Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Munich 27/6/16 - 4/7/16 Woche 101 von 101.5 Die letzte E-Mail von dem Feld

Woche 101 von 101.5- I guess the last half comes when I'm home! Neuschwanstein, Findentag in Rosenheim und Versetzungsanruf!

I guess it's really happening and this is my last missionary email!! Super weird, but we'll go into the past week before any talk on what's gonna happen in these last 3 days! 

Well, I guess today was just the Penultimate P-day, which also will begin the last full week as a missionary... It just feels like a giant lie! So P-day began with a quick bit of shopping before heading over to a members' with the München 3 Elders to do a quick bit of emailing before heading out to Neuschwanstein!!! We took the train down there and it was a pretty long journey, which gave me time to read emails and type out responses, etc. So it was useful travel time. Then we got there and it was sooo full of tourists, but it is pretty beautiful down there! The Castles are pretty cool... Did you know that the Disney castle is actually based off of Schloss Neuschwanstein? Pretty cool, huh! So we did a little trek and at the moment, unfortunately, the bridge, which is where people get great pictures of the castle is currently closed for the next couple years for maintenance, so the member took us down some "forbidden paths" in the forest, which you can see why, as they were quite slippery and super steep, but we got to a great view point. It was awesome, but if you'd have slipped you'd fall off the edge of the cliff and die.... That's why those paths were cut off, as they had a load of deaths from Asian tourists back in the '90's trying to get closer to take pictures... but all was well and we all lived to tell the tale! It was pretty sweet! 
P-day in Neuschwanstein

Then we headed back to München, did some more proper email time before we headed to the chapel to get changed into missionary attire, so I could do a baptismal interview for the Sisters' Investigator! That was a cool experience. It went a lot longer than planned, but it was a great interview and she passed! So we'll have a baptism in the district this week! Wahey! 'Twas a pretty awesome Montag!

Dienstag! What a day! So after Personal we headed out to Hauptbahnhof to meet the Sisters before heading down to Rosenheim. (The ZLs were going to DM in Augsburg today and so the Sisters were on our ticket to Rosenheim). So we travelled down to do DM in Rosenheim today, as I thought it would be good if we did a finding day down there to help them out a bit. So we finally got down there and met the Rosenheim Elders before trecking it out to their chapel. It's like 30mins walk from Bahnhof! Crazy! Then we had district meeting. It was pretty good. A little smaller than normal, but it was cool! Then we trecked it back into the main part of Rosenheim to grab something for Mittags and do a few hours finding. I worked with Elder Clark and it was actually soooo good being able to just get down and do some solid finding, just bouncing off each other. It was soooo good! My current comp hates finding, so when we do it, it's always inbetween vorbeis, so not much of it actually gets done, but finding day today was just sooo much fun being able to solely focus on street contacting people! It was great! 
District Finding in Rosenheim

Then we headed back up to München, finished off studies before heading to our evening appointment. We get there and their kid answers the door and tells us his parents must have forgot, as his Mom won't be home for another 2 hours and his Dad for one hour, so that sucked. So we headed home, had dinner and that was the day! 

Mittwoch just flew by! After studies we headed over to Schw. D for Mittags. Her non-member son was also over, as he is visiting for 3 months, so we had a pretty cool time. The food was awesome as well!  ..and we got a picture with them, as it would be the last time there! 
Then after that, we headed out to the middle of nowhere with the bus and then had a little treck to meet with one of the new members. It was a really cool appointment again. Then we trecked it through a load of farmers fields to get to the bus to take us somewhere to get the next bus to take us to P! So we got there finally after some pretty bad connections and he wasn't home, so we called him up and he said he'd be there in 5 minutes. Whilst we were on the phone this other guy who lives there comes up to us and is all friendly and stuff and is like, 'Yeah, I'm a member of your church. I was baptised in Armenia and just haven't got around to finding where the church is since I've been in Germany'. So I wrote down the info for the International Ward for him and as I'm doing that he dissappears, then comes back with a folder of stuff and just pulls out his baptism certificate and Priesthood Ordination certificate and is like 'See, here, I'm a member'! So that was pretty cool! Then P finally arrived and we taught about the Plan of Salvation. It was a super good lesson and again, he had the most perfect questions! It was crazy! Then we headed home, had Abendessen and that was the day! 

My last Donnerstag where I'll be going to bed as a missionary! What! It's too weird! We were setting up an appointment with a family today for next Thursday and they were asking when we have time, so I get my planner out and my Thursday next week just shows flight times. I'll be on my way to Amsterdam when that appointment happens. Weirdness! Well, today began after studies by having Mittags, before popping over to the chapel to print off a couple of talks for an appointment later on and to try and sort out a few other things in preperation for the Area Book Planner App, but the website was down. Whilst there, I had a look at my emails and I got invited to Interview with the MTC, woop! After that, we had to head over to a less actives who live in the middle of nowhere, so it took us like 2hrs almost to get there. It's ridiculous, but we had a great appointment and they fed us. We spoke with them about Faith and strengthening our Faith in Christ. It was pretty good. Then we trecked it back to München and met this evening with P. That was another pretty good appointment. It was interesting, but good! Then home to plan and we did Bible Prophecies as a district. We did it this evening, cause the ZLs are in our district and they get the transfer list Friday afternoon, so if you want to do prophecies as a district, we needed to do it Thursday evening, so we did! It was cool, but super weird. My last ever Bible Prophecies!! Craziness! Time goes way too fast!

My last Freitag is over! It's just pure weirdness! Today after studies we headed out to meet a member for Mittags! He took us to an All you can eat Sushi place! It was sooooo good! I'm actually starting to really enjoy Sushi! It's good stuff! So we ate loads and then we went for a walk with him before we headed over to the chapel! So we got there and the München 3 Sisters were there cleaning the baptismal font for their baptism on Sunday, so they wanted us to help them in terms of knowing how to turn the font on to fill it, so we worked that out and then went to do some more prep for the Area Book Planner App, which is completely pointless for me, but my companion needs to finish all the prep before transfers, so that's what we have to do! Then after that we headed back to the apartment to do Sprach, headed out to do a bit of streeting and then met the München 3 Elders at Innsbrucker Ring for our appointment with J, which filled up the rest of the evening! 

My last ever transfer call Samstag! Just in case you weren't aware, this transfer call they told me I'll be going home! It just doesn't feel real still! It's so strange, but, also, my companion is being transferred out to Richterswil and we will be getting Pinkwashed! So the München 3 Sisters will be moving over to München 1! It's super weird in our mission right now. We are just getting loads of Sisters and next to no Elders! So the majority of the mission will soon be Sisters! It's craziness! So after a crazy morning. Transfer call mornings are always sooo out of place. We finally finished studies and headed to the chapel to meet with Bruder P for Mittags and reading in the Book of Mormon. It was cool! Then we met up with the München 3 Sisters to head over to one of their Members to give her the Sacrament. Then we headed back to the chapel for an appointment, but she didn't come, so we wrote our email up to Bishop and the GML and I started doing some tranferring stuff from my iPad to my hard drive. After that, two of the office Elders picked us up, as we were doing a hand over lesson with P, as he speaks English more than Deutsch, so attending the International Ward would be easier for him. We had a super great lesson and his questions were perfect again! It was awesome! Then they dropped us off back home to plan! It was quite nice getting driven around to an appointment by another companionship instead of taking the train! 

So Sonntag had no surprise visitors this week! We had an absolutely splendid joint Priesthood/FHV lesson! All about cleaning, as Bishop assigned the FHV Leiterin to do the class. It was interesting! Then we had the investigator class and it was awesome. Bruder R taught again and we covered the First Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel. Then Fast and Testimony meeting! It was really good. I got asked to translate again, so that was fun. I actually enjoy translating, even though it's super difficult and I can barely ever keep up with what people say. They just speak way tooo fast! Even though I was translating, Bishop still managed to force me to get up to do the whole 'goodbye testimony' thing. It is soooooo super weird to think that this was the last time I have that. Soooo weird! Then we spoke with some members, (some who have never said a word to me), wishing me luck and saying goodbye. It was bittersweet! Then my last ever Gemeinderat before heading over to the Familie L for Mittags! It was amazing! We had Tacos and they made some Latin American dessert, which was great! It was super good, but just the company is great at their place. They are sooo cool! After them, we rush back over to the chapel, as it was the baptism of M (the Sisters investigator, who I interviewed on Monday). It was such a small, but beautiful baptism, soooo cool!

It was such a joy to witness it and take part in her confirmation afterwards! Then after that, we went to a hotel not too far from the chapel where we met with a member who picked up a family who he is good friends with and the Father is a Seventy or something and they just flew in Sunday afternoon from the States, so he organised it, so we could bring them the Sacrament. Then afterwards, they decided they wanted to take us out for Abendessen, so we headed out to the Hofbraühaus. It was such good, traditional Deutsches essen! Sooo good and it was a great evening! Then did call-ins with the district for the last time! It still doesn't quite feel real! 

Life is crazy and today is just gonna be a get stuff done P-day. Tomorrow we have an appointment or two and then again getting stuff sorted - seen as we need to also shut the apartment down, so nothing can be left in that place, except for furniture. I am trying to get everything down to just one suitcase and my carry on case and bag - even though they have paid for two. If I just have one, it makes everything easier on me! So I may also be getting rid of a suitcase.

Well, I guess this is the last time and it's weird as fetch. It doesn't feel real and I don't know how I feel, but I guess I'll be seeing your beautiful faces on Thursday! 

Love you trillions,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx