Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day One for Elder Robertson

Day one for Elder Robertson started very early, as we also picked up Sister Holly East from the England Birmingham Mission Home (she is off to the Greece Athens Mission, has served two transfers in the Birmingham Mission and off to learn Greek, while Ammon learns German).
We arrived at the Preston Missionary Training Centre in good time and had just enough time to take one last family photo, before Elder Robertson made his way into the Missionary Training Centre to eagerly start his six week training schedule.
One last Family Photo for the next 2 Years

We all stood and watched him walk away, fill out some paperwork and then he was gone from our view.
When we arrived home a couple of hours later we received our first e-mail from Elder Robertson, telling us that all was good. It was a brief message as lunch was calling him. He did however send us a photo or two. It is so good to see a photo or two and know that he is settling in. He told us his schedule for the day; an orientation and time to meet his companion (we look forward to hearing all about him).  
So, I guess that's all for day one. We anxiously await news next week, until then keep smiling.
The name tag
His first class and welcome pack of books