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Cagliari 31/8/15 - 14/9/15 Super scambio, un visitatore inglese di Cagliari, particolari esperienze spirituali

Week 1 of the fortnight in Cagliari, Sardegna
Monday: Today was greattttt. First thing after our studies, B picked us up to take us to do spesa. Right after that we headed to the church to emailllllll :) Email was the best. You all sent me so many pictures and you aren't half a good looking bunch! B made us lunch again! This time, rice with frutta di mare. Weird seafood stuff that actually tastes super good. I'm getting way better with seafood these days, you'd be proud!!! Still heave on certain textures, but I'm getting there! Anyways, after that we literally just chilled out with the raggazzi of the ward and emailed. It was super chill and I loved it, cus we were in air conditioned rooms all day long.
After p'day, we went to read some scriptures with R! Then we headed for the family home evening at the park with the investigators. It was awesome. We played some games and Caballero did the spiritual thought.

Tuesday... Today was awesome. We began by using the half an hour or so before DDM by making calls to ex students (English course), then had DDM... This was yet another awesome DDM. Anziano Molnar did an awesome spiritual thought, based really all on how we can relate the scriptures to our lives, as missionaries. Then Anziano Jacobs did the 'random something' activity, where we played this super weird 'detective' came. Hahaha. Then I shared the miracle moment. I spoke about the man, who after inviting him to church when we saw him in the park 3 weeks ago, he came! :) Then Anziano McColloum did another awesome addestramento. Honestly, that kid is awesome. It was really scripture based this time round, I loved it. I felt like a lot of the district meeting was all about the scriptures and finding comfort from them and applying them to our personal lives. McColloum spoke of different prophets and missionaries in the Book of Mormon, how they had their difficulties and trials, but because of their faith and trust in the Lord.. and diligence, they were strengthened. He actually began by asking us to define the word diligence. These were some of the answers... To put in 100% of your time and energy into accomplishing something; to show faith through action; pay careful attention; exact obedience and to never stop. It was basically a really awesome addestramento. He then invited us to read the talk 'Ponder the Path of thy Feet' by Thomas S Monson... So, I'll be doing that tomorrow on the way in the car to Sassari for our scambio! Then the zone leaders gave us a sfida! So, basically they are doing this thing where each companionship had to do the 'evaluating prayer' activity in PMG and to pray for one way the zone can better the work - to then use as invites for the zone each week.. If that makes sense! This week they are inviting us to put the Sassari sorelle idea into practice, that is - 'To become converted to the principle of faith'. So this week is gonna be all about faith! :) After that, the wonderful Fratello C made lunch :) .. Me and Roberts were late cus I had ANOTHER nose bleed. I literally don't think my body is coping well with the humidity. Anyways, once it had passed after like 15 mins, we ate the pesto lasagne. It was SO good!!!!!!!! Then a potato/bean/sausage concoction.. I ate all but the sausage. It was a 'help yourself' kinda dish, so I avoided the sausage at all costs hahahaha. Then we finished off with gelato.. Just what I like :D After that, we headed home and did a bit of language study, then headed straight over to Quartu to see another ex investigator who we got in contact with last week while doing area book calls. We were supposed to get off at piazza 4 novembre, but for some reason when I saw 'via 20 settembre' I thought we were there, boh. I guess I was just like 'oh look, a date, this is us'. So we ended is taking a 35 min bus ride, then a walk from there, which took just as long as the bus ride we had taken hahahaha. Well, we finally got there and she was super cool with us being late.. I HATE being late. It's the worst feeling, but she was awesome about it. Her name is C and she's in her early 60's. She has been seeing the missionaries on and off for MORE than 29 years. MORE THAN 20 years and she isn't baptised???? Isn't that CRAZY! Well, she was awesome. She was showing us all these pictures and letters and wedding invitations that these sorelle sent. PROBABLY SORELLE THAT WERE SERVING HERE WHEN MOM AND DAD WERE SERVING IN LONDON!!!! Sorry, but it's just so crazy. Anyways. We shared a small message. Unfortunately after all of that, we didn't have much time to do much more cus we had organised a lesson with B. OH, ALSO THIS WOMAN HAS A BANANA TREE IN HER GARDEN!!! AND SHE FED US BISCUITS. MMM. We left and got to the chapel. Again.. We were late. :( we saw B. She showed me the message mom sent her. She thought it was super sweet, but I had to translate it for her cus she doesn't speak English. She is so cute ahh love the woman! She was like 'you have to show me how to reply' haha. We watched the Restoration dvd. She had never ever seen it before and she LOVED it! Then we did English course. A TONNNN OF PEOPLE CAME. Finally it seems that 'summer' is drawing to a close. It certainly doesn't feel like that's the case (physically), but they're all returning from the beach homes, so that's awesome. A few new people who we had invited this last week came too. We might have to start doing basic and intermediate separately cus the intermediate were getting frustrated with how slow some of the new students were hahahah. Good times. After, we did the spiritual thought. We decided to base it on the 13 articles of faith. Just the basic foundations and things we believe, then to expand and bear testimony on them over the next couple of weeks. It went well :) 

Wednesday was an early start. #scambiofun The anziani picked us up at 07:15 AM to drive up to Sassari... They had to do a baptism interview, so it made sense to go up with them, just like last time - so we did just that! The trip itself was cool. I slept for the most part ha. Couldn't keep my eyes open for beans. Va beneeee. When we arrived, we dropped our stuff off at the sorelle's apartment, then I went with McKenzie for Correlation, while Roberts was with Hansen. I did it a little bit differently this time.. Last time I did half and half, but I felt that this time I needed to do the whole scambio with McKenzie (then the whole time with Hansen when we have conference in a couple of weeks) .. just cus last time round I didn't get to really talk with either of them to see how they were doing, as we just had appointment after appointment. Correlation went well, then we went straight to the hospital with a sister, to visit one of the older members of the church who is waiting for an operation. The sister was this adorable lady. I don't remember her name, but she was so sweet. She spoke to the member who took us for the most part. When they handed the time over to us, we decided to show a Mormon message to her. The Earthly Father, Heavenly Father one. In the room, there were 2 beds. A middle aged woman was in the other one. As we were showing the sister this message, she invited the other lady to watch (this other lady was called L .. I will never forget this), so she did. Part way through, she turned her head to look away. At the end of the video I realised that she was crying, so I went over to sit with her. I found out that she had been told that morning that they would not operate on her. I don't know what the actual problem was, or what needed operating, but she was distraught that they wouldn't do it. I felt that I needed to show her the 'Mountains to Climb' message, and so I did. She cried part way through that too. Me and Sorella McKenzie were able to bear testimony of the Atonement of Christ and how it also covers pains, sorrows and disappointments, as well as sin.  I was able to explain the Priesthood briefly. As in the video, one of the men receives a Priesthood blessing. She seemed to be so so interested .. her heart was completely soft and open. (Spiritually) I really felt impressed that she was ready to receive the message of the gospel. In the end, I offered her the option of having the Anziani come another day to give her a Priesthood blessing. She accepted, 100%. She was the sweetest, most prepared woman I think I have met in the mission. I know the message that we shared touched her heart and her sweet presence and friendly smile touched mine too. It was honestly a really beautiful experience. A completely unexpected one, but so joyful in the end. The Sister who we originally went to see had also been talking to her all about the gospel and she knew quite a good chunk. She was also impressed with the amount of members who cared enough to visit the member sister, as she thought that they were relatives, but turned out to be members of the church who just wanted to serve her. After that, we went home for pranzo. After that, we went to see F, the African man who I saw last time with Sorella McKenzie. He remembered me! It was so funny. He was super confused; he was all 'yes.. I remember you, you are from England .. yes you came back!' hahahahah. #itsgoodtobeloved. The lesson went really well, other than the fact we were in a park full of high teenagers. We spoke about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was super simple and he had no questions. It just made sense to him. He accepted everything. It was so coollllll. After, we went to see a new convert. Spoke about courage, because she is struggling right now with friends who are not members of the church, bad influences and not many people in the church her age. I saw this lady last time with Hansen. She is the sweetest! It went really well :) Then we got a bidone, so we did a bit of finding. At the very end of the day, we ate pizza. I literally rarely ever eat pizza, this was like the 6th pizza I've ever eaten since the start of my mission. 

Thursday... The Anziani picked us up to go back home. Anziani Caballero bought us breakfast like last time, these pastry roll things. He's awesome! At the beginning of the journey Anziano Molnar was talking about funny mission stories, that was super duper fun. When we got home, we met up with an ex simp, V. We met her at Peter Pan for gelato and spoke a tonnnnn about family history, cus she's super interested in it :) Then we saw G and spoke about prayer and scriptures. :) After that, we had English course. A ton of people came. Roberts did basic and I did intermediate .. then that was basically our day.

Friday...we started with weekly planning and ate party rings as we planned. I forgot how good they are MMM. Saw R, then B :) It wasn't a super eventful day, but we were super happy to finally see B!! She is awesome. We spoke about the sabbath day and she told us that she feels bad for not going to church and that next week she will come and she will try to bring her parents. This girl is incredible. 

Saturday: We had planned a better day than it actually turned out, but it was still good. We began with M at the chapel. We just basically went for it, beginning with our missionary purpose, then we asked her why she thinks that each step (faith, repentance, baptism etc) is important and she gave awesome answers. Then we explained the differences between this church and all the others, focusing heavily on the Priesthood. She seemed to get it. WHY WON'T SHE JUST GET BAPTISED AGHHHHHH. She even says she knows the Book of Mormon is true. It is a little frustrating, but there has to be a reason and we are just trying to find out, so we can help her!!!! She was so adorable though, she bought us these tasty little cake things, but they weren't cake. It was weird. I miss cake. Like, proper cake. I literally feel like I haven't had a proper cake since when I was at home (besides the angel cakes in my package) haha. Sad times. I miss cake and fish and chips.. And crumpets... And all the different flavours of crisps mmmmm. ANYWAYS, I get really good pasta here, so I'm good for now hahaha. Well long story short, I awkwardly accidentally dropped my cake on the floor as she was standing there and she looked super sad, so then I just ate it. I ate the cake from the floor hahahahahahaha. I'm getting so gross. I'm sorry. The floor was cleaned that morning though and I feel fine soooooo boh! Anyways, straight after that we went to the park to see F and we taught our lesson. Last time we saw him he had a ton of domande about the apostles, so today we did the 'cup' Restoration lesson with him and he loved it. He has a TON of questions, which is super awesome. Sometimes I feel super incapable of answering them all and stuff, but it's all good. He bought / just got us a drink from the bar at the park. (He works at the park, so I think he just gets whatever he requests for free haha bargain!) Then we went home for pranzo and ate lunch - chicken and rice and tomato wraps, with mayo obv. Oh, then a ginger biscuit gelato sandwich. They're incredibly lush. Haha. After that, we received 2 bidonessss. :( IT WAS GONNA BE THE PERFECT DAY. We nearly made up for the loss being in Sassari... Nearly! Anyways, we tried to find the Brother of Fratello C (from Ragusa) as he gave me his info just before I left Ragusa and told me to go find him. There was a road and a name, but no number, so we had to look on every door for the name, but didn't find it.. :( then we did some finding in the park, kind of.. But not. Then we had a lesson with , a less active member. SHE BROUGHT A FRIEND. SHE KEPT HER SFIDA, had a gospel conversation and brought her pal to the lesson!!!!!!! It was awesome! Her friend, M wants us to see her again, so we are super duper excited about that. After that, we tried to go to a different park, but it was just full of runners, so we went to do casa, then we remembered that we had a referral from the office and we needed to figure out how to get there, so we headed to the station to organise that. (Oh, I forgot to mention, I was really tired this day and I just wasn't feeling anything, so I prayed and asked Heavenly Father for an experience that would help us realise our purpose, or that would help us remember that this is his work. Anyways, back to the scene. We are on the bus, the M to be precise.. At the back, cus that's how sorelle roll. Then Sorella Roberts turns to me and points out that the girl sat far opposite from us was crying. I asked her what she wanted to do and she didn't know, I also had no idea. Then she reached into her bag and got a pass along card ..the one with the picture of Jesus, which says 'faith brings us hope'. Then we moved. I sat next to her and Roberts sat behind me. I took a while to figure out what to do and what to say, then we were getting closer to the last stop, so I took a deep breath and went for it. I asked her how she was and she told me she wasn't good. She then said something else, but began to cry hysterically, so I didn't quite catch it. I asked her to repeat and she didn't want to. Then it was really awkward and I felt awful, so I explained what I am doing here and that Italian isn't my 1st language, but I'm trying and I really want to help her etc. Then she just speaks to me in PERFECT English. She told me that she feels like a shame, that she escaped for a year, but had to come back, that she had been abandoned and that she is alone, that she feels like there is nothing here for her and it would be better if she wasn't here. All this as she was crying. I was lost for words and all I could do was cry with her. My heart literally ached for her. I don't even remember what I said, I really didn't say much, because I was really just in shock and I was crying myself. All I remember telling her was that she shouldn't be ashamed and that she doesn't have to be alone, that we are here and we really want to help her if we can. She explained that in this moment in time she wasn't her 'normal state' and that she was really grateful and that not many people ever want to help, but she could see that we were genuine. We got to her stop and I left her with our pass along card and told her to call us whenever she needs anything. She told me that it is unlikely that she will call, but that maybe if she finds herself in a better state, that she may. She wished me luck with life and was really grateful, then left. I was literally heartbroken for her. As I recounted everything to Roberts, I just cried again. I don't know exactly what this girl needed, or exactly what her situation was, or where she was going, but I know that we were on that bus for a reason, that Sorella Roberts was prompted to say something to me about the girl and that I was able to cry with a complete stranger. As we headed home, me and Sorella Roberts spoke a little and pondered in amazement at how the Lord works. It's incredible. I really do hope this girl is okay and that we were able to help her in some way. I guess that I will never know, but what I do know, is that Heavenly Father put us in the right place at the right time and that we were at least able to show this young girl that someone out there values her and cares. 

Oh, also this morning I found 2 quotes during my studies that I really liked.. I've been studying about compassion and charity, as it's something I feel I need to work on. “The touchstone of compassion is a measure of our discipleship; It is a measure of our love for God and for one another.” and "We need to remember that though we make our friends, God has made our neighbours--everywhere. Love should have no boundary; we should have no narrow loyalties."

Sunday. Today was so awesome. Oh my goodness. We went to church and I was super excited cuuuuuus I WAS GONNA SEE SOMEONE FROM THE OUTSIDE WORLD. CHRIS HUGHES. It was actually weirder than I expected. Hahahahah he came in and shook my hand, so very formal. I couldn't cope hahahah. He doesn't even sound like a northerner, he has picked up the southern accent big time! I told him that he sounded like our Sam R. He wasn't impressed and told me that he just blames the fact I've not been around English accents for a while... Hahahah so funny. For reals though, he sounds like a right Londoner. It's awesome. I adored hearing a British accent, these things in life are rare right now, so it was super splendid. Anyways, andiamo avanti.
Seeing a friend from the "outside world"
We had Relief Society and they based the lesson on the talk given by Dallin H Oaks 'The Parable of the Sower'. It was really good. After that, the Anziani had to do the lesson as there was a last minute emergency and Fllo Ancis had to pop out. They did an awesome job, as always. I had to translate for one of the African members. I am the worst at translating, like I physically cannot do it. It's like impossible for my mind to even function like that. Like by the time my brain has processed what they say in Italian, then translated it to English, then relayed it in English, while they are still talking in Italian... I miss so much. Gosh. It's the worst. Translating is NOT a strength of mine by any means. He told me he understood though and that it went well. I think he was being nice, but I'll take it anyways. Ha. After that, we had Sacrament meeting. There were a ton of awesome testimonies. B shared part of the email mom sent her and spoke about missionary work and the role of a mother. She is adorable. Thank you for sending her that mom, she really appreciated it. :) She talks about it all the time :) Then there was another member who shared part of a talk given at a BYU devotional. I don't remember what it was called, but in the end I asked about it and she told me that she will try and find it for us :) After that, I spoke to Chrissssss and we got a picture together. It was funny .. he was like 'we should probably take a picture, otherwise your mom won't be impressed' hahaha. So we did that. I hope you're impressed mom hahahah  Then we tried to organise something for p'day tomorrow, together with some ysa. So it should be funnnnnn. He leaves on Tuesday to join his family in Napoli.. Or Rome. I can't remember which one he is doing first haha. Anyways it was super cool. After that we had pranzo at R's house, with B and G. It was super delish. We had a lasagne, a really good one. Then we ate like, pig's face, which was actually really good. Well, the good part that I ate was the part that wasn't the face, but the face was there. Then we had watermelon, then cake pastry things. I was super full. Loved it. After that we studied un po' then we had a lesson with R. The lesson went so so well. She is awesome. She shared us her testimony, told us that she really wanted to share it at fast and testimony meeting, but that she was too shy and couldn't do it. She spoke about her family who are in Brazil (she is Brazilian). I also really love Brazilians. They are the coolest people. I love every single Brazilian I have ever met, especially Sofia Fusco Nagliati ❤️ Anyways, her Dad calls her and this week when she spoke to him he spoke of how he saw the missionaries and has set up an appointment with them for this week. Her brother told her that her Dad is really changing and that his heart has really softened. She was super emotional about it. She spoke about her baptism and how she felt. It was just a really sweet experience. I love her so much. After that we went to A. An African less active member. SHE IS SO FUNNY. oh my gosh. She had like, just woken up and so she wasn't 100% with it. The spiritual thought went well. We started off with the pair game, of names and their meaning, then it lead onto the talk 'What have you done with my name?' which speaks about the baptismal covenant. She started then talking about her name and one of my fave lines from the people here in Cagliari so far, she said, and I quote "In Africa, I am the queen of the coast. That is my name, but here in Italy, I cannot be the queen of the coast, so I changed it". She was dead serious as she was telling us this. Then she was speaking about how much she enjoyed sacrament meeting. She said how she wanted to share her testimony and that she had a really good one to share, but that she was too nervous because she would have done some in English and some in Italian. Then she was like "Next time I will just close my eyes and maybe God will lead me there"..."but then people might laugh, maybe I will make a joke and it will be ok" It doesn't sound funny written down like this, but I was in hysterics. So was she. Love her! After that we got the bus. There was a group of men who were like, totes creeping on us. After a while of staring, they asked if we are German. I was like like 'nope' then they asked where we are from, so we did the whole 'I'm English and she's American." Then this guy starts speaking in English to us and he was showing off big time, it was super funny. He told me he lived in Liverpool for a while for work. Then I was like 'What did you do for work there?"..and he was like 'la pizza'. That again, doesn't look or sound funny, but imagine the situation. Made me lol. Then he spoke about a ton of random stuff, then he was like asking for our number, so we offered to give him the number for the Anziani, cus we are done with creepy men. Then he said 'But I want yours. I will cry all night!' in English, which makes it s whole lot funnier. After that he must have ran out of things to say and he was like 'I have one stop, what can I say in one more bus stop!' hahaha then he like, blushed and got off the bus.  Comunque, we got home, I made calls, Roberts made dinner, we planned then Anz Mic called for numbers. He asked us to feedback on the challenge the ZL's gave us and to tell him about a miracle we have seen, because of faith. We spoke about the girl who we met yesterday, then he told us it reminded him of a story he once heard, which is way cooler than ours, so I'm gonna share it. He said:
"There was a mission reunion for the missionaries in Japan. During this reunion, each missionary got up and described a successful moment, achievements and miracles they had seen throughout their service. The time arrived for this one ex Elder to get up and share something. He said "I didn't see baptisms and I don't feel like I had a ton of achievements, but this is the coolest story from my mission" he proceeded "one morning, during the mission, I woke up at 430 am and felt impressed to study, with my companion, so I woke him up and told him. He studied with me. While we were studying, I felt again impressed to go with my companion to study outside, so we did. When he went outside, there was a river right nearby the house, where a young boy was drowning and a woman (probably his mother) was by the side, helplessly freaking out. That day, this Elder was able to save this little boys life."... He then finished the story.."This Elder then said, 'I don't know what happened in the end to this boy, as I have never heard anything of him, nor have I seen him, but this was my story, I was able to save a life" After this Elder told his story, another ex missionary stood up and said "I am that boy and I have had a really successful mission. I have baptised many people and I want to let you know how grateful I am for you. Me and my mother converted not long after that happened and I want to tell you that you never know how much good you do!" 

Anziano Mic told us the same. That we may never see that girl again, but we never know how much good we do and that God trusted us enough to be put in the situation that we were in. 

I have had an awesome week. Each week just seems to go by faster and faster!! I cannot believe I'm half way through my 2nd transfer with my greenie. I love her a ton and I could honestly do a 3rd transfer with her, quite happily. She is awesome. So much love for the girl, ahhh! I love you all incredible amounts. You are all in my prayers. You're all in my thoughts. Always. 
Hugs and kisses.
Me xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

Week 2 of the fortnight in Cagliari, Sardegna
Monday: today was so strange. We began emailing at the piazza again, like before cus these last few days the wifi at the chapel hasn't been working, so I didn't wanna risk traveling there and then finding that it doesn't work. It was a lush lil email sesh. Then after, we did spesa at Auchan. We chose to go there, cus when we helped V the other week with her spesa. We went there and we saw a ton of lush cereal and we wanted to go get some, haha. This shop is just like Asda, or Tesco. It's huge and it has everything. We even got Oreo cookies. They even sell curries and stuff. Miracle!!! Oh, and oats! Anyways, after that we got home and called Alice to see where her and Chris were at. Then we met them. It was super cool to chill out with them. I thought we were gonna do something, but we literally did a bus giro and basta, but it was good to chat comunque. It was awesome catching up on what's going down in England with marriages, mission calls, pregnancies and all that stuff. After that, we did a lesson with R. We read 3 Nephi 18 and spoke about taking the sacrament and the sabbath in general. It went well. After we did the FHE at the park, which was fun. We did the spiritual thought this time on prayer.

Tuesday: began with 12 weeks. Then straight after, DDM. It was all based around Jacob 5 and he related everything to missionaries and missionary work. It was super awesome. After that, Anziano Caballero made pranzo for us all. I don think I've ever eaten so much rice in my life and it was the first time in forever eating food with actual spices inside. It was so good! Then Frattelo Caravagna made a Nutella cake, which was super delish. After that, we saw R, then we saw B, then we did English course. There's like a super awesome man in English course, who is new. I think I spoke about him last week, well .. this week at the end, he pointed out one of our pictures of Jesus and asked if it would be possible to get him a copy, so we will work on it. He could totally be our next new simp. Woooooooo!na
So, another Corso student told us she feels peace whenever she walks into the chapel. Yeyyyyyyyyyyy

Wednesday: Today was alright. We began at the chapel, with P. The man who was an investigator about a year ago, who we called and met last week. This was super sad. After last week we were super excited about him and felt that he was ready this time. Today we felt that he needed to hear the plan of salvation, as his wife died years ago and he didn't sound too hopeful about the after life. We barely got through the 1st half. He was super nice about it and he has some awesome beliefs, but he told us that if we are looking to 'convert him' than we are wasting our time. In that sense he isn't interested, but he likes to have 'spiritual conversations' with us. Anyways, after that we did some English course calls, basically calling all past students to remind them that we still run the course and that they are still welcome etc. They all seemed awesome... Anyways, then we headed home. IT WAS RAINING ... wow I've missed the rain so much! So much fresh air I almost didn't know how to handle it! Hahah. Anyways, after pranzo, we went to try and find some ex investigators who own a photography shop. We called them a few weeks back and they told us we are always welcome, so we planned on going in to do a spiritual thought, but the shop was closed... and the opening times weren't anywhere to be seen, so I guess one day it'll be a pot luck visit. Vediamo! After that, we did park finding. We met an awesome lady who seemed interested. She is from Bari, but she's living here (I assume) and her name is A (I'm trying to ask for and remember the name of people we meet during the day, so I can pray for them by name, as it's something I'm not super great at and I need to be better). She told us that she would love to come to church to see what we are all about, so prayyyyyyy for her PLEASEEEEEE :) After, we did a lesson with B. AHHHHHH THIS GIRL. Love her. I forget that she isn't a member. She just seems like a member through and through. It's so good to be finally meeting up with her more frequently again now that the holiday period is over! We did the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she knew it all already, cus her friends taught her everything while she was an exchange student over in Idahooooo woooo. She's awesome. We just wanna work with her parents so bad. Cus then it will be way easier for her to come to church etc. After that we did casa. This time round, nothing happened, but there was an apartment complex we finished at and we both felt impressed to go back there another day. Then 12 weeks. Then bed. Oh, also I cooked some meat things for us tonight and then I wasn't sure they were cooked properly. Speriamo bene.

Thursday: okay, so we began with a lesson with a less active member, V. SHE BROUGHT HER FRIEND AGAIN and her friend asked for a Book of Mormon and had a TON of questions, so we are so super excited about that. After that we did finding. Then we saw C, did the restoration, then she fed us a ton of cake and got out all these ancient recipes that she's got from all the missionaries over the course of 22 years. It was great, but because of this, we missed a lesson and were late for English course. We finally arrived and G helped us out. She's adorable.

Friday: weekly planning. Pranzo with G. Lesson with G. Lesson with R and then a lesson with R and her family. I'm really running out of time, so I will be brief. Sorry. All of these lessons went well.

Saturday... Well today was awesome. We started with a lesson at the chapel with M. We spoke about tithing and fasting. She asked a ton of questions and it went really well. At the end, we invited her to fast with us, so that she can receive an answer that she needs to be baptised and she agreed! The only thing is, we didn't set a date, because she is waiting for a call for an operation and they can call any time within the next few weeks and do it there and then, but she agreed to do it after the operation, so we are super excited about that! Then we made a cake for Anz Molnar, cus it was his birthday.
We made cake for Anz Molnars Birthday
Then we got lost trying to find less actives. Then we had stake conference, which was super awesome. The Saturday night session was so so good. Loved it. They spoke about a ton of stuff. The Bern Temple spoke. Then when the Stake Pres spoke, the spirit was super duper strong. Anyways, then we did the birthday surprise for Molnar. 

Sunday: there's a lot to say, so I'll type it up later and attach it to next weeks' email. I'm so sorry. The whole zone is here and I feel really anti social, so gotta go.

I love you all a ton. Incredible amounts.
Miss you lots and lots and more.
Ashleigh xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox