Sunday, 25 January 2015

From Kaufbeuren Deutschland to Bonstetten, Switzerland

So the city of Zürich (being the biggest city in Switzerland) is split into 3 (maybe 5 as Richterswill and Wetzikon have a little bit at the end of the city), but the inner city is split between 3 wards, Dielsdorf, Schwamendingen and Bonstetten. We (Bonstetten) have the biggest and best part and main part of it, so basically we have the real Kingdom of Zürich in our area!!! Awesome!!!

So on Monday before transfers, I had my first paid for hair cut. I figured I was due one and seeing as I was going back to the country that makes you bankrupt, I had best get it done while I was still in Kaufbeuren. That was an interesting experience, as I have no idea what German measurement of a number 2 is.... hmm... I don't get why they have to use mm instead of just a simple number.... haha!

Then Tuesday was my last District meeting in Distrikt Augsburg!!!!! :( Sad times! And it was our first one just in German (since the rule of German speaking from 9am to 9pm - no exceptions), which was actually awesome and I understood the whole thing!!!! Crazy!! So here is a copy of our Kaufbeuren district photo!

The District in Kaufbeuren
Then we finished the day by going to our GML's for dinner.
The Ward Mission Leader and Myself in Kaufbeuren
He has this awesome 3 legged cat.
His Awesome Cat
We also finally managed to get back in touch with James (our investigator) who we hadn't seen for like 3 weeks! So I got to say 'Bye' before I left! Then Wednesday I had to Abmeld! (Unregister as a resident of Kaufbeuren) :( sad times! And I finally began packing Wednesday evening... always leaving it till last minute... I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing... I just never want to leave the area!!!

So I'm in my 4th transfer in the field and 3rd area!! That is just ridiculously crazy!!!! Thursday was actually a fun day!! Our train from Münich to Zürich changed from being the 16.33 train, which they normally use to the earlier 12.33 train. So, as it was an earlier train we had to get out of the apartment much earlier than it would normally have been!! There were only 5 of us moving into Switzerland this transfer (just 1 golden out of the 9 that came in... crazy!) So Jake (my cousin, who was also moving back to Switzerland) and I had a pretty long chat for the whole train ride here... it was crazy!!

So, Friday was planning! Saturday the Chur Elders had a Baptism and as Chur is in our district we went to it too. It was an Albanian guy I think, but he speaks Italian, luckily one of the Chur Elders lived in Italy before his mission, so an Italian baptism was cool!!!! Then in the evenng, we had Gemeinde Sport Abend! It was fun!! Like legitimately you all know much I hate doing sports, but ever since I've been out I love it. Like, it is just something different to do and really relieves so much stress and frustration... so Saturday evening was a good evening!!!

Sunday..... I love this ward already ! I've only had one Sunday here, but I already love it. I have had a good few conversations with members in German as well!!! My German is definitely improving already! Weird! So a while ago Dad was looking at a job in Zug, near Zürich when he got made redundant??? It's so weird to think, but if he would have gone for it and we'd have moved, we would probably be in this ward!!!!! That is crazy (either that or Richterswil or Luzern). That's a weird thought now that I'm serving in this area!!!

So Jake is serving in Wetzikon... haha!! And his ward is ledgit right next door to mine. We are in the same stake, but not the same Zone :( The Zone and Stake boundaries are really dodgy around Zürich, so.... My new comp is French, his name is Elder Requillart.  His accent comes across really strong when he speaks German and English..... But I'm gradually getting used to it!

Being in Bonstetten, we still get to go and shop in Germany every now and then! We don't have any of Germany in our zone, but I'm told that once a transfer we can go into another Zone to go shopping in Germany, so we're going to do that today, as I have only got Euros left to spend this month. I wouldn't be able to buy much in Switzerland, but can still get two weeks worth at least in Germany! So that's good!!!

I love you all

Elder Ammon Robertson