Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Officiare, musica e incontri

So Sorella Perkins is a STL which means we do splits all the time.... which is kinda cool but super scary since I’m new and speak 0 Italian, ha ha kidding! (But everyone else is so so good and I can’t wait until I’m as good as them!!!) Finding techniques so far that we have also "chi scusi... dove e la bene gelato/pizzarie" (don’t quote me on spelling) but we basically ask people where the best Gelateria or Pizzarias are and then as they show us we talk hahahaha little sneaks we are!!
Sorella Perkins and Me
Yesterday we had to rush off to do some service! We helped Vescovo (Bishops) neighbours with their grape vineyard!! Picking grapes!! Which was actually super fun. I’m here now, with a ton of bites on my legs hahaha! yeah they got destroyed yesterday but life if good!! Bishops neighbours also fed us (great blessing)! 

Okay so ATM our investigators are D (a 9 year old boy.) V (I talk about her all the time I love her loads and she is all set for being baptized!) and AM! I’m actually going straight to the chapel after this to teach V (our golden investigator), then to do English course! Let me tell you a little about V (I think I already told you her story actually) but nevertheless.... SHE IS GOLDEN. I actually love her so so much!!! She’s so cute, she’s a little lady, about early to mid 40s, she wears pink crocs all the time and a little fanny pack. She is the most eager person I have ever met! She soaks up everything we teach her and she LOVES IT! She is super excited about getting baptized as she keeps going around to everyone telling them her baptism date and says how she can’t wait to be baptised. She is just so so excited and happy all the time and sometimes tries to speak English to me which is hilarious and so cute... the other day she said 'I am happy you are here' and it literally melted my heart!!! WE LOVE V!!!!!!!!!
So if I was to sum up Rome 3, I would have to use a quote from one of our Anziani! About the area "Rome 3 is just like a pineapple, scary and ugly on the outside but sweet and great on the inside". It is such a great place to be, I love it here!

We have been baking this week, we made Brownie. It was good but not as good as the stuff we make at home!! We originally bought flour for it, fresh from the shop... (or so we thought) it was infested with BUGS!! It was so gross, so we used the Anzianis flour hahaha! 

Random German Book of Mormon in our apartment

Well this week has been a long week because Sorella Perkins was ill at the beginning! so I was just study, study, study, which was good but I just wanted to get out! BUT she’s getting better now and it’s all good! So recently the missionaries were asked to sing at a funeral..... and as you can imagine I got roped into playing which I don’t mind at all! However, when we got there the funeral was at this  HUGE catholic chapel..... and it was an organ that I had to play!! Ha ha  also.... I then learnt that they wanted me to play as the coffin was brought in, along with a few other random songs and it was crazy because I had no idea what I was doing (I do love to practise first) ha ha ha ha! But it was great and it was a very interesting experience!!!!

Talking of music, I LOVE THE music you sent!!! The missionaries in the district were super excited too because we love doing musical numbers! So far I’ve participated in 3 musical numbers since being here! Zone conference a few missionaries sang Joseph Smiths 1ST PRAYER (and I played obviously ha!), then the Anziani had a baptism so I played Slla Perkins and Anz Budd sang “Lead kindly light”... then they loved it so much they made us do it again in sacrament meeting!
Playing the Piano at Zone Conference

ALSO funny thing of the week... somewhere.. someone in our apartment plays the harpsichird or something and the ONLY thing they can play is “the Pirates of the Caribbean” theme tune hahahahahaha its actually hilarious. They will play it over and over then change instrument to some other weird thing and play it on that ahhaah apparently they always do it so that’s entertaining!!

Conference was GREAT!!! It was cool seeing some speakers and thinking back to when they came to the  MTC to speak!!! Jean A Stevens! We saw her at the MTC! AND Tad R Callister.
I love how they can now speak in their native Language!! So cool! We got to watch it in English, Anziano Shiney bought his computer for us and we watched conference in the family history room! My favourite talk was by Elder Jorg Klebingat!! He was so to the point and each 6 of his points were so good and helped me! 1) taking responsibility for my spiritual and physical well-being  - we are free to choose liberty - stop making excuses (this helped me with the motivation to actually exercise hahahaha) i loved his quote 'our bodies become an instrument for mind and foundation for character' 2) We can’t love God without loving his commandments, casualness in spiritual matters never was happiness! 3) apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ 24/7. Since being on a mission I have been able to study more of the Atonement and come to more appreciate it! How blessed are we! 4) Forgive everyone! 5) Accept trials! 'we are spiritual beings having a human experience'. 6) Endure to the end! I JUST LOVED HIS TALK IT WAS SO GOOD! Never heard of him but he was so so cool!

I hope you all have a great week!