed to Deutschland to get the new bike! Had to wait for like ages, which was frustrating, but we finally got it! Had a devil of a ride home, cause it was like rush hour time! Then we locked it up at
Bahnhof before heading to the Familie C for Abendessen! It was amazing! He is Swiss(half Italian) and she is Mexican- so she made Taquitos (and she makes everything from scratch). It was amazing!
Mexican is my favourite, so it just makes it even better! Oh man! It was sooo good! Then we did the spiritual thought, which led into conversation and it was a really good evening! Hiemer was speaking with Bruder C auf Deutsch and Sister C speaks like very little Deutsch, so I spoke with her in English! She has such a strong testimony and is such a brilliant member-missionary! Then we
got back to Bahnhof and rode the bikes home and we live on a hill and Bahnhof is at the bottom of that hill! .. So riding a bike up it is evil, especially when one hasn't ridden a bike in goodness knows how long! I don't even know! The last time I rode was well over 5 years ago! So it killed me, but I'm officially a real missionary! Real missionaries ride bikes! Even though it killed me! Then we had to call Pres cause we got a referral for a family who live in an Asulheim, so we needed to ask him a few questions and he's like and how's everything else going in Reinach, so I'm like, umm pretty good and then he's like 'Yeah I know, I've heard quite a lot of good things of what you've been doing since you got there!' .... So the question is: Who's been gossiping about me to Pres...?

Anyway, on to Wednesday and the day kind of killed me! So, we headed to the chapel after studies and we rode the bikes. It was fun going down hill for the majority of the way! Then we printed a load of things. So a finding idea from the Pratteln Elders is the talk 'Come and See' from Elder Bednar, so basically we have the talk printed with a letter from us saying that we would encourage them to read the talk and we will be back in the area in a few days time at this time to speak with you and we basically post it in their Briefkasten, then go back in a few days time to door the street! For the Pratteln Elders it's been pretty effective, so we figured we'd give it a try. So we printed off the talk and wrote up the letters. Then we rode back home- evil hills! My butt is fetchin' killing me! Bike seats are so uncomfortable and my legs are dead! Anyway, we came back, had lunch, then headed
back out to Therwil to go by a few Weniger Aktiven and start this dooring project .. So that was most of the afternoon, cause we had to write the people's names on the letters and envelopes as well, as most Briefkasten say Keine Werbung oder Reklame and if we don't make it personal, then we are like breaking some sort of law or something like that and our WA vorbeis weren't so good.  The one guy no longer lived there (or he may have died cause he was supposed to be really old) and the
other one was just like, nah! But hey! Hopefully this dooring project will bring something new! Then this evening we headed to the Familie B for dinner! It was so good! We had Tacos .. and they are such an awesome family! It just felt like home whilst we were there! I love how some families you go to, their home just feels like home! It's the Best!

Donnerstag! So, this morning we headed to the chapel to do internet hour, as we needed to check a few travel routes out for the next few days. Then headed home for lunch. This time we skipped the bikes, my butt and legs are still killing from yesterday! Oh and whilst at the chapel one of the people from yesterdays' letters called up, so I answered and the guy's like- I won't be around on Saturday when you said you'll be coming round, just thought I'd let you know. So seizing the opportunity I asked if he had time to meet us today and he said yes! So that was super sweet! Especially seen as we had nothing today- just a solid 7 hour block of finding, so he saved the day! So after essen we headed over to this guy and did a 0-lesson with the Resto. It was good and I felt the Spirit as we taught, but the guy was like not really too interested. But hey, we got to teach and testify and
hopefully next time he meets missionaries that will be the right time! Then we did a load of less active vorbeis, as we have sooo many of them and we want to try and get in touch with them, but like the majority of the vorbeis we did, they no longer live there! Then this evening we were near to where P lives, so we thought we'd pop round and drop her off something and say hi- so we did and had a nice little chat with her! Then home for dinner! I was craving Sweet and Sour Chicken and we had a jar of the Uncle Ben's sauce in the cupboard, so I figured why not ..and I made rice perfectly! Legit! (Just like Dad's rice!) I then made myself an all green smoothie, cause we have a blender in this apartment, which is amazing and I really wanted an all green smoothie (kiwi, apple, pear, cellery and cucumber). It's amazing! If you've never had it, try it! It's the BEST! Although my comp thinks I'm weird for having celery and cucumber in a smoothie... Meh!

Freitag! So, after a bit of studies, we headed to the chapel to meet M, as agreed, but he didn't show up. I finally got to meet our Bishop though. He's been on holiday and got back yesterday and he popped into the chapel to do something, so we spoke with him a bit! He's cool. It will be fun to start working with him! Then we headed home after waiting a little and trying to call M. It was weird, cause he never normally doesn't show up! Weird, plus we saw him on the bus yesterday! Anyway we finished studies, had essen and started weekly planning! Then we headed to Frau S earlier today as Bruder C wanted more time! So we had the lesson-Then we had dinner wtih her, oh mensch! I am stuffed, I feel sooo fat!

Saturday! Oh mensch! Today I felt really ill, so studies whilst resting! Then we headed out to Jugendsport, but nobody turned up! Then we came back, finished studies, ate and finished weekly planning  whilst resting a little more! I felt sooo ill! Then I got a call from the Solothurn Sisters (they're the STL's) to give me a Zone Training assignment for Tuesday! It was super weird, cause normally the ZL's organise Zone Training with the STL's, but the ZL's always call with  assignments, strange! Then we headed out to do the dooring project follow up, since we wrote on the letter that we'd be in the area on Saturday evening. Either people avoided us, or hadn't bothered reading the letter at all, so it was just like normal dooring fun! Wahey! Then, because we got no lessons from it, we were done a little earlier than anticipated. Then today we get a text from the ZL's saying that President wants to start counting Member Lessons/Spiritual thoughts as key indicators. So we figured that seen as we still had time and it was getting dark-  (people hate being stopped on the street by 2 guys in the dark-I don't blame them to be fair) we were close by the C's again, so figured
we'd pop by, say hi and share a spiritual thought with them- it was really cool! We did the Pen game one- we love that spiritual thought- es macht spaß! Then nach Hause and had abendessen!

So normal Sonntagmorgen! Church we had 4 investigators there! Like, I think that's the most that have ever been in Sacrament so far on the mission! Amazing stuff! 3 of those were the neighbours of our Neu bekehrten, who she invited! Awesomeness! So we had a lesson with them, which went pretty well .. and they comitted to come next Sunday, awesomeness! So we have 3 new people to work with! Sweet! We had a really nice fast and testimony meeting, then our class which was super
cool. We had a like 4 members come in with us as well, which was crazy,  but super cool and they all got involved and helped out and it was just brilliant! Then Priesthood, we went into YM's with the son of this family and translated for him, as they speak English (learning German). It was all about Gratitude and was cool! Then we had a meeting with the Bishop, as he's been away for a month or so and we had a load of things that we needed to run past him urgently, so we just went straight to him. Then we headed home, did studies as Sundays don't give enough time for studies in the morning! Then we headed to the Familie B for Abendessen! It was super Lecker and they are
such a cool family! The kids are pretty awesome too! It was a great day! Then I started reading 'The Power of Everyday Missionaries' from Clayton M. Christensen, as it's a book Pres. Has approved and my comp bought it last time we were at the Mormon Home Shop! It is super good! You should definitely give it a read! Next time we go to the temple I think I'll definitely buy myself a copy, so
I can make notes in it! It talks all about Members doing Missionary Work and Brother Christensen gives a load of awesome examples he's experienced! One main thing he talks about in it, is the fact that when a ward loves those who come through the doors, the Lord trusts them with His other Children and those wards see a lot more success in missionary work! So love the investigators and the less actives who are brought through those doors! You should read the book, it's brilliant!

Week 42 of 2015- Feuralarm, Zonentraining und General Konferenz!!

Grüezi wohl!

This week was an interesting week! Not quite the Best, but certainly not the worst! Plus, quite a bit fell through, but we're gonna work on that this week and make sure it doesn't happen again! 

Well Monday! 'Twas an interesting day! We began the day with heading to Weil am Rhine to the Post for Elder Hiemer to get some boxes! Then went shopping for the next 2weeks as we probs won't have time to shop next Monday! It was cheaper than the last few weeks where we've only been shopping for the one week! Komisch! Then home and cleaned and do some more washing, as today was our wash day. Then to the chapel to email! Oh mensch! 

Tuesday, so a little bit of studies, then off to Zone Training and my assignment went well, or so I'm told! (I'd love to send my notes from my assignment, but they're all auf Deutsch so you wouldn't understand them- but I basically followed the idea in the Book of Mormon example talk that Dad sent- it was really helpful). What did I learn from it all though- we all shared our first finding experience as missionaries which was fun to hear, then Elder Gomez Torio shared Joshua 1:9 and spoke about how we need to have the courage as God will be with us to help us and bear us up. Then we did like 8 role-plays and the ZL's spoke about mastering the message. Then the STL's spoke about Testimony and how a Testimony without test is not a testimony and a testimony shared is a testimony gained, and discussed Alma 32:27. Then it was my turn! Then that was the end of our beautiful 3 hour long Zone Training ..and then a bit of talking and catching up as per with Zone things, then nach Hause to drop off stuff from Zone Training! Then back out to catch the bus up to Hochwald to the Familie K! Abendessen und Familien H! It was a really nice evening! 

Wednesday we began with M in the morning and taught him about the Sabbath day and Follow the Prophet. It was interesting! Then we did a little more study at the chapel before having to head to the Bishops' for Mittagessen! It was super good! Then we shared the Tommy spiritual thought! Then a load of less active vorbeis again and finding. Most have moved again, the other few weren't home or just down right ignored us! Then we headed home and did the last part of our studies and abendessen! 

Thursday was a pretty long day! We began after studies by heading to the chapel, finding on the way and had internet hour to get a few things downloaded for the next few days! Then we headed home, had mittagessen and headed back out! Went by a load of less actives again and the same thing, not home or moved! Oh- not quite the same! We knocked one of them and the guy who we were after answers the door and he's like, ummm yeah I'm Jewish! Then just stares at us awkwardly for a few seconds, then he just shuts the door, but those few awkward seconds was soooo awkward it was untrue! Then we went by P! It was really cool! She's so cool and her little girl is so cute! She's 1 in 2 weeks time and she is sooo big! But anyway, we taught her about Service in the Church! It was pretty cool and we shared a part of Elder Renlund's talk from Gen. Conf. the 2nd and 3rd Paragraphs, it just linked perfectly! It was so much fun! Plus, she told us we should come round for dinner at some point- she's gonna make us some Fufu! Excited! Then she shared her story with us, which is so cool! Then we went home to make some calls and have Abendessen! It was a cool day!

Friday didn't actually seem all too effective and it was super looooong! We had studies, as per usual, then started weekly planning, with a lunch break! I have no idea why, but weekly planning just took forever this week. I was feeling dead by the time we were done. Then, after that, we headed out, did a bit of finding and mensch, winter is truly on it's way. It's suddenly freezing cold! Then we headed to the Familie T for Abendessen. It was really good! We had curry! It's your typical Swiss curry with fruit to go with it, like pinneapple, banana, peaches, etc. Like I don't know who thought of putting fruit like that with curry, but hey, it works! It was a really fun evening, but we were late home, so had to call the DL!

Saturday! So, this morning we headed to Frau S and went over the Baptism Interview questions with her, as she called earlier in the week asking what the qualifications for Baptism are. So we figured we'd go through the questions so she knows and also, so she can realise how ready for baptism she actually is! Legit if that was her actual interview she'd have passed it with flying colours! She is so ready! She just doesn't see it! We're struggling a little as to how to help her realise she is ready, cause she is ready! ..and we had Mittagessen with her, which was good! Then home and chatted with our member who came with us for quite a while. Had Sprachstudium, and then headed out and did a bit of finding before popping to the chapel to type a few things up to print to give to Bishop tomorrow. Then Bishop turned up to set up for watching the last Conference session for tomorrow, so we got chatting with him for quite a while again. Then headed home, finding on the way. Nobody was on the street! To be fair, it was like 19:30 and freezing cold, so I guess that may be why! Then home for Abendessen and to get prepared for Sonntag! 

Sunday! So we headed to church and it was the normal Sunday Morning. Today we had the normal Pfahl Bern Sunday after Conference and Fast and Testimony Sunday, so we began with Sacrament Meeting and after taking the Sacrament we watched the Sunday Afternoon Session of General Conference as a Gemeinde and that took up the rest of the Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School and Priesthood/FHV! I love the way they do that here in Pfahl Bern, cause that last session which most people normally don't watch, is actually a really good session! I don't know why we don't do that back in the UK! All of the talks were brilliant. If you haven't seen it, watch it! Elder Christofferson's talk on The Need of a Church was really good, and Brother Burrants' talk about Ponderizing a Scripture each week was really good, so I'm gonna start doing that! This weeks' scripture is Joshua 3:5. So stay tuned for how that's helped this week! I suggest you do the same, cause it seems like a brilliant idea. Then the other talks were just brilliant. Elder Bednar was the final speaker and basically gave a tribute for the 6 Brethren who have passed, since he's been an Apostle. It was really nice and he emphasised how the Lord speaks through His ordained Servants. One quote he gave which stood out to me was "When you can't do what you've always done, then only do what is most important!" (Sorry if my translation is wrong, we watched it auf Deutsch). It was a really nice meeting and we managed to get our week filled with member appointments (well not filled- but get one per day at least)! Then home, studied and headed out to go to a lesson, but he wasn't home! Then finding and then headed to Basel SBB to meet the Pratteln Elders, as we needed a Persian Book of Mormon and they needed an Italian Il Libro di Mormon. So we met, exchanged books and then headed home. They were like in winter coats, with scarves and gloves on, like yeah it's a bit nippy, but it's not winter coat, scarves and gloves cold. Like, I was just in a pull over. They are gonna suffer like crazy when winter really gets here! So, we got home, had dinner and the day is done! Then I filled in the area book, cause we haven't done it in a while! Oops!

Well I believe that is all! Stay tuned for Saturday! Have a brilliant week!

Alles Liebe,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxx