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Wetzikon 14/12/15 - 28/12/15 Konstanz, ÖV Kontaktieren und eine ganz schönes Weihnachtsversammlung,Heiligabend, Weihnachten und Skypen!

Week 51 of 2015- Konstanz, ÖV Kontaktieren und eine ganz schönes Weihnachtsversammlung!
Höi zäme,

Fröhe Weihnachten!!!

So, Montag began with studies (of course) and then we headed off to Konstanz, Deutschland, so that we could mail Christmas Gifts off. So, in Konstanz we met up with Elder Byrom and his kid Elder Lucas(from Carys' ward in Crewe). So we had a pretty cool p-day, grabbed a Dönner for lunch (so much cheaper than here in Switzerland and so much bigger), then we went to a few shops, bought food and headed home. So our train fell out, so we figured we'd take the next train to Kreuzlingen and see if there were any ways from there to where we needed to go. There wasn't, so we were discussing the options as the next train back was going to come through soon to go to Konstanz before turning around to head back to Zürich. So, as we were talking this lady starts asking us if we're also heading to Zürich, which we weren't, but it was the same direction and train issue which she had, so we were speaking and decided we'd take the train to Konstanz and stay on when it turns around. So we basically sat with this lady the whole time and just spoke to her for like the whole hour and a half about anything and everything. She spoke to us in English as well, which was really cool. She was from Nuremberg, Bayern; but studied here in Switzerland and then got her Masters in Amsterdam and then came back to do some more studies whilst doing an Internship as a Lawyer in Zürich. She was sooooooo coool! She was super impressed, as to what we do and the rules we have and what we sacrifice as missionaries. Then we left her with a pass along card and invitation to "Discover More". It was super cool, just because like that was an hour and a half minimum conversation and it didn't go dead at all, which was just like a miracle! She was called J. It was just so cool, cause we were speaking English and she starts speaking to us in English. She was German and spoke German, but when we swapped to German with her she always spoke English. So there was our English Speaking Miracle! If we would have spoken German she would probably never have spoken to us! So speaking the mission language all the time, isn't always the best option! Yeah it's good, but this situation we spoke the language we needed to, for her to speak to us. It was soooo cool! I loved it! Then home, unpacked and did some proper email time! Loved it! Love you all!

After studies, we headed out to Winterthur for Distriktsversammlung. I've said this so many times, but this time is even more so, I feel so old! I'm the oldest in this district! That’s just weird! I don't think I like this feeling! So our district is mostly Germans, then me, an Irish Elder, an Icelandic Sister (although she's half German) and a French Sister. Finally, I'm in a district with Sisters again. They just make a district! So DV was pretty good, then we had District Mittagessen before we went out for a bit of district finding. So we all took the bus from the chapel to Stadtzentrum to do some finding. I've said before how bad I am at transport contacting, but I'm like the oldest member of the district and they were all chatting with each other, so I decided I'd be a good example and do some bus contacting. So I did and it was actually way easier than I thought. Me and this little old lady had a really good conversation. Then we got off. I was working with Elder Fischer and we had some really good conversations again. The topic of Christmas just makes people open up a little more about stuff and they actually listen a little while longer. Then home to download a mormon message for our lesson tonight, as we forgot in Winti. Then more finding, posting invitations to the Weihnachtsversammlung this Sunday and to R. We spoke about quite a few things. He had a load of questions, which were fantastic questions, so most of the lesson was focussing on his questions from the BoM. It was pretty good! Then home, dinner and that was Dienstag.

Mittwoch began with a bit of studies before heading out to Schw. G, a 98 yr old active member! So we went round to do some things for her in her garden! Oh mensch! It was fun! She's like a power lady, all of her doctors and nurses each have a Book of Mormon and she's always talking about the church! She's just like Nana B! Craziness! Then we walked home, picked up a load of cardboard that was in the Keller that we need to get rid of before our next inspection and took it to the place. It will probably take a few trips, but for today we just did the one! Then finally home, mittagessen, finished studies and out to do some finding. Did some leaflet dropping of the invitations for this Sunday, then dooring, streeting and missionary work! Then we headed up to Winterthur to help the Winti Elders out! So Fischer's golden is ill and has been banned by the nurse to leave the apartment and they had an appointment this evening that they needed to go to. Our appointment this evening fell out, so when they called to ask if we could help we said "Natürlich". So we headed over, gave him a blessing and then Fischer and Kilgore went to the appointment and I stayed to babysit! Haha! It was nice and relaxed! I had a look through their area book, did some more studies and yeah! A nice relaxed evening!

After studies Donnerstag morgen, we put some washing in and had an early mittags! Then we headed out, to an Ehemaliger to help her with a wardrobe which she wanted to get rid of. That thing was a monster! So
we took it down, then moved it like halfway down the street to where it would be collected! 'Twas fun! Then we invited her to the Weihnachtsversammlung this Sunday and she said yes! So that was cool! Then we did lots of finding and headed home for Abendessen! Not too much happened today!

So Freitag was a typical Freitag! Studies, weekly planning with a short Mittagessen break, followed by further weekly planning! Then a bit of finding before heading to the chapel for internet hour! We get an hour each week to use the internet to do things we need, like emailing potentials, former investigators, check out church websites and when other stuff as needed; so I started on my UCAS Application for September.  Then we headed out to visit S! That was interesting. I'm really not sure what we can do with him. Then a bit more finding and home. Oh, I also called up President to ask if he can do me a reference for UCAS and he said Ja!

So Samstag morgen after studies we headed to the chapel to do some practicing. Cause the choir are doing like 2 songs tomorrow and I've only practiced the one of them last Sunday, so I need to learn them! Then we had mittags, did a giant card drop as we have loads of pass along cards for the Christmas Initiative that we need to give out before Christmas, so we handed out loads and loads today. Then headed over to Frau M for Abendessen and a lesson! It was interesting! Then we headed home! I'm pretty excited for tomorrow, it's gonna be a really nice Sunday!

Sonntag! Oh mensch! Today was awesome! A bit of studies before heading to Chorprobe. Then the Weihnachtsversammlung! It was so good! R came! It was his first time in church. It was so awesome! He had teary eyes as well at one point! Legit though, it was such a spiritual meeting! It was just 2 hours today- Sacrament and then the rest of it was musical numbers and 3 speakers. AL spoke- she just got back from her mission like 3 days ago, so today was her first Sunday back and she just bore pure testimony. It was so spiritual! We are so excited to get to use her for Joint Teaches! Then Bruder U spoke and again it was brilliant. His was based on Christmas and Christ and oh mensch! His talks are just as good as his Insti lessons! He is such a good teacher. It's cool to work in his ward and learn some teaching skills from him. Then the Bishop spoke and it was also brilliant! I really love this ward! Then we spoke to a load of people and wished people a Fröhe Weihnachten and yeah! Then we headed to the Familie D for Lunch. It was sooooo good and we shared the ½ Franken Gebet spiritual thought and then did a little hand over GMK. P was also there (He's our current GML) and basically today he got told that they are calling a new GML, so JD (he got back from his mission like a few months back) is going to be called as the new GML, which we are totally begeistert about! It’s gonna be so cool! Hopefully they'll sort out the sustaining and setting apart next Sunday! Then we came home, did a bit of study before heading back to the Gemeindehaus, as a load of members were doing Carol Singing this evening. So we went by like 6 or so members, less actives and investigators and sang a few Christmas Carols. It was so good and just like with Ash in Italy- most people live in apartment buildings, so as we were singing like a load of their neighbours came out of the door just to listen, so it was a really nice evening. Like the Spirit was so strong and so many members came to join in. It was really nice! I really do love this ward! It might just have become my favourite! Oh mensch! .. and I found a little brother! PL! The L kids love missionaries and they are so cool, but like P was just chilling with us as we were doing carolling tonight! He is like the type of kid I'd love to have had as a little brother! Mensch! I just love this ward!!!

Well, I am excited to skype home this week! I'm super stoked for that! We have an appointment on Christmas Day where we can choose what time we want to go to them, so it’s all down to what Ashleigh’s plans are.......

Well, I'll love you and leave you.  Have a brilliant week!

Ich habe euch lieb,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxx
Week 52 of 2015- Heiligabend, Weihnachten und Skypen!

Grüezi wohl!

This is probably gonna be a little short, just because I skyped home and talked about what happened over Christmas, plus not too much happened other than those 3 days!

So studies, followed by P-day! So we headed to the shop, then home, then to the chapel to email, then out to the Post to send Ashleig’hs Christmas Packet off, A-Post so it should only take 2-4 working days to get to her! Sooooo.... Sorry if it's late! Then home, had something to eat and then back to the chapel, a bit more emailing before our lesson that we were supposed to have with a potential! Then he never even turned up, which just sucked .. and that ended up being our day!

So typical Dienstag! After studies, we headed to Winterthur for Distriktsversammlung. Had a pretty good DV- most of it was based on Humility, which is this weeks’ Alpenländische Christlikemas Attribute' and then about making teaching more exciting and stuff .. and did a role play. Basically there were a few things included: pictures, drawing, videos, activities, comparing Gospel Principles with common non-gospel situations, personal stories, etc. It was pretty cool! Then Distrikt Mittagessen followed by Distriktfinden. Again in Winterthur. Again they chatted on the bus, so I played the old missionary example again and did some profi bus contacting! It was pretty interesting. I spoke with this elderly lady about Switzerland and learnt quite a bit. It was really cool. Then finding- I was working with Elder Heller! It was pretty cool! We had some good conversations to be fair and I put your "little creations" (Christmas confetti from home) to the test in missionary work. I used the stars and asked them what the symbol means to them and they mostly answered light, so I linked that to Christ and Hope and Christmas! It worked out to be pretty cool! Then by the time we finished in Winti, we headed home and it was time to meet with R! Oh my goodness! We set a baptismal date with him!!!! 23rd January! We are super stoked and he was super excited and like it was the easiest baptismal date commitment I think I have ever had and seen... It was so cool! Then we did some dooring and card dropping before heading back for an appointment with a potential! He wasn't home, which sucked; so we did a bit more card dropping before coming home for Abendessen and that was our Tuesday! It was such a good day!

Mittwoch! So studies followed by some finding and quickly grabbing something so we could make some Christmas Personal Touches. Then a bit more finding and mittags! Then we made some personal touches and headed out to S. Not much else really happened today!
Elder Kilgore and Elder Robertson

Heiligabend! So after studies today, we headed out to meet P (old GML) for lunch in Stadelhofen. He took us out to this Swiss Pub-type place and we had lunch. It was actually really good food and typically Swiss- you can't beat that! Then we went over to G and had some dessert and then chilled with him, talked about like everything. Then we headed home, picked up some cookies and dropped them off at a few members’ before heading out again to spend Heiligabend with the Familie D. So it was them, their kids including their eldest son and wife who live somewhere else in Switzerland and Schw. G. It was a really nice evening. We started with a prayer, our Spiritual Thought which we shared was the Joseph Video about the First Christmas Spirit.... Then we ate and it was super good. Then they did a Jahresrückblick (like- look back on the year), which was pretty cool then J (our soon to be new GML) did a musical item in Russian and then we sang a few Christmas Carols together and then it was ‘Present’ time! We didn't really take too many pictures ourselves, but we video recorded a big chunk of it, but it's like an hour long, so it won't fit on the cloud. You'll just have to wait till I get back to see it if you want to. Bruder D gave us one of his books. He's an Author and Psychologist and has written a few books, so we got one- wahey! Then we also got chocolate and then my favourite was from their eldest son and his wife- they got us cereal!! They have both served missions and were like- "we figured we'd get you cereal because as missionaries you always get too much chocolate and sweet stuff at Christmas, so we thought we'd get you something different!"- what a genius idea! Legit, you get tooo much chocolate as missionaries, so cereal is legit genius! Then, after all of the presents we had dessert and then it was coming to 22.00, so we had to get going and that was basically our Christmas Eve! (President gave us permission to stay out until 22.00 on the 24th and 31st that’s why- It's like the only thing we get to do at Christmas that’s different, oh and stay longer with members).

Heiligabend in Wetzikon

Weihnachtstag! So Freitag began with opening Christmas gifts- of course! Then a bit of studies before heading to the chapel and yeah, well we know what happened there! Then we headed back home to sort a few things out before spending the rest of Christmas day with the Familie M. L! Oh mensch! It was a fun day! We went over for lunch and then played games and then we managed to have a proper skype (without Ashleigh- Sucks!); but it was great! I loved it! Then more games and watched a film while my Comp Skyped! Oh mensch! Then R came, as we were told we could invite an investigator for the evening! So we invited R- oh mensch! It was such a cool evening! We ate and then sang some Christmas Carols and then Bruder L shared the Christmas Story from both Luke and the Americas! Then we sang again and then ‘presents’ and then dessert and the evening was over! Oh mensch! It was such a cool evening! R is making so much progress. He said this evening how he wants to come to church on Sunday and nobody even prompted him to say it! Ahhh! He's so cool!

Weihnachtstag in Wetzikon

So, after a bit of studies we headed out to drop off some Christmas personal touches for a few members, attempted a bit of finding, but next to nobody is on the streets; as in Switzerland the 26th is the second Weihnachtstag, so everything is still closed, just like it is on the 25th! So yeah! Then we headed quickly to Gemeindehaus, as we needed to do a few things there. Then we headed off to the Familie M for the evening! So we went round, chatted and had some snacks and then we shared a Spiritual Thought and then we played a load of games likes signs and those types of games. Then it was dinner time- we had Fondue Chinois! They are pretty good! Again, another thing you have to try, just like normal fondue and raclette! Then we watched ‘Ephraim’s Rescue’ (we checked with Pres if it was okay and he said yes). It was really good! Then we had dessert and they gave us a little present each and it was time to go home! It was a really fun evening again! This ward is great!

So Sonntag began with a bit of preparation before heading to Church! It was great, again! I love this ward! Then after church we were invited to the Familie Z! It was a nice afternoon! We chatted, snacked, had dinner, then shared a spiritual thought and chatted some more. They gave us a little gift each and then we headed home. Once we got home we had time to finish studies and get weekly planning done and that was basically our Sunday!

Oh! Did I also mention how often I've been asked recently from where I come from in Germany? I think I'm supposed to take that as a language compliment.... Well, that was basically my week! Have a brilliant week! Ich wünsch euch eine gute Rutsche im Neuesjahr!

Ich hab euch lieb!

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxx