Monday, 12 January 2015

Weeks 1 & 2 of 2015 in Deutschland... Transfer news...Back to Switzerland!!!

Week 1 of 2015

So, where to begin with this week.... So, after emails last week, we went to the town centre and went to get some photos printed and chilled before going finding in Marktoberdorf!!! We decided in Weekly Planning last week that we'd do more finding as we do loads of member work here, but really need to increase our investigator pool, which is pretty thin at the moment, so finding is the focus!!! Tuesday was District Meeting and did I ever tell you in our District we always do a District Lunch after meeting, as it takes an hour for us to get to Augsburg and an hour for Ingoldstadt to get there; so by the time DM is done it is like 1.30, so we do lunch as a district.... It is really cool and helps us to be more unified as a district, as we spend a bit more time together each week in a more relaxed way!!! So that’s the enjoyable part of Tuesdays! Then we went finding in a city called Memmingen, as on Tuesdays we have a Bayern ticket, which is like the GA we had in Switzerland, but for just one day and only covers Bayern (Bavaria).  We took the train there and then almost got stranded!!! We managed to get a train to Kempton, which is another big city in the area, as there is no direct train to Kaufbeuren, so we had to Umstieg (no idea what that is called in English).  Our train from Kempton had a 100 minute Verspätung.... that's right.... 100 minutes!!!! Crazy stuff with the snow we had!!!! But that wasn't terrible compared to the train on the Gleis next to us... it was meant to leave at 17.09, but was still there at 19.40 when we finally left!!!!! Craziness!!!!

Wednesday, was a cool day!!! Then we spent New Year’s Eve with our Branch President’s family!!! They are the coolest family ever!!!! It was an awesome evening even if we had to be home by 10pm...So New Year’s Day kicked the year off awesomely!!!!! We had a load of vorbeis to do on less actives and potentials in the south of our area... so A- We went to the Mountains and B- We went to Austria... that's right I've worked in the 3 major countries of the mission and I'm only in my 3rd transfer!!!!! Basically we have a couple of little chunks of Austria in our area. And on Thursday we went down to Mittelberg. They really got the name perfectly cause it is right in the middle of the mountains... The drive was so freakin' stunning!!!! Especially the stretch from Oberstdorf to Mittelberg... It's the Alps!!!!! Snow covered mountains, snow covered ski towns, snow covered Alpine forests. It was the coolest, most beautiful view EVER!!!! I really wish I remembered my camera that day cause those photos would have been perfect.... unfortunately I forgot to take it with me on Thursday!!! :( Plus it was the clearest night sky ever, so I'm sure you can imagine the beauty I witnessed!!!!! Ahhhh! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!
It has snowed so much (the Chapel in Kaufbeuren)

Snow as far as the eye can see!

Friday we helped a less active member move house!!! So we helped fill her truck with everything!!! This is the sister that has millions of dogs... I don't know if I told you about her, but yeah there’s about 15 dogs and 10 cats and who knows what else... chickens, parrots, horses.... Craziness, but it was a cool day!!! Then Saturday was pretty boring and Sunday was church... We had a guy walk in interested to know more!! He's apparently looking for the right church, which was so cool!!!! So that was Sundays’ highlight … so there we have Week 1 of 2015 summed up!!!!!

It’s transfers is next week!! And I have a funny feeling about it... but who knows! All will be revealed on Saturday when we get the call!!! It is crazy weird how fast this transfer has gone. I swear each one just gets faster and faster!!!! Last transfer was only a 5 weeker as well and I'm sure this one has felt like half the time!!! Weird!!! 

Week 2 of 2015- Zone Training, Versetzungen Anruf und Tschüss Zeugnis‏

We'll begin with the low down of this week then!!! Monday evening we went to a couple in the ward for dinner and it was a great evening!!! Tuesday is the highlight of my week, I think!! Zone Training!!! I love this Zone!!! It really is awesome! Zone training was brilliant! But there are 6 of us (including me) that were in the same MTC group in our zone, so we couldn't let the opportunity go by without a photo, cause I know how much you love photos!!!!! Plus, Elder Nebeker is in the zone, which really brightens Zone things up!!!! Plus, a couple of new rules that got brought up at Zone Training!!! 
At Zone Training with some of my MTC Group (after 3 Transfers)

Catching up with my MTC Comp at Zone Training

"We are a German Speaking Mission, therefore we speak German!" Rule number 1 from that is all meetings are to be done in German (District Meetings, Zone Conferences, Zone Training, etc.)- I feel bad for the Goldens, who will get nothing out of them! I'll probably get the majority of it, but I'm not sure about participating, as actively as I have been in them anymore!!!! :/ Rule number 2 is we must speak German and German only between 9am and 9pm!!!! I think one or all of you best get learning German cause I won't remember much English when I get back if I can only speak English to people who don't speak German on the street or in the ward! So that's a fun one to be sticking to!!! But it is definitely useful having it as a rule instead of a ‘You can do this if you want’!!! My German really will improve.... I hope!!!!

I legitimately cannot remember much from this week, if I'm honest!!! And I have a new planner, so I can't even look back!!!! Oooh, on Wednesday we went to Familie Spring again!!!! I love going there, amazing food; always a good spiritual discussion and then awesome service!!! Even if we were shovelling up horse manure!!!! I will definitely miss going there each week!!!! 

I want to say big “thank you to everyone” from me for all the Christmas cards and stuff!!! At zone training I got 2 packages! One from the YSA of the Lichfield Stake wishing me a Happy Christmas?... It was pretty nice, so a special ‘blog shout out’ from me, to thank any YSA who are reading this!!!! I also had a package from the ward, but the office forgot the other mail!!! That came later though and they put it out on a table in 3 piles! 1 pile was a mix of missionary’s mail, then the other two were just huge piles; one for a Sister and the other was for.... you guessed it, people Love me!!! It was ridiculously huge!! Then I also had a couple of cards and stuff in the mixed pile!!!! Craziness!!! So a blog shout out that I love you all!!!! .. You made my Tuesday!!!! 

Reminder.... I think I mentioned this on my family Christmas Skype, but I legit become a ‘Sister Missionary’ tomorrow!!!!! It becomes 18 months until I come home!!!!!! That is crazy ridiculousness!!!!!!!! 

As you know, it’s moves this week (Thursday) and I’m moving back to Switzerland.  My new area will be Bonstetten 2 with Elder Requillart from France.  I believe it’s the actual city of Zürich!!!  I will let you know more next week.  I was speaking to my cousin Jake (Elder Robertson) just now, who is also moving back to Switzerland and he thinks that Wetzikon (the area he is moving to) is in the St Gallen zone, so who knows we may or may not see one another! I'll find out for sure when we go back to the apartment!! But we do get a nice 4 1/2 hour train ride to Zürich together on Thursday!!! Wahey! Bonstetten and Wetzikon are only 40 miles apart, so we’re still pretty close, even if we are still in different zones.  

In closing I want to say how much I know this church is true! I know it with all my heart!!! I have no doubt in my whole being that it is true!!!
I am so grateful for your prayers for me!!!!


Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx