Sunday, 5 October 2014

Suchen, Suchen und finden ... mehr

So we are the JAE (YSA) Elders, this means that we get to go to Institute every Tuesday evening to work with and chill with the JAE. We also get free dinner every Tuesday evening because they do a dinner before institute. So at least once a week we're always guaranteed one good meal!! :D 
JAE (YSA)  - where are the Elders?
Recently on our P-days we have gone out in Bern. Although I didn't take individual photos, We did have a few group pics as we got together with some other missionaries in the Zone. Funny story actually from that- We were walking across the bridge as we were going to see the bears, which are on the bank of the river (weird), anyway... There was a group of Chinese tourists and they asked who we were, as there were like 6 or 8 of us in white shirts and ties, so we told them we were missionaries for our church, and they wanted pictures with us... weirdest thing ever... So we had about a million pictures with chinese people... hahaha! 

Exploring Bern
Exploring Bern (The Temple is in the distance- top left)
Elder Little & Elder Robertson
Right now we have no progressing investigators! We have a potential who wanted to read the whole of the Book of Mormon before we meet up, he says he'll be done with it by the end of this week so you can pray that J has a spiritual experience with reading!  Then we have a few that were progressing before we were white washed in but we haven't had the chance to meet with them yet as they don't answer the phone 
or door so maybe we'll be able to catch up with them at some point this week!! 
Other than that we are just in the process of working hard and exercising faith in the 
Lord that we can find those that are prepared for us! Life right now is full of Finding!!! 

It's fun, and I can start a conversation but just have to hand over to my companion when they reply most of the time (Swiss German is very different to the German we were taught in the MTC)!!! Also I may need Ashleigh's help with some Italian contacting phrases as a lot of people that we contact are Italian speaking or French speaking or even Spanish speaking in Bern. The majority are Swiss German but we lose so many people because we have limitations in our Swiss German vocabulary 
and we can't say too much in their language! Which kind of sucks!
However, over the past two weeks The Finding has been increasing and we have actually found a few people that want to learn more!!! Exciting!!

So, we've had a crazy couple of weeks since my update of where I am and my first few days!! Talking about my Swiss German understanding,  I am finally understanding more in Church on Sundays which is great!! And Switzerland in general is amazing!! I'm also finally registered in Switzerland!! :D 

In the mission we have goals to do at least one 'personal touch' a week for the members which is such a great goal and really does help us as missionaries build relationships with the members. This week we have had quite a few Dinner 
Appointments with members, so it looks like it's definitely paying off. Let's hope that 
through this Member missionary work can hasten!

So last week on P-day we eventually got to go to Interlaken as a Zone. It was good! 


The Zone at Interlaken

Until next time!