Sunday, 18 January 2015

Il missionario Giochi ..... Pescara è su fuoco!

Soooooo let me tell you all about my week!

On Monday.. we did games at the chapel again with Sara Colella and Lorenzo and the Anziani. Myself, Sorella Nagliati and Anziano Borough made a “lil” pact for our game of Monopoly and absolutely destroyed the others…. No hard feelings though...well,  I don’t think so. In the end some of them dropped out because they wanted to see us cave in on each other.... but teams don’t do that so we carried through to the end. BFFL! Haha!
Sara, Myself and Sorella Nagliati (I love these girls)

So, on Wednesday we had lessons with members. 1st with Emmanuela and her husband Adamo and their daughter Vittoria. (Emmanuela is Brazillian and is a member) her husband is Italian and has previously investigated the church,  he comes to church every week!!!! We did a Restoration lesson with them... and then sought referrals using Sorella Nagliati’s dads idea!! We did this awesome lesson with visuals and singing ... then at the end asked them to write 5 names of friends that come to mind.... then we knelt in prayer and Emmanuela prayed about these individuals. At the end she  knew exactly who she was going to invite for dinner  (FHE with us there to organise an introduction to the gospel!!!) We then did a similar lesson with Fratello went SO well with him too!!! He even asked for 2 Books of Mormon and by Sunday he had already given one out to a friend!!! Then we had correlation.....or at least half of correlation haha! It went on for everrrrrrrrr so we had the other half another day. The great thing is that the ward are getting so SO pumped up about missionary work here. Vescovo (Bishop) has an action plan... in 10 years he wants Pescara to be its own STAKE!!! They have called nice and fresh new ward missionaries and have assigned each of us full time missionaries to work with one of them! I have been assigned Sorella Di Iuglio. She is really cool! I’m excited to work with her! They have also arranged it so that one of the ward missionaries or the full-time missionaries are assigned to talk about missionary work EVERY week... I guess I was the guinea pig haha!! As I’ve already given mine, so I guess I have a break for a while.. haha!! and they are genuinely just so so pumped about the whole thing which is AWESOME!!! The members here in Pescara are so so cool. I love them LOADS! It’s crazy how attached you really do get to the members and how much more you love them when you work with them!!! :)

Pescara Beach at Night... We often street contact here when it is busy!

Then on Thursday we did a lesson with F Scelso (the girl in primary who wants to get baptized...) I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO PUT MY CHILDCARE AND EDUCATION SKILLS TO USE!!!!! I made ‘lil’ visuals and stuff and it went so so well and she loved it and her Mum loved it too!! :):) Then I taught Sorella Scelso a bit of the piano!! :) because she wants me to teach her a Napolitan song!!! It’s super cool!!! I have never heard the song in my life but the way I play it, she says is right so that’s good.. haha!! :)

Then on Friday, we stayed at home because Sorella Nagliati came down with the  flu!!! So I was able to study the language more.. and look after her and play mummy.. haha!! :)
Even the Cold can't hold us back!
So in a nut shell that was our week.
The members here are so so great and I love that we can rely on them for ANYTHING!

However…..We are so so nervous for transfer calls on Saturday...............

I think we are both staying for 1 more transfer together... Sorella Nagliati thinks she could be moving..... But my Mom and Dad think I'm getting kicked out and Sorella Nagliati will train hahaha! Mixed predictions!! Tomorrow at DDM... we shall have our Kinder Surprise predictions and all will be revealed.. I’m sure.. hahaha!! I hope we stay together for 1 more thoughhhhhhh!!! I love herrrrrrr!!!

Can you believe, I'm nearly 1/3rd of the way?.... errrrrm wow. That flew right by..!!!

I want to thank you for everything you do for me. Small and big. For the emails of encouragement.. the prayers.. the fasting.. for the letters.. for the PARCELS! Everyone laughs here when I say parcels... apparently that’s a British word haha! That’s it for this week…. But remember…….


Also Members and Missionaries across Italy received a communication from Elder Massimo DeFeo (An area Seventy in Italy), inviting anyone who is interested in the growth of the Lords Vineyard in Italy to join with them in a special fast, which will be held on the 25th January 2015. Currently the construction work on the Italy Rome temple has been delayed and part of the fast is to make way for the Lords intervention, so that the temple construction can proceed without any further delays or difficulties.

STOP PRESS>>>>Mom and Dad were right...Sorella Robertson is on the move this week (Wednesday 28th January) to Ragusa, Sicily....And Sorella Nagliati will be Training a new missionary!!!