Saturday, 13 September 2014

Settimana 4 & 5:- Eccitato per l'Italia, Salt Lake City Trip & recupero con gli amici

Week 4 in the MTC and Sorella Robertson had so much to say. Her excitement for the work is growing at a tremendous rate just like her skill in the Italian language. She writes, "This week has been a really good good good week!!! The language is still hard and sometimes I get frustrated because I have so much to say in lessons but not enough or the right vocab to say it, but I'm picking up more and more each day!!!! I have Our Purpose, the Baptismal Invite and First Vision downnnnnn. We're starting to learn the Articles of Faith in Italian memorized this week, so we'll see how that goes!! Our lessons are also going really well, and I don't even take notes in anymore hahaha (that's a great milestone for me -- while no-one in my district were taking notes for aaages, I still refused to leave them! I really learnt how to rely on the Spirit, and it didn't fail me!)
My teachers are really cool. We have Sorella Urban and Fratello Gessell. They are the best!! Urban served in Rome and Gessell served in Milan! Sorella Urban said when she was there, there were only 80 Elders and 20 sisters! And now she says there are 250 missionaries (half elders, other half sisters!!) HOW COOL IS THAT!!!? We are so excited to go to Rome!! We get our flight plan this Friday!!!!!!!!!! ALSO, we get to Skype lesson this week to REAL LIFE ITALIANS!!!!!!! AND I get to go to the Salt Lake Temple!!!!! (international priorities) ;)
WE GET NAPS on Sundays and P'Days!! on Sundays we have sacrament meeting in the afternoon dopo (after) our temple walk!!! I put my pj bottoms straight on, do half an hour personal stufy then have a half an hour nap!!! ITS BLISS!
Sorella Robertson & Sorella Brunson

Our zone are the cutest, we have a mini FHE at the end of Monday, where we basically just sing an 'inni' (hymn) and pray! It's really cool!!

ALSO talking about miracles - those of you who know me, know that I DO NOT EXERCISE. HOWEVER, every day this week (other that Sunday) I've been running 1 mile! Ok yeah, only 1 mile but THAT IS PROGRESS ! I still don't understand how it is supposed to 'feel good' after, cus quite frankly I don't feel that way, but hahahaha it's a good thing to do I guess.

ALSO!!! I've been assigned to do the closing prayer at some kind of MTC meeting thing on Sunday!!!! EEK!!! In front of everyone! and apparently it's gonna be broadcasted to all MTCS. (So AMMON -- LOOK out for me!!)
One last note, a sister in my zone is in the same ward as one of the Apostles, but before she had her call he told her that 'choice spirits are being called to Italy - the people need us! WOW. So exciting!! I hope I can live up to that expectation and I LOVE THE ITALIANS ALREADY!!!!!!"
Week 5 update

Outside the Conference Centre (Tempe in the background)
Sorella Robertson continues to make great progress with the language and was blessed to go into Salt Lake, it was a great experience she says:
"Salt Lake was a dream!! Salt Lake Temple was so different, but the Spirit is still the same there! The Celestial room at the temple too!!!! IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! and just everything about it!! I love it!!!! After our visit to the temple, the temple square sister missionaries took us on a tour!!! The conference centre was so so cool!!! Knowing that the prophet had been there was just so cool and the Spirit was there so strongly, even though it was an empty room!"
At the Conference Centre

She has continued to bump into friends from home "Reilly cleans my class block and I'm pretty sure she inspects our room to see how tidy it is!!!! So I'll have to put in some good work for this week ahhaa!!!"

Sorella Robertson catching up with Reilly (Friend and Cleaner)