Monday, 29 December 2014

Zone Conference, Heilige Abend, Weihnachtstag and lots of SNOW!

Guten Morgen!!!!!
This past week was pretty darn sweeet!!! So, where to even begin!!!
So, Monday was a pretty cool, chilled P-day! We basically did what we needed and then went to the shops here in Kaufbeuren to get a backpack for when I go on a tausch, as I didn't have a perfect sized bag for when we tausch- Previously I borrowed Elder Little's one in Bern, so now I need my own. Then Monday evening was crazy, but cool! We went to see an investigator we hadn't seen for a while and it turns out that he's also meeting with the Zeuge Jehovas (Jehovas Witnesses). So we had a lesson with him, and two JW's as our joint teach.... weirdest, but coolest thing ever. We taught him about prayer and it was actually a really cool, pretty spiritual lesson. The JW's idea of prayer is pretty much the same as ours, so it was pretty cool!!
Tuesday I got around to Anmelding (registering) here in Kaufbeuren, as you have to register in the city you live in by law in Germany... So I'm a resident of Kaufbeuren!! Waney!! And then Tuesday was Tuesday!
Christmas Zone Conference on Wednesday!!! Because we only have 2000 km or miles (I don't know) a month for the car, we take the train to Munich for Zone Conference, so we get to Bahnhof and it turns out that our train is going to be 20-30 minutes late meaning we'd be super late for Zone Conference, so we called up President and told him and he told us to just drive it - so we had a nice road trip to Munich on Wednesday! 
So Zone Conference was pretty cool! We finally watched "Er ist das Geschenk" the Christmas mormon message video and we watched the movie "Meet the Mormons", which was also pretty cool!! And it was so awesome seeing Jake!!!!! That was probably the BEST bit of Zone Conference. The second best bit was seeing so many missionaries that I was in the MTC with there, including Elder Nebeker!!! It was so awesome!!!!!!!
Then after Zone Conference. we were on a Tausch and I went to Augsburg with Elder Griffey. It was a pretty cool Tausch!! We did lots of Finding and it was freezing cold - like ridiculously freezing all day!!! I'm still alive though, so it's cool!! 

Munich & Stuttgart Zones Conference Dec 14

Then Friday was a pretty cool day! We had member and less active appointments all day, including DAs! So good! We went to the farm again. It's a weekly thing and is always one of the highlights of the week! We helped fix fences this time and it was a really clear day, so the view of the Austrian Alps was stunning - just like back in Bern on a clear day!!!  (On a clear day when you come out of the Temple in Zolikofen you have the most stunning view of the Alps. It is so beautiful!!!). Then we also received a referral in the post of a guy who is called Nicodemo ... He was taught by missionaries in Rome until he moved to Germany a couple of days ago... so maybe Ashleigh knows his name or maybe which missonaries in Rome taught him???? 
Then Saturday... a Utah number called Elder DeLeeuw (so he was freaking out a bit)... it turns out it was a friend of the family who served with his mom on Stake Primary a few years back. This family were in Germany on holiday, so called up the office and asked for our number to take us out, so they gave them our number. We met up with them and they took us shopping for food and stuff. It was so cool, but I felt so bad that they were paying for our food for the week!!! Then we had the Gemeinde Weihnachtsfeier (Ward Christmas Party) It was pretty cool and we got a little gift from Santa!!! 
Saturday evening, I wasn't very well but on Sunday I forced myself to church, but our GML told me off and sent us home, so I could go to bed! I literally slept the rest of the day! Then on to Monday! P-Day ... time to do some Christmas shopping!! 
Skyping Home on Christmas Day
So Christmas has now come and gone :( It has been snowing almost constantly since Christmas Day, although it wasn't a white Christmas, but it has been ever since! It's ridiculous!!! It only stops for about an hour and then starts up again!!! Craziness, plus I swear there's at least a foot of it where it hasn't been touched!!! Not good! I am super glad to be in a car when the weather is so bad, instead of walking everywhere or bus-ing it!!
Its been snowing since Christmas Day
Our Christmas Tree and Presents
Feeling Festive

So, Christmas Day after skyping home - it felt a little weird. After the Skype call, we had lunch, I missed the traditional British Christmas Dinner, what with having Bayerisch essen (Traditional food for Christmas Eve for Germans is white sausage, potato salad and sauerkraut) on Heilige Abend (Christmas Eve) and then on Christmas Day, we had a potato dish which included small pieces of meat and salad!!! It tasted really good, but it just wasn't what I'm used to when it comes to Christmas Dinner!! Then we played Monopoly for hours and came back to our apartment! It was a different Christmas day, but it was really good!! Then Weihnachtstag 2 (or Boxing Day- can you believe that here they call it second Christmas Day?!?) So, we went to our GML's and it was pretty cool! Weird, but cool!!!! Then we finished the day by going to play basketball again with a member and some other guys!!! It was fun, but it killed me again!!! 
Saturday we went to a family's home for lunch, which was really good and then we met the new converts in Gemeinde Augsburg, as they love the missionaries, so they meet up with us every other week or so... they are so cool!!! So Saturday was a good day! And we finally had a lesson this week!!!!! :D Number wise, I swear Christmas week is the worst!!!! We only had one less active lesson this week!!!!! But the whole district didn't turn in great numbers either, soooo.... 
Then yesterday was church and we had to do weekly planning, as this week we had no time on Friday when we are meant to do it! Soooo.... that's my week summed up since Skype!!! 
Also, yesterday we had to come by the chapel to get train times for after District Meeting on Tuesday and to check to see if the Rome missionary (who had given us a referral) had emailed back, as she is home now!! But as we were doing that, I saw my inbox and it was so tempting to read my emails from home, especially when mom's email arrived part way through! But I didn't ... at least I knew there would be emails there for today! haha! 
So, lately I have been just so tired in the morning! I blame the car, as we don't get as much exercise during the day, because of it and apparently exercise makes you need less sleep! Weird I know, but I swear it's true when I compare the amount of walking/running we did in Bern and my level of tiredness compared to now in Kaufbeuren!!! So when the snow clears, I'll have to make sure that we get up and go running or something!!! Maybe!!! You know me though.. I can't run to save my life!!! :P 
I love you all so much!!!! I hope you all have an awesome start to the new year!! We're going to our Branch President's for Raklett and to celebrate the new year. His family is literally the best!!!! I love them!!! And we get to stay out till...... 10pm!!!! Looks like New Year will start a couple of hours earlier for us.... Fun!!!