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Vienna (Wien) 18/4/16 - 2/5/16 Woche 91 & 92 von 102- Zentralfriedhof, Zone Training and Zone Activity

Woche 91 von 102- Zentralfriedhof, Zone Training and Zone Activity

Wie gehts?
So we decided that this week seen as we live in a 4-man that we are gonna try shopping together and see how much better it works for us. So after studies we popped over to the chapel and did our emails, posted some photos on the cloud (Are you proud of me? Each week I've been in Wien there hasn't been a single week without photos....) So after emails we headed out to go shopping and it worked out quite a bit cheaper than normal and hopefully it will make life a little more time efficient as well, instead of one of us waiting for the kitchen to be free and all that. Then we came back, had some essen and then cleaned for a bit. The highlight of our P-day was our little trip to Zentralfriedhof- It's like the biggest cemetery in Europe (maybe even the world, but I'm not too sure on that one, so don't quote me). It was crazy huge! Like some of those headstones were mental! I'll send some pics, but it's a tad weird, cause it's like pictures of graves and all; but there is a Mormon Section of it, which is super cool and it's probably the prettiest part of the entire Friedhof (again weird pictures). 
P-Day Activity

We saw the graves of Beethoven and Strauss and there was a memorial for Mozart, as he is actually buried somewhere else.... but it was cool! Then we headed to the British food store by Karlsplatz- I got myself some Crumpets! Sooo happy! I've missed Crumpets soooo much. Then we headed off to the centre, as we were supposed to be meeting a former there for the FHE that they do for the JAE. We also invited M and B to join us just in case this guy didn't turn up and if he did - then we'd just have 3 investigators there. He didn't turn up though which sucked, so we spent the evening with B, M and some JAE. It was a cool evening! 
Dienstag began after a run and getting ready with getting Elder Bonnke anmelded and to post something off to die Schweiz to get him Abmelded properly there. Then we headed home and did a bit of studies before leaving to go to Zone Training. So Zone Training was interesting- like it's the first thing of the transfer, which was a little strange seen as normally we have at least 1 DM before any zone thing. But anyhow.... So the whole thing was based on Patience, working with members and ward leadership. It was interesting! Then after all that, President allowed each zone to have a zone activity after zone training today, including a bit of money to use with it, to celebrate the fact that as a mission we overreached the mission goal for the last quarter. So that was fun! Basically our ZLs decided that we would do a tour of a few sites here in Wien. When you work right by/on these sites - it isn't actually all that special, but it was still cool none the less. So we started by heading to Schottentor and seeing the Votivkirche, then onto Rathaus, Parliament, Museumsquarter/Maria-Teresien-Platz, Hofburg Palace, Spanish Riding School, Stephansplatz, Karlsplatz, der Heldendenkmal der Roten Armee/Schwarzenberg Palace and lastly up to Belvedere! It was a right killer of a day- sooo much walking, so many selfies to photo bomb - so many pictures of cool things to take. Legit it was crazy! I am pretty convinced we totally broke the rule of not looking like tourists. It was crazy! So I have hundreds of photos from today, like legit over 300. I'll just put the group ones, cool sites and my awesome photo bombing selfie pics on the cloud! Enjoy! 

Then after that we found our way back to the Centre (without getting lost again- I haven't got us lost once so far! Proud moment). So then we planned a few things out and met with M. We went through the 4th chapter about ‘Freedom to Choose’. Then we headed home for abendessen. Oh, I also got Momma’s news!!! That was sooooo awesome to read! Congratulations! 2 weeks in a row! What’s it gonna be next week? 
I don't even know what to write for Mittwoch.... It was a day! A long day! We studied, ate, did a bit of area book stuff, then went out and did a load of ehemaliger and weniger aktiven vorbeis with a heap load of finding. 'Twas fun! We did get let in by one of the ehemaligers though, so that was cool! He was nice and invited us to come again for dinner. Then after doing vorbeis and finding for like 6hrs straight, we headed back to Schw. V for abendessen. It was a really nice appointment. It seems that the Sisters go pretty often, but this time all 4 of us went and it was really good! Then after that we headed home and the day was over. 
Donnerstag began after a run with some nice studies, before popping out and doing a bit of finding! We had some pretty awesome conversations and got 3 potentials from it! Woop, woop! Then home for mittags and sprach before heading over to the centre to sort out Englischkurs. So our students didn't turn up on time, so whilst waiting for them I went through the guidelines that I put together for missionaries’ use of the Centre.... Then we went out and did some finding before coming back for a lesson with M. Our translating JT didn't turn up, so we ended up just reading in the BoM with him, but that was still good and probably what he actually needed. Then we went and did some more vorbeis and finding by Westbahnhof. We went by a less active guy and ended up having a lesson with him! That was cool. He was a funny guy. Then home, abendessen, planned and then we did ‘drink night’. Basically we all just have a drink of our choice and just chat about any old topic for the night. I guess it all goes with living in a 4-man! Haha! 
Freitag began after studies by heading to do a few vorbeis, before coming back for mittags and Sprach! Then we did some weekly planning! I hate weekly planning, but I only have 10 more of them to go! Wahey! Well, after that we headed to the centre to meet with M and B and have a Skype lesson with the Sister who speaks Farsi. We spoke more about fasting and decided that we were going to fast together for them. It was a pretty powerful lesson. Then we chatted with the N’s for a little bit to discuss a new member from our ward who is JAE age, but seems to be more less active than new member. We discussed a few things they can help us with in terms of getting him involved in JAE things. Then we did some vorbeis and stuff and then home. I made some Mexican Rice for dinner, but it wasn't the same. They don't do the spices you actually need for it over here, so it wasn't as red/orange as it should be and it seemed really stodgy. I think that may have had something to do with the fact I used fresh tomatoes, because there is no such thing as canned tomatoes over here. Oh well, it still tasted alright! 
Well Samstag is supposed to be running morning, but we were both dead as fetch today, so gave that one a pass. I know, super lazy! So after studies we headed over to M and B place and had lunch with them. M made us some Iranian food and lots of it. It was soooo good. Then we ate like loads of coconut ice cream and began to fast with them that they will get the erlaubnis to stay here in Austria. We shared a little lesson, M played some music on his instrument for us and then we headed over to the centre for Englischkurs. That was interesting- we spoke about Phrasal verbs. 'Twas cool! Then we did a load of vorbeis and finding before meeting the Sisters at Ottakring to go with them to visit one of their formers. Then we left and did a few more vorbeis and finding before heading back home. I have a feeling I may have Hayfever. Like legit the Pollen in the air here is like visible and it's huge- I have never had Hayfever, but recently I have been sneezing so much and my nose is running like mad! I don't know! 
Oh Sonntag! What a crazy day!?! Church this morning was great! The talks were brilliant- they were mainly based on Service and serving others, but each touched on it in a different way! It was good. Then the rest of the meetings were also good! After church we went over to Sister P’s for mittags. We had Burritos and they were sooooo good! The Sisters did the spiritual thought and it was all about learning to listen to the Spirit. After our appointment we headed home and on the tram there was a group of youths who were speaking in Schwiezerdütsch! It was so beautiful to hear that again. I really do miss a bit of Swiss German! So we did studies and then went for a walk with Andreas again and spoke about the Book of Mormon and numerous other topics. I think these Sunday evening walk lessons are gonna be a regular thing, which is nice. Then home, abendessen and planned, collected numbers and that was our day! It's been a pretty good week and time is just flying by! 
Anyways, I just find that super awesome and such a blessing that after waiting so long and many prayers and fasts for good news on the job front with Dad; that within a week, my parents both get new jobs! Just as Mom said last week about putting our trust in Heavenly Father and He will provide, even a hundred fold. It is so true! The Blessings come in so many different ways and we really don't recognise them most of the time. It goes with a spiritual thought we shared this week. So we played the thankful pen game and twisted it up a bit by using the talk from April 2014 by President Uchtdorf and in it he mentions: "Being grateful in times of distress does not mean that we are pleased with our circumstances. It does mean that through the eyes of faith we look beyond our present-day challenges..... True gratitude is an expression of hope and testimony. It comes from acknowledging that we do not always understand the trials of life, but trusting that one day we will." One day we will see how much we have learnt through those challenges and how much Heavenly Father truly does provide. It rarely ever is in the timing of which we hope for, but His plan is perfect and His timing is sure for when we need it more than ever and will gain the most from it in terms of our Spiritual Progression.
Have a great week guys!
Alles Liebe,
Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxx

Woche 92 von 102- I just realised either I missed a week, can't do Maths or it's actually 92 of 101.5...... I think I'll go with the latter!
Can you believe it..... You only have to suffer reading through 9 more of these after today....
Well, last Pday after studies we headed out and did shopping for the week before heading into Wien to go to Café Central for Mittags. So basically, we figured when in Wien you have to go to a typical Wienerisch Café; so we asked around last week where people would recommend and Café Central was number one, plus it's supposed to be the oldest and poshest in Wien, so we figured why not! So last week we made a reservation as if you just turn up you have to wait forever normally and then this morning we went. It was soooo posh! Legit! So we had something proper to eat before indulging on some cake! I got the Ungarische Gulasch- that was sooo good! A little overpriced, but it was really good! Then the cakes all looked amazing, but I settled for the 'Frühlings Kuss'; which was like a Creme Schnitte, but with one of the layers of cream as a rhubarb filling type thing. It was sooooooo good! 

Then we headed to the Centre to do emails before heading down to shopping city süd, which is basically like a giant mall! They have a Primark, which was beautiful! Sooo British! The best part was that they sold some British sweets and stuff as they do back in the UK, so I picked up some Chewitts and Polos. I also grabbed some running shoes, cause the casual shoes I have aren't good for running, so I normally borrow Elder Threlkeld’s for running, but I figured only €11 for a pair at Primarni was good enough, so now I don't need to borrow any! Plus, they only need to last me another 9 and a bit weeks! Sweet! Then we headed back up to Wien and started work. After that, we need to umsteig right outside B and R’s place, so we figured we would go by and see how they were - seen as they weren't at church yesterday. That was cool, they let us in, we chatted, shared something with them and they gave us some snacks, cause P-day is a bit hit and miss with proper meals. Haha! It was a really cool evening! 
So Dienstag after studies, we headed off to Meidling to meet with St. Pölten to tausch. I decided I'd stay and work with Elder Johnson seen as last time I worked with Gappmayer, but I do have permission to tausch with them twice this transfer, so I'll get to work with both! So we headed out to Stadtpark and did some finding, then the Sisters joined us and we did a bit of power finding in Stadtpark! It was actually some really good finding! We got a few potentials! Then we popped over to the Centre to prepare English and then had Englischkurs before walking and finding home and having dinner! 'Twas cool!
Mittwoch began by having a morning full of studies, mittagessen and Auswertungsgespräch before heading off to Meidling to get the train to St. Pölten to tausch back! Our train went from 5 minutes late, to 10, onto 15, then 20 and on to 30 minutes late. By which time, the next train was going, so that was fun! There really is nothing quite as good as Swiss Public Transport! It was a really fun tausch and working with Elder Johnson was great! Then we tausched back and Bonnke was ill, so we headed home and he slept whilst I made use of my time! Also, the Euros turned up this morning!!! Thank you soooo much! :D
So Donnerstag Elder Bonnke was still ill, so it was another stay at home day. It's a good job today was run day, so I could get out! Plus, after lunch I popped over to the chapel with one of the Wien 4 Elders to order tickets for DM next week! Then home again to wait out the day!
Freitag after studies my companion started complaining about toothache, so he spent the morning on the phone to the nurse and then calling up every possible dental practice for an appointment today.... Most of the dental practices close at 11.00 on a Friday apparently, but we finally found one, had lunch and headed to this dental appointment. The problem was that he had a gum infection. We did a vorbei whilst we were nearby, but they weren't home, so we headed home and did some weekly planning. It was more like a power weekly planning, cause we had an appointment with M and B and this skype lady to get to. That was good! I love meeting with those guys!
Samstag was fun! Interview day! So after a bit of studies, we headed over to our chapel for interviews and district meeting! My first DM as DL! It was weird, like it was a great meeting, but interview DMs are always really 'here and there'; cause someone is always out of it, so that was fun! My last interview in the field, like my next interview with Pres will be my death interview! That is soooooo weird! From what he said I think I'm going to die here, cause he kept asking if I'm alright with doing my last transfer here, but he also checked if I was okay moving on.... So who knows, but I believe when I die; Wien 1 Elders will probably close, cause he needs to close a whole load of areas this transfer, so we shall see. I got my temple recommend renewed as well (my recommend is auf Deutsch) and he asked me to create some lists of things, which he'll be asking me about in just over 2 months’ time. That was the strangest thing ever! Anyways, after interviews we had training with President and the Graz district all about Baptismal Records (I think that’s what they are called in English), so that was fun, then home to finish studies. This evening we headed out and did some finding before meeting the Sisters to go to T for abendessen! Oh my goodness! It was soooo much fun! Legit this woman is mentally insane. She is such a hoot! We just had sooo much fun the whole evening! 
Sonntag was a pretty interesting day! Testimony meeting was great, M got up and bore his testimony, which was the coolest and sweetest thing ever! The feeling when one of your investigators gets up to bear testimony in testimony meeting is amazing! Then the other classes were alright! Funny story from Priesthood- so Elder Bonnke was asked to read something and he starts reading, then one of the old guys starts shouting at him in English how he needs to speak louder and sit up straight, no actually stand up and read it. In the meantime, another old guy joins in the shouting and some others are like he is German - he can speak German! Like it was soooo bad, but sooo funny. Like old people just have the smallest issues, which they make such a huge deal of, like if you can't hear, read along, but the fact that he was saying it in English was just hilarious. People just assume that all missionaries are Americans and can't speak the language very well.... That’s the worst stereotype, which you never had to deal with in Switzerland, cause we are all Europeans. Well, after church we had a "quick" GMK. It was alright, but I'm not super impressed with our GML.... Oh well! Then we headed to B and R’s for the afternoon. It was so much fun! I love going to their place! Then our appointments for the evening fell out, so we went by a less active and spoke to her on the door. It was pretty cool, plus she is going to help us with teaching a Polish guy! Then we headed home, did some studies, had abendessen, planned, collected numbers and phoned the ZLs.  
Well today was an adventure, but more on that next week. For now, that’s everything unless something comes to mind!
Alles Liebe,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx