Saturday, 21 February 2015

Week 6 and Week 7 Rigi and Zone Conference

Week 6:

Life really is like a box of chocolates (full of love hearts)!!!!!! Shout out for mom and dad … Thanks for the Valentine Treat box!!!  You’re the best!!! 
The Valentines Treat box from Home Finally Arrived :-)
But we'll begin with Monday again..... We did the same! We have a pretty boring life!!! Card Games with Richterswil! Then nobody turned up for Familie Heim Abend! So that was great!!!!!!

Tuesday we had District Meeting in Chur! It is beautiful down there!!!! Then we had a Tausch with the DL! I was in Chur with Elder Mongia! He's from Italy!!! And we had 2 lessons ALL in Italian, because Chur has a lot of Ausslanders from Italy!!!! It took me back a few months to those Golden Days where I had no idea what was going on!!!!! But even more so, as I hadn't just had 6 weeks in the MTC learning the language!!!! It was crazy!!!! But I spoke the little amount of Italian I could Ciao, Mi Chiamo Anziano Robertson und so weiter!!!!!!! Life was interesting!!!! It was a fun Tausch none the less!!!!! In other news this week.... I've dropped a hole on my belt!!!!! I'm losing weight and that is not good!!!!! Hopefully this package will soon sort that out, but it ain’t good!!!!!! I need to be putting it on, not losing it!!!!

Wednesday we had a less active lesson with a Sister who used to live in Gloucestershire! She has a daughter who is currently on a mission in the states somewhere!!! She has a pretty cool family! Then our other lesson fell out! But hey! It happens!!!! 

Thursday was an interesting one!! We had a tausch with the ZLs- weird! The ZL’s only tausch with the DLs and comp! So it was a little odd, but we did it anyway!  It was good! I worked with Elder Barber in Schwamendingen! We had 2 lessons and they actually went really well! It's so weird having so many lessons this week and actually getting to use some German lessons finally! Then Elder Barber had a dentist appointment, which filled the rest of the evening! It was a private practice, so who knows how much it costs..... being in Switzerland!!!! And my Package was at the ZLs place, so I got it! Apparently President thought it was for the other Elder Robertson, so brought it to his interviews! But I have it now, and love the HP sauce and the Heroes and everything else about it! It's the best package ever! Friday was just another day - weekly planning, etc!! 

Saturday we had a Finding Day in Richterswil!!! I worked with Elder Bakewell, who was in the MTC with me! We had a lesson, which was scary as; ‘cause he isn't confident in his Deutsch either, but it was actually a really good lesson!!! We did it!!!! It was so fun just working with him!!! 

Then Sunday - not even half the ward were at church, as there was a Schneeplausch, which is like a weekend thing that the ward have - where they go somewhere and just do Snow Activities all weekend! Last year the missionaries were invited and President Miles allowed them to go for it, but this year we weren't! So that sucks!!!!! Instead, we only had probably just about 1/3 of the ward at church! Then I had to teach the English Sunday School class, which wasn't too bad, as it was in English!!!! And we had to speak in Primary about the Atonement, which again wasn't too bad!!!! 

It's been an alright week!!! Mission Tour this week, so we'll see what happens!!!!! 

Have a super awesome week!!!! 
Week 7:
I have less than an hour to email again today, as we have a district p’day planned!
So … for P-Day last week we went to Rigi!! It was pretty awesome and the views were beautiful! 
At Rigi

Queen of Mountains - Rigi

Tuesday was just a normal day again! And then Gemeinderat in the evening! This one started at 7.15pm and went on till who knows as we had to get back, so we had to make our excuses and we left at like 9.20pm!
Wednesday was mission tour! It was amazing! We all went up at the start and introduced ourselves and shook Elder Kearon’s hand. It was hilarious how he had full on conversations with a number of Brits, but the Americans and other Europeans was just shake, introduce, go! Hahaha! So we had a nice little chat about life and which Robertson’s - My Parents are!!!!! Sister Kohler spoke to us about Obedience. How Obedience, never brings regret. It may be painful at times, as it was for Abinadi, Nephi, even Our Saviour Jesus Christ, but it will never bring regret. President Kohler spoke about Choice, Faith and Diligence. How we choose everything in our lives and how our choices will impact those around us. Then he shared a quote that went like "Consistent, Persistence in Faith and Diligence." Then Elder Kearon took the rest of the Conference. He spoke about a number of topics. "Look out; know who you are; serve others with all your heart and strength and you will never be disheartened; never be demoralised." He also mentioned how real knowledge comes from adversity. How we need to be committing to baptism in the first meeting … how that is our duty! Throughout, President and Sister Kohler were told to join in when they have ideas and Sister Kohler compared us to a salesman. We aren't salesmen, but when a salesman comes round and talks about a vacuum for instance, the one who lets him in, expect at some point for him to ask them to buy the vacuum; just like us, people expect us to ask them to do something; to join the church; they may not want to accept it, but they expect it, so we need to be doing it. Then Elder Kearon went on about "Attacking the Day" from 6.30am we need to attack the day! Those first few hours before leaving the apartment are what make or break the day. We need to use them and attack it. Powerful Morning Prayer, dedicated Frühsport, knowledge filled studies, take a cold blast in the shower if you need to wake up, and so on. But it was pretty awesome!!! And it was great seeing people again! I believe I sent you the pics of me and Jake, me and Elder Little and me and Sister Emmerson! Sister Emmerson was in my Golden District and she lives in the Huntingdon ward, so the same as Pete and Carol! She’s hilarious!!! 
Zone Conference with my Cousin Elder Jacob Robertson

At Zone Conference Catching up with my Trainer Elder Little

With Sister Emmerson 
Then Thursday we had our second DA of the transfer. So, we went to Family Girault and we had Lasagne!!!! It was awesome!!!!!! Then not much really happened. Friday, I had a third tausch with the DL! So I went to Chur with Elder Vasicek (MTC group) and we had 2 lessons - one in Portuguese (don't ask how we did it, cause neither of us speak Portuguese!!!!) haha! And we found some awesome potentials!!!! And my family got the Valentine’s pic! There was a dance in Chur Chapel and they had already decorated for it, so we took a few pictures - why not hey?!? 
Valentines at Chur Chapel

Then Saturday - we tausched back!
Sunday was church! President told me to work with the members in my interview, so I decided I'm gonna invite ourselves round, even if I just ask if we can come by to share a spiritual thought for 10-15 mins! It worked, we have a few member appointments this week and we can meet with members and start getting them involved in the work!!! We also had a Stake GML and full time missionaries video conference last night!!! 
And now we are on Monday!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Transfer calls are on Saturday - so predictions anybody???? And I'll let you know as and when!
We have to go in like 10 mins so I'm gonna say Ciao for now!
All my Love,

Elder Ammon Robertson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx