Saturday, 4 April 2015

Zone P-day, Tempel Besuch und Strasse Ausstellung!!!

Montag, so we did emails earlier, as we were heading to Richterswil, as Elder Paulsen wanted his hair cut! Mine really needs a cut too, but I'm not sure I trust Elders Bakewell or Byrom to cut it for me!!!! And after Elder Byrom cut Elder Paulsens, I was definitely not having him do mine!!!! So I asked our old GML yesterday if they have time this week when I can get it done, as his wife is a hairdresser! So the plan was to get that done on Wednesday!!! Wahey!!! Then not much happened until FHE in the evening!!!!
Dienstag!!!! Crazy day! So we had District Meeting down in Richterswil! It was actually a really good meeting; we learnt quite abit and we made it fun by giving our Deutsch tip as a game! So that was fun!!! Then we had a finding day there! It was actually pretty good! Richterwil is a pretty dead area for street contacting, so I tausched with Elder Bakewell and we did some dooring and vorbeis! We managed to set up an appointment for them, which was pretty cool!!! Then we went back to our area to go meet Jeffrey (our new member) to go to Insti! We had a lesson with him before and it was the most powerful lesson ever!!! It was amazing! We decided we'd go through Gospel Principles (GP) with him, as we don't have a GP class at church and we decided to do the one on 'The Life of Chirst.' It was such a good lesson and then Insti was also pretty amazing!!! So that was Tuesday!
Then we come to Mittwoch - where has the week gone!!! So this day was one of those days where we just went from appointment to appointment and they were pretty spread out, so lots of trains and lots of teaching!!!! We also had splits in the evening, which also went pretty well! Also, this week we had a zone goal of 85 lessons, as a zone in total (so less active, new members, investigators). Now that's a pretty high goal considering our normal average as a zone is like 60 or something like that. So every companionship needed to get 2 more lessons then their average! Our average is about 4 or 5 a week! So, so far this week we are on 5 lessons (already on the max end of our average) and the week's barely even begun!!! Plus, we have 2 new investigators that were taught on Tuesday!!!!! Wahey!!!
So Donnerstag rolls around and we have a day full of vorbeis with one appointment set up!!! And... nobody was home, not even the appointment!!! So Thursday sucked, but we ended it by teaching Seminary!! We legit teach Seminary at least once a transfer, but it was fun! We taught the lesson on D&C 121:34-46. It actually went pretty well, especially considering I can't read through the lesson in English first, cause they still use the old curriculum over here and you can't get a hold of the old one in English anymore! So that sucks, but hey! It went well!!!! 
I got Mail from Ashleigh

Then Freitag!! Oh, Freitag!! It was another Thursday! Apart from the evening... we had an appointment with our half naked friend! But this time... he was fully clothed, so he went straight to the progressing investigator list!!!! haha! No, but legit, he is awesome. He keeps all of the commitments we give him; he reads; he's just the cutest little old man ever!! haha! It was a pretty good lesson and he commited to come to church on Sunday!!
Samstag!!! Twas another Thursday and Friday! Not much going on, nobody home, nobody wanting to talk to us! Then we had Gemeindesport in the evening, which was actually pretty fun, but I think I may have done something to my back, cause it kills!! If it isn't better by the end of the day I'll call up the mission nurse, so don't stress it; Life's great!!!

Sonntag!!!!!!!!!!! Church was awesome!!!!! Sister Brown came with the family again!!!! That's 3 weeks in a row she has been at church! Then we got invited to 2 members for lunch, so we had to let one of them down, which was sad, but they said next week instead then, so life is still great!! So we had an awesome dinner appointment, then we had 3 more appointments! So our Sunday was so full! That took us to 9 lessons in total this week, plus 4 new investigators!!!! I'd say it was a pretty successful week and we definitely did our part to make the zone goal!!!! So you get good weeks and bad weeks, bad days and good days, but I'd say in general this week was certainly one of the best so far!!!!

So moving on to week two of the fortnight!!! What a week! Let's just say Zone P-day probably wasn't the best for my back, but hey! We played Football for like 3 hours while the Sisters just sat on the grass sunbathing, but it was good fun being together as a Zone and just playing sports, which took me back to the MTC! Although I got bitten like a gazillion times! My ankle itches like crazy and to top it off one of the bites made my ankle swell up on Wednesday, so it was a little painful to walk for a few days! But hey! And that was basically last Monday!

Tuesday! District Meeting in Chur! I hate and love district meeting in Chur! I hate it cause it takes us away from our area for like a whole day, although on the plus side Chur is mega beautiful!!! So that was basically all that happened on Tuesday! And I called Sister Kohler to get permission to call the nurse about my back! So I called and it went straight to answer phone, so I left a message! 

Wednesday! Now Wednesday took me back to when I was 14 years old and a Year 9 school kid, going around posting leaflets through peoples' letter boxes (it so reminded me of that annoying paper round!!) The ward asked us to post a load of flyers in the area! There were probs about 500 ish! It was for a Vortrag (No idea what that is in English- Presentation? Maybe!) on Whales and Dolphins, which the ward were hosting on Friday, so we did that for a good chunk of the day! Then we had a lesson and then the member who was going to cut our hair cancelled on us!!! I really badly need a haircut!!!! It's terrible how long it is!!! 

Thursday rolls around! We came to the chapel to organise a few things for the Ausstellung on Saturday, as Bishop ordered a load of pamphlets and BofMs in all sorts of languages, so we sorted how many and what languages we will take! Then we did some Vorbeis - nobody home, then weekly planning and then we went by our 90 year old investigator, who answers the door half naked again! He forgot about our appointment, so he was like ... you can come in now or we can reschedule! So we thought it best to reschedule and took a note to call him up to remind him an hour before in the future! Note taken!!!
At the Temple with Jacob
Friday was Temple day! We planned like at the start of the transfer to go on the 27th and didn't tell anyone! Then a few weeks back Richterswil told us they were planning on going on that day as well and a few others. Then Thursday evening we got a call from Wetzikon, "Hallo, hier ist der Elder Robertson" "Hey Elder Robertson, here's Elder Robertson" ... so we chatted on the phone for like well over an hour about all sorts of stuff!!! Then we met them at Bahnhof to get our train to Bern! Legit there were so many missionaries going to the temple on Friday! It was crazy! Took me back to the MTC again, with like the whole session being full of missionaries!! It was so cool!!! Then we went back into Bern and got something to eat and chilled for a bit, while waiting for our train! I LOVE Bern- It is definitely a city you have to visit at some point! Everytime I go back there I just feel like it's home! It legit is where I was Born (mission wise)! So that was awesome! Then as soon as we got back to Zürich we headed to a members for a dinner appointment and it was awesome! Then we were asked by the ward to be at the Vortrag thing, but that was Friday done and still no call back from the nurse!
 The View from our Balcony at Study Time
Saturday! STRASSE AUSSTELLUNG!!!! Again, right in the middle of Bahnhofstrasse, middle of the city - it was crazy busy and this time we had Islam Ausstellungs either side of us! It was pretty good! A few members turned up to help out this time, which was cool! They need to though, because when it is Aprils' ausstellung, all of the missionaries are due to be in München for the Elder Bednar Conference, so only members will be able to be at the Ausstellung! That should be interesting, but it was cool! Although standing up all day really killed my back, so I called up Sister Kohler again, cause it went straight to voicemail again when I called the nurse, so she said she'll try and get a message to her for me another way! Then about 20 minutes later I get a call from the nurse! I have to take Ibuprofen, put ice on my back for 15 minutes every hour and sleep on the floor for the next few days! It's horrible and when I wake up, my back is killing even more from the floor, so I'm not sure how much longer I'll be doing that one! 

Sunday! Church! It was pretty cool! Jeffrey who was baptised in December and received the Priesthood about 4 weeks ago, passed the sacrament for the first time on Sunday! We worked pretty hard with him to help him prepare for the Priesthood last transfer, so seeing him pass for the first time, was like a proud missionary moment!!!! It was super cool!!!! Then joint Priesthood/FHV lesson, which was interesting and that was church! Then in the evening Richterswil Ward had a Musikalischer Abend, so we went along! It was pretty cool! It was a different one to the one we did in Zolikofen, so that was pretty cool and then home - and the week is over! 

And that brings us out to today!!! I want you to know that I know without a single doubt that this work is the work of the Lord. Miracles never cease to happen! The church is true, it is unbelievably true! That's why so many people have such a hard time accepting it, cause the truth is too much for them to acknowledge!!! I am so grateful for the blessing of the gospel in my life. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am where I am needed to be right now! I am even more grateful for the knowledge I have that I belong to an eternal family! I love them all so much and can't think of anybody else right now that I would rather spend eternity with than my beautiful, amazing family!! I love them all so much!!!
Have an awesome day and even more awesome week!!
All my love,
Elder Ammon Robertson