Saturday, 13 September 2014

Grüße aus President Kohler

This week due to time constraints caused by travel from the England MTC to The Alpine German Speaking Mission home in Munich Germany, there was no real information in Elder Robertson's email except to say, "Just a quick one cause it's ridiculous o'clock and others have to do a quick email to family, but today is the day!!!  Our flight is around 7am this morning so by the time you're done with Seminary today I will be on my way to Munich!!! Exciting times!" 
The Alpine German Speaking Missionaries ready to depart for the field.

Fortunately, we have been blessed to hear of Elder Robertson's safe arrival and of his first assignment from his Mission President. He wrote:-

         "Dear family of Elder Robertson-
We are delighted to tell you that Elder Robertson arrived safely in Munich this morning.  He is tucked away in bed now after a long day of orientation.  
We thought you might enjoy this picture from this evening. His new companion is Elder Little, and they will be serving Bern Switzerland
We are thrilled that he is here and are very impressed with his preparation and enthusiasm.  He will be a great missionary.  Thank you for all you have done to help him become the fine young Elder he is today.  We love him already, and we will do all we can to help him grow as a missionary and have a successful mission.  Your son’s preparation day is on Mondays and that is when he will be emailing you home each week." 
He also enclosed a photo.
Elder Robertson with President & Sister Kohler

The harvest for Elder Robertson commences.