Sunday, 11 October 2015

Reinach 21/9/15 - 5/10/15 Zone Konferenz, Templetag, P-touches und General Konferenz

Week 39 of 2015

Höi zäme!

How are things? This week's been quite a week!

Monday, so after studies and a bit of cleaning we headed out to go to Lörrach! Man! It seems so long ago since I last went there! It's changed quite a bit to be fair! Craziness, but that was cool! Then after doing a bit of autumn/winter clothes shopping we grabbed food and then came back! Chilled a bit, then headed to the chapel to do emails! I loved the emails this week and I got included in Elder Palmer’s email home and he said in Thursday’s part "It was terrible saying goodbye to Elder Robertson, it legit felt like I was saying goodbye to family again." How sweet! Maybe I was a good trainer after all! I hope so! 😕 Then, after emails we headed out to do some finding! This one guy we stop is like "Ich spreche kein Deutsch" in like the most perfect Deutsch, with the most German accent ever! Hey! Each to their own! Then some more finding, a couple of Vorbeis and home. A look through the area book to see if we can try by any formers and bedtime! Smiling face with open mouth

Dienstag rolls around and today started off with a real good companionship study, as we had a lesson we needed to get to, so had to leave the apartment at 9:30. We plan on having quite a few baptismal dates set this week. Then just like 10 mins before we walk out the door, both of our planned appointments for the day send a text saying 'Sorry, today isn't gonna work'. The one had to go to the UK to look after a relative, so isn't in the country for the next week or so, the other was looking after his mother (who is pretty ill from what he says). Then finding, more finding and more finding. Finished studies! More finding! Then we headed to a members' for dinner! It was super good and now I am super full! We got to know them pretty well and did the Jenga spiritual thought! It went really well! I just love it when members get involved in spiritual thoughts, sharing experiences they've had with the subject we talk about! It really is the BEST! Members are the BEST! You've just got to love them!

Mittwoch! What a day! Mensch! I am so tired! So we got up early to be out of the apartment for 7:15am to get on our way to Zürich! We had Zone Conference! It seems like forever since we last had a proper Zone Conference with Mission Tour, Bednar Conference, Getting iPads Conference, and then finally the first proper Zone Conference of the year! We have Zone Training each month, but Conference, it's been forever! It's legit a year since my very first Zone Conference on the mission! I'm ancient! Legit I feel so old! There's so many young missionaries now! Bern Zone and Zürich Zone were together, so it was like I never left! There are like 6 Goldens in the 2 zones this transfer! There's so many missionaries, which are younger than me! Ahhhh! So, the majority of the day was Präsident Kohler! He spoke about a whole load of different things! Sister Kohler spoke to us about Obedience. I love it when Sister Kohler speaks! She legit is such a Mother and we did a role play thing like a million times! Like the ones Ash gets in her ones, where they are in like 2 lines opposite another missionary and we have to do it auf Deutsch, which is awesome when you are opposite a German! Haha! Nah! It went well! Then lunch, which was organised by the Dielsdorf FHV, which was awesome! Got to see some Dielsdorf members again! I loved it! Then back in! President introduced the new study schedule thing- this time we're doing PMG from the 1st October to end of January! Then we had the talks part. This time Pres asked everyone to prepare a talk on one of 2 topics and then called on someone to give their talk. Just like they do on Sundays in the MTC. Sister Van der Put and Elder Heath got called on, so I was safe! Although, I had it all planned, so I wouldn't have minded having to give it, but hey! Theirs were awesome anyway! Then Pres spoke more about working with the members, with us participating, as he focussed it on a case study he sent to us to review a few weeks back, so that was cool! Then Pres. Gappmaier (Mission Presidency 1st Counsellor- he's Pres' right hand man for Switzerland basically and he is awesome). He spoke more about members and he talked more about gaining the trust of members using the LDS (Lieben Dienen Stärken- Love, Serve, Strengthen- it only works properly auf Deutsch). It was super good! Then we had a surprise treat! They brought the Doctor in to give us all the flu vaccine! Apparently the Missionary Department recommend that all missionaries have it! Although we could still say no! I decided I'd pass! You know what I'm like, needles don't phase me at all- I love giving blood and that needle’s a lot bigger than a vaccine! I just didn't fancy the risk of it not working then I get major ill, because of having the vaccine- cause that’s always worse than when you just catch the flu, so life is grand! Then after mingling for a little while, we headed home. Did a bit of studies and that was the day!

So Thursday! Okay! I am super tired still from yesterdays’ early get up, so after an hour of studies, we headed to the chapel to meet M! It was an interesting lesson! I think he may be an eternal investigator, but hey! Then we headed to the Familie K for dinner! It was super cool! Then to an appointment with our new investigator from last week! It went well and we had a member with us, so that was cool! Especially seen as this guy like only speaks Schwiezerdütsch, so it makes it a little more einfach! Then finding and home to finish studies and get dinner!

So Freitag, we had a super long morning/afternoon! General 3 hour studies, then our weekly planning sesh, with an hour lunch break, so when we finally got out of the apartment it was like 15:00, which was crazy! Then we headed to a less actives for a lesson! It was interesting! Then headed to meet Brü C again in Aesch, before heading to Frau S. It was sweeeettt! She is so awesome! She's like in her late 70’s and I think I mentioned last week about her being like an eternal investigator until my first lesson with her last week where she accepted a date. Then she has made soo much progress in just the last week! She is awesome! Then she fed us again! We had like bread and cheese and meat! It was cool, so it was a pretty good day and ended even better!

Samstag! What a day! I am dead! We began the day with studies followed by some finding, before heading on out to go to the JAE/Youth activity, which we were asked to go to, as they were inviting a load of non-member friends, so we figured why not! We went, shared a spiritual thought and had the activity. It was basically just a giant nerf fight! Soooo nerdy and our spiritual thought was based on Nächstenliebe (Charity). It helped strengthen relationships with the youth and JAE, whilst speaking with their friends, so it was a good use of time! Although I'm sure my legs are gonna kill in the morning! Then by the time we got back home, showered, ate, re-did a part of weekly planning, cause we needed to change a few things and that was that!

So, Sunday morning and I wake up and my legs are killing me! I don't think we'll join the youth next time, I'm getting way too old! As per, we were the first to church- it's the norm here! We end up opening up and locking up the building here and the meetings today were pretty sweet! All of the talks in Sacrament meeting were awesome! I loved them! Then we went to the JAE Sunday School class and it was awesome as well! Then Priesthood- it was a great class, but it was based on marriage and strengthening your relationship within marriage! It was great, but I still have under a year until I even start thinking about that... Haha! Then after church, home, food, studies, went out for a little bit, nothing, but hey, life is great!

Then today we headed out to shop and went around Basel for a bit! It's a pretty cool city! I'm a failure with pictures at the moment! Super sorry! I'll have to see if I can get any from Sister Lee, which she took at Zone Conference!

Alles Liebe,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxx

P.S- My Papa is engaged!! I just got an email from him today telling me! Haha! Just thought I'd throw it in there for you!

Week 40 of 2015- Templetag, P-touches und General Konferenz!!!

Grüezi wohl!

We'll dive straight in with the week!

Montag! So after studies, of course, we head out to get the train to Basel, go around Basel for a little bit. It's a pretty cool city to be fair, then took the tram over the border to Weil am Rhein. It's like the centre point where Deutschland, die Schweiz und Frankreich border one another, so that’s pretty sweet! We went shopping there and bumped into quite a few missionaries- Elders Bakewell, Lynch, Bowler and his Golden, Sisters Flickinger, Holessen and their Golden’s, so that was crazy, but cool! Then we headed home, did some cleaning and then headed to the chapel to do emails! I kinda hate doing emails last in the day, cause that’s the only thing I actually want to do on P-day, the rest of the day ist egal, but hey! Then we headed to the Familie S for dinner! It was awesome! We had pizza and salad. It feels like I haven't had pizza in forever, so it was awesome! Then we did the Thankful Pen game spiritual thought. Then the day was basically done! Tomorrow should be a real nice day, so I'm excited for it!

Dienstag comes around and it began with like 20mins of Comp Study before heading to the chapel for a 9am lesson with M. It was interesting! He loves reading in the Book of Mormon, which is always great to hear! So after M, we caught the train to Basel to get to District Meeting and our train was late- craziness! That never happens in Switzerland; trains, buses, trams, people, everything is always on time! ALWAYS!!! So we get to the chapel in Basel just a little late and the chapel is actually pretty cool looking! It's sweet! So we have DM! We began with the normal- song, prayer, Aussagens, business. Then he's like, okay everyone can share a success story of working with members (like he just asked us on the spot so nobody was prepared); luckily I find working with members super important, so it was fine and there were some pretty awesome ideas, which we may start using in the coming weeks! Then, basically he takes the rest of DM talking about the Atonement! It was super good and spiritual. Then afterwards we headed out to go down to my homeland.... ‘Bern Baby Bern’! I love that city! It just feels like home there, so we went to the temple, as President has given us a temple schedule and Bern zone get to go to the temple in the first 2 weeks of the transfer, and seen as this is the second week of the transfer we needed to do it this week and today was the only day we have any time this week, so we went! It was really nice. It was a pretty quiet session, which was quite nice, but it was in French again! Aggghhhh! Nah! Just kidding, French is great! I almost know the whole temple session in French now a days- don't think I'll need a headset next time! Then the veil was an Italian guy, so he did it in Italian! The Swiss temple really is the Best! You get all sorts of cultures and languages! It's awesome! Then we went to the shop, picked up a few things and then headed home and the day is done! It was a really nice day! Lots of Spirit! I loved it!

Mittwoch was a pretty crazy busy day! After the normal study pattern we prepared some personal touches to thank the members for their awesome talks last Sunday and for those who have been coming on JT's with us. Then lunch, then we went out to drop off these P-touches and find. We spoke to this one lady who was standing in the middle of the road and we were having a really nice convo with her, then her husband comes out and tells us to get lost and calls us stupid Zeugen Jehovahs! Okay! But hey! Then this evening was pretty sweet! We went by Frau S, but this time we took our JAE less active, as our joint teach! It was sooo cool! We got him involved and once he started joining in, he like bossed that thing! Legit it was so cool! He taught way better than either of us could have done it and he hasn't been on a mission... Yet! He's amazing! It was a really good lesson and she was asking about the baptism, like where will it be, cause our chapel doesn't have a font- so will it be in Basel? etc! She is super awesome and constantly thinking about baptism! I'm super excited about her, keep praying! It's doing wonders! Oh, funny moment of the day was as our joint teach was teaching he was doing it in Swiss German, but his Swiss German had like a Brummie accent to it! I just found it super funny, cause he's like complete Swiss and has never been to Brum! Legit, you had to have been there! You'll never quite understand until you hear a Swiss person speak Swiss German and it sound totally Brummie! It was soo funny! Oh and Frau S made us cake this time- we had an Apple Pie, which was super good and a chocolate cake, which was also amazing!! It feels like forever since I last had proper homemade cakes!

Donnerstag! Kind of the same type of day as yesterday, but not quite as cool! We finished the rest of the P-touches and did some finding! Twas okay! We walked so much and the sun was nice and bright when we left the apartment, so it was pretty warm! The day goes on and we were out for like the whole day! Then we had a lesson this evening with P. She's been a member for just over a year. She's super cool and has such a cute little girl, so we taught her! Oh my papa found her, taught her and then came back and baptised her and she knows Jake (my cousin), so that's pretty cool to be teaching her! We taught her about temples and to help her start preparing for the temple! She was so excited it was amazing! Then we ended up walking home a 33min walk in like 15mins- it was like freezing cold! I was dying and still am freezing! Then we got home and I ate like 500g of Spätzli! It was great, but I'm still starving.

Freitag! It was again near enough exactly the same as last Friday! Normal study sesh, weekly planning with a lunch break! It felt like the day dragged to be fair, plus today was our wash day! Washing here kind of sucks! We get a day to wash once every 10-12 days. We have a schedule, which is ridiculous and when there’s a Feirtag, it gets pushed back even further, but hey! Yeah! Today was wash day, 'twas fun! Also, I found out that a family from the ward are holidaying in Sardegna for the next few weeks and will be going to church on Sunday, in Cagliari, so Ash- keep an eye out for them! They're pretty awesome! I don't know them very well... yet, but from when I've met them and spoke with them and what I've heard, they're awesome! After Weekly Planning, we headed out and had a lesson with a less active again! Then we did a bit of finding before going to Familie F for dinner! It was sweet! They're a pretty awesome family! Schw. F is from the Ukraine, so the kids are brought up with German and Russian, which is pretty sweet! Dinner was awesome! There was a variety of things and one of them was pizza, but it was like meat and pumpkin pizza and it was awesome! Then we did the Thankful Pen game again! It went awesomely and they got it pretty quickly to be fair and the kids were awesome, they learnt and applied the lesson well quickly. It was super awesome!

Samstag! General Konferenz wochenende! Kopfschmerz! So, we began the day (we do studies everyday) with heading out to "youthsports". Then we came back finished studies, essen and last bit of weekly planning again! Then we headed out to meet our joint teach and found on the way! Headed to Frau S, had a little lesson and watched General Conference at her place, so it was in German! I understood most of it, of course, but it was horrible! You don't get any of it in the way it is. No emotion whatsoever in the translation, plus my head is killing me from concentrating so much to understand it and I couldn't take notes, which I like to do, cause I'm no good at multi-tasking (listening to the translator, translating it back to English to understand properly, listening to Spiritual impressions and writing them down). It's just too much for me to do- my head is exploding! So, in a way it didn't really mean too much to me, the first session, but I guess I found my P-day activity- watch the Saturday Morning Session again auf Englisch! Tomorrow we're watching it in Pratteln, so they should be showing it in English and German, but the one thing I really liked from it was the talk from Sister Marriott about how her family motto is that ‘All is Well’- but all is not always well in this life, but in the life to come everything will be perfect!

Sonntag! What a day! Studies, then out to get the train to Pratteln for General Konferenz! It was amazing! The Priesthood session was brilliant, as was the rest of it! One of the main topics I saw coming from all of it was that of Faith and Choices. Choices determine destiny! Then the Saturday Afternoon Session! Oh Mensch! I think it was my favourite! The talk from Elder Robert D Hales was brilliant! I don't remember one of his talks standing out too much to me before, but this time, Mensch, it was amazing! Then followed by Elder Jeffrey R Holland! Need I say more! I loved his talk! All about Mothers and how they are Saviours on Mount Zion! I'll just add my testimony of how true that is right here! Then the rest of those talks were just brilliant! If I wrote everything I want to I'd be writing for ages! Then the Sunday Morning Session! Again brilliant! Loved it! President Nelson’s talk was brilliant! All about the role of women in the church! How true that is! Like, you see it all the time! I've really seen it in missionary work! Sister missionaries are so much better at this work than Elders are and the testimony when you bring a Sister as a joint teach, it touches them in such a different way to an Elder’s testimony or a Male member’s testimony! It’s soo true! Women play such a vital part in preparing the way for the Second Coming! The testimonies of the three new apostles were powerful! You could just see that they have been called as Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ. We've seen them speak before, but there was something different this time as they spoke as Special Witnesses of Jesus Christ. This Conference Weekend, my heart has been touched and my testimony strengthened beyond comprehension. This is the Lord’s true church on the earth. He leads it in every way! The Prophet and Apostles are men called of God. Each one of them have been called of Him and are His servants! As Elder Gary E Stevenson said "We live in perilous times, but in compensation the Lord has given us the opportunity to also live in the fullness of times". In a time where the gospel is restored in it's fullness, in a time where we have a living prophet, in a time where the windows of heaven are open and He speaks to us and blesses us. Decisions do determine destiny! This is the time to make those choices that will lead us home to Him, who we call Father. Now is that time! Now is the time to stand up and testify. Now is the time to represent the Lord, even when it doesn't seem like the most convenient. This is His church and we have the blessing to be a part of it and the responsibility to do those things we can do that will bring the rest of His Children home to Him!

Have a brilliant week!

All my love,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxx