Friday, 27 March 2015

Grande Amore per classe di inglese, gli impegni battesimali e Zona conferenza

Week 1 of the fortnight:
So as per usual I'll send you kinda like a diary entry cus it’s easier that way! I am so excited to see Sorella Nagliati at the Elder Bednar conference!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Lunedi - We emailed, then yesterday one of the members left us food for pranzo, but we already had an appointment on Sunday, so we left it at church, then we ate with the Anziani for lunch on Monday. Then as per, P’day flew by and before we knew it, it was over, but we got to decorate the apartment with pictures of the Sorelle, as far back as we could, which is cool. Then we made a cheesecake for the Chines cus they ALWAYS give us food and stuff, but yeah other than that it was a pretty uneventful day!

Martedi - Today was another day of bidones (cancellations) meh! BUT we got to do FINDINGGGGGGGGGG YEY! Hahahahahaha, but really - we have been doing good with appointments lately and haven’t had a ton of time for finding, so we got to do that and I forgot how fun it could be haha... Then we had English course as per usual and that gave me lols as per usual. I LOVE IT!
Hearing the Italians speak English is my fave thing! ALSO I have sent you get the video of them singing the Michael Jackson song??!!!!!!!! SO CUTE it was so funny!!! (See the video below) :) 

Then one of the students was trying to say the word 'vegetable'; that was also really funny! Ahhhhhh I LOVE ITALIANS! OH and I forgot to mention, before English course; Gideon and Faith, the Anzianis and investigators wanted us to all go to theirs for dinner, so we went there! They are so cute and their baby is so lush! His name is Divine and he literally is divine - like if you saw this baby ahhhhhh so cute!

Mercoledi - We went to see a less active family, who we tried to see all of last transfer and failed every time! WE SAW THEM FINALLY! La Famiglia O!!! They are super cute! We spoke with them about their conversion story! He has a super strong testimony! He is great! Then, from them we went to Modica. We went with Vale, who is awesome!!!!!! Sorella Nagliati knows her really well too! :) SO CUTE AND SWEET! Then we went to see Rosemary and we shared parts of the talk given by Dieter F Uchtdorf titled 'Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth'. She loved it and proceeded to tell us 'I didn’t say I don’t have a testimony of these things you share; I have a testimony of everything that is the Word of God, by you, by the pastors and the priests'. We just bore our testimony and decided that the next time we see her we will explain the differences between this church and other churches. Then we got to see Pietro and finish off the Restoration with him, we invited him to baptism and he ACCEPTED! .. but the first time we asked him, he just stared at me in silence for the longest 30 seconds of my life... then he was like 'I need to prepare a lot' and we explained that we are here to help etc and he accepted and so, that was SO SWEET! Then we had ward council.

Giovedi - We went to Vittoria (a city 1 hour away) cus the office sent us through a referral... but when we called no-one answered, so we decided to go to the address. We got to the bus stop in Vittoria and then this lady asked us if we needed help (she must have seen us trying to find the street on the map) and she offered to take us to the street we needed!!!!!!! Cus she was picking up her daughter from school and it was close by. We had a really good gospel convo with her in the car and then she said she had seen us on that bus before and that next time she wants to speak more about what we believe!!! SHE WAS SO CUTE! and isn’t that the craziest thing; like, she was a total stranger and the Spirit told us it was totally okay to get into her car and she was so sweet and I personally believe that was the real reason we went there that day, at that time cus the referral didn’t let us in and what was amazing was that we weren’t even super discouraged, cus we both felt that we were there for a different reason! Then I thanked her and gave her a pass along card with our number and a galaxy ripple, cus I brought some for the ride to eat hehe but I wanted to leave her with something sweet for her kid! :) Then we went to see Lorena and we did a spiritual thought on obedience and then taught her and her friends English! :) Then on the way back to Ragusa on the bus, this lady came really really close to us and starts speaking English in a Russian kinda accent and it was kinda creepy. She was super close in our faces then it was silent and she turns to Sorella Hamilton and says 'How old are you?' - then Sorella Hamilton said 'Im 20 and she’s 19' then she whispered and looked really creepy in her strange scary Russian accent 'very very young' HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA I DIED and Sorella Hamilton was so creeped out! Then we went for English course!!! On Thursday, me and Sorella Hamilton do advanced, which is basically just conversation, but this week we did differences between English words and American ways of saying them, so that was fun!! Me and Sorella Hamilton did the spiritual thought and we used the one my dad sent about putting the tape on the ground and putting something nice at the end of one and something like an empty package on the other... then spoke about decisions and blessings etc. They loved it!! :)

Venerdi - We did weekly planningggggggg! Then we did follow-up finding for some of the houses that told us to come back. One was an old lady... she let us in (everywhere is apartments) and then we got to her door and she was singing and walking around, then we heard her trying to unlock the door, then she was like 'non posso vedere niente!!!' (I can’t see anything) and then we hear her singing getting quieter and quieter, then we think she may have forgotten about us,; so we knocked again then the same thing happened... so we left her hahaha. Then on our walks we saw this man who started asking us about our church and what we believe about Christ then he asked us if we have anything for him to read! So we shared the introduction of the Book of Mormon using the pictures at the front, bore testimony and gave it to him- that was awesome!! THEN a man approached us 20 mins later and straight up asked us ‘What do I have to do to go to your church?' and pointed at our church (we were close to church, obv haha), so we said 'Just come!' haha.

Sabato - We saw Rita again and read the Book of Mormon with her! She loved it and told us she has missed reading the scriptures!! :) So we got her to choose a chapter that we will study and we can talk about it the next time we see her and she told us she has been trying her best to do kneeling prayers with her son every night! I love seeing her; she is so sweet and has such great faith!! :) Then we did more finding and old progress record callings.. then we went to eat with Gabe (salvo’s brother) - it was his birthday! Soooo we ate pizza :)

Domenica - This day was probs my fave day!! We went to church! Me and Sorella Hamilton taught gospel principles and it was about the scriptures!! It went really well! :) We did it in English as there were only English speaking investigators at church... Then we had dinner with the Chines (who live above us in the same apartment), theeeeeeen we had an appointment with the Cascone family. We did the spiritual thought in Helaman 5:12 and spoke about the 3 little pigs and the wolf and linked it to our testimonies.. Is ours built on sticks or bricks etc! THEY LOVED IT and then they gave us cake! Then we went to see the Puglisi’s and did the Orange spiritual thought about the armour of God! THEN they gave us cake too! We were all caked out by the end of the day!!!! Hahaha, but it really was a great day and the members love us.. (I think) and the Cascone’s even told us they can try and get us a referral! <3 :) OH and one of the less actives we have been to visit came to church and all the members were so welcoming to her! :) and when we were at the Chines house Sorella Chines was saying random words that she knows in English and it was hilarious!!!! 'OH MY GOSH' and 'SHUTUP' it was hilariouuuuuuuuuuuus!!!!!! ahhh I wish you could meet these people! Then they told us about how they met and it was the cutest thing ever and the way they each told it - was so funny!!! :)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND that was week 1!!!!! 

Week 2 of the fortnight:
Monday - It was fun! Email obvs was the highlight of the week! :) as per yewsh! This email is gonna be very very rushed and I apologise!!! It rained a lot, so we didn’t do much, but then we had a lesson with a less active Sorella A! She is super cute!! :):)

Tuesday - We had a lesson with Rita, then went straight to Palermo in preparation for Zone Conference!! I SAW SORELLA WINEGAR!!!! IT WAS SO SO SO SO GOOD, I haven't seen her since our time at the MTC!!!!!! I will send pics! I saw MTC people and people from my FAVE district!!! (Pescara 1st) AHHHHHHHHHHH IT WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGGG!

Wednesday - THE CONFERENCE WITH ELDER TEXIERA WAS SO SO GOOD! I will say more about it next week, I promise!!!!! 

Zone Conference with Sorella Waddoups & Sorella Hamilton

The Zone

Thursday - We didn’t get back on time to get the bus from Catania to Ragusa, sooooo we stopped the night in Catania!) - then we went to Ragusa and were back to normal, although I picked up a really nasty cold from somewhere! Then Sorella Rollo... the cutest member, called us to have us over for lunch! That was super sweet!!!

Friday - We planned, then had a member lesson, which went really well! Again, I am so sorry this is not as detailed an email... this is just what happened. I promise it is way better than I can do justice right now, but I will make up for it next week!

Saturday - We did service! Blowing up 1million balloons for a 4 year olds party!!! :) haha, then a spiritual thought with their family! Then we saw Pietro!!!!!

Sunday - PIETRO CAME TO CHURCH!! It was so great!!!! :):)

Today we left the house at 7 ish to get here to Siracusa!!! We saw the Greek theatre! That was super cool and now we are emailing!!!! I’m gonna really quickly try to send pictures! I PROMISE; next week’s email, will be way better! So much happened this week, but I’ll have to tell you all about it next week!

I just wanna leave a brief testimony with you all that I know that this church that we are so SO blessed to be a part of, is the true church of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. That nowhere else can we find this kind of happiness! I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us more than we could ever comprehend. I know that the power of prayer is real. That there is a power that comes from studying the scriptures, something I didn’t really fully know or understand for myself until I came here, but I can testify that it is true now. I know that this gospel blesses lives more than a bar of chocolate ever could. I know that the family is FOR ETERNITY!! :) I know that everything happens for a reason. I know that today we can still see miracles and tender mercies if we look close enough. Sometimes we don’t even have to look close. They happen and they are real. I am so happy and grateful to be here!

I love you all crazy crazy amounts!

I LOVE YOU ALL AGAIN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sorella Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx