Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Sorella Robertson: the journey begins

It was with a little trepidation on Monday 4th August 2014 at 4am that we checked Ashleigh in for the marathon flights final destination (for now) Provo MTC. After a few quick last photos (and no tears to speak of), she swiftly made her way up the escalator to the departure lounge and out of sight.
Just like her brother (Ammon), Ashleigh was so prepared and ready to go.
On her way

One final wave goodbye and she was gone

After 3 flights and many long hours, Ashleigh finally made it to Salt Lake City where she was greeted by friends of Mom and Dad (from their missions). Lonette Stoddard and Jill Litster managed to gather quite a group of people to cheer for Ashleigh as she descended the escalator (albeit some were welcoming home their own missionaries). Ashleigh then had the privilege of being driven through Salt Lake down to Highland, where she met her Mom and Dads Mission President and his wife, Doyle and Beth Robison. 
Sorella Robertson with her parents Mission President and Wife

They welcomed her most lovingly and shared a wonderful meal as well as Skyping home to let us know that she had arrived safely.
The following day Sorella Robertson was dropped off at the MTC. She has been given a Temporary group until her fellow Italy Rome Sisters arrive. In her own words Ashleigh says "a little bit of info I can tell you is that yesterday I was put in a temp room, and a temp district (they are going to Japan!!) 
-- they sung lead, kindly light in Japanese while i awkwardly sat there and sung it in English, it was 
funny and pretty cool".
Skyping home
The little black name tag

She had the opportunity to also attend the Provo Temple to watch youth baptisms today while she awaits her Italy Rome roommates to arrive at the MTC, but Ashleigh being Ashleigh has made good friends with the Sisters / Hermanas that she has been associating with. 
New friends at Provo Temple