Sunday, 27 September 2015

Dielsdorf - Reinach 7/9/15 - 21/9/15 Zonentraining, Ausstausch, Versetzungen Anruf, Stefans Taufe!!!...Tchüss zäme, Versetzung Tag und Hallo Gemeinde Richterswil... Oh Reinach! Sorry! Grüezi wohl!

Week 37 of 2015 
Höi zäme! 

Legit, this weeks’ email is legit just my journal! I typed it up as we were late home most nights, so I typed whilst on the train home... Enjoy! 

Monday 7th September-
So, after studies we began the day with emails. Then we wanted to do something cool for P-day, but didn't have time to travel somewhere far away, so we headed to Zürich Zoo, took loads of pictures, grabbed a few things we needed on our way home and then did a little more emails. Then headed off out to do finding! We want to make this a good week for finding, so we even planned to do finding tomorrow in Singen before Zone Training! Find them some potentials and this evening, we got called over by a guy who apparently knows us... and he wants us to come to his with him and read and pray with him!
A few photos in Zurich

Tuesday 8th September-
So we left bright and early, as last time we had Zone Training we got there last and we were there at like 12:15, so we got terrible seats, so this time we took the earlier train, but then we were there like 2 hours too early, so we get to Singen, drop our bags at the chapel and go out finding to kill the time. Oh mensch! We had 2 decent conversations; one decided she doesn't want to meet, the other is now a referral for Missionaries in Holland, not Singen, but that was pretty cool! Oooo, also on our train to Zürich HB on the way to Singen there was a teenage girl on the other side of the train to me, reading a Bible and I had the strongest feeling ever to talk with her, but there was like no possible way for me to do it without talking over people, as there were people between us! I was so annoyed .. and looking back I'm kicking myself. Then after she finished reading she totally prayed as well, which was the coolest thing ever to see. So, I tried to get Palmer to talk to her, but he gets super nervous, especially talking to people on trains, so I get him to at least pass her a pass along card and he does it. She thanks him and like as soon as she takes it she goes on the website and is reading through it with a smile on her face. As she leaves the train she thanks us again and that was that. I hope she calls or texts us! She seemed so prepared! Then, Zone Training was amazing as per usual, but this time President now wants all meeting to be auf Deutsch, so Zone meetings are now also all auf Deutsch! It was awesome! I loved it! Then, we are on Tausch with Schaffhausen. I'm with Elder Dzierzon (my mission Bro), it’s been cool! We got them to drive us over the Grenze to save a train ticket cost, but me and Palmer forgot our passports. It was super awkward! We did have our AusslanderAusweiss with us, which is ID in Switzerland, but they didn't like it, but luckily he was a Swiss Controller, so he let us through trotzdem! Continuing on the way home, on the train from Zürich to Steinmaur, this lady on the train (who was wearing sunglasses) kept staring and I was a little confused as to why she was staring. Then just before her stop she just asks us if the church is still in Steinmaur by Bahnhof, so we say ‘yes’ and had a short conversation, but she wouldn't give us her number. Meh! We'll just pray that she comes as she said she will. Then this evening we went to Insti with S! It was great, but we were made to go to the older people class, but it was a brilliant class, so all in all it was a great day! Plus, we're on tausch, which is always cool- and with me being with Dzierzon it’s an all-German speaking tausch, which is also awesome! I'm actually loving speaking the language all the time! 

Wednesday 9th September-
Today was a pretty good, yet extremely tiring day! We had some pretty effective studies, before heading out to Affoltern to go by the referral whose name wasn't on the list or briefkasten, as we saw Bonstetten at Insti last night and they were convinced that his name is on there, so I decided to take Elder Dzierzon with me to check and typically, it wasn't on there. Then we did some finding and headed off to our dinner appointment! It was mega lecker! Then we did our Auswertungsgespräch in the park and went home to grab his stuff before heading to Schaffhausen to tausch back! It was an awesome tausch! Me and Palmer then headed home and got delayed, because of something going on on the Gleis! Who knows! So, when we finally got home, we ate and then did 12 week catch up. 'Twas fun! Then we headed to the chapel, so I could put a talk mash-up on my USB for us to listen to. It was one we heard after the break at Zone Training yesterday, which really spoke to me! You should definitely give it a listen- if you google 'Missionary Work and the Atonement President Eyring and Elder Holland' it’s the first YouTube link on there. There is a talk from Pres Eyring called that, but it has to also have Elder Holland in it for the mash-up, cause that is super powerful stuff! I have no idea what the video is like, cause we can't view YouTube, but I have an mp3 version! It is amazing! I loved it and plan on listening to it every day from now on! 

Thursday 10th September-
Oh mensch! I am dead! So, after studies this morning we headed out to Oerlikon to meet a member who wanted to take us out for lunch, so we met her and she takes us to this proper posh restaurant! It was well posh and the food was amazing! Starter was a salad and it was amazing! I have no idea what dressing it was, but it tasted so darn good! Then I had some pasta dish for my main and that was sooooo good! It was like mozarella pasta, with sundried tomatoes and olives and it was amazing! It was so good! I would definitely recommend this place! Then we headed to M! We read a talk with him this time. Apparently, he can't come again this Sunday, so we tried to get him to come to the baptism Sunday afternoon- I guess we shall see how that goes! I hope he comes! Then we did finding whilst walking home as we had a good few hours to find! It was like a 2-3 hour walk, but typical of our area there were next to no people. There were still some to speak to, but still no potentials from it! Then, this evening we finished studies and headed back for dinner! I'm writing this whilst waiting for my dinner to be ready! I made some sort of sweet potato bites and they're roasting in the oven- we shall see how they turn out! I'm excited! Then I think I may get an early night! I'm so dead lately! 

Friday 11th September- 
I am still major dead! Like, so dead it’s untrue! We began the day by meeting Y in Oerlikon at like 9.30 and ended up having like a 2 hour lesson! We taught the Law of Chastity and we were on a bench in the park. Then like part way through, a guy who was dressed up in a bright red Dosenbach elephant suit walks up to us to give us some discount vouchers for the Dosenbach store, which was reopening today! It was so awkwardly funny! Just because we were like talking about chastity at the time! She had so many questions it was crazy! Then we finished up after an hour, then she starts asking more questions about other things with the church, so it went on for another hour, but her questions are always super good and we didn't have other major plans for today, so it didn't matter too much! Then, home to print something for a little personal touch (no baking this time). Then dropped it off and did finding on route! Then home for weekly planning! Then finished the rest of our studies! And Bible Prophecies! It’s crazy that transfer calls are here already! Mine was Numbers 3:51-4:1-2. It’s pretty weird, but we did it with Biel and Bakewell prophesied that I will move to Bern. Opening up Bern 2! Hahaha! I doubt it, but who knows! I'd love to go back there, but we shall see what comes tomorrow! Oh .. and I also hit my year mark in the field! This time last year I would have had a nice long train ride from München, met Elder Little, been super confused cause we were going to Bern instead of Pratteln (which Pres told me the night before I was going to be trained in) and had my first lesson auf Deutsch, as joint teach for Elders Dewey and Simon! Craziness! I remember that day as though it was only yesterday, but that was a whole year ago! I'm officially old! I've passed all 3 year marks! That’s just sad!

Saturday 12th September-
Major dead still! Dielsdorf is killing me! Plus, I always sleep terribly up to transfer calls! So, after a sleepless night, got up and did frühsport, got ready and the ZL’s finally called. Elder Palmer is getting Elder Schiffer aus Deutschland, and I am going to Reinach to work with Elder Hiemer. I'll be ‘golden busting’ him .. and he was Palmers’ MTC companion, so it should be fun. He's from Deutschland somewhere and my Bible Prophecy came true in a way. It’s just that Bakewell interpreted it wrong! Then, after Comp study we headed out and taught F. It was a good lesson again! Then went to another member (who’s part active) to give her a blessing. It was really nice! The Priesthood is an amazing gift! Then we headed to the event thing that N invited us to. It was pretty good. We didn't stay for the whole thing, but for what we did stay for, it was good! Then home to finish studies and we filled out S’s Taufschein! It's happening and I am super excited for tomorrow! 

Sunday 13th September-
I actually slept pretty well last night, so I'm not too dead today! So, we get to church and people begin finding out I'm moving. Then I have to say goodbye/testimony in Sacrament Meeting! I hate doing it! I've done it way too much in the past year! Then all of the talks were brilliant! Legit, they were the BEST talks I've heard, but actually in this Branch I've heard the BEST talks in general! Then I could hold the goodbyes off for a little longer... so we headed back home to grab something before heading off to Pfahlhaus for S’s Baptism! I've been excited for this all week! I was filling out his Taufschein last night and was just super ecstatic for him! So, we got there a little earlier to help set up, but they had already done like everything, so we just chatted for a bit with him and greeted people! He got ready and we got a couple pictures! 

 A great day witnessing S Baptism

Catching up with (former) Elder Huby at the Baptism

Then it was the service! It was beautiful! Me and Palmer were witnesses and the Elders Quorum President performed the baptism! Legit, it was the coolest experience I've had so far! The chapel was packed and the baptismal room was like overflowing! S’s wife came and stood next to me and was like "Can I be a witness as well?" I was like ‘Of course!’ Then the baptism happened and as he came out of the water I was just filled with so much joy, I couldn't stop smiling! C (his wife) was stood next to me almost in tears with joy and I just wanted to give her a hug! She's waited quite a long time for him to make this step and he did it today! I am over the moon right now! Give it a year and they'll be going through the temple to be sealed as a family! I soooo want to come back for that! There truly is nothing better than helping someone make that step to baptism! With S, it's been a long process and I've only been a part of it at the very end, but I am so grateful for that opportunity, even if it's been just a small part! He is the BEST and his family is going to be eternal! This gospel is true! I love it! 

I love you all loads! Have a brilliant week!

Alles Liebe,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxx

Highlight of the Week
So, this one comes from our lesson on Saturday evening with Frau S who now has a baptismal date. So, in this lesson, I really saw how important asking inspired questions is. I've really never really realised when I've had promptings to ask a certain question before, but this time I had the strongest prompting ever to ask her something. I was pretty quiet for most of the lesson, then I just jumped in and asked her why she thinks we need prophets in our day? She gives a pretty vague answer and we speak a little more about prophets and move on. Then Sunday at church, she is speaking with me and a member who came with us and she just says how she’s been thinking a lot about the question I asked the night before and how it makes perfect sense and she basically answers the question again in the most perfect way I've ever heard anyone answer such a question. It was beautiful! It really strengthened my testimony of how the Lord really has His hand in every aspect of His work. How asking inspired questions is so vital in a lesson and as we have a prayer constantly in our heart and listen carefully to the investigator, our companion and most importantly the Spirit, we will be guided with the words to say, the questions to ask and the testimony to give in the very moment that it is needed the most! That was this weeks’ highlight for me!

Week 38 of 2015

Montag we had a pretty early start this morning; sent the main email and picked up emails, before heading to meet Y in Oerlikon to say Tschau! We spent like a good hour or so with her, chatting about life, answering more questions. Then we spent the day in Zürich for my last P-day. We were meant to have a District P-day going rock climbing, but then Scaffhausen had to drop out cause Elder Murray’s new GA hasn't come yet, which sucks! Me and Palmer didn't really have money to spend on it, so we just chilled in Zürich, went up Grossmünster and looked around a bit! It was nice .. before coming back for proper email time! Then we headed off to the Familie R for FHE and -inner. It was awesome! I love their FHE! They are my all-time favourites here! I just feel at home when we go to theirs! Then that was Monday!

Saying Tchüss to some wonderful friends in Dieldsdorf

Moving on to Dienstag... So we began the day with Personal Study, preparing District Meeting assignment and taking the train to Schaffhausen for DM. The chapel in Schaffhausen is like a house; converted into a chapel- it’s small, but it's the coolest thing ever! So we had DM and legit, I'm gonna miss this District sooo much. We had another really spiritual meeting! I hope meetings in the Basel District are going to be just as good! Then we got a District photo and headed back to our area and grabbed lunch on the way! We basically got a giant pizza! It was soooo good! Then went to see M to say goodbye, shared a spiritual thought with him. Then we headed home, finished studies, caught up on the 12 week, as that should have been finished on Sunday, but hey! We are now done with it! Wahey! Then I started organising stuff to make it easier to pack tomorrow.

My final day in Dielsdorf rolls around before I know it! We had studies and I did a bit of washing, so I didn't have to take dirty washing with me and then we headed to the Walders’ for lunch... It was amazing! We had Tacos, which were beautiful, then for dessert I requested an Oreo Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. As Sister Walder makes the BEST cheesecake ever and I had heard from Elder Huby that she makes an awesome Oreo one and since I hadn't had it yet, I sneakily asked for it when she invited us at church on Sunday .. and she made it! It legit was the BEST cheesecake I have ever had! It was Amazing! Legit- You have to try it to believe it! It was like a baked cheesecake with an Oreo base and like chocolate chips in the cheesecake part! It tasted sooo good! I asked her for the recipe and she said she'd email it to me, so hopefully she will, cause it was AMAZING!!! Then home, I organised all of my stuff, which took forever. Then we headed off to the M’s for dinner! It was awesome! They cooked some sort of casserole thing- but it wasn't! It was like a celery with meat and cheese bake type thing- with loads of celery! I usually hate celery, but this was amazing! I loved it! The members of this Branch are soooo good at cooking! I'm so gonna miss dinner appointments here! Then, home to actually start putting stuff into my cases and I'm almost finished! Just got to put the last few things in tomorrow and I am ready to go! I am going to miss this place! The Branch is amazing and our investigators are awesome! I'm gonna miss them all!

Transfer Day! Donnersatg! So we get to Zürich HB, chill, chat; wait for everyone to turn up, then leave to our new area! Oh and shout out to Sister Freeke! We were just chatting and she cracks out some Cadbury Flakes and gives me one! Oh boy, was that needed! I know I said I'm not eating junk food, but I didn't mean don't send me any. I meant don't send sooo much! Haha. So, we got to our apartment and it’s alright! It’s on the 2nd floor, with like a relatively narrow, round staircase, with no lift, so it was evil trying to get my cases upstairs! Then we had lunch and I unpacked my stuff! Unpacking is so much easier than packing! Then we did studies and went out to do a bit of street contacting! There are a load more people on the street here compared to in Dielsdorf and it’s the same type of area. Lots of dorfs with a little bit of city! It’s cool! The chapel is in an office building again, but that’s pretty common in Switzerland. I guess getting land to build a chapel is ridiculously expensive, but it’s cool! Then in the evening we went over to the GML’s. It's a new GML, so that’s cool! We went round, had dinner, got to know them and they got to know us! So it was a pretty nice evening!

Freitag! What a day! We began with studies and my studies have actually been pretty effective this past week! Then we headed to Basel SBB to meet up with the District to get a few things and exchange some info. Then back to Reinach to meet an investigator at the chapel and we had a nice little lesson with him about the Plan of Salvation. It was good! Then we headed home to grab lunch and start Weekly Planning! We had a really long, but super good planning session! It seems like
we've got quite a few awesome people to work with! I'm excited! Then, this evening we headed out around where we live, here in Dornach! It's an interesting little dorf! ... Then back for dinner whilst watching 'Meet the Mormons'. It was cool! Then I think I may go to bed early! I'm dead and we have an early start tomorrow! Plus, my brain is so tired! We speak auf Deutsch the majority of the time, every now and then we'll do a few minutes auf Englisch, but the majority is Deutsch, which is super cool! I love it and Elder Hiemer is a cool guy!

So on Samstag, we headed out bright and early. Legit today was a brilliant day (so brilliant that we had no time for studies). We left the apartment at like 7:20 to get down to Bahnhof to catch the train! We had a service project we were helping the Pratteln Elders with! It was a lady (I'm not too sure if she's an investigator or just a potential or what, but anyway), we were helping her as she is opening up an old people’s home, so we went round to help her put a load of furniture together. Legit, by the time we had to go, I became a pro at IKEA furniture building! It was actually a really fun service project.
Es macht spaß! Then we had to leave to get home, get changed and head over to the chapel for a lesson with a less active guy, who’s JAE age! He was super cool and we got to know why he's WA and how we can try and help him out! That was a cool lesson. Then we headed out to find a bit before going over to a referral. He requested a Book of Mormon, so we went by to get him one and had a little lesson about the BM. Let’s just say it was interesting, but he is super open and cool and we got
a return appointment for this coming week! So, he's a new investigator of ours! That was cool! Then we went to meet Brüder C as he was picking us up to be our joint teach. We had a really cool lesson! We spoke about a number of different things! Then she fed us and it was super good! Then we came home and planned for the next day! So all in all it was a real success of a day! Oh, then of course we had to fill out Teaching Records in our Area Book, cause we all know from the District that if you don't keep your area book up to date, you clearly don't understand the Atonement! (Hahaha! Legit that one line in the District 1 from Sister Meyer is ridiculous)!!

And on Sonntag we began with a half hour of comp study before catching the bus to the chapel. We got there first (which is apparently the norm), although we are like 30 mins early with the bus we have to get. So, people start arriving, small talk, and Sacrament! As per, I get asked to introduce myself and bear my testimony. Like whenever I get up there, my German just goes all over the place, so I'm really trying to concentrate on how I'm saying it, instead of what I'm saying and I made such a stupid mistake. So, I was like I'm really excited about the opportunity I have to serve here in.... And I say Richterswil (apparently). I didn't even realise I never said Reinach until I heard them behind me saying Reinach, it's Reinach! .. and I'm just like, what are they going on about, I know we're in Reinach. Then it hits me and I'm like, oh no! Sorry!!! I mean Reinach, I know where I am.... I've
just worked in so many areas. Awks! Haha! I'm really excited about the opportunity I have to serve here in Reinach. Then I carried on, but I was so embarrassed! Haha! Major awkward moment, but they laughed, so I hope it makes them love me! Haha! Then we went through the rest of the meetings and I got asked a number of times if I'm related in any way to Jacob Robertson (my cousin) who served here about 2 years ago! People asking if he's married yet- haha! Then we headed home and got lunch! Then studies, then headed out to go to a lesson with S. He's an investigator from Tibet who we teach German to. He speaks a bit of English, but like next to no Deutsch, so we taught him a bit of Deutsch and had a little lesson with him! He's cool! Then we were gonna do some finding for a few hours and get a call from a member who lives pretty close to us asking if we have time to come round, cause they cooked a little too much food, so of course .. as any sane
missionary would, we said ‘Yes!’ It was super good! This Ward is really cool, so I'm enjoying it and believe I'll come to love it even more so!!

I hope you have a brilliant week!

Alles Liebe,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxx