Friday, 13 March 2015

Permesso Frustrations, Fried Chicken, FuFu, Frozen Cheescake & Flirts

Okay soooooooooooooooooooo I’m just gonna jump into this fortnight!
Week 1
Monday - After emailing, we went to try and get Sorella Hamilton’s permesso... which failed again. How annoying. We were both super annoyed ‘cus the station is not situated in the most convenient of places (it’s a bit of a trek to get there) and this was like the 4th attempt... ANYWAYS! After that, we went to Gauduas’ house (Less Active) for an appointment that we had booked with her.... aaaaaaand her Mum let us in aaaaaaaaaand we waited and waited and sadly she didn’t turn up but LUCKILY.. as her Mum is also a Less Active, we did what we had planned with her! J So we still got to teach our lesson (even though it wasn’t with who we had originally planned). Her Mum is the sweetest little lady I have ever met!! <3 Then on the way home, we saw a man doing stretches. We were walking and there was this man in the middle of the street in his tight running gear just doing the weirdest stretch exercises in the strangest of positions. It made us lol hard. It was really funny. We also did some finding this day and 2 people told us to come back J
Tuesday - We went to get the Permesso again......... but they told us WE COULDN’T get it today, but I was not moving from that police station without Sorella Hamilton’s permesso!!! So we told them that this is the 5th time that we had been here and we had waited around for so long. So they told us to wait where ALL of the other immigrants wait and we had to wait FOREVER.  After waiting for like 2 hours, some people got their permesso’s .. but not us, so we went back to the front desk and asked again and waited some more (we ended up waiting for like a total of like 4 hours). BUT WE FINALLY GOT HER PERMESSO!!!!! Finally! Because it took so long, we got the Gela Anziani to pick us up (it was raining and we were far away and late for DDM)  J DDM was good! Anz Di Donato did the addrestramento. All about loving other people and ourselves. etc. Then we did the kinder egg predictions, which was awks ‘cus me and Hammy didn’t have time to buy an egg, so we sat there and guessed for everyone else. After, we went to see Rosemary. We did a 'do or die' lesson. We told her our purpose and then mentioned that one of those steps that we are here to help her take is baptism. She told us that she doesn’t think she will get baptised here in Italy, but if God tells her to, she will. So we are continuing to see her and are praying that she will receive and recognise that answer from God! Then we went to see the PJ boy that told us to come back. HE IS SO COOL! HIS NAME IS FRANCESCO. He is a student. We shared the Book of Mormon with him and he invited us back. He had a ton of questions and he seemed super genuine, so we are super excited about him!! JJ Then for lunch we had breakfast leftovers... and leftovers from the day before. FRIED CHICKEN bacon bits and pancakes! hahahaha I’m getting real good at frying chicken. I’ve sent a pic, hehe. Like we just buy normal chicken fillets I guess and then I batter them and fry them. Probs not the healthiest of things, but we like to treat ourselves. Then we went to see Sorella Colombo, a less active member. She is super sweet! J Oh, also, the rain was SO BAD!! but each time we left a building, it stopped. #rainstormmiracles.
Wednesday - We started doing a ton of follow up finding. IT WAS RAINING SO BAD AND HAILING ALSO. Like it sounded and felt and looked like it couldn’t get worst, but it DID!!!! It was crazy and we were out in it. No hail storm miracles today. hahahaha. but it was so fun. Then we did a Less active lesson with Sorella Criscione about the importance of attending church and being spiritually renewed by taking the sacrament. She loved it and fed us biscuits J Then we went to the Guastellas’ house to do a spiritual thought about the Atonement - with the water ink and bleach. Something was wrong with the bleach though and it didn’t work very well, but I think they got the idea, ha. awkwarrrd. Later, we had ward council. It was really good. Vescovo did a good addestramento on teamwork. J
Thursday - We went to Comiso (there are loads of LA there, ‘cus it’s difficult for them to get to church). We had a lesson planned with a NC/LA. We were gonna do English with her J She brought 5 of her friends along, so we had our own little English school going on and then did a spiritual thought on prayer and one of her friends asked for a Book of Mormon, so that was super cool !!! JJ
Then we got back just in time for English course! Oh, also, on this day on the bus to Comiso, we met a guy called Salvatore, who knows a Less active family in the Ragusa ward, so we got to speak to him a bit about church and he asked for our number to go and have a coffee with him one day haahhaha. We get that a lot. It’s funny, but maybe we can go meet him and sneak in a lesson, muaha.
Friday - Today we did more follow up finding, but nobody answered. Then we went to do Piano di Salvezza finding in centro, which was great. Then we headed to the train station to go to Siracusa (scambio .. exchange with STL). While we were waiting, I got the wooden PoS thing Sorella Nagliati gave me and sat next to a man. I was playing with it in the hopes that he would ask about it and ecco!!! He asked! So, I explained briefly the Plan of Salvation. It lead to a really good gospel convo! He was really cool! Then our train arrived. (OH side note, something funny that happened before.... we were walking in centro and these guys we ALWAYS see that are super creepy with us, walked past and stared as per and as we walked past Sorella Hamilton sung ’I’ve seen this creeeeeeeeep beforeeeeeee' to the tune to the Les Mis song, where they sing 'I’ve seen this faaaace before' and as she sung it they were doing the creepy stare and the whole situation was HILARIOUS. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. so funny.) Anyway, back to the train. We bought ourselves a kinder egg each, ‘cus we missed out before and then we did our own predictions.... Sorella Hamilton got the SPINNING TOPS, so I was like errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you know what that means (everytime I get those I get transferred). So we were worried. On the way to Siracusa this guy on the train spoke to us. He was oriental looking and he asked us how long until siracusa (in English). So we replied and asked him where he is from and he said ‘the UK’, so we had a little convo about the UK. He was just travelling around loving life. He was super cute! J Then, that also lead to a gospel convo and he told us he has only ever seen the boy missionaries J That was cool. When we got to Siracusa, (IT’S SO LUSH!) the Sorelle and Anziani met us. We walked to a pizza place, bought pizza and ate it! Then went home and slept. J
With the Sorelle of Siracusa
Saturday - TRANSFER CALLS! None of us could concentrate on ANYTHING ‘cus we were convinced Sorella Hamilton was going and Sorella Palmer too, but FINALLY we got them and we are ALL STAYING!!! JJ When the AP’s called, they asked if we wanna know about anyone’s call and so we asked for pretty much the whole mission hahaha. SO for our district, we all stay the same apart from Anziano DURHAM. WHO GOES TO PESCARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO JELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL AHHHHHHH!!!!! HES SO LUCKY!!!! and then we are getting Anziano Smith to replace him (he’s coming from Malta) and apparently he’s a really cool guy! So that should be cool! I think he will be our new DL too. For lunch, Sorella Palmer made lasagne. It was sooo, so good! Then we did some work in Siracusa. Then we went home in time for a lesson with Iolanda about temples, family history work and eternal marriage. It was really good! J
Sunday - So at church, I translated RS for Faith (one of the Anziani’s simps), then it was the Anziani’s turn to teach Gospel Principles. However, a group of Italians came in and so we had to split the class, so Sorella Hamilton and I had to do an Italian class (we usually teach it in English ‘cus all our simps speak English). That went really good J We got one of the guy’s numbers and have set an appointment with him for this week. He has a lot of questions, so hopefully something comes of that! J
Then we had dinner with the Guastella family!!! I ATE SO MUCH I NEARLY CRIED. So usually for a meal they start with a pasta plate, then a meat plate accompanied with something like potato or rice or bread and salad or something. Then fruit then CAKE and sometimes other things in-between or starters. They gave me so much pasta to start with, I barely finished that without crying ahhahaha. Then they pulled out the next dish and it was meat with a TON of potato. hahahaha I was praying so hard I could manage it. One of the most difficult times of the mish ahahah. Then fruit, then cake. I nearly died of food, there literally was no space left inside me for this food!!! They really know how to feed us J. Then we got home for language study and got a call from Sorella Campo inviting us over for dinner’ cus its Anz Durham’s last Sunday. SO 3 hours after the 1st meal, we had another.. so I very much nearly died again. hahahahah. But the food really is so so so so good they just give you so so so so much!!!!!!!! J

SO Week 2
My First taste of Fufu

Monday - I ATE FUFU WITH GOAT SOUP AND FISH hahahahahah … yes that’s right! I did it, yeah that was so cool! I’m feeling very cultured now hahahahaha
Tuesday - WE had our last DDM as a district! Before Anz Durham left to Pescara (jel). It was really good! HE spoke about things we can do to be better missionaries! :) I gave the spiritual thought about being grateful. I quoted parts of Dieter F Uchtdorf’s talk “Grateful in any circumstances “... I think that’s what it’s called! J It’s a really good talk! Then we had lunch at the butcher’s shop. We then studied the language... and took a district pic J 
Ragusa District Photo
After that, we went to an appointment, which we had booked with some members but they.... weren’t there... so that was a little awkward! So we went and did finding... and there was a man who was looking at us and as we walked past he was like 'STO CERCANDO PER 2 BELLE RAGGAZZE' (I am looking for 2 beautiful girls) and Sorella Hamilton replied 'ALTRE TANTO' (back to you) hahahahahaha it was funny ‘cus she didn’t hear exactly what he said. It was sups funny! Anyways! We gave a few pass along cards out and that was that! Then we went to do English course :) which was good as per!
Wednesday - WE went to see a less active member, Rita! WE spoke about prayer and the spirit was so strong, she was crying! I LOVE HER!!! We got her to commit to do a kneeling prayer with her 5 year old son every night and she said she would. The lesson was just amazing and the spirit was so strong! :) Then we saw Rosemary! She is doing so well! WE taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and she agrees with everything and told us she will continue praying to know the truth and she even said 'now that the weather is getting better, I might surprise you and come to church one of these days', so we are excited about that!!!!! JJJ Then we had an appointment with Pietro, (the guy who came to church last Sunday with a LA..... but for this lesson he came... with the LA and 2 OTHER PEOPLE!! A couple!!!!!!!! WE taught them all about the Book of Mormon and it went so well! WE GOT A RETURN APPOINTMENT WITH THEM ALL and the spirit was definitely felt!!! SO things are really looking up J

Thursday - WE went to Comiso!! WE did some less active finding there and left a note for one of the sisters who wasn’t in! Later in the day she called to set an appointment up for Saturday! Then we got lost and this guy called Vincenzo helped us and walked us to where we needed to be! On the way, we were able to have a really good conversation with him (in English). He speaks perfect English ‘cus he lived in California for 6 years, then lived in Africa and found a wife! HE IS SO COOL! We gave him our number and we pray that he will call us, ‘cus he really was so awesome!!!! JJJ Then we went to see Lorena to do the last 'after baptism' lesson! It went really well! And then we taught her and some of her friends English! THEN they told us that they wanna come to church!!!!!!!!! So we were super excited!! JJ Then, on the way to the bus stop this guy pulls up in his car and straight up asks us to go with him for a coffee..... and we were like “no thanks” then he was like (took his shades off) and said 'look into my eyes!!' hahahahahahha and I personally thought it was hilar, but Sorella Hamilton was like “ew ew no!” anywaysssss, then we came back to Ragusa and did English course! J which was really cool, ‘cus a girl we met on the bus last week came with her Dad! J
With Sorella Hamiton
Friday - WE made cheesecake for Sorella Campo, ‘cus it was her Birthday! J However, we made a lot! So we saved some for ourselves... and put it in the freezer. FROZEN CHEESECAKE IS MY NEW LOVE!! It was so much better frozen! MMM! WE did weekly planning and also set transfer goals and a bucket list! J It was a really good planning session! J After, WE saw a less active member, Sorella Ragusa! I LOVE THAT WOMAN. She is so cute!!!!! We did a really nice spiritual thought with her and it was just so great!

So, we have a problem with the bathroom door handle, so we have improvised and kinda fixed it with a hair bobble and two clingfilm roll tubes, hahahaha. OH AND THIS DAY I PICKED UP MY PARCEL AND Sorella PUGLISI GAVE ME A SKIRT and told me to wear it on Sunday.. so I did! haha J

A very happy day....treats from Home arrived today :)

Saturday - WE went back to Comiso to see Sorella Turtula (the lady who called us when she saw our note) and it was so nice to meet her! She seemed so happy to see us! J She doesn’t come, ‘cus she has to look after her Mum, who is in hospital, but she said she wants to try this next week! :) Then on the way back on the coach, there was just the driver, another worker, Sorella Hamilton and myself. They asked us to sit with them... so we were like okay... then the driver was like 'we should all go out one night and I can drive you around all these other places... and we were like erm ‘no thanks’, we are missionaries and we work a lot... anyways, he was being a huge flirt (even though he was wearing a ring), so that was gross! Then, we went to our appointment with our 3 NEW SIMPS! It was great! We did the Restoration lesson with them... although towards the end, where we were about to do the baptism invite, Pietro went outside to go get ANOTHER friend! BUT we went ahead and Mose and Carmella ACCEPTED the baptismal invite for 4th April!!!!!!!!!! JJ The lesson was amazing! And we are seeing Pietro today and we pray that he will feel the spirit too and accept this important step!! :):) Then after we saw lolanda! She is as cute as ever!! J Oh I forgot... at the end of the lesson with our new simps, we invited Mose to pray... and he read it exactly how it is written in the pamphlet... It was so cute! We had to teach him again. I think he was super nervous! bless him! J
OH ALSO! In the morning, when we were in Comiso... we managed to accumulate a pack of old men.. so we had a picture with them. It was hilarious! They were all talking Sicilian, so we kinda had no idea what they were saying, but one was quoting Sicilian poems hahahaha It was really funnyyyyy!!!!
With our "Old Men" Fan Club

Sunday - WE had church! LORENA, HER FRIEND AND HER MOM CAME!!!!!! EVERYONE WAS SO EXCITED!!! It was SO, SO, SO, GOOD TO SEE THEM! It’s amazing when you do less active work and then see them at church!!!! It made me so happy! J Also, everyone was wishing us well, ‘cus apparently, yesterday was International Women’s day!!! That was cute! Then we had pranzo with Sorella Rollo! The tiniest, cutesy little old lady!!!! I <3 her!!!
I have loved this fortnight. It has been amazing! WE are seeing the fruits of our work and it is so satisfying!!!

I know that this is the work of the LORD. That this is the Church of JESUS CHRIST. I know that there is nothing that can bring more happiness into our lives than THIS gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m so grateful that I have the pleasure of sharing it with the people of Sicily!!! IT’S SUCH A BLESSING!

Sorella Ashleigh Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx